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Australia Restricts 2 Course Enrollment for Foreign Students

If you plan to study in Australia, you must read this complete news. Australia imposed a new role under which international students cannot enrol in two courses concurrently while studying in Australia.

There is no doubt in the statement that Australia is one of the best countries to get overseas education. Many students choose this country to pursue their master's or bachelors. The main motive of these study abroad aspirants is to chase their dreams and turn them into reality. Well, if you are one of them, there is a knowledgeable piece of advice for you. Have you heard that, recently, Australia introduced a new role in their international education system that created a buzz in this industry? In this news, we covered every angle of this trending update that changes the lives of international students who wish to study in Australia. 

New Rules to Study in Australia 

Let's focus on the main highlight of this news without wasting the moment. International students will no longer be permitted to enrol in two courses concurrently during the first six months of their primary course of study in Australia. This rule change is designed to crack down on 'dodgy' education providers abusing the concurrent enrollment rules to encourage students to transfer. 

According to the government, the new guidelines would protect students from exploitation and ensure the integrity of the foreign education sector. 

Students who already have concurrent enrollments are not affected by the new requirements. Students who wish to enrol in a second course concurrently after the first six months of their first course of study must receive permission from their education provider. 

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Exceptions Are Always There

Well, some exceptions stand out from this rule. "For example, some scholars will be able to enrol in a course that is an approved component of a combined degree concurrently." Furthermore, students with a solid reason for enrolling concurrently, such as extreme circumstances, may be able to acquire an exemption from the requirements, explains Saurabh Arora, CEO and Founder of University Living. 

Students who want to pursue a second course in addition to their main study must now wait until they have finished at least six months of their first course. This may cause students to postpone their graduation goals and make it more difficult for them to obtain part-time jobs to support themselves. 

"Students who wish to take a second course may be concerned about the cost." Concurrent enrollment fees can be substantial, and students may be unable to afford to pay for two courses at the same time," Arora added in his statement. 

Impact of Guidelines on Students 

The new guidelines will also affect students who plan to switch courses after completing the first six months of their studies. They may have to wait longer to transfer if they are still looking for a suitable concurrent course. 

According to the Australian government, the new laws are vital to maintaining the integrity of the foreign education sector. They claim that some students have abused the concurrent enrollment system to transfer to less expensive vocational schools.

For Indians, Australia has traditionally been a favourite study-abroad location. Enrollment of overseas students in Australia varied significantly between March 2022 and March 2023, with India experiencing a 28% increase. International students now account for around 33% of all students enrolled in higher education in Australia.

Final Word 

Lastly, you must plan things accordingly to get admission to top Australian universities. If you think the recently updated guidelines will affect your overseas education in Australia, it is necessary for their convenience. Several students took the liberty of concurrent enrollment, and that is why their government has taken this step. Although things are normal over there, only this slight change has been made in the policy. As a study abroad aspirant, if your dream college is in Australia, you must read this news completely to get admission.


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