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Why Australia Closes Dual-Study Visa Program for Students?

Students can understand the reasons why the Australian government closes dual study visa program loophole for foreign students before going there with the help of this news written by experts.

In a recent announcement, the Australian government said on Saturday that they will close the effective dual study Visa loopholes. However, these Visa rules allow foreign students to enrol on the cheaper vocational program after they arrive in the country. So, this action will be taken to address a vital issue faced by the nations related to International scholars. Thus, the government has decided to close the loophole in its Visa policies that allow students to enrol in additional courses with their study courses. Also, this dual-study rule is called the “Concurrent Study Rule”. To know about this in detail, read the upcoming section and understand other reasons why the Australian government will take this action. 

What Is the Concurrent Study Visa Rule for International Students?

International students who enrol to study in Australia for their higher studies get the opportunity to admission to the short-term vocational courses. With the concurrent dual study Visa rule, foreign scholars have the chance to pursue such courses with their primary studies. Also, this rule was designed with the purpose of helping International students prepare for the job market by giving them the option to study short courses. So, it can be valuable for scholars to participate in such programs to give new heights to their career goals.

But why did the sudden announcement come from the side of the Australian government? Know the reasons from the following section to clear your doubts. 

Reasons of Why Australia Closes Dual Study Visa Program Loophole?

Currently, every student who desires to study in Australia due to the reason of dual study program is thinking about why the Australian government has taken sudden action to change its Visa rules. It is because they are wondering "If there are loopholes in this policy and if students are misusing them." To know more efficiently, read the mentioned reasons. 

Misuse of the Concurrent Study Rule

The first and prime reason to take action against the rule is the misuse of the “Concurrent Study Rule” which allows students to partake in short-term courses with their study program. However, a recent investigation says that most foreign scholars were misusing this rule by permanently shifting to more affordable vocational programs. It led the Australian government to take action against the concern to fix the loophole. 

A Surge in Concurrent Enrollments

The investigation data shows that there is a significant number of students increased in the utilization of the concurrent study rule. The number of foreign scholars enrolment in the first half of 2023 is 17,000. This growth has drastically changed in comparison with the past years, which is 10,500. The increased number of enrolments led the Australian government to take action.

Violent Enrollment Practices

The education minister of Australia Jason Clare, explained in a statement that the change will aim to prevent predatory providers from enrolling international students before completing the required six months of study. This action will affect students to finish at least six months of studies at their institution. After that, such scholars can apply for vocational courses.

Protect Australia Education Sector

International education is a vital part of the export industry in Australia. It has ranked the fourth largest industry and sources of finance. So, the government has decided to maintain the integrity of this sector. Also, it becomes more crucial for the economy of the country to protect the industry by fixing the dual study visa rule loophole. 

Increase Financial Needs for Student Visas

The Australian government is set to increase the financial requirements for international students to acquire visas. They decided to change the needs from the start of October 1. From the date, foreign scholars will need to provide evidence of having at least 24,505 A$ or 15,693 $ in savings. It is 17% higher than the current levels of finances. So, it can be valuable for scholars to know these changes if they desire to study in Australia. 

In brief, this decision of the Australian government is to fix the loophole in the dual study Visa program to maintain the interest of International students. They will ensure the integrity and quality of the education system of Australia to attract more foreign scholars. It is because the educational industry plays a crucial role in the nation's economy.

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Diya Mehta

Hope there are alternative pathways for students seeking to study and work.

Aisha Jain

What steps can students take now that the dual-study visa program is closed?


Students affected by the closure of the dual-study visa program can explore alternative visa options or consider studying in countries with similar programs.