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How to Identify After MBA Which Course Is Best in 2024?

This blog is a guide for those who want to study after an MBA. Students are often confused after MBA which course is best for them. This blog has resolved all their queries.

Are you an MBA graduate? Are you looking forward to start your search for the best course? Recently, scholars saw a sharp spike in the number of MBA students. Indeed, it is one of the main reasons for scholars to pursue a course beyond an MBA. If you are a learner and do not wish to stop where you are, read further to know after MBA which course is best. Moreover, the job market for an MBA is expanding. However, it requires students to have skills that make them stand out.

Global employers seek a professional who excels in new technology. It is not befitting for a scholar to be bound and stop learning and exploring. Hence, this blog is a handy guide for MBA graduates who wish to study further.

Why Study After an MBA?

Before discussing after MBA which course is best, let’s dive into why seek a course after MBA. In this competitive world, it would be a great idea to increase and polish your skills. An MBA graduate is generally aware of the trends in the market. They know what the market's demands are. It is less about running after trends and more about pursuing a career. For the latter one, you need to be good at what you are doing. In addition, you need to excel at something for which the market needs you. For example, the entire world is running after AI. A wise person would adapt to the technology and enhance their skills.

Rather than complaining and letting AI replace him, he would use AI to increase his skills. The world doesn't stop growing, so why should you? An MBA is a great degree to pursue, but the best of this world requires more than that to let you enter it! Read below to learn about which course is best after MBA in 2024.

What to Study After an MBA?

The upcoming world is full of increasing opportunities and risks. If you have completed your Masters in Business Administration (MBA) or are in the process, you must know this. Choosing the right course to win in this vast competition is a vital step. A student must be aware of their potential and interests. They must identify these before diving into the world of opportunities. Check out the section below to find out which is the best course after MBA for you.

Financial Risk Manager:

In the corporate world, there is a lot of risk in pretty much everything. The job of a FRM is to study these security issues and manage them with their skills. These problems can lead to heavy financial losses due to fail of a strategy or other reasons. It is a crucial job. Hence, this course is naturally in high demand. It can help you get a job that pays high. This course will teach you everything from market uncertainties to risk assessment tools. It also includes a deep study of various types of dangers and risk-handling strategies.

PhD in Management:

Scholars who enrol in this course will learn all operations of the business in detail. They will understand what is commerce and it’s types. This is a PhD course, hence, it is a research-based program, which will improve their research skills. This is, indeed, one of the best degree after MBA as it will teach scholars how to handle and operate a business. Following are the universities which offer PhD courses related to business and management.

University of South Wales, Australia
  • January, February, May, September
Fee: INR 5,809,217 /-
University of Newcastle, Australia
  • December

Fee: INR 64, 67,555/-

University of Wisconsin, USA
  • September
Fee: INR 58,24,291/-
University of Galway, Ireland
  • January and September intake
Fee: INR 47,21,469/-
University of Texas, USA
  • August
Fee: not available
Michigan State University, USA
  • January, May, August
Fee: INR 69,59,869/-

Diploma in Computer Applications

The entire world is going digital. Humans now are getting everything with a few clicks on their screens. It is only natural for computer science courses to get this popular. If you are thinking about what to study after MBA, then an MBA graduate can switch to a technical job. A role that also requires business administration. This course will help the students learn about different programming languages. It has coding, algorithms, and a certain amount of mathematics. The field of computer science is vast. It covers all the operations related to the software we work on. It may include web development, data science, cyber security, and cloud engineering.

Project Management Professional

An MBA graduate can pursue project management. If they have all the vital skills enhanced, they can easily get a job with a great salary package. After getting this certificate, you can work as a project manager or a planner. The good news is that there are a lot more answers to the question “after MBA what next to study?”.

You can also become a consultant after achieving this certificate. You can do a PG degree or pursue a PhD. It will add wings to your MBA. However, you must have a bachelor's degree (at least) to apply for this course. Many online platforms provide certification courses such as this one. However, they are shorter in duration.

Digital Marketing

It is one of the best courses you can pursue after an MBA. Out of all the courses after MBA, digital marketing is the most popular among students. Scholars understand the market's demand. Digital marketers also look after the business and its promotion online. They increase the reach and profit of the company. This course has the depth of content marketing, SEO, web development, etc.


