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An Ultimate Guide on MBA in USA for International Student

This blog by contains all the valuable info on MBA courses in USA and their criteria. Scholars can consider these aspects while planning their study abroad journey and make the most of it.

Every year, thousands of graduates pursue MBA degrees from top foreign institutions. It is the most demanded and leading master's course in recent times. This course is a very famous field in the corporate world, and scholars who pursue MBA get various job prospects. It focuses on the theory and application of business and leadership principles. Learners gain valuable knowledge used in real-world business firms and situations. The best option is to study MBA in USA for international students. This nation is one of the top five study-abroad destinations in the world. It has the most ancient and reputed colleges offering diverse career chances in this course and providing quality learning.

In relevant times, MBA is the most chosen profession around the world. This course involves advanced skills in business analytics and management and trains graduates to start a great career in their chosen fields. In many companies, this degree is required for executive and management positions. The United States has the best institutions which offer extensive education for this course. Thus, many candidates choose to pursue an MBA from USA. They get several benefits when they take this step to make the most of their careers.

The MBA programs in the United States help scholars gain the skills and learning needed to excel in the Business Domain and Management, as many global companies analyze the abilities of their employees to examine large amounts of analytic information and provide smart solutions to the problems that arise in Business firms. This nation has been known to provide the best education in this field and make successful careers of learners. Thus, selecting MBA courses in USA is the main requirement for interested students in this stream.

Eligibility of MBA Courses in USA 

Many students choose to pursue MBA in USA. Yet, they are required to meet the eligibility norms to study this course. The top reputed institutions in this nation consider many factors before selecting the application of global scholars. The officials make sure that learners match all the norms to complete their postgraduate degree in this field. The following are some of the most vital criteria for MBA eligibility in USA listed below. 

  • Education: Students are required to complete 16 years of study, including a 10+2+4 education or a four-year bachelor's degree course in Business Administration.
  • GMAT/GRE Test Scores: To get admission to the most reputed and popular business schools in the USA, students need to score well on GMAT. However, some institutions also accept GRE test scores of global scholars.
  • Language Proficiency Tests: The colleges in the United States require scores in English language tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc., from global students as proof of their linguistic skills. An IELTS score of 6.5, whereas a TOEFL score of 100 is required to get into USA business schools.
  • Work Experience: To study MBA in the United States, candidates must have at least three years of professional experience. This varies between universities and is determined by the MBA chosen programs.

Top 5 Universities for MBA in USA for International Students 

Various MBA universities in USA have a vast education system and provide research opportunities to students. The institutions here are very famous and prestigious worldwide. Every year, thousands of scholars apply to several business schools in this nation. Thus, it is a prime choice among youngsters these days to pursue this course in the United States and get the best facilities and benefits. Here are the top five institutes for MBA in USA for global students listed below.

1. Stanford University 

Stanford University's Graduate School of Business is among the top ten institutions in the world. It was founded in 1891 and is located in Stanford, California. This school provides an excellent learning MBA program to international students. Its education system includes design thinking, small-group leadership projects, experiential learning, and case studies. The following fields are offered to scholars interested in earning this degree in the United States:

  • MBA in Global Management
  • MBA in Financial Management
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Accounting

This institution is well-known for its quality education structure and for several job prospects in MBA. It requires a minimum of GMAT and TOEFL scores of 720 and 100. 

2. Harvard Business School 

Harvard is the most established and popular business school in the United States. It is regarded as the most well-reputed and known MBA program. It is a part of Harvard University where students can apply for a two-year course in this field. Scholars here are given an excellent education and taught using case method courses and field projects that allow them to apply business concepts in a real-world setting. The following are some of the MBA programs offered by Harvard Business School:

  • MBA in Financial Management
  • MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • MBA in Information Management
  • Entrepreneurship MBA

Times Greater Education (THE) ranks the school second, requiring TOEFL and GMAT scores of 109 and 730, respectively.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was established in 1861. It is a private research institute that is one of the best Business schools in the USA. MIT is an academic institution dealing with postgraduate management and business courses. The following is a list of the MBA degrees here:

  • MBA in Financial Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation MBA
  • MBA in Accounting

This institution acquired the best world ranking in 2023. Also, it is well known for its affordable MBA fees in USA and healthy learning environment for global scholars. Students must provide TOEFL and GMAT scores of 90 and 720, respectively, as part of their applications.  

4. The University of Chicago

In the United States, the University of Chicago was founded in 1890. At this institution, students are offered chances to conduct research and learn with the help of skilled lecturers. Also, it has recently become a popular university among youths because of its growing fame and its genius alumnus. The following are some of The University of Chicago's most popular MBA fields:

  • MBA in Analytical Finance 
  • MBA in Statistics and Econometrics
  • MBA in Economics 
  • MBA in International Business 

Times Higher Education (THE) ranks the university as #10, and it requires TOEFL and GMAT scores of 100 and 570, respectively.

