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7 Changes Rishi Sunak Government Making for Study in the UK

This news is written to provide you with information on the 7 major changes Rishi Sunak Government making for study in the UK and how it will affect Indian Students to study in the UK.

The United Kingdom's Department for Education (DFE) has decided to discontinue university degrees. The prime reasons behind this are the high dropout rates and low employment prospects. The recently released statement of DFE said that such degree programs leave students with high debts and too low incomes. As per their plans, the Office for Students will limit the number of students universities can recruit for such programs and courses. It was announced on 14 July 2023 by prime minister Rishi Sunak and the Education Secretary.

Studying abroad is the dream of numerous Indian students. This decision of the Rishi Sunak government can be a student-first move. It can be valuable for scholars not to study the shady course from the colleges. To know more about the things that will change, read the below section.

Study Abroad in the UK: What Has Changed?

The United Kingdom (UK) government has proposed some adjustments and skilling plans for students to boost the trained workforce. Thus, more skilled employability can contribute to the economy of the country. So there are a number of low-yielding degree courses that will be discounted.

7 Changes and Its Effects on Indian Students

There are a number of changes the Office for Students will instruct and make in the future. To know about them in brief, read the below section.

1. Discontinuing Low-Yield Degrees

A year of foundation courses is often required for study in veterinary and medicine sciences. Although, it has been discovered that this is not necessary for studies in subjects such as business. For business purposes, these low-yield programs will be discontinued.

This move will provide quality courses and these courses will be helpful for providing better career prospects for Indian students who desire to go abroad to study in the UK.

2. Reduction Tuition Fee

Another significant change made by the Rishi Sunak Government is the reduction in the maximum tuition fees. It will be reduced from £9,250 (about Rs 9,93,853) to £5,760 (Rs 6,18,875)

Reduction in the tuition fees will give chance to more Indian students to study in the UK. It is because the way becomes more accessible and affordable for them and attracts a number of applicants.

3. Unique Vocational T-Level Courses

There will be new T-level courses introduced for students. These programs are equivalent to the 3A level (advanced level) and the United Kingdom national curriculum for school leaving qualifications. This T-level course will focus on one vocational skill. Students with such abilities will get employment, apprenticeships and higher studies. Also, these T-level programs will contain a 45-day industry placement.

Increased focus on vocational skills and abilities will enable Indian students to gain practical expertise. Doing this makes them more chances of employment globally.

4. Higher Technical Proficiency

Higher technical qualifications or proficiency will be more focused from now. The approved technical programs are new Level 4. While, the Level 5 qualifications will be approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education in the United Kingdom. The four different types of higher technical qualifications are given below :

  • Higher National Diplomas
  • Higher National Certificates
  • Foundation Programs
  • Higher Education Diplomas

Simplified study options will be helpful for Indian students to navigate through various courses and decide the most suitable courses that align with their career goals.

5. Apprenticeships with Traditional Courses

UCAS ( University and College Admission Services) will expand. It will allow students to apply for apprenticeships while doing the traditional courses. The government says this will benefit the youth.

The expanded UCAS platform will make it easier for Indian students to apply for apprenticeship programs with the traditional degree.

6. Skill Development 

The United Kingdom (UK) government will help students and employers by providing a variety of training options. It will allow people to fill the skill gap.

By expanding the options for apprenticeships, Indian students can gain work experience with their study programs.

7. New Digital Platform 

The education department will also launch a new digital platform to make it easier to access all the information on apprenticeships, T Levels, skill boot camps and many more. Also, more than 100 apprenticeship programs in different sectors such as healthcare and construction will be updated.

With the digital platform, it will now become more easier for Indian students to find essential information.

These are the seven major adjustments made by the Rishi Sunak Government. Also, you can know how these changes can affect Indian students from the mentioned pointers.

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