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Gradding Has Launched Its AI-Powered Free Pre-IELTS Test Platform

Gradding has launched its Free Pre-IELTS Test for the students who want to study or work abroad. This Pre-test covers all the four sections of IELTS: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

Gradding has come up with its Free Pre IELTS Test for students who wish to work and for those who want to pursue their higher education overseas.

The test is conducted in the real IELTS based format where you will experience all the sections of IELTS that is ‘Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.’ To check your English Language Proficiency, you have to appear the questions from each section and answer them accordingly. At last, you will get an evaluation report to check your score.

How to Take Our Free IELTS Mock Test? 

Our free online IELTS mock test will help you improve your language skills in all areas that is ‘Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.’ However, there are some steps that you need to keep in your mind to give the free pre IELTS test by Gradding. 

Step 1Visit the website of 

Step 2: Select the test preparation, and then the IELTS

Step 3: Join Free Masterclass to begin with your IELTS Test

Step 4: In the first listening section, you have to hear audio files and respond to the questions based on what you hear.

Step 5: In the reading part, you have some passages to read. 

Step 6:There are two tasks in writing section, and both must be completed.

Step 7: There will be a speaking portion and an interview in the last.

Step 8: Submit your test and check your evaluation report. 

Note: You can give this IELTS Test anytime and anywhere, on devices like laptops, PCs, and mobile phones.

Assess your Level through our FREE Pre-IELTS Test and ensure 8+ Band

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What Are the Benefits of Giving Our Free IELTS Test?

IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) is the world’s most renowned English language test for work, study and migration that evaluates your proficiency level in four sections: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Also, you can choose between the Academic or General Training versions of the test.

Here are some benefits of giving our free IELTS mock test: 

  1. Check Your English Language Skills with Our Free IELTS Exam: Ourfree IELTS exam tests your all four English language skills- Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. This AI-Powered test demonstrates your ability to communicate in simple situations in English. Also, the test reflects whether you’re ready to study in a English-speaking country or not.
  2. Discover Your Weak Areas by Taking Our IELTS Exam: Another benefit of giving our free IELTS test is that it makes you aware of all the sections with the different type of questions. It helps you to assess your weak areas, where you can make notes of your mistakes. As a result, you can focus on those particular set of questions and improve your overall score.
  3. Take Our IELTS Mock Test to Increase Your Band Score: By practicing our mock test of IELTS regularly, you can improve your vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and communication skills. The test also offers a chance to receive feedback on your performance that helps you increase your band score. 
  4. Get Real Based IELTS Environment: With the help ofourmock tests, you will explore and create a stimulated IELTS based environment that will allow you to experience the pressure and time restrictions of the test. Under these conditions, it will enhance your ability to perform during the real exam.
  5. Boost Your Overall Confidence by Giving Our Exam: The more regularly you practice with our mock tests, the more confident you become in your skills. By familiarizing yourself with exam format and developing strategies, your confidence grows that leads to better outcomes in the actual IELTS Test.

Final Thoughts

Get the experience of taking our free Mock test of IELTS with that offers numerous benefits from understanding the exam pattern to gain a better knowledge of the English that you need for academic and work purposes. Take the advantage of world’s best free pre IELTS test and make your study abroad journey remarkable. This is the opportunity to bring together which you have been missing- The understanding of IELTS in a real environment.