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Top 10 Part Time Jobs in Australia for International Students

This blog is written to tell you every detail about part time high paying jobs in Australia. If you also plan to study abroad, you must visit for better results.

As a student, we know there is a lot of hustle and bustle nowadays. There is no doubt in the statement that high competition in academic life is causing stress to many students. If you are also out of them, you must grab the opportunity of studying abroad to move ahead one step in your academic progress. It is not inappropriate to say that Australia is one of the best destinations for studying abroad. You can also do part time jobs in Australia for your basic survival. Studying abroad is quite expensive, but when you start working in part time jobs, then it will be easy for you to manage things. In this blog of, you will get the complete information about getting some extra income by doing some of the best part time jobs in Australia for international students.

An Overview of Part Time Jobs in Australia

We know that studying abroad is not like eating a piece of cake. This lengthy process can be affordable, but the study abroad journey is expensive. But, if there is a problem, there is a solution. We know that you are aware of your living costs and tuition fees, and if you will to earn some side income for yourself, you can do a part time job in Australia. Indeed, you can also avail of grants and scholarships. Undoubtedly, Australia is a beautiful country to study abroad, with outstanding faculty and a rich heritage. You are lucky if you get the chance to study at the top Australian universities. It will be much better when you earn some side income here because there is a part time job in Australia for students to be readily available. There is also great news because an Australian visa allows you to work 20 hours a week. And, you will love to know that, when you start working in part time jobs, you can easily cover the transportation expenses, food or accommodation cost. All you need to do is to choose an option from the highest paying part time jobs in Australia for international students to start a new chapter of their life.

How to Find the Highest Paying Part Time Jobs in Australia?

Part-time work in Australia for international students should be easy to come by. You are already halfway to getting a solid part-time job as a student if you have strong communication skills, meet the minimum standards, and have the correct networking channels. The most crucial thing to do before looking for some part time jobs in Australia is to create a strong CV.

An effective CV makes an excellent first impression of the company and helps you get a job interview. Many institutions should provide a career programme that helps students create and structure resumes that list their abilities, education, experience, and interests.

Rules to Follow in a Part Time Job in Australia

There are numerous rules for students seeking part time jobs in Australia. These govern the application and execution of part-time jobs for international students in Australia. Student visas in Australia have changed as of July 1, 2016. The former Subclasses, 571-576, have been grouped under Subclass 500. As a result, students coming to the country under this subclass can work up to 40 hours every two weeks while their course is in session and limitless hours when the course is not in session, i.e. during breaks and holidays. The student, however, can begin working once the course begins. The fortnight is a 14-day period that begins on a Monday and ends on the Sunday of the following week. Students' hours may be divided as they see fit. For example, students may work 10 hours one week and 30 hours the next, or even 15 and 25 hours in two weeks.

Violations of the 40-hour rule will result in visa termination. Those looking part time job salary in Australia should limit themselves to 20 hours per week on average. As previously stated, students may begin working once the session begins. Assume a course starts in January this year, and you arrive by December of the prior year. Then you can start a part-time job once the session officially begins. If casework is a regular component of the course curriculum you have registered, this limit will not apply to you. This will only apply to mandatory internships associated with integrated courses. When their PhD thesis or research work begins, students in the Post Graduate Research Sector may labour for an unrestricted number of hours. Students who have registered in any preliminary courses will be eligible to labour for 40 hours every two weeks, according to the usual guidelines.

Those students who have completed their studies in Australia can apply for the Post Study Work Permit in the Graduate Stream. However, those who enrol in ELICOS cannot apply for a Post Study Work Permit in Australia. Suppose students apply under the Postgraduate Research Sector or take any preliminary course. In that case, they will be able to work for only 40 hours per fortnight for the duration of the course that they have registered for. Students can only work for an infinite number of hours after the Research Course begins. It would help if you kept in mind that a Tax File Number is required for working part-time or as a global student with a foreign passport, and you can apply for one online through the official website.

The Australian Government has mandated that all students have equal employment opportunities while studying. They will have the right to minimum pay as defined by the Fair Work Act of 2009, the right to rest times and breaks, and the right to work in a safe and healthy workplace.

Workplace rights in Australia

International students with an Australian visa can work more than 40 hours per fortnight during the semester. However, they can work an unrestricted number of hours during semester breaks. As a student, they are entitled to certain benefits known as National Employment Standards, which include:

  • Annual vacation
  • Long-term disability leave
  • Leave for community service
  • National holidays
  • Parental leave and related benefits
  • Personal caregiver's leave and compassionate leave
  • Providing a Fair Work Statement of Information
  • Requests for flexible working hours
  • Termination notice and redundancy pay

Where You Can Find Part Time Job in Australia for Students?

