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An Ultimate Guide on Australia PR Courses 2023 and Criteria

In this blog, scholars can learn about the best PR courses in Australia. It will be beneficial for students to get all the possible details on them and make the best decisions for their future.

Ever wonder how to get Australian PR? Many study-abroad aspirants aim to get a Permanent Residency when they apply for higher studies in this country. It is a dream of many students to reside in the host country they are studying in. Likewise, when scholars pursue their education abroad, they get the privilege of residing in a foreign nation under PR status. However, there are various requirements and policies concerning PR allotment to international students. Therefore, they should choose the right Australia PR courses to get the best outcome for their settlement in the country. It is a vital aspect, and scholars should get more details about it.

In relevant times, many candidates choose Australia to pursue education overseas. It is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations in the world. This nation has top reputed institutions which offer a world-class education system and the best learning environment for scholars. Hence, applicants should get efficient info on the Australia PR for Indian and choose the programs with brighter career prospects and chances. It also gives many other benefits, such as post-study work permits and part-time job opportunities to newcomers, which makes it the most preferred learning abroad country for global scholars. The undergraduates and postgraduates can apply to the top institutions of this country for their chosen PR fields.

What Is the Best Course in Australia for PR?

Engineering is considered the best course in Australia for PR. This program has secured top-notch ranks from the most popular ranking agencies. Check the list of the top 3 universities for this course and their QS ranking:

  • RMIT University ( QS Ranking: # 190)
  • The University of Melbourne ( QS Ranking: #33)
  • Australian National University ( QS Ranking: # 30)

Engineering is one of the most leading PR program in this country and has several job prospects for international students. Thus, study abroad aspirants can choose many engineering courses in Australia offered by its different institutions. Nowadays, many global companies highly demand engineering in various fields. Engineers are highly valued in the corporate sector in Australia, and applicants can get a lot of job opportunities there. Therefore, this nation welcomes scholars worldwide to pursue this program and get Permanent Residency allotment effectively. Thus, students can learn how to apply for Australian PR by pursuing this popular course.

 S NO.


Average Salary (Per year)


Agricultural Engineering

30 - 35 Lakhs


Industrial Engineering

35 - 40 Lakhs


Electrical Engineering

40 - 45 Lakhs


Chemical Engineering

30 - 40 Lakhs


Mechanical Engineering

35 - 45 Lakhs


Biomedical Engineering

50 - 55 Lakhs


Aeronautical Engineering

 50 - 60 Lakhs


Geographical Engineering

 60 - 65 Lakhs

Many undergraduates choose the bachelor's program in Engineering in this country. By knowing such aspects, scholars can learn how to get Australia PR easily. Thus, this course is highly popular because scholars can gain postgraduate employment needed for the Skilled Migration Program for PR.

What Is the Eligibility Criteria for PR Courses in Australia?

Australia is home to various reputed institutions that offer a vast range of courses and specializations. Many study-abroad aspirants prefer to study in this nation because of its quality education and advanced infrastructure. However, to pursue distinct PR courses in Australia, scholars must meet their eligibility norms. They should get proper details and means to carry on with this process. Likewise, students should also carry specific qualifications to meet the requirements of the courses. Check the eligibility criteria needs for PR courses in Australia listed below:

  • Students from non-native English-speaking nations must secure good marks in proficiency tests to meet the eligibility norms of their desired courses and get allotted as the permanent resident Australia. Check the table below:

 English Proficiency Tests

Score Range









  • Candidates studying under the Graduate Temporary Visa(subclass 485) can apply for a PR course in Australia.
  • The chosen courses of the applicants must not be of less than two years and should be registered under CRISCOS.
  • The ANZSCO job list must include the professions that the candidate aspires to pursue after graduating.
  • Scholars must carry excellent academic records and qualifications to get selected at their preferred colleges in their chosen fields.

Students need to meet these criteria to pursue such programs to get Australian permanent residency. Thus, global applicants must meet all these above-stated needs to get selected for a PR course by an institution in this nation.