5. The University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) 

The University of Pennsylvania is the most ancient and popular MBA colleges in USA. It was founded in 1755 and is also known as Penn University. It is regarded as one of the world’s oldest research institutions that offers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs to global students. The Wharton School of Business at this university offers various MBA courses in the United States. Here is a list of some of the most popular MBA subjects here:

  • MBA in Actuarial Sciences 
  • MBA in Business Analytics 
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

This college is well-regarded and the most chosen institution in the USA. The admission requirements here are TOEFL and GMAT scores of 100 and 730, respectively. 

The above-stated pointers are the most popular business schools in the United States for global student to pursue their MBA degree. These institutions provide an excellent education in this field. Also, various colleges in this nation offer research chances to scholars in Business Management and Analytics. Candidates who pursue this program in the country gain many job prospects and are valued in the corporate sector. Exploring such options allows candidates to learn about the cost of MBA in USA. Some other famous institutes for MBA in this nation are Cornell University, the University of North Carolina, Columbia Business School, and the University of Southern California.

To give detailed info on these universities, we have crafted a table below:



Acceptance Rate

Annual Tuition Fees (INR)


Stanford University


56 lakhs


Harvard Business School


55 lakhs


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


59 lakhs


University of Chicago


56 lakhs


University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)


62 lakhs

This table contains info about the MBA colleges in USA with fees, which scholars can check and get valuable insights into the concept. 

Documentation Requirement for MBA in USA 

Students need to understand the documentation requirements of this course properly. These are some careful processes that should be done with the utmost attention. However, global scholars are required to provide vital papers to apply and acquaint themselves with the MBA cost in USA. Check the list of documents below. International students must submit supplementary documentation while applying to study MBA in the United States. Some instances are as follows:

  • Academic Certifications and Records: Students must provide a scanned copy of their academic certifications and records from all English Language schools they have attended before applying for this postgraduate program. Must send a scanned copy of all transcripts from all English-language schools you've attended.
  • International scholars are required to give the exam scores from the testing agency to the business schools in the USA to whom the applications are being submitted.
  • Some institutions in the United States require two LORs from students, namely two academic and one professional recommendation letter that helps them present an impressive application.
  • A resume is an updated CV that describes the professional experience and general skills of the candidates.
  • Letter of Coverage: A letter that focuses on the academic achievements of students and emphasizes their talents in the chosen fields of scholars.
  • A Statement of Purpose/Intent may be required by some universities. These should include a brief description of why learners intend to pursue that particular course from that particular university.
  • A copy of the student visa and passport-size photos are required by the students at the time of enrollment.

What is the Cost of Pursuing MBA Degree in USA? 

Nowadays, the main question is what is the MBA cost in USA for international students? Scholars are required to know about such things to plan their study abroad journey. Many institutions in this nation offer various subjects in this field, each having a different cost structure. MBA programs in the United States are two-year courses that train students for management and executive positions. As one of the most valued streams, it is also one of the pricey ones. MBA tuition in the United States for global students can range from INR 50 lacs to INR 1 crore for top institutes.

Though the United States is one of the leading nations to get an MBA degree, students have to deal with the yearly cost of this course to have a worthy investment. Also, learners can ease their financial burden by applying for scholarships and going for study loans. Thus, they can easily afford the MBA in USA fees and pursue this program at their dream business schools in the United States. In addition, Business Analytics is the leading and costliest program in this field.

Choose and get the Best Guidance and Services for Your Study Abroad Journey 

In recent times, choosing to study abroad has been the most chosen option among students. It gives them a chance to widen their experiences and get a competitive edge in the employment sector. stands out as an example as it provides remarkable support and services for aspiring global scholars to facilitate their path to success. It is a great platform that learners can approach to get valuable details about MBA degrees in the USA. The experts here provide the best assistance and support to interested candidates in this field. Thus, with the growing demand of scholars for abroad education, this platform is known to offer the best facilities and means to help them fulfil their dream.

Many students wonder how to do MBA in USA. Well, the answer becomes clear with the help of The platform provides in-depth insights into the various aspects of pursuing this course in the United States. From selecting the right universities and programs to knowing admission needs and application procedures. The advisors here allow scholars to explore different MBA programs, their subjects, and alumni success stories. Thus, such details help students to make well-informed decisions about their academic and career aspirations. In addition to such info, the experts here also give students an idea about MBA salary in USA and other job prospects.

Thus, is a great option for students who are planning to pursue a degree in this field from the USA. Scholars can experience a wholesome experience working with this platform and gaining the chance to study in the most reputed institutions in this nation.


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