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Know Everything About Australia PR courses with the Experts

This blog will help you explore the top Australia PR courses along with their eligibility and other specifications. Thus, make an informed decision by going through the blog created by the experts.

Australia is known for its stunning beaches, diverse wildlife, and vibrant cities. Sounds exciting and dreamy, right? Just assume moving to this god-gifted heaven. What if we mention it's possible to enter Australia via an excellent pathway? Oh, you heard absolutely correctly! Since the country offers PR (Permanent Residency) to immigrants or international students. However, grabbing a seat to PR requires effort and can be challenging. But have you heard of Australia PR courses? These can be little footsteps towards permanent residency in the country.

Moreover, the initial stage is to choose the right study program and meet the eligibility criteria that could lead to PR in Australia. Annually, thousands of applicants seek permanent residency, but only a few get selected. Do you know the reason? So, every student has a different academic background that decides their eligibility to get a PR. Therefore, students should carefully select a suitable program and develop an outstanding profile that meets the university's standards.

It does seem difficult, right? However, an experienced consultant can assist you in creating a strong student profile for Australia PR courses. All you can do is further read the blog and spot the answers to your queries!

Why Australia? Top 3 Reasons to Move There

With eight out of 100 universities listed as the top-notch institutions in the world, Australia is not just a country of kangaroos. However, it's not only the academic excellence that makes it a desirable destination for students. This nation also offers ample work opportunities during studies to fill in the need for extra finances, besides a high standard of living.

So, whether you're looking for remarkable colleges, world-class education, or a comfortable lifestyle, count Australia! Below are some points that clarify why to choose the nation to study and migrate.

  • Australia's Healthcare System

Medicare is a widely used healthcare system in Australia that provides a range of services to its citizens. These include free or subsidiary medical care in public hospitals and reduced costs for prescribed medications. Hence, all Australian citizens, natives, and certain visa holders are eligible for these services once they enrol in Medicare.

  • Pathway to Australian PR

An Australian Permanent Residency can grant you various privileges, such as experiencing Australia's diverse and lively culture, unrestricted work rights and more. However, there are numerous pathways to getting a PR and getting one has its steps.

Some available paths that can let you live and work on Australian land include Skilled Migration visas for those with specific skills and qualifications. Besides, Family Migration Visas for those with close members in Australia, and Business Migration visas for immigrants looking to invest or start a business in the country.

  • The Weather and Climate

As you know, Australia is a large country that has different climate zones. It means wherever you're, the weather changes frequently. But overall, you will find scenic beaches surrounded by calm breezes and can experience four different seasons in one place, including hot, dry summers and temperate, wet winters. Thus, enjoy your weekends and vacations at the beach or swimming in the transparent blue water.

These are the top reasons for which Australia is preferred by numerous students. Moving ahead to explore the perks of getting a PR in Australia.

What Are the Benefits of a PR in Australia?

Having a PR in Australia opens the door to multiple privileges that will make your life more comfortable during your stay in the nation. Thus, scroll down and understand the benefits of Australian PR that shall provide you with brilliant prospects in the future.

  • Unbounded Work Rights: Unlike certain visa holders who hold the temporary right to stay in Australia, one with a PR can work anywhere within the country without being subjected to any time or location regulations. Thus, this added flexibility and freedom provides an advantage to PR holders seeking to meet their career goals in Australia.
  • Buy Any Residential Property: With a PR in hand, you can even buy a house in any city in Australia. Troubling with insufficient funds? PR allows you to apply for a bank loan to secure your first home on Australian land.
  • Easy Path to Australian Nationality: Those holding PR who have lived in any city of Australia for at least one year can apply for citizenship. For instance, it allows you to participate in numerous activities like the right to vote, Government jobs, and entry to the country at any time.
  • Free Education in Public Schools: Permanent Residents of Australia have access to free education in any public school in every city. Meanwhile, some states offer learning without charging tuition fees to temporary migrants.

With this, it's hence proved there is no country like Australia with excessive PR benefits. So, it's worth applying for permanent residency after graduation or spending a few years in the country. Moreover, to learn how to get PR in Australia, keep reading this blog until you find different pathways!

Explore the Benefits of a PR in Australia with

What Are the Best Courses for PR in Australia?

