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Diploma Courses in Canada: List, Eligibility, Types and Fees

You can know about the diploma courses in Canada with the list of top universities, fees, eligibility criteria and types of diploma with the blog of Gradding experts and ease the study abroad journey.

Canada is the most preferred place for students who desire to study abroad. Every year, numerous scholars go foreign to pursue higher education in this nation. Many learners favour doing their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Canada. On the other hand, there are multiple students who also prefer to pursue diploma courses in Canada to gain better job opportunities. Scholars do this to achieve better career prospects in their life. 

Going abroad is not an easy process and requires hard work from scholars. Also, they do not know much about the process that leads students to take help from Gradding study abroad consultants. They assist with the best and most suitable courses according to the interest of learners. In this blog, students can learn about the diploma in Canada eligibility, a list of top courses, fees and many more. Read the upcoming section to understand all the mentioned aspects. 

Why Do Students Pursue Diploma Courses in Canada?

There are various reasons why students prefer to do courses in Canada. The number of scholars who choose this nation for further education is increasing every year. Thus, many learners search for the aspects to know because of their curiosity about a diploma course in Canada. To understand the reason, read the below pointers and clear doubts. 

  • Canada allows students to work while pursuing the course. Also, this gives them a chance to accomplish various career options. 
  • The tuition fees for the diploma is affordable in Canada compared to other nation.
  • The Visa process in Canada is not much critical as in other countries. Students can get a student Visa without going through the complicated process. 
  • Diploma courses in Canada for international students offer them the flexibility to transition into full-fledged master courses from a diploma.
  • Canada also offers full time job opportunities for students after completing the course. Also, the ease of permanent residency leads them to acquire diploma courses from this nation. 

These are some reasons why students prefer to do diploma courses in Canada. It can be valuable for scholars to know the reasons and do further study in Canada. Now, the next section is about the types of Diploma courses. 

Types of Diploma Courses in Canada for International Students

When thinking of doing a diploma, students must have knowledge of the type. Also, choosing one program can be complicated for scholars. The reason behind that is various diploma courses in Canada for international students are available. In such cases, they should know the mentioned two types of programs given in the below section. 

Undergraduate Diploma Course

Many learners prefer to study at a foreign university. Also, they choose to do job-oriented short-term courses after completing school studies. Students can pursue undergraduate diploma courses after schooling. There are various options available for them to give new heights to their career. Students can read about streams of the UG diploma courses in Canada from the mentioned pointers.

  1. IT
  2. Engineering
  3. Management
  4. Accountancy
  5. Pharmacy 
  6. Media
  7. Interior
  8. Fashion

The above mentioned streams are popular in which most students prefer to do the UG courses. Scholars who have an interest in one such field can go for a suitable program. Apart from this, the UG courses are divided into two parts, which are regular and advanced. 

The regular UG courses have a duration of 2 years which offers specialization in a specific field. On the other hand, students search “What is advanced diploma in Canada?” This program duration is 3 years and provides several opportunities for internship. Also, scholars can hone their skills by doing these advanced programs. 

Post Graduate Diploma Course

Students who want to pursue postgraduate courses in Canada must have qualifications for graduation. The time duration for the PG programs is 1-2 years for scholars. Apart from this, the PG diploma in Canada is of two types which are given below. 

  • One year PG diploma hones the skills of students. 
  • Two-year PG diploma courses offer students the benefits of a 3-year work opportunity after the completion of the program. 

These are the types of diploma courses students have to know if they want to do one. Doing this can be valuable for scholars to select the suitable course as per their interest. Apart from this, learners should know the eligibility criteria for choosing the best diploma courses in Canada

Eligibility Criteria for Diploma Course in Canada

The eligibility criteria for Canada diploma courses are not too complicated. Also, there is no typically set eligibility that students must have to fulfil for pursuing a program. However, the major requirements are given below that learners should remember if they want to do a diploma course in Canada

  • If students want to pursue PG courses in Canada, they must have passed a graduation degree with the minimum marks required by the university. However, the minimum marks range varies from institute to institute. 
  • When students apply for UG courses, they must have passed schooling with the minimum grades required by the interested university. It can be valuable for scholars to grab better scholars in school to pursue UG diploma courses in Canada
  • You must qualify and pass the IELTS exam with the minimum band score required for the desired diploma program in Canada.
  • Apart from all of these, students have to submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and a Letter of Recommendation (LOR). 
  • These are some eligibility criteria students must know before applying to diploma courses. It can be valuable for scholars to ease the process by knowing whether they are eligible or not. 

After knowing the eligibility, the next thing students can understand is the list of best diploma courses in Canada from the below section.

