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Part-Time Jobs In UK: Best Offers With High Salary [2024]

Several Indians moved to study abroad in the year 2023. Many of them chose to earn and study together to manage their living costs. Moreover, they were able to work for good wages per hour. The UK has been the top choice for Indian aspirants to study abroad. This blog works as a guide on part time jobs in UK. It will help you explore where you can find well-paying part-time work. Also, it has details on the UK tax system to help you learn how you can save your taxes.
In addition, this blog also mentions the rules and regulations regarding your rights as a worker in the UK. Read further to know how working part-time can be beneficial for you.

Perks of Working Part-Time as a Student in the UK

Working along with studying has a lot of benefits. A few of them are:

Perks of Working Part-Time as a Student in the UK
The description of the above pointers are:

1. You Earn Extra

Firstly, having extra money is never bad. Right? If you have a source of income, you can be a bit easy on budgeting for the month. You earn more than the minimum wage for international students in UK. Also, you can afford to buy what you want with what you need. Moreover, several options exist to save or invest this money if you meet all your expenses.

2. Get Independent

Secondly, you can be a high school scholar or a university student. Your earnings and hard work will make you feel independent. Most people are wary of spending their hard-earned money. Thus, independence also teaches them financial responsibility.

3. Get Job Experience

Thirdly, you can also include a few part time jobs in UK on your CV. If your resume shows your skills and matches your part-time job, then you can mention them. Your work experience counts as an asset. Do not forget to state how this job helped you learn these skills with incidents.

4. Expand Networking

Furthermore, doing a part-time job can increase your chances of finding new people. There are so many students from various countries who work and study abroad. You have a great chance to meet, team up, and work with them.

5. Boost Self Confidence

The independence will lead to an increase in self-confidence. Moreover, the best part about this confidence is personality development. If you will work, earn, and study every day, you feel successful. There will be security and assurance in your daily life.

6. Can Do Extra Activities

Lastly, if you are going to a different nation, there is a lot to explore! There must be places famous for some adventurous sport. Moreover, there are other activities like going to conferences. Many scholarships do not cover that expense. Thus, you can go for them with your own money.

These were a few reasons why to work and study together. Now, let us talk about the types of part time job in UK for international students. You can do them as a student.

Types of Part Time Jobs in UK

There are many job roles in the UK that you can do part-time. However, the hourly wage differs for every job. Read the list below to know the type of part time jobs in UK:

  • On-Campus Jobs
  • Off-Campus Jobs
  • Online Jobs

On-Campus Jobs

These are the ones that you engage in on the campus itself. There are a lot of opportunities in the college itself. Look at the table below to know what these jobs are and how much their hourly wages are:

Teaching Assistant 11.65£
Library Assistant 12.00£
Campus Guides 7.70£
Campus Ambassador 10.75£
Lab Assistant 12.11£

Off-Campus Jobs

There are several part time job roles outside the college. You can find them in the neighbourhood where you live. Take a look at the table below to learn more about the jobs you can find outside the campus:

Tour Guide 12.32£
Translator 14.11£
Baby Sitter 13.00£
Dog Walker 12.00£
Barista 10.00£
Tutor 25.00£

Online Jobs

Furthermore, there are also a few jobs that you can do online. Explore Part-time jobs in UK for international students salary in the table below:

Content Creator 14.35£
Social Media Marketer 12.00£
Web Designer 19.23£

These are a few examples of part-time jobs in the UK. Now, let us talk about how you can find these jobs in the UK.

How to Find a Part-Time Job in the UK?

There are no hard and fast rules to seeking jobs in general. However, some methods can increase your chances of landing a job in the UK. These ways are as follows:
1. Increase Networking
2. Online Job Platforms
3. University Career Clubs
4. Newspaper Job Section

Now you know how to find part time jobs in UK for international students. The descriptions below show you how you can use these methods.

Increase Networking

As you will potentially get to meet the entire world at your campus, it is advisable to socialize. Moreover, you must build a strong network that can help you more than just get a job. These networks will always be of use to you while studying or working. In such communities, you can inquire about present openings in their nearby cafes and bookstores.

Online Job Platforms

Many online portals can keep you updated with such jobs around you. These platforms give job offers to which you can apply directly. However, it is your job to keep your profile updated and add your skills to it. Online job portals can be of great help to you as you can apply to jobs you prefer directly. In addition, you can search for jobs and apply filters like eligibility criteria and job type.

University Career Clubs

Thirdly, many universities have communities to help students find a job while studying. These career centers can assist students with any such needs. You can approach them with your requirements for part time jobs in UK. Staying in touch with your professors and lecturers for the same can also help. If they need an assistant, they must remember your name.