Most overseas aspirants intend to stay back in Australia after completing their studies. Since, the nation offers a safe and healthy environment to reside in with abundant career opportunities.

So, as an international student, you should apply for a student visa if you're seeking to live, work, and study in Australia.

Now, let's learn about the top PR courses in Australia with their average tuition fee via this table:

Top PR Courses in Australia Average Cost of Studying These Courses (AUD)
Accountancy $20,000 - $40,000
Aeronautical Engineering $30,000 - $52,000
Agricultural Engineering $19,000 - $40,000
Building and Construction $37,000 - $50,000
Civil Engineering $41,000 - $52,000
Computer & Information Technology $35,000 - $50,000
Dental Science $30,000 - $100,000
Hospitality Management $35,000 - $37,400
Nursing (Paediatrics) $25,000 - $40,000
Vocational Education Teacher $20,000 - $35,000

The above mentioned courses are eligible to apply for a PR in Australia. These study programs are specially designed for immigrants to fill the required labour shortage in the country. Thus, candidates planning to obtain a PR after graduating from any Australian university can choose from these options. Moreover, the next section will brief you about which course is best in Australia for PR with their career paths.

Top 5 Career Paths to Get PR in Australia

Every student has a desire to work in the same country after completing their studies. So, they choose the best career path that leads to future jobs and permanent residency in the country.
So, we've prepared a table for the same, which gives information on the top five courses that lead to PR in Australia:

Top Career Field in Australia Top Universities
  • Australian National University
  • RMIT University
  • Monash University
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Queensland
  • University of Sydney
  • University of New South Wales
Computer and Information Technology
  • RMIT University
  • La Trobe University
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Sydney
Nursing and Midwifery
  • Monash University
  • Griffith University
  • University of Adelaide
  • University of Technology Sydney
Education and Teaching
  • University of Canberra
  • University of Wollongong
  • Deakin University
  • University of Queensland

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Top Universities with Their QS World Rankings in 2024

Meanwhile, to sort out which university to choose to pursue these specific courses that match your interest, the table below specifies the top universities with their QS World Ranking 2024. Here’s an overview of some best highly-ranked institutions in Australia:

Top Universities in Australia with QS World Rankings 2024 Best Courses Offered with Their Tuition Fee (Yearly)
1. University of Melbourne #14
  • Civil and Structural Engineering - AUD $50,272
  • Information Technology & Computer Science - AUD $ 40640
  • Accounting Major - AUD $ 34,816
2. University of New South Wales #19
  • MSc Financial Services Management - AUD 30,528
  • MSc Professional Accounting (With ACCA Tuition) - AUD 30,528
3. The University of Sydney #19
  • Masters of Computer Science - AUD 53,000
  • Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting & Business Performance - AUD 56,500
4. Australian National University #34
  • Master of Computing - AUD 39,925
  • Master of Applied Cybernetics - AUD 50,760
5. Monash University #42
  • Master of Health Data Analytics - AUD 49,900
  • Master of Transport and Mobility Planning - AUD 55,500
6. University of Queensland #43
  • Master of Finance & Investment Management - AUD 51,200
  • Master of Educational Studies - AUD 41,120
7. University of Adelaide #89
  • Master of Nursing Science (Mental Health Nursing) - AUD 40,000
  • Master of Nursing Science (Orthopaedic Nursing) - AUD 40,000
8. University of Technology Sydney #90
  • Master of Professional Engineering - AUD 23,220
  • Master of Nursing Research - AUD 20,730
9. RMIT University #190
  • Master of Food Science & Technology - AUD 39,360
  • Master of Business Information Technology - AUD 45,120
10. Deakin University #266
  • Master of Teaching (Primary and Secondary) - AUD 33,800
  • Master of Education (Research) - AUD 34,400
11. La Trobe University #316
  • Master of Artificial Intelligence - AUD 39,400
  • Master of Information & Communication Technology - AUD 29,550

These rankings are determined based on university prestige, research, staff, and the number of placements drive take place on campus.

Moving further, are you excited about the employment opportunities after graduating from these top institutes? The nation offers numerous job options to international students holding these degree courses that lead to PR in Australia.