The universities in Australia offer various courses to global students. However, they must choose the most popular ones to secure a good career. There are many programs which also essential to get PR in the country. Therefore, to meet such goals, scholars should check out all the top courses to obtain PR Australia. Look at some most chosen courses in 2023:

Top Courses

Studying Cost

Job Prospects

Average Annual Salary


AUD 20,000-AUD 40,000

  • Accountant
  • Finance Manager

90,000 AUD

Computer and Information Technology

AUD 41,000-AUD 52,000

  •  Business Analyst
  •  Web Developer
  •  Software Tester

120,000 AUD


AUD 42,000-AUD 70,000

  •  Midwifery
  •  Nurse Practitioner

70,000 AUD

Medicine and Dentistry

AUD 70,000-AUD 140,000

  •  Lecturer
  •  Research Associate
  •  Postdoctoral Fellow

10,000 AUD


AUD 14,000-AUD 70,000

  •  Psychologist
  •  Counsellor

75,000 AUD

These above-stated courses offer the best chances to international students. These programs help them gain vital skills, abilities, knowledge, and work experience to ensure in their chosen field. This way, candidates can learn how to apply for PR in Australia through these programs. Scholars get a chance to explore different aspects of these courses and get exposed to many occupational prospects to the Australian economy. They can learn about these courses and pick one to fulfil their dreams of studying abroad.

List of Australian PR Requirements

There is a need of 65 points for a student to become eligible for allotment of permanent residency in Australia. The higher students score on the eligibility and other evaluation, the more chances of them being invited for an Australian PR. If applicants score between 80 to 85 points, they can quickly get a PR invitation to apply for. However, there are many different categories under which scholars can apply for permanent residency Australia, each one having distinct requirements. Check the table below:


 Maximum Points

 Age (18-24 Years)

25 Points

English Proficiency (8 Bands)

20 Points

Work Experience outside Australia(4-6years)

15 Points

Work Experience in Australia ( 2-4 Years)

20 Points

Education Degree outside Australia ( e.g. Doctorate degree)

20 Points

Education Degree in Australia (e.g. Doctorate Degree)

10 Points

Accredited in community language

5 Points

Professional year in a skilled program in Australia

5 Points

State sponsorship (190 visa)

5 Points

Relative or regional sponsorship (491 visa)

5 Points

  • Age: Students will get a maximum of 25 points if their age is between 18 to 24 years. The applicants should be less than 45 years of age to be eligible to apply for the PR.
  • English Proficiency: Scoring 8 bands in the IELTS exam can give students a maximum of 20 points. Moreover, Australian Immigration firms allow scholars to take many other proficiency tests like TOEFL, PTE, CAE, etc., and secure required marks to get Australia PR from India in these exams.
  • Work Experience: Employment outside Australia having more than eight years of experience in the last ten years will get students 15 points, and based on this factor, if applicants have worked fewer years, they will get lesser points. Moreover, the maximum number of scholars can get in this category is 20 points. Have a look at the table below:

Skilled Work Experience in Australia


Less than a year


1-2 years


3-4 years


5-7 years


8-10 years


  • Education: Applicants get points based on their educational qualifications. The doctorate degree is given the maximum points to get Australia permanent residency. This degree is highly recognized by the central government of the nation.



A Doctorate degree from an Australian institute outside Australia.


A Graduate or Post Graduate Degree Australian institute or college outside Australia


Diploma pursued in Australia


Any certification or honour that the designated monitoring authority has approved for the chosen skilled vocation.


Doctorate degree from an Australian university in the STEM fields


  • Skilled Occupation Lists (SOL): Study abroad aspirants should choose a profession included in the skilled occupation lists. This list contains all the occupations accepted for immigration in Australia. Check the three categories of the SOL :
  • Short-term Skilled Occupation List (SSOL)
  • Regional Occupations List (ROL)
  • Medium- and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)
  • Extra Qualifications: Students are also given points for some extra academic or occupational records they hold to fulfil the Australia PR requirements and complete the process. Check the below-stated list attentively.

