Australian Government Lends a Helping Hand Towards International Students:

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Australian Government Introduces Policies in Favour of International Students

This news focuses on the policies by Australian Government for international students.

Australia has recently released some changes in their policies to emphasize enhancing student protection and improving the quality of education. It was introduced with keeping the safety and experience of international students in mind.

These measures raised some eyebrows and caught attention in the eyes of the students, but the motive stands clear: Australia is ready to welcome international students. It has its perks of having students from across the globe, such as economic growth, diversification of cultures, skill enhancement, research and development. Read more to know how Australia is facilitating international students.

How Australia Is Facilitating International Students?

Amidst the speculations of Australia bringing up taxation on international students, fee hikes, limitation to student visas, and migration strategies, the country has taken a friendly step towards International students to assure them of providing the safety and quality of education they deserve. In favour of the same, it has taken specific measures that include:

Saying Bye to Student Transfer Fees and Hi to Education Agent Data

The fees paid for student transfers between providers were a financial barrier for the under-privileged. The Australian Government took the call to prohibit this and eliminate many concerns. And now, maintaining quality control is simplified by providing access to education agent data to education providers. This fosters the partnerships and ensures quality outcomes. If students face issues with the education providers, they can always avail of Tuition Protection Service (TPS) and continue their studies with new providers while securing their tuition fees. 

Introducing VET Integrity Unit and Strengthening Fit & Proper Person Test

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has introduced a VET Integrity Unit. This helps maintain top-quality education and training. The Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act) ensures the fit and proper training providers, including owners and senior managers. This confirms the quality of education agents and providers. Students can also contact the local state or Commonwealth Ombudsman to investigate their complaints regarding the institutes.

Monitoring Student Attendance and Controlling Course Enrollment

International education sector regulators will closely monitor international students' attendance to ensure they actively engage in their studies, assuring proper learning and growth. On the other hand, the Government has changed the enrollment policies restraining international students from enrolling in two courses simultaneously within the first six months of the principal course to ensure proper focus and learning of the running education plan.

Summing It Up!

The Australian Government has taken these measures to help international students have the best quality of education to learn and grow, providing them a safe and secure environment to develop culturally and individually. There are speculations of Australia controlling the students' education spectrum, but the main motive is provide a common ground for all students to live and learn harmoniously.

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