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Supply Chain Marketing

This program will help you justify your MBA degree. It will add to your resume in every aspect. You will get knowledge of the entire process of manufacturing and selling a product. You will learn about planning and logistics as skills. You can expect a well-paying management job after doing this course. Education after MBA is all about gaining new skills and enhancing the old ones. You will find certain common grounds while studying supply chain marketing anywhere:

  • Research Skills
  • Tools for Chain Planning
  • Accounting
  • Performance Management

Below is a table to sort the above courses according to their program duration.

Diploma in Computer Applications 6-12 months
Project Management Professional If done with MBA: 1-2 years
Digital Marketing 1-2 years
Supply Chain Marketing 1-2 years
Financial Risk Manager 1-2 years
PhD in Management 3-4 years

These were the courses that you can pursue after an MBA. They are offered by universities of India and other countries like the USA and Australia. Now, lets hop onto the locations where you can find these courses.

Where to Study Post MBA?

You are now aware why you should study after your MBA. You also know what you can follow your MBA with. Furthermore, this section will discuss which countries and colleges offer courses after MBA. The good news is nations with high-ranking universities do provide these courses. They also offer scholarships and other financial aid options for scholars. Do you wish to learn more about MBA scholarships in USA? Then

Click here:  MBA Scholarship in USA: A Comprehensive Financial Guide

1. FRM: Financial Risk Management-

The company will rely upon you to avoid financial losses.

University of South Wales, Australia
  • September and February intakes
  • 15,85,374/year
University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK
  • September intakes
  • 37,79,447/year
University of Toronto, Canada
  • November and February intakes
  • 60,05,511/year

2. PhD in Management

You will learn to operate all commercial practices of a business with research.

Harvard University, USA
  • 4 years
  • ₹16.16 L/year
University of Munich, Germany
  • 3 years
  • No Tuition Fee
University of Wales, UK
  • 3 years
  • ₹15.88L

3. Diploma in Computer Science

Add technical skills to your CV with management.

University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • 1 year
  • 52,44,879/year
University of Queensland, Australia
  • 1.5 years
  • 28,08,606/year
Auckland University of Technology, Australia
  • 1 year
  • 23,58,790/year (Approx.)

The tables above show various college options to pursue post MBA certifications. Read below as the blog discusses which post-MBA courses offer high salary packages.

Top 3 Post MBA Courses With High Salary Packages

Scholars who have done an MBA or are in the process are well aware of the fact that the market demands skills. A degree course from a top-tier university can land you high salary packages. But what courses can get you such high-paying jobs? What is the average salary package scholars get after studying them? Go through the table below to know:

1.Financial Risk Management

Risk Analyst 5.6LPA
Risk Manager 10.4LPA
Credit Analyst 6.7LPA

2. PhD in Management

Data Analyst 3.6LPA
University Lecturer 5LPA
Business Consultant 4.5LPA

3. Diploma in Computer Science

Data Scientist 13.3LPA
Software Developer 9.4LPA
IT Manager 20.13LPA

To conclude, now you know after MBA which course is best. It is wise to choose the best option with proper advice. has experts to help you find your true potential. The mentors will research every option for you. They will consider your interests and skills. Then, they will suggest you the best available options. They will also discuss the job prospects of the course and its market value. These scholarships have helped several brilliant minds achieve great heights. Hence, be mindful when choosing a scholarship. All the best for your study abroad dream!


Q1. What is the Next Step After MBA?

Below points discuss which course is best after MBA in 4 easy steps:

  • Find which aspect of business interests you. It can be technical or nontechnical.
  • Research well in the market. Study what is in demand.
  • Select a course to pursue after the MBA. Try to polish your skills and excel in whatever you choose to do.

Q2. Which Specialization is Best After MBA?

Top 5 most paid fields to pursue after an MBA:

1.Data Analyst
5.International Commerce

Q3. Which is the Best Job After MBA?

Top 5 jobs after an MBA:

1.HR Manager
2.Private Equity Associate
3.Sales Force
4.Finance Manager
5.Business Operator

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