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5-Years Work Visa for Indians Mastering in France: PM Modi Says

Indian students studying in France have a reason to celebrate as PM Modi announces extended post-study visas for students pursuing Master’s, enhancing educational opportunities and fostering stronger relations between India & France.

Indian students studying in France have received an exciting announcement that will bring joy and opportunities. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has revealed that Indian students pursuing a master's degree in France will now be granted a five-year long-term post-study visa, a significant extension from the previous two-year work visa.

PM Narendra Modi’s Initiative for Extended Visa Duration

This exhilarating news was shared by PM Modi during his address to the Indian community at LA Seine Musicale in Paris, sparking a wave of excitement among Indian students studying in France. Reflecting on his previous visit, PM Modi expressed the decision to enhance the post-study work visa duration for Indian students, solidifying the commitment to nurturing educational growth and career prospects.

France: A Favored Destination for Indian Students

France has long been an esteemed study and work destination for individuals from various fields. It has consistently attracted scientists, managers, engineers, thinkers, artists, and writers drawn to its vibrant cultural tapestry and deep-rooted heritage. The country's unwavering dedication to embracing international students, coupled with its provision of exceptional education, makes it an excellent destination for pursuing higher studies.

Opportunities Unleashed: Benefits of the Extended Post-Study Visa

The extended five-year post-study visa opens up new avenues for Indian students in France. It provides them an extended period to gain practical work experience and apply their knowledge in the global job market. This development aligns with the global trend of countries recognizing international students' immense potential and contributions, and France's decision showcases its commitment to fostering cross-cultural exchange and innovation.

By offering a more extended post-study visa, France aims to encourage Indian students to explore diverse career opportunities and contribute to the growth and development of both countries. The 5-year duration ensures that students have ample time to develop their skills, expand their professional networks, and establish themselves in their chosen fields. This enhanced visa duration also facilitates a smoother transition from academia to the professional world, providing Indian students a competitive edge in the international job market.

Post-Study Visa and UPI Initiative in France by PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative reflects the Indian government's commitment to empowering its students and preparing them for success on the global stage. The extended post-study visa for Indian students in France is a testament to the deepening ties between India and France, fostering a more robust partnership in education, research, and innovation.

In addition to the post-study visa announcement, PM Modi highlighted India's progress in the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) while addressing the audience. As a further testament to the growing collaboration between India and France, PM Modi unveiled a new initiative enabling Indian tourists to pay through UPI in France, starting with the iconic Eiffel Tower. This initiative showcases the commitment of both nations to facilitating seamless travel experiences and strengthening cultural ties.

Strengthening Bilateral Collaboration: PM Modi's Visit to France

PM Modi's visit to France coincides with the celebration of France's National Day, making it a special occasion for the bilateral relationship between the two nations. As the Guest of Honour at the Bastille Day Parade, PM Modi represents the deep friendship and strategic partnership between India and France, further cementing the 25th anniversary of their Strategic Partnership.

The extension of the post-study visa for Indian students in France opens up a world of possibilities, providing them with an extended period to shape their careers and contribute to the global workforce. It is a remarkable opportunity for Indian students to pursue their dreams, gain international exposure, and make lasting connections in a country renowned for its rich cultural heritage and educational excellence. With the support of platforms like, Indian students can confidently navigate their educational journey and make the most of the expanded opportunities presented by the extended post-study visa in France.

Gradding: Empowering Indian Students Journey to France

To further amplify this exciting news, students can turn to study abroad at Our comprehensive range of services supports students in their journey to study in France and navigate the application process for post-study visas. With's guidance, Indian students can make informed decisions about their educational pathways, explore various universities and programs in France, and receive assistance with visa applications