Additional Qualifications


State Sponsorship (190 visa)


Regional Sponsorship(491 visa)


Professional year in a skilled program in Australia


Accredited in community language


Study in a regional area


The above-mentioned pointers and lists give detailed information about the essential PR points in Australia. All these categories should be necessarily checked by the students to avoid missing out on any updates and detail later. The candidates must consider all these factors to fulfil the PR needs and complete this process in no time. They must treat this process as their top priority and never forget to evaluate their records to attain the required points for PR.

7 Steps on How to Apply for Permanent Residency Visa in Australia

Many students wonder if is it easy to get PR in Australia. Well, the answer depends on the preparations of students and their dedication to studying and residing in the country. Students have to check the needs of this process and then apply for it step-by-step. They need to understand that the standard of living is high with a diverse population. To acquire country citizenship, they must fulfil the Australian PR requirements and follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Check the Eligibility

To meet the eligibility for a PR visa, the occupation or degree of the applicants must be included in the Skilled Occupation List, notwithstanding the visa type they have decided to apply for.

  • Applicants below 45 years can only apply for the visa.
  • They must secure a score of 65 points on the Points Grid

These scores are calculated based on age, education, work experience, and more. Thus, students must match the Australia PR eligibility to become permanent citizens of the nation.

Step 2: Score High in English Proficiency Tests

The next thing that students should do is to appear for vital English proficiency tests and score the minimum marks required by Australian colleges. Scholars can give either one of the 3 tests, namely: IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.

  • For IELTS, the minimum score should be 7
  • For TOEFL, the minimum score should be 79
  • For PTE, the minimum score should be 50

Thus, students must get these stated marks to know about Australia PR time and its processing duration and get admission to their desired colleges in the country.

Step 3: Get the Skill Assessment Report from SkillSelect

The students must gather their academic records and qualifications to submit them as a report on SkillSelect. This portal will evaluate their records based on these factors: Age, Education, and proficiency test scores. It hardly takes 8 to 10 week to process the report and compares a student's foreign learning with its native equivalency. This is an important step to get their PR visa for Australia, and they should follow it to avoid any last-minute issues.

Step 4: Sign Up for Skill Select and Submit the Expression of Interest (EOI)

Applicants must register an Expression of Interest (EOI) in the SkillSelect portal. This way, the scholars will inform Australian authorities that they want to apply for a PR visa. On the basis of the EOI of the students, they will get a chance to apply for a visa for PR in Australia from India based on various academic and social factors.

Step 5: Receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA)

After applying at the portal, students have to wait for their invitation to apply (ITA). However, the applicants with the highest EOI ranking receive the ITA. After they receive it, scholars must know that their application has been approved and they are just one step away from obtaining their PR Visa.

Step 6: Submit the PR Application

Students should finally apply for their Australia PR visa once they receive their ITA. It is the most crucial and necessary step in this process as without submitting their form, and they cannot proceed with the further steps involved in this process.

Step 7 : Submit the Character and Health Certificate

Apart from lodging their scholarly records, students also need to add some extra documents in their application, like a clearance certificate and passport for visa stamping. Based on the chosen courses of the students, the admission authorities will consider their form with a fixed number of intakes. Thus, candidates should carry out all these steps sequence-wise to get their PR visa Australia handily.

Get Guidance from Gradding’s Experts and Choose the Best PR Course in Australia

In recent times, many study abroad aspirants have dreamed of pursuing education from many popular destinations. Likewise, when they come across a new nation and its beneficial aspects, they decide to settle and be a permanent resident of that country. Many of them choose to study in Australia and reside there as a citizen. However, scholars might not know which state is easy to get PR in Australia and other related aspects. Hence, with the help of, they make their dreams come true. The experts here are there to help candidates at every step of their journey.

Students choose because it is the best platform that gives the best study abroad services. It offers many resources and efficient counselling sessions by well-qualified counsellors, which benefits candidates in all possible ways. Likewise, the mentors here also guide them on how to apply for Australia PR from India so they do not face any difficulties in this process.

This platform is the most preferred by scholars as it offers everything they are looking for in an education abroad agency. Therefore, those aspiring to reside in Australia can approach this platform to get the best support and help from the experts. These mentors will additionally provide info on how to get UK PR. So hurry up and choose to pursue desired PR courses in Australia and make the best of it.


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