Newspaper Job Section

Lastly, local newspapers broadcast new job openings of all types. Keeping yourself updated can increase your chances of finding a suitable job. You can find both full-time and part-time job postings of all kinds. There is also a chance of fraud. Thus, do not jump into it before verifying well.
These are a few ways to land a part time job in the UK. The other section explores some of the best sectors to find a job in the UK.

Best Job Sectors in the UK

Several job sectors in the UK pay well to the workers. There is a great opportunity for scholars to work part time. Check out the list of the best sectors below:
1) Administration
2) Education
3) Health services
4) Accountancy
5) Marketing
6) Customer Service
7) Children Contact Supervisor
8) Sales
9) Retail
10) Social Care

Now, let us talk about the better part. Which one of these sectors offers the highest hourly wages? Check out the table below to know more:

Administration 11.54£
Education 9.00£
Health services 12£
Accountancy pound
Marketing 17.95£
Customer Service
Children Contact Supervisor 12£
Sales 15.38£
Social Care 12.08£
Retail 10£

The table above gives you an idea of what it is like to work in such sectors. Now, let us talk about some high-paying part-time jobs.

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High Paying Part-time Jobs in the UK

Several jobs in the UK can pay you a good hourly wage. Highest paying part-time jobs in UK for international students are:
High Paying Part-time Jobs in the UK


If you like math and calculation and are ready to earn a good amount, this is for you.

Average Hourly Wage 15£
Skills Needed
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Problem-Solving
  • Basic Computer Knowledge


If you know coding languages and are good at creating and managing apps and websites, choose this.

Average Hourly Wage 16.67£
Skills Needed
  • Persistence
  • Coding
  • Programming Languages
  • Teamwork
  • Complex Problem Solving


Thirdly, you can visit younger school students and teach them. You can also choose to teach the subject you like.

Average Hourly Wage 27.80£
Skills Needed
  • Problem-solving
  • flexibility
  • Active Listening
  • Motivating
  • Interpersonal Communication

Teaching Assistants

This is another teaching job without holding a teaching degree. For instance, you can assist your professors while they teach your juniors.

Average Hourly Wage 12.23£
Skills Needed
  • Patience
  • Communication Skills
  • Dedication
  • Teaching Skills
  • Subject Knowledge

Library Assistant

You can also assist a librarian at your university or become a bookstore assistant off-campus.

Average Hourly Wage 11.52£
Skills Needed
  • English Language
  • Sensitivity
  • Understanding
  • Teamwork

Customer Service

This one is not very interesting, but it is an easy one. There must be many related jobs available around you.

Average Hourly Wage 9.00£
Skills Needed
  • Communication Skills
  • English Language
  • Empathy 
  • Patience
  • Products and Services Knowledge


This is another easy job you can take with minimal skills. You have to assist the ones who come to you with a smile on your face.

Average Hourly Wage 10.97£
Skills Needed
  • Communication Skills

  • Know Points of Contact

  • Empathy

  • Patience

Data Entry Clerk

If you have basic Excel skills and know how to manage data, you can opt for this job. It is, again, not the very interesting one.

Average Hourly Wage 11.54£
Skills Needed
  • Time Management
  • Typing Fast
  • Excel
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Meet Deadlines

Pet Care

Do you like being around animals? This job will allow you to befriend all the pets in the neighborhood.

Average Hourly Wage 16£
Skills Needed
  • Love for Animals
  • Patience

These are a few of the highest-paying part time jobs in UK. Who is eligible to apply for these jobs?

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Eligibility Criteria For Getting a Part-Time Job in the UK

The following pointers can help you understand if you are eligible to get a part-time job or not:

  • The student must be 16 years old or above.
  • The scholars must enroll in a full-time course in a UK university.
  • They also need to have a tier-4 student visa in the UK.

What is a Tier 4 Visa in UK?

1) It is a general student visa that students above the age of 16 get.
2) You can only apply for this visa if you have an offer letter from a UK university.
3) In India, the fee for this visa is 363£, which is 37,082 in Indian Rupee.

These are the various criteria that you must pass before you apply for a job in the UK. 

There are a few rules and regulations for part-time jobs in the UK. Let us find out what are these rules that you must follow while looking for a part-time job in the UK.

Rules and Regulations of Part-Time Job in UK

The rules and regulations of part-time job in the UK are:
1. Firstly, scholars can work full-time only on vacations throughout the course.
2. Secondly, students can work up to 20 hours a week. During session breaks, it can extend to 40 hours a week.
3. Thirdly, students enrolled in foundation or language courses can work up to 10 hours a week.
4. You can not work as a freelancer, entertainer, or sportsperson if you hold a Tier 4 visa.
5. Furthermore, you can not run your own business.
6. Finally, the term' week' means 7 days in the UK as per the UKVI. During this time, workers have to work at least 30 hours to call their job full-time.
These are the rules you must follow when in the UK. Next, we have the average pay scale and taxes for part-time jobs in the UK.

