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Highest Paying Jobs in USA for Indian Students in 2024

Explore the highest paying part-time and full-time jobs in USA for Indian students. Learn about how to apply for a work permit with their eligibility requirements through this comprehensive blog!

Do you want to move to the USA for further education? If yes, you must be aware of the online and offline jobs while studying. Or you must have different questions running in your head, right? Let's start with how to find a part-time or full-time job while living in the country! Even though there is a range of jobs in USA for Indian students that pay well, still there is a lot to explore.

Further, are you thinking of entering the country to pursue higher studies? Then, the solution is to get an F-1 visa, a non-immigrant study visa for international students. It allows them to study and work in the US until the duration of their studies. Meanwhile, why not further understand the rules of part-time and full-time jobs in USA for Indian students?

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How Do Part-time and Full-time Jobs Work in the USA?

To work in the US requires specific rules and regulations for immigrants, whether it's about Indians or other international students. Thus, understanding and sticking to these constraints is crucial for a successful job experience. To follow up, here's an analysis of essential rules every Indian student must be aware of:

Rules of Part-Time Jobs in USA:

1. Work Grant Basics: While studying in the US, international students can do on-campus jobs - up to 20 hours a week while full-time during vacations. But if you want to do an off-campus job, you might need to ask for extra consent.

2. Apply for SSN: Before starting a job, get your SSN or Social Security Working Number from a nearby Social Security Administration office. It is a mandatory forte for taxes and employment in the US.

3. Adhere to the Visa Rules: Always stick to your F-1 study visa rules while pursuing your course in the country. Overworking or without permission can lead to trouble or even deportation from the US.

4. CPT for Off-campus Jobs: If you're looking for off-campus internships linked to your course of study, you might require Curricular Practical Training (CPT). For that, ask your college officials to spread some details.

5. Understanding of Minimum Wages: Students should be aware of the minimum wage laws described by a particular state in the US. Thus, you should make sure you're paid equally as others for your time and effort at the workplace.

Rules of Full-Time Jobs in USA:

1. Fulfil Visa Requirements: If you plan to work full-time in the US, you will have to apply for a visa. For instance, you can choose between immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Immigrant visas are for individuals seeking permanent residency, while those looking for a temporary stay can opt for a non-immigrant visa.

2. Have a Job Offer: If you're applying for a US work visa, you must have a job offer letter or sponsor from a US-based company.

3. Obtain Authorization from USCIS: If you have a job offer from any US firm, you must apply for a work permit or EAD. The USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) will approve your file and send a confirmation via mail.

4. Certification from DOL: Work visas, such as H-1B, H-1B1, H-2A, and H-2B, need an approval certification from the Department of Labor (DOL) to ensure workers have safe and healthy working conditions. This test has to be done before the visa interview, so you must ensure to complete it from your end.

By following these rules, you can make the process of finding a good job opportunity in the US hassle-free. Moving forward, check out the popular part time jobs in USA for international students.

While holding an F-1 visa in the US, you can explore various job opportunities in different categories. Hence, part-time jobs in the USA can be divided into on-campus, off-campus, and online.

On-Campus Part-time Jobs

On-campus jobs are suitable for first-year students in the USA since they aren't allowed to work off campus. So, to support themselves
financially, they can work on the campus grounds for a maximum of 20 hours a week. Here's the list of popular on-campus highest paying part-time jobs in USA for international students to explore:

On-Campus Job Positions Average Wage Per Hour

Tutor or Peer Mentor: By providing assistance to students or juniors with course content, thesis and assignments


Sales Assistant: Selling clothes, groceries and other merchandise specific to the college


Food Runner and Catering Assistant: Delivering the ordered food to the customer’s table from the kitchen, maintain hygiene and more.


Department Assistant: Providing support in departmental, administrative, and secretarial work


Research Study Assistant: Working on research-based projects, helping faculties and scientists, keeping a check on laboratory equipment


Receptionist: Providing office and administrative support by communicating via phone or email


Library Assistant: To run the library work smoothly, such as assisting with arranging library material, helping customers, etc.


Barista: Preparing and serving food at the cafes on campus


Campus Ambassador: To promote the university to new or prospective students by providing guided campus tours.


Off-Campus Part-time Jobs

All those jobs that are not directly related to university operations, such as paid internships or other jobs, are included in the off-campus part-time jobs in the USA. Further, there are three different best part-time job options available for students opting for off-campus employment in the US:

1. Optical Practical Training (OPT):

International students with a valid F-1 study visa can work off-campus in OPT status both during and after completing their course. In this case, you can apply for OPT after completing at least nine months of your degree.

Remember, you can only begin your job after receiving your Employment Authorization Document (EAD) from USCIS. It includes paid internships and other similar part-time job options for students in the US.

