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Part-time Jobs in Australia for International Students 2024

Being the third most preferable study abroad destination among international students, Australia offers affordable education compared to the US. However, living costs in Australia are gradually higher. Hence, students often seek part-time employment to manage their living expenses. Also, the Australian government allows foreign scholars to work 48 hours/ fortnight on a part-time basis. So, we will explore part-time jobs in Australia for international students in this blog. Let us start with the pros of doing these jobs in Australia as an overseas student! 

Benefits of Part-Time Jobs in Australia

You should be thankful that you have the option to get a part-time job while studying. In this case, you can devote time to studying for your university exams. Hence, to stay aware, explore some of the advantages of part-time employment in Australia:

  • Work Experience: With a suitable part-time job, you can gain valuable work experience. It can even help you build your resume and enhance your employability in the future.
  • Income Addition: Part-time jobs can allow you to save extra money. It can help you cover your housing, food, transportation, and other expenses.
  • Networking Possibilities: If you're working in a relatable industry or field of your study program, you have the chance to network with your colleagues and others working on a managerial level. It can potentially lead you to future job prospects or career advancements.
  • Reduce Financial Burden: As we are aware, part-time jobs may not offer competitive salaries as full-time positions, still they provide a sense of security financially at some extend.
  • Improve Time Management: To balance work life with personal is difficult, but remember, it teaches you effective time management skills. Hence, it is a valuable thing that can be helpful in every aspect of life.

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Moreover, it's necessary to learn about the rules established by the Aussie government for international students to secure a part-time job in the country. Also, one must know the minimum wages for international students in Australia before completing the documentation process of the job. Hence, you can check out the following section to stay aware of them.


Regulations to Get Part-time Jobs in Australia

International students seeking part-time jobs in the country must adhere to specific rules and regulations set under the Australian labour laws. Hence, it's mandatory to understand and follow these constraints to maintain your student visa durability until the end of your studies. Here are the primary regulations an overseas student must follow when seeking a part-time job in Australia:

  • Visa Subclass: As an international student, you must hold an appropriate student visa to work in Australia. Most student visas, such as subclass 500, allow one to work up to 40 hours per fortnight (2 weeks) during their academic semester or any holiday like semester breaks or summer vacations.
  • Tax File Number (TFN): International students must get their TFN number to work legally in Australia. To apply for a Tax File Number online, you can either head to the ATO's website or go to their office. Moreover, employers use this number to restrain any taxes from your income.
  • Enrollment Prerequisites: To be eligible to work part-time, you must have enrolled in an accredited Australian college. Also, make sure to maintain your course attendance and academic progress or it can result in the withdrawal of your visa sponsorship and even from the university.
  • Work Limitations: International students can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during their academic semester and are allowed to work more than 40 hours during semester breaks and holidays. While, it's not the same for those pursuing a Master's by Research or Doctoral degree.
  • Workplace Privileges: Also, the work rights for international students are similar to Australian workers in the workplace. This includes the minimum wage for part-time workers, work ethics and having a safe working environment.
  • Post-Study Work Visa: After completing your course in Australia, you become eligible to apply for a work visa to work full-time in the country. Meanwhile, there are certain conditions you need to fulfil before applying for it. Further, the duration of your visa depends on your level of study and location.
  • Minimum Wage: Every country has their own minimum wage criteria, and so does Australia. Hence, one must review the Fair Work Commission website to look out for the current rate, work rights in Australia for international students and check if they are being paid fairly for the work they do.

Hopefully, you have an idea now of what to expect with your study visa and what to keep in mind while doing a job. But the question is what type of part-time jobs are available in Australia. For that, we've curated a list of all the open jobs in this blog. So, don't just stay here, scroll and read the next section!

