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LLM in UK for Indian Students in 2024: All You Need to Know

Many Indians prefer the UK as the perfect study abroad destination. LLM in UK is one of the most preferred courses by international students. Read this blog further to know all the details on the course in UK. You will learn about the return on investment after pursuing an LLM in the UK. Moreover, the blog will state the benefits of pursuing a degree from the UK and the scholarships that can help you do so. Let us start by knowing how LLM UK can aid you in your career.

Why Study LLM in UK?

Take a look at the following reasons to know why studying law in UK can be beneficial for Indian students:

  • No CLAT
  • Top Universities
  • Education Quality
  • Career Prospects

The above pointers are explained in detail below:


Firstly, you will not have to appear for a highly competitive exam like CLAT to pursue law in UK. This is because you will need to practice law in the UK or any other European nation with a similar constitution.

Top Universities

Secondly, the UK is home to great universities with top ranks in the QS World University Ranking 2024. These universities offer more than just LLB! Moreover, they have courses for law and other related domains.

Education Quality

Thirdly, the UK education is different from that of India. Hence, students get a lot of practical based learning and fieldwork. Thus, international students choose to pursue their education in the UK. This country has a great infrastructure for all the courses you can name including law.

Career Prospects

Lastly, not just the studies but the ROI after LLM in UK from the best universities can be from 85% to 146%. Hence, it would be wise to consider the UK for studying abroad. There are several job profiles that you would be interested in after completing your PG law degree.

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After Studying Abroad?

These are the main reasons why LLB in UK can be very beneficial. Now, let us discuss the various LLM courses in UK for Indian students.

LLM Courses in UK for Indian Students

As noted above, the UK has a lot of courses to offer to international students related to law. Take a look at the table below to learn more about these courses and their cost of studying:

Top LLM Courses in UK

These are the top courses to study in UK. The table below also mentions the average annual tuition fee. Most LLM courses are of 1 to 2 years only. Take a look at the following courses and apply for the ones that intrigue you:


Master of Law Criminal Law and Criminal Justice £24,120 full time
Master of Law in International Law £20,000 - £27,000 full-time
Master of Law in Law and Society £20,000 - £21,000 full time
Master of Law in Law, Artificial Intelligence or Data and New Technologies £24,120 full time
Master of Law in Corporate Finance and Law £25,000 - £30,000 full time
Master of Law in Energy and Environmental Law with Dissertation £24,120 full time
Master of Law in General Law £25,000 - £30,000 full time
Master of Law in Oil and Gas Law with Dissertation £23,800 full time
Master of Law in International Human Rights £24,120 full time

Cheapest LLM Courses in UK

The University of Nottingham is reported to have been offering the cheapest LLM in UK for international students. They charge £20,000 for the same. In the UK, this university ranks in the 20th position from the top. LLM in UK duration is one year if done full time. Hence, it will not cost you much.
These are the various courses you can apply for in the UK to study law. The average annual tuition fee can depend on the university. Besides, the course is of one year and is rarely extended to two years. The LLM in UK fees mentioned above are for a full-time one-year course. Moreover, there will be other charges for stationary, admission fees, etc which the sum mentioned in the table doesn't cover.
Now, let us move on to the next section. The next segment will talk about the best universities available for LLM in UK. Moreover, the table in the section below also mentions the recent QS World Rankings of those universities.

Best Universities for LLM in UK

Indeed, getting into a good university is of great importance. Thus, this section will discuss the best universities you can get into for LLM. Take a look at the table below:

University of Cambridge #2
University of Oxford #3
University of Manchester #32
King’s College London #40
London School of Economics #45

These are the top 5 universities in UK for pursuing an LLM degree. Now, let us move on to learn more about scholarships for LLM in UK. The below section will state all the details about these scholarships.