2. Curricular Practical Training (CPT):

It is a part of the academic curriculum for international students for off-campus student part-time jobs in the USA. This program allows students to directly enrol in a paid internship or employment in their field of interest. To get CPT, you must present relevant work experience or academic credit for your degree.

Moreover, obtaining permission from your university student office and an approval letter from USCIS is mandatory to qualify for your CPT.

3. STEM OPT Extension:

After completing the OPT period, students with a degree in STEM courses, such as Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics, can apply for a 24-month extension to continue working in the US.

To apply, you must be an F-1 study visa holder with a STEM degree listed in the STEM Designated Degree Program List by USCIS. Moving forward, below is a list of top off-campus part time jobs in USA for Indian students:

Note: You can only work 20 hours per week as an international student in the USA.

On-Campus Job Positions Average Wage Per Hour
Freelancer: Offering required services to the clients according to the project given $25.00
Translator: Translating written or spoken words into different language $20.25
Driver: Driving and daily monitoring private or rental cars $17.00
Office Administration: Keeping an account of office papers, conversations with customers, and organizing meetings $16.50
Babysitter: To Take care of someone else children in the absence of their parents or guardians $14.30
Call Centre Representative: Handling customers’ inquiries, providing them necessary solutions via phone or mail $13.70
Store Associate: Assisting customers, handling transactions, and re-stocking shelves when required $13.50

The following section covers the difference online part time jobs in USA.

Online Part-time Jobs

Besides working on and off campus, Indian students can opt for online part-time jobs in the USA according to their interests. While they can only work for 20 hours while studying in the USA. Below is a list of a few online part-time jobs that students can continue during their studies.

Online Job Roles Average Wage Per Hour
Web Developer $45.12
Content Writer $40.46
Coder $31.00
Graphic Designer $26.90
Blogger $24.00
Translator $22.54
Social Media Manager $20.71
Data Entry Agent $19.47
Online Tutor $18.80

The following section covers the difference between on-campus and off-campus students part time jobs in USA.

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Comparison of On-campus and Off-campus Student Part Time Jobs in the USA

With the numerous job options mentioned above, you should note there are different criteria for continuing to do these jobs. So, for that, we've listed some differences between on-campus and off-campus part-time jobs for students:

On-Campus Off-Campus
1. In this mode, students should work on their university campus as per the F-1  visa guidelines. Students can work outside the campus or where the company is located.
2. There are no additional requirements before starting the on-campus job, for instance, OPT and CPT approval by USCIS. Here to work outside, scholars should have OPT and CPT consent by USCIS in the case of insufficient financial conditions.
3. Jobs are related to the promotion of the university and other part-time work in cafes as baristas. In off-campus mode, jobs depend on the type of your study program, such as internships.
4. On-campus jobs are mostly unpaid or compensation-based. Students will get paid during their internship period.
5. These employment options are available in the first academic year of college.  After completing the first year, students become eligible to work off-campus.

The following section gives insight on top highest paying recruiters in the USA.

Most of the brands that bring profit in the job market are USA-based companies. And guess what is the criteria to grab such opportunities? Job experience and curiosity towards work are the ways to get worthy employment prospects in the US. Meanwhile, full-time employment requires a work visa to continue your job in the country.
Here's an overview of the top recruiters with their average pay in the US:

Recruiters Average Salary (Yearly)


(Consumer Electronics Software Services)

USD 143,000


(Social Networking and Business Insight Solutions)

USD 129,735

Microsoft Corporation

(Technology Company)

USD 120,662


(Computer Software Company)

USD 119,996



USD 114,000


(Automotive and Energy Company)

USD 110,000


(Retail and E-commerce Industry)

USD 104,000

JP Morgan Chase

(Investment Banking and Credit Cards)

USD 99,866

Since you’re aware of the top recruiters in the USA that offer the highest salaries, let's discuss more about different brands. So, there are some startups in the US that are known as the major contributors towards US economic growth. Some of them are:

Startups Average Salary (Yearly)


(Technology Service Provider)

USD 111,925

Human Interest

(Investment Adviser)

USD 109,354


(Consulting, Design, and Software Engineering Services Company)

USD 102,985


(Company Software)

USD 102,356

Virtusa Corporation

(Digital Engineering and Technology Services Providers)

USD 102,094


(Credit Card Company)

USD 101,000

Tibco Software

(A Cloud Software Group Provider of Infrastructure Software )

USD 98,764

Plantronics and it’s now Poly

(Consumer Electronics)

USD 93,000


(Online Wholesale Marketplace)

USD 87,800


(Software Development and Services)

USD 83,000

These are some of the most in-demand recruiters and startups in the USA that pay well to immigrants. Additionally, if you are studying Science & Technology courses, be sure to read the next section, which provides insights on the top-paying full-time jobs for those learning STEM courses in the US.

What Are the Highest Paying Full-time Jobs in the USA After STEM Courses?