Types of Part-time Jobs in Australia for International Students

There might be many highest paying part-time jobs in Australia for international students based on their skills, interests, schedule, and pay range. Thus, here are some of the part-time work business types available in the country:

On-Campus Jobs

Available On-campus Jobs in Australia for International Students

Part-time positions that are available on a university campus are termed on-campus jobs. These jobs are suitable for those students who are residing in college dormitories. Hence, such positions take less of student's time and effort to help them devote their remaining span to their studies. Some of the on-campus employment are:

Peer Tutoring: Individuals who like teaching and helping other students whoever might face difficulty in studying certain subjects related to their course will definitely love this job. As a tutor their job is to help tutee with their assignments, syllabus, and more. AUD $29.45
Research Assistant: In this job, students are responsible for helping the faculties in researching projects. It involves collecting and evaluating data and perform laboratory experiments. AUD $30.00
Teaching Assistant: Another interesting part-time job a student can opt is to help university teachers in fulfilling their daily duties and tasks. It includes planning lectures to perform in class, checking other student’s assignments, etc.  AUD $38.40
Library Monitor: This job includes responsibilities such as maintaining the decorum and peace environment, picking books, arranging the bookshelves in the university library. Moreover, you can spare a lot of quiet time to manage your studies as well as to prepare for your university exams while doing this job. AUD $27.00
Barista: Every college student craves coffee before or after lectures to refresh their mood. So, coffee is the most demanding beverage on campus. Thus, if you love coffee, then work as a barista in your university and you will learn more about coffee, espresso, latte, and more. As a Barista, you will prepare coffee, serve it to the customers. Moreover, you will be given employee discounts as well for every coffee or other drinks you buy hence it will save a lot of your money. AUD $22.00
Sales Assistant: Sales jobs are suitable for students who like to interact with others. They can work as sales assistant in university grocery store, bookstores, clothing stores, etc. Thus, it helps them make extra money as well as allow them to mix up in new society. AUD $30.00

Off-Campus Jobs

Other than on-campus jobs, you can even look for off-campus part-time employment based on your skills and ongoing course. It can help you gain exposure & experience and improve your financial level. Moreover, if you work within the field of your study, it will make a great impact on your resume by the time you complete your study program at Aussie University. Explore yourself some off-campus part-time jobs in Australia for international students below:

Retailer Jobs: These jobs include cashier, store manager, sales associate, visual merchandiser, buyer, cleaning and maintenance, customer service manager, and security guard. AUD $24.76
Fuel Pump or Gas Station: Here you can expect job opportunities as a gas station manager, cashier, and customer service representative. Also, a person working at a gas station called as a ‘gas jockey’. Their tasks include filling tanks and containers, to wash vehicles’ windscreens and side mirrors, etc.   AUD $22.42
Construction Sites: These opportunities are available across Australia and are in high demand. Also, there are more part-time jobs at construction sites than full-time and it’s the highest paid job across country. You can find jobs such as elevator installers and repairers at sites there. AUD $50.00
Delivery Driver: It includes jobs such as Food delivery driver, Doordash delivery driver, Grub Hub courier, Postmates delivery driver, and Caviar delivery driver. Among these, a Caviar driver in Australia earns the most. AUD $30.88
Pet Sitting: It is a great way to build up yourself financially. This job would be a great fit for you if you are someone who love animals. As a pet sitter your job would be to feed or providing water for the pet, cleaning the pet or their cage, kennel, bed, etc. AUD $22.00
Translator: Another exciting part-time job that students can do is of a translator. This could be an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking to learn new languages. It is a profession where individuals need to convert written or spoken material from one language to another.  AUD $25.87

Online Jobs

Available Online Part-time Jobs in Australia for International Students

For online part-time jobs, all you need is a desktop, a steady internet connection and a headset in good condition. These employment prospects are profitable for students enrolled in a challenging degree course since they can work on their comfort level remotely. Meanwhile, options for online work include a career in the freelance domain like graphic design, content writing, customer care, video editing, etc.