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Scholarship for LLM in UK for Indian Students

There are several scholarships for LLM in UK for Indian students. Take a look at the following tables:

UCL Laws Academic Excellence Scholarships

They recognize the academic talents of the students who apply for these scholarships and aid their studies in UK for various courses.

LLM Academic Excellence Scholarship 2024-25

There is a fee reduction of £10,000.


1.Academic merit required.
2.Must study at University College London’s LLM course


31st January 2024

Aberdeen Global Scholarship

You can turn your study abroad dream a reality with these scholarships. Moreover, not just LLM but they cover many other courses.

AWARD There is a tuition fee waiver of £3,000.

1.Only available for the students of the Aberdeen Global Scholarship.

Not available to students of PGDE degrees.

APPLICATION DEADLINE Wait for further notice

Lord Paul Postgraduate Excellence Scholarship

This is another scholarship award that is famous for the students who wish to study abroad. The table below mentions all the details that you need to know:

AWARD 1.£1,000 for getting a minimum score in UG degree
2.£1,500 for getting a 2:1 at UG level
3.£2,000 for passing the UG by first class


1.Must be a student of the University of Wolverhampton.
2.You can only get one of the Lord Paul’s scholarships.

Not available to students of PGDE degrees.


Chevening Scholarship

It was launched in 1983 and has helped more than 57000 students across the globe. Take a good look on every detail before applying:

AWARD 1)Full financial support to the eligible.
2)Covers the tuition fees, travel costs.
3)Offers a monthly stipend as well.


1.Merit based
2.Must have at least 2 years of work experience.
3.Must be willing to go back to the home country for at least 2 years after the course completes.
Must hold an unconditional cover letter from a UK university



Alumni Loyalty Discount

These discounts are granted by various universities in the UK and are one of the most popular ones.

AWARD You get 20% off on the tuition fee


1.You must not be a PG student of courses like PGCE, MArch, integrated masters degree, etc.
2. Must meet the entry requirements for your chosen course.


Postgraduate Global Scholarship

Many of these scholarships are aimed to help Indian students fulfill their dreams of studying and working abroad. 

AWARD 1.£6,000 for 1st class pass
2.£6,000 for 2:1 (upper second class)
3.£3,000 for 2:2 (lower second class)


1.Must be studying an offline course by the Keele University.
Must not be enrolled for PhD or an Mphil course.


These are the scholarships for LLM in UK. Now, let us move on to the next section and learn more about the cost of studying LLM in UK for Indian students.

Cost of Studying LLM in UK for Indian Students

There is a good chance that you might be overestimating the cost of studying in UK. Take a look at the tables below and learn what you need to study in UK:

Groceries and Food 250 - 300 £
Transport one way ticket 2.40 £
Utilities like Electricity, Water, and Garbage)
Sports and Activities 20 - 30 £
Internet 31 £
Apartment Rent (1 bedroom) 1060 £
Miscellaneous 200 £

The LLM in UK fees have been mentioned in the above sections beside every specific course. The next section will talk about the Eligibility criteria for studying LLM in UK. The below sections will also mention the documents you would require and the application process.

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Eligibility in UK After LLM for Indian Students

Let us now take a look if you are eligible to study LLM in the United Kingdom or not. Note the pointers below to know what you would need to pursue your dream:
1) Firstly, you need a UG degree in Law, with a score of 65-75%. Thus, you can do an LLM in UK after an LLB in India.
2) Secondly, there are English language skill requirements like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.

  • IELTS: 6.5 bands minimum (overall)
  • TOEFL: 110 minimum score (overall)
  • PTE: 58
  • C1 Advanced: 191 minimum score (overall)
  • C2 Proficiency: 191 minimum score (overall)

3) Thirdly, take the LSAT exam. It is not mandatory in all universities.
4) Lastly, a bit of work experience can increase your chances of being shortlisted.
Now, let us discuss the documents required for LLM admission in UK.