As the points mentioned above, you got the clarity about part time jobs in Australia. Now let us answer you about the options where you can get some part time work while studying in the top Australian colleges.

1. References

To earn a good amount of money as a student in Australia, you must get help from references. Suppose you are lucky to get admission to the best Australian universities. In that case, you can avail the chance to pick some of the best references to know about per hour salary in Australia for students.

You can ask about part time jobs for your side income from the university placement cell, lecturers or alumni. Getting help from the university faculty would make it easy to get a top-notch part-time job in Australia.

2. Internal Jobs

There is no doubt in the statement that internal jobs are also a good option to get part time jobs while studying in Australia. Internal jobs come under the part time on campus jobs for scholars in Australia. In this option, they will get part time job salary in Australia by working on campus only. There are multiple jobs that come under this option, like a librarian, social media assistant, campus ambassador, barista, a fitness instructor in a college gym etc.

3. Online Job Listings

You are living in an era where everything is available on the internet. There are multiple online job listings that provide several part time job opportunities for you if you are studying in the top colleges of Australia. On the above-mentioned points, we said that you can get some part-time on-campus jobs or you can take help from references.

But online media is one of the biggest sources that allows you to find some part time work on the internet. There are multiple sites in Australia that will give you information regarding part-time jobs so that you can easily manage your funds along with studying abroad.

Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs in Australia for International Students

It is not appropriate to say that there are multiple part time jobs in  Australia allows you to earn while pursuing your bachelor's or master's from Australia. In the above-listed points, we clear the intent about part time jobs and where you can find the best opportunities. Now, it is the time to tell you about some of the best jobs that can pay you well in Australia. So, without wasting the moment, let's talk about the top ten highest paying part time jobs in Australia for international students. If you love to read this blog of, then we request you to complete this whole blog to gain the best knowledge for your study abroad journey.

1. Mail Deliverer 

A mail carrier's duty is straightforward: follow a route, deliver incoming goods, and recover outgoing mail. It's quick and simple to set up, and it allows you to work on weekends and at night. Pay range: $19-$22 Australia per hour salary for students. Requirements: Completion of 10th grade, availability to work weekends and night shifts. And, as a mail carrier, remember to get the parcel delivery signed and notify your office if there was a failed delivery attempt.

2. Babysitter

Those who have siblings and are good with youngsters can work as babysitters. Typically, the work includes feeding, bathing, and putting children to sleep. However, in some situations, you may be required to organise activities, assist with homework, and drive children to and from school (or lessons). Weekly wage: $15 to $20 Experience working with children, a Blue Card, and a certain degree of English fluency is required. If you have recommendations from prior employers' parents, you will have a better chance of landing the job. And the more tasks you take on, the more money you'll make!

3. Driver

Working part-time as a personal driver would be ideal if you have your vehicle and enjoy driving and exploring new locations. The job pays well if you drive safely, keep your vehicle clean, and are pleasant to your passengers. Pay range: $20-$25 per hour a valid driving licence is required. You can work as an Uber or school bus driver on the side if you don't possess a car.

4. Delivery Person 

Working as a delivery person is another alternative for those who enjoy driving. This can be done on a motorbike or in a car, as long as you drive correctly and do not damage the delivery cargo. Pay range: $18-$25 per hour A valid driving licence and driving record are required. It is also permissible to transport packages by bicycle, but only if the distance is small.

5. Cleaner 

Cleaning is one of the highest paying part time jobs in Australia, which may be hard to believe. It not only pays well but also enables flexible scheduling and does not demand that you speak English fluently. You can start by signing up with a cleaning service or on Helping, where you can find work in private residences, hotels, restaurants, etc. Pay: $20 to $25 an hourly wage No requirements Depending on where you work, your pay may vary, but it's important to remember that the federal minimum wage in Australia for international students is $18.5 per hour.

6. Personal Trainer

A career as a personal trainer is ideal for you if you're a health and fitness enthusiast who loves to assist others in making lifestyle changes. The duties will involve determining your client's needs, developing a training programme for them, and instructing them using exercises that they can do at home and at the gym. Pay: $20 to $25 an hourly wage A training certification or a Yoga licence is necessary. The nicest thing about working as a personal trainer is that you may do business over the phone, provide online training.