List of Top Diploma Courses in Canada with Best Universities and Fees

There are various diploma courses students can do in Canada. The nation offers various job opportunities for scholars after completion of the courses. It is the reason why they search for and prefer the best diploma courses in Canada. To make the way easier for scholars, the below section provides help for popular diploma programs. 

Diploma in Information Technology (IT)

Students who desire to do a diploma after completion of graduation can go for the fastest growing industry which is IT. Although, the number of scholars who apply for such diploma courses in Canada for international students is higher. However, developing skills in database management, software development, networking, and other latest technology can be valuable for scholars. The average fee for a PG diploma in IT courses varies from 900 CAD to 2000 CAD. The cost of the program depends on the university and course. The below listed are the top university that offers IT courses:

  • Humber college
  • Regina university
  • Lambton college
  • Lakehead University
  • Conestoga college
  • Centennial college

Diploma in Project Management

Project management roles are quite popular in Canada. Every big organization to the small business requires such a person. Thus, honing skills by doing the diploma course in Canada in project management can be valuable for scholars. In this role, scholars have to do complex project management, risk evaluation, budgeting, and many more. The average tuition fee for a project management in Canada varies from 15000 CAD to 25000 CAD. Apart from this, the top universities which offer this course are given below:

  • Douglas College
  • Vancouver Island University
  • University of Winnipeg
  • Centennial College
  • Humber College

Diploma in Business Analytics

Business Analytics is another popular option for students who complete schooling or graduate in such a field. This program will equip with the essential skills and abilities to meet the business insights. Students with the anticipation to do such challenging roles can pursue this program. The tuition fees are slightly higher for the Business Analytics diploma course in Canada and vary from 15000 CAD to 40000 CAD. The below listed are the top universities students can choose to do Business Analytics. 

  • Douglas College
  • University of Calgary
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Cape Breton University
  • McMaster University

Diploma in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain is a vast field and requires numerous skilled people for the different roles. Students who have an interest in aspects like logistics, transportation, inventory control and procurement can go for such diploma courses in Canada. The average tuition fees for supply chain management vary from 15000 CAD to 25000 CAD. It can be valuable for scholars to pursue the supply chain management course from the top universities given below:

  • McGill University
  • Centennial College
  • Thompson Rivers University
  • Douglas College

Diploma in Marketing

Most students who have an interest in abroad studies for Marketing prefer to do PG courses. Canada is known to provide learning to scholars for the latest marketing tactics, digital marketing strategies, SMM techniques and advertising effectively. Learners prefer to do marketing courses to gain a competitive edge over others. The fees for a diploma course in Canada of Marketing vary from 15000 CAD to 23000 CAD. Also, the top universities offering marketing programs are given below:

  • Algonquin College
  • Bow Valley College
  • George Brown College
  • Lawrence College
  • Centennial College

Diploma in HR Management

Many students have an interest in the HR field. Such scholars with an interest to study abroad can go for the HR management diploma courses in Canada for international students. Doing this program enables learners to upskill their abilities and opens doors for various new options. The Fees for an HR management course vary from 15000 CAD to 20000 CAD. Apart from this, students can pursue the HR management course from the below listed top universities:

  • Niagara College
  • Mohawk College
  • George Brown College
  • Humber College

Diploma in Accounting

Students can pursue the PG and UG diploma courses in Canada in accounting to get various career opportunities. It can be valuable for them to gain skillsets in taxation, auditing, and financial statement analysis. Also, universities also offer advanced learning techniques for scholars to level up their abilities. The fees for the accounting courses vary from 15000 CAD to 30000 CAD. Apart from this, accounting diploma courses provided by the universities listed below:

  • Red River College
  • University of Toronto
  • Centennial College

These are the top diploma courses in Canada for international students. It can be valuable for them to know the programs and choose the one most suitable to achieve better career prospects in the future. 

If you are still confused about choosing the diploma to up-skill, take help from consultants to ease this stage. The below section provides information on how we support scholars in picking a course.

How Gradding Consultants Help Choose the Most Suitable Diploma Courses in Canada?

Deciding to go abroad is smoother, but pursuing the dream can not be possible without proper planning and knowledge. Students who have a goal to pursue short term programs from foreign search for the best courses. They explore to find suitable diploma courses in Canada for better job opportunities. It can be valuable for learners to get better future prospects. Although, students get confused in choosing one program. In that case, we provide help to scholars to ease the journey. Our experts have years of experience in guiding and supporting learners to clear their doubts. So it can be valuable to take assistance from us and ease the abroad journey. 


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