Documents Required for LLM in UK for Indian Students

While applying for studying LLM UK, you would need to submit some paperwork. These documents are listed below:

Gradding can help in documentation for LLM in UK.

Apart from these, you would also be required to submit proof of enough funds to apply for a study visa to UK.
Now, let us talk about the application process for LLM in UK.

How to Apply for LLM in UK?

The application process for LLM in UK is the same as applying for any other course in a UK university. The pointers below will discuss every step for the same in detail:

  • Firstly, check the eligibility criteria for applying for LLM in UK on the official websites of the universities of your choice.
  • Secondly, if you are eligible then, gather all the transcripts and academic records. Moreover, also get your certificates and Identity proofs.
  • Thirdly, collect your letters of recommendation and write a solid and logical statement of purpose.
  • Furthermore, go to the official website of the university you wish to study at and fill out the application process.
  • Lastly, upload all the documents the form asks you to. Some colleges do charge a non refundable amount in GBP (£).

This is how you apply to study LLM in UK. Now, let us discuss the job opportunities and career aspects after an LLM from UK university.

Do You Wish to Pursue an LLM in UK? bg-image bg-image bg-image

Job Opportunities After LLM in UK for Indian Students

The UK is known for several job opportunities and a huge job market for every field. Besides, after LLM in UK, you can work as a
1. Corporate Lawyer
2. Advocate
3. Legal Secretary
4. Barrister
5. Paralegal
6. Solicitor
7. Law Examiner
Indeed, it is vital to look for the prospects and the ROI (return on investment) before selecting a course. This section will help you explore some of how LLM from UK can be beneficial for you.
Take a look at the following important points:

Salary After LLM in UK

These are the various job profiles and their average salary:

Corporate Lawyer £ 95,621
Human Rights Advocate £ 58,193
Intellectual Property Lawyer £ 70,667
Legal Consultant £ 43,054
International Law Advisor £ 37,650
Arbitrator £ 60,222
Solicitor £ 44,996
Barrister £ 61,675
Paralegal £ 28,781

Top Recruiters in UK

These are the top employers in the UK for international talent in law:

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The next section will explore various ways for you to get a permanent residence (PR) in UK.

How to Get a PR in UK After LLM?

There are three legal systems in UK. These are England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. To get a PR, you must first qualify to become a solicitor or a barrister in anyoneof theabove mentionedplaces.

Furthermore, to get to work (whether paid or unpaid), you must have the correct working visa.

  • For instance, in England and Wales, after the LLM, you must take an exam and pass it. BCAT, BPC, and Pupillage are a few of these exams. After clearing one of these, you will be issued a practicing certificate.
  • The SQE (Solicitors Qualifying Exam) exam occurs in England and Wales.

These are the ways you can adopt to get a PR in UK after LLM.

To sum up, LLM in UK can be a great choice for law aspirants. The United Kingdom is famous for its infrastructure and the job prospectsthat it offers tointernational talent. Furthermore, the idea of studying with students fromevery corner ofthe world. Besides, it is also the home to one of the world's most beautiful landscapes. However, from getting an offer letter to seeking a rental to live in UK, every step can have its complications. Hence, study abroad consultants in Kerala from Gradding suggest that the earlier you start, the better results you get.


1) Can I Practice Law in UK After LLM?

You can practice law at any position only after qualifying the SQE exam. It stands for Solicitors Qualifying Examination with two years of work experience to be a solicitor.

2) How Many Years is LLM in UK?

The LLM duration is only for one year. This includes both theory and practice based learning.

3) Is LLM in UK Worth Studying?

Yes, the reviews of the past students are great and the degree LLM from the UK is itself globally recognized. You can pursue great job roles after passing out from a UK university with an LLM degree. Not directly though! You will have to pass the SQE examination. The job roles look like:

  1. Corporate Lawyer
  2. Advocate
  3. Legal Secretary
  4. Barrister
  5. Paralegal
  6. Solicitor
  7. Law Examiner

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