Average Pay Scale of Part-time Jobs in UK

There is a pay scale based on age and job type. The above sections explored wages for various job types. The table below will discuss the age group pay scale :

UNDER 18 4.62£
18-20 6.56£
21-22 8.36£
23 AND ABOVE 8.91£

These are the hourly payments according to various age groups. Now, let us talk about the Tax System in the UK.

Tax System in the UK

This section aims to simplify and explain the tax system in the UK to international scholars. The pointers below summarize how the tax system works in the UK.
1) Firstly, you have to pay tax only on the amount you earn more than the tax allowance.
2) Secondly, you must have a National Insurance Number, which is a local tax number.
3) Thirdly, if you are earning 12,570£ in a year or more than that in the UK, you are liable to pay taxes.
4) However, if you earn less than that, you don't have to pay any taxes.
5) Furthermore, if you are earning between 12,571£ and 50,270£, you will have to pay 20% of the basic tax.
6) Lastly, while you are working as a part-time employee, you are liable to pay taxes. The tax amount will automatically reach the HM Revenue and Customs.
7) Moreover, if your earnings are not more than the money you need as a personal allowance. You will get an income tax refund.

This is what you need to consider while paying taxes in the UK. The next section will now explain what you can do to save the cost of living in the UK.


Worried About High Living Costs in the UK?

A part-time job can help you manage the cost of living while studying abroad. But, many don't know where to find a well-paying job. Experts at can make it easy for you over one call! Book a Free Session Now!

5 Advice to Reduce Cost of Living in the UK

This section will cover 5 effective tips from experts. You can implement them and save a lot of money monthly.
1. Make a Budget
2. Shop Less
3. Learn to Cook
4. Track Your Expenses
5. Ask Locals for Cheaper Alternatives

The below pointers will explain these in detail:

Make a Budget

Setting up a budget can get scholars a long way. They must stick to the list of expenses they can't avoid. Further, they can also dedicate money to things they want or wish to do. It would be helpful if they had a fixed monthly budget. Moreover, with this, they can also save and invest money in the right places.

Shop Less

We all have heard, "Do not go to buy groceries when you are hungry." This is because you will end up buying what you don't need. The grocery list is the best way out of this problem. It means a person with the list will only look for what it states. The wondering eyes in the store might land on your favourite chocolate bar, and there goes your money.

Learn to Cook

If a scholar learns to cook well, it is possible to cut off restaurant bills. Cooking is another basic life skill that many of us still need to learn. Cooking good food is rewarding in so many ways. Not only your bills but also the quality of the food you eat will be in your hands too!

Track Your Expenses

Furthermore, keeping track of your spending can help you hold your hand. It will stop you from buying too much clothes, for instance. It is another way to get a habit of mindful spending. Moreover, you will be able to control your cravings for your favourite dessert.

Ask Locals for Cheaper Alternatives

Lastly, ask the people who live there for cheap options. These can be travel, food, lodging, or groceries. You must take care of where you are spending too much money. There are a lot of choices, and there is a great chance that the locals know it better.

To sum up, the United Kingdom is a hub of opportunities. If you are opting to study in UK, it can become the best decision of your life. Moreover, the career prospects in UK are rising every day. In addition, there are plenty of part time jobs in UK for Indian students. Thus, there are more income streams to manage the cost of living in UK. This blog discussed how to find part time jobs in UK. However, if scholars are unable to find any job, they can consult experts at They help the students post arrival in getting admission and part time jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.How Much Does a Part-Time Job Pay in UK?

If you fall under the age of 16-18, the average per hour salary in UK for international students is 4.62£. If you are 18-20, you will get an average of 6.56£. If you are 23 or above, you get 8.91£ hourly.

Q2. Which Job is Best for Part-Time?

The list of the type of part-time jobs in UK:
1) Accountants
2) Programmers
3) Tutors
4) Teaching Assistants
5) Library assistant
6) Customer Service
7) Receptionist

Q3. How Many Hours is Part-Time in UK?

A full-time job will have at least 30 hours of work per week. Anything less than that will count as a part-time job in the UK.

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Do these high-salary part-time jobs in the UK offer any additional benefits or perks?


Yes, some high-salary part-time jobs in the UK may offer additional benefits or perks, such as flexible working hours, employee discounts, or opportunities for career development.

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Great resource! These part-time job offers in the UK sound promising.