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Reasons Behind Admission Cancellations at Canada's Northern College: A Closer Look

You can know about the sudden admission cancellation at Canada’s Northern College with this news from and understand the cause and help provided by Halp Technology of Canada.

The choice of students to study abroad, especially from Canada is not new. Numerous scholars decide to pursue higher education in Canada due to the various opportunities, including working together with studies. Also, this nation offers a friendly and better backdrop for learning. It leads scholars to personal evolvement and a chance to explore cultural diversity. Canada remains the top destination for the choice of students to study abroad.

The decision of Admission cancellation at Canada’s Northern College comes just one month from the start of the September session 2023. It has affected International students involving more than 300 Indian learners. Also, most of them are from Punjab who already invested the initial admission amount. This decision hit them hard as they booked accommodation, flight tickets and prepared for the journey. One more thing, most of the students are from Punjab, and they did not do something illegal. They only apply for admission to the university and get acceptance from them. In all these, the Canada-based study abroad platform offers support to the affected Indian students. 

Halp Technology Offer Help to Affected Indian Students

Canada Northern College’s Scarborough campus has unexpectedly cancelled admission of over 300 Indian especially Punjab students. The abrupt sudden decision has left scholars in a very difficult situation. However, these candidates have done nothing wrong and illegal. Thus, the study abroad Halp Technologies offers its support towards the affected students by the sudden change. They announce providing help for financial and legal to all scholars. 

But many of you wondering “What is the cause of this sudden admission cancellation at Canada’s Northern College?” You can read about the reason in the below section. 

What Is the Cause of Admission Cancellation at Canada’s Northern College?

The main reason behind the admission cancellation at Canada’s Northern College is the inability to expect the high approval rate of study permit Visas. Also, the increase rate of students applying for Citizenship Canada (IRCC) after the course completion. Although, the Canadian government allows international students to work while studying and the option of applying for permanent residence after the completion of their studies. Thus, it results in an approval rate of more than 80% for study permits. It is why the sudden admission cancellation at Canada’s Northern College. 

Thus, the study abroad consultants of Halp Technologies offer support to affected students by the sudden declaration of Northern College. To ensure that these scholars do not lose an academic year, they offer aid of 800$ in cash to such learners. Also, they will assist in all the legal processes of a lawyer submitting an application for a study permit from IRCC. Apart from this, also steps in to help the affected innocent students. Read the below section to know more about this. 

Gradding Study Abroad Steps in to Help Indian Students is one of the best study abroad consultancy providers in India. We have come a step ahead to help all the affected innocent students. Also, our experts have pledged to offer both legal and financial support to these scholars to make their journey easier. It can be valuable for learners to get Canada based immigration lawyers' support for study permit forms. It will be a helping hand for scholars for personalized guidance and not waste an academic year. Over a million students decide of going abroad for further studies and choose Canada as their second home. It is because the job market needs fulfilment after the course completion in Canada. The option of permanent residence attracts more students every year. Thus, we at offer a one-stop solution and guidance throughout the process for students. So they can fulfil their dream smoothly. 

So if you are one of the affected innocent students by the sudden admission cancellation at Canada Northern College, get help from for financial and legal guidance. We help you not waste an academic year. 

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