Content Writer: For those who are fond of writing can work as a content writer and create written matter for websites, blogs, and articles.  AUD $40.88
Social Media Assistant: They help manage social media accounts, develop content, draw audience attention, daily monitor analytics, and more.  AUD $25.00
Graphic Designer: As a designer, you need to create and design various visual concepts for projects such as logos, brochures, social media, and websites.  AUD $32.00
Video Editor: As a freelance or remote video editor, you can have multiple responsibilities, such as cutting and merging video footage, adding special effects, graphics, sound effects, and after final touch up creating a video to publish with either an online content, video series, film or television. AUD $41.03
Virtual Support: As a freelance virtual support assistant your duty will be to provide various services, including scheduling appointments, handling and answering emails, monitoring social media, and more. AUD $30.00

To get these jobs, you must hold different skills and fulfil primary requirements set by the Australian government to work in your preferred field. Hence, to know about those, make sure to go through the upcoming section.

Eligibility Criteria for Part-time Jobs in Australia

Here are the prerequisites for an international student to become eligible for a part-time job in Australia:

  • You must hold a valid subclass 500 student visa.
  • Must be enrolled in a full-time registered course in an Australian university and maintain your academic progress and attendance.
  • A PG student must adhere to the 40 hours per fortnight criteria, while a PhD student can work unlimited hours.

Every job requires different talents hence, to meet their eligibility requirements, you must hone your skills and get the job in hand. Some of the required conditions to secure the highest paying part-time jobs in Australia for international students are:

  1. To work as an aged care worker, individuals with a caring heart and a helping nature are preferred.
  2. For jobs such as sales representative and marketing executive, the industry looks for students with good communication & interpersonal skills and product knowledge.
  3. Students with good communication command are preferred for jobs related to customer service.
  4. To work as an online or offline tutor, students must possess good knowledge of the subject with language fluency and problem-solving skills.
  5. For fitness freaks, try getting a job as a fitness trainer in any gym or yoga centre. Meanwhile, you will have to show a valid certification from an accredited institute in fitness.
  6. Students looking for a job as a delivery person must hold a valid driving license with a clean driving history.

Further, let us learn about the applicable taxes in Australia for international students!

Taxes in Australia for International Students

Do you know even as an overseas student you need to pay taxes? So, the condition is that if your enrolled course at an Australian institution lasts more than 6 months, you may be considered an applicable Aussie resident for tax reasons. 

  • They would need to pay the same tax rate from their earning just like other residents.
  • Although, you may be eligible for benefits of the Australian tax system, such as a tax-free threshold and lower tax rates.
  • Also, if you've lived in Australia for at least 6 months, you are entitled to claim an Australian tax refund.
  • The Australian financial year runs from July 1 to June 30 and the last date to lodge a tax return is October 31st.

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Post learning about taxes, don't you think you should know the tactics on how to secure a part-time job in Australia with a student visa? Worry not since the following section covers the same!

How to Find Part-time Jobs in Australia as an International Student?

Finding part-time jobs in Australia isn't too hard. If you possess adequate communication skills, meet the minimum criteria set by the companies or agencies and are in touch with the right people, no way anyone can stop you from securing a good part-time job as a student. 

Also, the most essential part of getting a job is your CV. Hence, build an effective CV that makes a positive first impression on the organization and hiring manager. Besides, here's a checklist where you can find various openings for part-time jobs that match your skills and interests.

1. Online Job Listings
To promote job openings, many firms and MNCs use social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Hence, keep an eye on the job listings which might be suitable for you.

2. Networking
Another method is to build your network with potential recruiters by attending conferences, career fairs, and other seminars or meetings. This will help you make relevant links with top recruiters, hence get your desired job in hand.

3. Apply on Job Portals
International students can even search for an occupation according to their skills on several job-search websites, such as Indeed, Seek, and Jora. Then, register on a site, create your profile, upload your resume, and search for a job nearby or in your city.

4. Check Your University Website
Sometimes, universities might post career openings on their official website. So, students must keep their eye on the portal or connect with the respective department where they can inquire about part-time work opportunities.