STEM, or you can abbreviate the term as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. About 80% of international students enrol in US STEM courses since the country facilitates providing practical and interdisciplinary training in these four key fields.

Thus, students who wish to improve their skills and proficiency can count on the US since their research-based teaching is a step towards economic growth. Here's an overview of the top companies that recruit STEM graduates in the US:

Jobs Average Salary (Yearly)
Database Administrator USD 131,381
Computer Network Architect USD 126,229
IT Manager USD 125,914
Data Scientist USD 123,565
Software Developer USD 119,202
Information Security Analyst USD 107,334
Mechanical Engineer USD 103,581
Civil Engineer USD 102,594
Medical Scientist USD 84,095

The following section covers the best cities to get high-paying jobs in the US.

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Highest Paying Cities in the USA for Indian Students

The USA is amongst the top destinations that have become the first choice for Indian students seeking higher education. The country offers a welcoming environment, making it a preferred choice among immigrants looking for job prospects post their studies.

Moreover, there are a few cities in the US that offer high-paying jobs, making it an attractive option for job seekers. Also, you must hold a work visa, such as H-1 or H-2 to work there. Therefore, we have listed the top five cities in the country that provide a decent salary:

Cities Average Median Salary (Yearly)
San Francisco, California

USD 104,400

Seattle, Washington

USD 76,147

New York 

USD 73,950

Boston, Massachusetts

USD 73,500

Los Angeles, California USD 72,384

Moving on to the next section, let's learn how to apply for job in USA from India or while staying in the US.

How to Find Part-time and Full-time Jobs in the USA?

Are you wondering how to apply for a job in the US? Or, what can be the easiest way to find a part-time or full-time job in the USA with a high salary? Your search ends here! The USA has various job panels that include almost every job for students as well as for job-seekers. Here's an outline of some popular ones:

To Find Part-time Jobs While Studying in the US:

  • Keep Regular Check on the University Job Board: Many universities in the US list various part-time jobs on and off-campus for international students. Thus, make sure to review those career centre and job boards regularly.
  • Keep Monitoring Job Postings on Online Platforms: There are various job searching portals, such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc., that list part-time job options.
  • Networking: Stay connected with your university professors, seniors, classmates and other professionals linked to your field. They may refer you to different prospects or connect you with employers offering part-time job opportunities.
  • Make Sure to Attend Career Fairs: Many institutes organize career fairs for prospective students where they can meet employers from different industries. Thus, attending job fairs can be an effective approach to discovering part-time work options in their fields.

To Find Full-time Jobs in the US from India:

  • LinkedIn: This job portal job is a popular platform that connects professionals online. You can also turn on notifications settings to stay updated with job opportunities that match your skills and experience.
  • Indeed: Unfailingly ranking as the popular job posting site, Indeed offers both paid and free job advertising options, making it a smart investment for employers worldwide. This job portal lets applicants directly send their resumes or CVs to the companies hassle-free.
  • USA jobs.gov: This is the most famous job site among job-seekers to search for a job online. You can add the job role, location, and other filters to explore the jobs that match your interests and skills.
  • Glassdoor: It is considered as the most opted job site to search for a job in the US. You can find almost every company's information and the current job openings through this site. Additionally, read honest reviews from past or current employers to make an informative decision about the industry.

After finding a job, the next step is to receive approval from the US govt., to work in the country. How to get it? Worry not, as the upcoming section will brief you about the same!

What Are the Requirements to Apply for a USA Work Permit for Indian Students?

To work in the USA, Indian students must obtain permission from USCIS and apply for a suitable work visa based on their purpose to travel to the US. Some job visas are:

1.H-1B - Suitable for workers in a speciality discipline.
2.H-2B - Generally issued for temporary jobs, which allows recruiters to hire skilled and unskilled workers to satisfy the shortage of workers in the country.
3.H-3B - Students whose purpose of visiting the US is to obtain training from a US-based employer.


Worried! Which Work Visa is Suitable for Students?

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Meanwhile, the required documents to apply for a US work visa are:

  • An updated Passport
  • A printed copy of your appointment letter. You will receive this after the visa application payment.
  • DS-160 form confirmation page.
  • A printed receipt of visa fee payment after completing the US visa application.
  • An approved I-29 petition (must be completed by a US employer).

So, this was all about this blog. Hopefully, we've covered all the information about the best part time jobs for students studying abroad or their requirements until the US work permit for Indian students.

Wrapping it up, the USA is the main headquarters of numerous well-known brands such as Amazon, Facebook, and Apple. Pursuing a career in the US means having access to some of the best-paid jobs, which can help you meet your financial needs. So, you must be aware of the highest paying jobs in USA for Indian students thus, make sure to align your educational qualifications and career goals to have the most of your time in the country. Moreover, if you face any other queries related to jobs in the USA, our team of experts at Gradding.com are just a click away and ready to help.

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