Future Jobs Prospects in Australia with Their Average Yearly Salary

Get an insight on job opportunities in Australia after completing PR courses with their average annual salary:

Future Job Prospects in Australia Average Annual Salary in AUD
Construction Project Manager AUD 1,48,125
Engineering Geologists AUD 1,17,285
Chief Financial Officer AUD 1,82,014
Accounting Manager AUD 1,36,350
Data Test Analyst AUD 1,14,439
IT Support Professional AUD 81,966
University Professor AUD 1,88,614
Training Ed Instructor AUD 1,05,714
Registered Nurse AUD 82,815
Nurse Practitioner AUD 132,215

With this, let's move forward and learn the eligibility criteria for PR courses in Australia.


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Eligibility Requirements to Get PR in Australia

Overseas students who desire to stay in the country after graduation must be aware of the benefits of Australian citizenship for Indian students as well. Thus, they have to meet these criteria to get a PR:

  • Post-completing studies of at least two years in Australia, applicants can apply for the post-study Subclass 485 work visa. It is also known as Graduate Temporary Visa.
  • The course you're studying must have a duration of two years in Australia and should have registered under CRICOS.
  • A minimum IELTS score requirement is 8.0 for an Australian PR.
  • The occupation candidates choose after graduating from an Australian university must be listed in the ANZSCO list. *An ANZSCO is a skilled occupation list that provides information on the required skill level to begin jobs, qualifications and experience needed to work.

Let us move forward and understand the stages of how to get PR in Australia after graduating.

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Steps to Get PR in Australia on a Student Visa

In this section, we've covered all the answers you must have been searching for, "How to apply for PR in Australia?". Thus, check out these simple steps to get your PR quickly.

1.Firstly, check if you meet the required eligibility criteria for a skilled Australian PR. Your age should not exceed 45 at the time of lodging the application and hold more than 65 points in the point skill system.

2.Secondly, you should get your English language proficiency test done to prove your skills in Australia. Thus, ensure scoring a required band or score in the exams like IELTS, PTE or SAT.

3.Next, the most crucial step is to get approval for your qualifications and skills from the Australia Immigration Department. A Skill Assessment Authority is an organization that checks if you meet the required criteria to work in a relevant occupation in Australia.

4.Further, ensure that you get your EOI (Expression of Interest) approved to live and work in Australia. For that, you have to create a profile on the Skill Select portal and fill in the correct details, such as your age, qualifications, work experience, etc. Then, for a booming application, don't forget to attach your Skillset to EOI.

5.Furthermore, just cross your fingers and wait for your ITA (Invitation to Apply). Applicants with higher scores in Skillset have more chances to get an ITA that increases their chances towards PR in Australia.

6.Next, after receiving the invitation, you will have 60 days to prepare your documents and submit them via the portal. Make sure to provide precise information before submitting the application. Then, it will be the Australian Immigration team who hold the right to accept or reject your application based on the data provided from your end.

7.Lastly, after receiving a positive reply from the Department, you should submit additional papers, such as police clearance certificates, which prove that you are a perfect candidate to work on Australian land.

So, it was all about the blog! We hope that you have got the required solutions to your questions. Meanwhile, if you still have doubts, feel free to check in at and talk to our experts.

To sum it up, Australia is one of the best countries to live in after the USA and UK because of its affordability and job opportunities. The welcoming environment towards international students makes it one of the favourite countries among overseas aspirants. Don't you find it exciting?

But remember, to stay back in the country after graduating, you must know about Australia PR courses. These will not only give you access to world-class education but there are numerous benefits of an Australian PR. Hence, for more informative insights, connect with our counsellors today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Which Are the Eligible PR Courses in Australia?

Some of the courses, including Engineering, Computer Science, IT, Nursing and Midwifery can lead to PR in Australia.

Q.2 How Long Does it Take to Get an Australian PR?

Depending on the visa type you hold, Australian PR processing time generally varies from 8 to 12 months.

Q.3 How Many Skillset Points Are Required for Australian PR?

You must have at least 65 points through a points-based system, to qualify for Australian Permanent Residency. Meanwhile, the scores are calculated on the basis of age, qualifications, and work experience.

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Can PR status in Australia lead to citizenship in the future?


Yes, PR status in Australia can lead to citizenship eligibility after meeting certain residency and other requirements.

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