5. Talk to Local Businesses Nearby
You can even connect with any small company nearby and ask if they are hiring part-time workers. Or, you can simply email them and check their website (if exists) to learn more about open positions.

Let's move further and check the average pay scale for international students in Australia. 

Average Pay Scale of Part-time Jobs in Australia

Here's a list of popular part-time jobs in Australia for international students along with approximate wages per hour. 

Online Tutoring AUD $26
Virtual Assistant AUD $30
Retail Sales (Cashier, sales associate, visual merchandiser, etc.) AUD $23 - $35
Private Tutoring AUD $36.18
Delivery Driver (Food, Courier) AUD $30.88
Hospitality (Barista, Bartender, Waiter, etc.) AUD $37.24
Customer Service AUD $33.13
Sales Promoter AUD $37.38
Admin Assistant AUD $34.91
Data Entry AUD $32.30
Pet Sitting AUD $25.45
Babysitting AUD $27.50
Gardening AUD $31.38
Content Creator Freelance AUD $42.07
Online Sales (E-commerce) AUD $51.28

Please note that the salary range varies based on the location, years of experience, and specific job roles.
Further, let's check the per hour salary in Australia for international students with these jobs.

Major Australian Cities to Find Part-time Jobs 

Some Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, etc. offer competitive wages than other cities. Hence, here we've listed some of highest paying part-time jobs in these cities.

 Explore Top Australian Cities to Find Part-time Jobs for International Students

Part-time Jobs in Sydney

Following are the part-time jobs available in Sydney for international students:

Customer Service Executive AUD $30.56
Tutor AUD $39.55
Receptionist AUD $23.83
Admin Assistant AUD $25.64
Sales Promoter AUD $25.00

Part-time Jobs in Melbourne

Following are the part-time jobs available in Melbourne for international students:

Retail Assistant AUD $27.32
Barista AUD $28.62
Receptionist AUD $24.40
Student Services Officer AUD $40.14
Admin Support Officer AUD $27.82

Part-time Jobs in Canberra

Following are the part-time jobs available in Canberra for international students:

Pharmacy Assistant AUD $24.35
Sales Assistant AUD $30.81
Academic Tutors AUD $39.73
OSHC Assistant AUD $30.84 - $35.17
Accounts Assistant AUD $51.00

Part-time Jobs in Perth

Following are the part-time jobs available in Perth for international students:

Freelancer AUD $63.12
Marketing Consultant AUD $47.50
Pharmacy Assistant AUD $30.51
Bookkeeper AUD $30.96
Customer Service Representative AUD $32.48

Hence, these are the city-wise part time jobs in Australia for overseas students with their average hourly pay. 

Key Takeaways

  • Australia offers plenty of part-time job opportunities for students, enabling them to earn an extra source of money, cover their additional expenses and gain valuable experience while studying.
  • The nation allows international students to work up to 40 hours per fortnight (two weeks).
  • Always carry an updated CV when going on a job hunt.
  • One can even look for on-campus jobs to save their travel time & cost and devote half of the time to university studies.
  • Lastly, the highest paying part-time jobs in Australia for international students salary range from AUD 20 to AUD 68 on an hourly basis.

Hopefully, we've covered everything here, and if you think we missed something, do let us know. Our experts at Gradding.com will get back to you! 


Q.1 How Much International Students Can Earn With Part-time Jobs in Australia?

Ans: Part-time jobs in Australia can guarantee students an average hourly pay of AUD 41.25 and AUD 80,438 per year.

Q.2 What Are the in-demand Part-time Jobs in Australia for International Students?

Ans: Some of the popular high paying in-demand jobs in Australia include-

  • Construction Jobs
  • Personal Trainer
  • Pet Sitting
  • Baby Sitting
  • Delivery Drivers
  • University Lecturer

Q.3 Which Is the Affordable Australian City for International Students?

Ans: Few places in Australia offer lower living costs, including-

  • Hobart
  • Adelaide
  • Wollongong
  • Perth
  • Gold Coast
  • Brisbane

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