7. Freelancer 

The best course of action, if you intend to start your own business in the future is to register as a freelancer. There is no minimum payment requirement for this (unlike in Spain) or cap on the amount of money you can make from your work. Pay: Varies based on your expertise and the sector Requirements: ability in any profession, including writing, web design, marketing, counselling, etc. You can get a job after graduation by the mode of freelancing, which will not only help you make money but also build relationships with individuals in your target field!

8. Travel Agent

A travel agent position pays the most for a part time jobs in Australia. It's for people who enjoy travelling, discovering new locations, and telling others about their experiences. Talking to individuals about various travel options, assisting them in trip planning, and making a few reservations on their behalf will all be part of the job description. Pay varies with the volume of sales you generate. Travel experience, strong sales abilities, and English proficiency are requirements. Although there are several criteria, a travel agent can make up to $50,000 in commissions annually!

9. Head Server 

The position of head server at a restaurant or hotel is one of the best part-time positions in Australia. Being a manager, you will have a variety of responsibilities, such as staff training, managing the menu, investigating complaints, and gauging client satisfaction.Pay: $25 per hour Qualifications: Successful completion of the tenth grade; waiter or waitress experience, if any. The only drawback is that you might have to put in odd hours over the weekends and throughout the holidays.

10. Tutor

This could be your chance to teach others if you've always wanted to teach and you're an avid reader and talker about a specific topic. As a tutor, you will need to find out what areas or topics your pupils find challenging, work with them to improve, and adjust your instruction accordingly. $20 to $30 per hour in pay The prerequisites include fluency in English and a bachelor's degree, certification, or diploma. Reviewing previous homework assignments and discussing any concerns or trouble spots with parents are additional responsibilities of the position.

Best Techniques to Reduce Expenses While Doing Part Time Jobs in Australia

Before we respond, please ensure that you are working on tax. This will prevent you from working extra hours while earning less than you should. It is also necessary for you to have adequate knowledge about the minimum wage in Australia for international students because it is compulsory to have the proper information.
Moving on to additional potential sources of funding for your study abroad expenses. You may-

  • Fill out a scholarship application.
  • Look for low-cost lodging options.
  • Obtain a position as an assistant.
  • Use these tried and true money management strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Can I Make by Doing Part Time Jobs in Australia?

In Australia, one can make a good amount of money by doing a part time job in Australia. In Australia, the average part-time pay is $34.56 per hour or $67,393 annually. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is $55,013 annually, while the average salary for experienced workers is $123,646.

2. Can I Work a Part-Time Job and Study in Australia?

Work hours: While studying, you may work up to 40 hours every two weeks, and during the holidays, you can work as much as you want. Workplace protections: As an Australian employee, you enjoy the same rights and protections at work. Minimal wage: No matter what kind of work you undertake, you will always be paid at least a minimal amount each hour.

3. Is It Difficult for a Student to Find Employment in Australia?

While you're a student in Australia, working is relatively easy; things get more challenging after graduation. Although you shouldn't expect to live off the money you earn while studying as an international student, having additional income can still help meet your necessities.

4. How Much Can an Indian Student Make in Australia? 

On an Australian student visa, you are only permitted to work 40 hours every two weeks. Indian students can work up to 20 hours per week with an hourly wage of AUD 21 in Australia. Students can earn roughly 2000 AUD per month. Monday through Sunday are considered work days.

5. How Many Hours May Indian Students Work in Australia?

In Australia, international students are permitted to work up to 40 hours each fortnight. Now, your wage or pay rate is determined by your experience, position, and industry.

Winding Up

Lastly, from the following above-discussed points, it is clear that it is not a ninja task to get part time jobs in Australia. Suppose you are studying over there at any reputed university in Australia. In that case, it is a must for you to get some part time work to earn some extra pocket money, or it is also essential for your survival. You do not have to worry because you can easily earn a good amount of money by working part time in these jobs, as your college in Australia will also allow you to work in your break time. We hope you liked our blog that provides information about getting a part time job in Australia.

The purpose of providing this blog is to give adequate information about earning some side money while you are studying in Australia. Apart from that, if you also stuck anywhere in your study abroad journey, you can easily ask for help from our platform, as our experts are always ready to serve you top-notch study abroad services like expert counselling, visa assistance, hand-picked courses or all-time student support. So, what are you waiting for? If you also want to make your dreams come true by getting admission to the best Australian universities, seek our help. At last, we wish you all the best for your academic future and hope you like the information we provide to encourage study abroad aspirants.


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