Rise of Indian Students in UK Universities in 2023: Gradding

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Rise of Indian Students in UK Universities in 2023: A Full Report

The sharp rise of Indian Students in UK Universities marks a remarkable development in favor of the UK as a preferred destination for Indian students seeking higher education in 2023

The United Kingdom (UK) Home Office has reported an outstanding addition in the issuance of sponsored study visas to Indian students. According to a Gradding report, Indians are now holding nearly seven times the number of study visas they held in 2019. Gradding is India’s premier platform for international education.

What India.com Covered About the Indian Students Enrolled in UK Universities?

In the study, it explored that in total, the UK issued nearly 500,000 sponsored study visas and the most amazing part is that almost a third of them are granted to Indians. “It is expected that the number of students enrolling in UK Universities is predicted to exceed 3 lakhs in the next academic session”, the report said.

A total of 142,848 study visas were granted to Indians, an increase of 54 per cent compared to the year ending June 2022. According to the statistics, 98,394 Graduate route additions were accepted from July 2020 to June 2021. Out of these, 42 per cent were permitted to Indian students.

Moreover, it was found that 20 per cent of students whose visas expired in 2022 selected to switch to the Graduate Route after completing their studies. Thus, the same is going to be in 2023 and is expected to grow by the next academic year. 


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Why Students Choose UK?

“The reason people choose the UK is that the country gives good value for money. Studying in the UK is an acceptable value for money and the average costs in the UK are lower as compared to other countries like the USA and Australia.”, Mamta Shekhawat, founder of Gradding, said.

Additionally, graduates from the UK are the most employable in the world. Eight in ten International students are getting advanced, promoted and earning more because of their education in the UK, she said.


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