IRCC Rises Cost-of-Living Requirement for Students. What Next?

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IRCC Increases Cost-of-Living to $20,635 for International Students in Canada

This news article covers IRCC's changes in international students' study visa requirements.

Canada introduced significant changes to the study visa requirements policy for international students. This step was taken to ensure better financial health of the students and to ensure they are not exploited. The IRCC has introduced specific changes to the cost-of-living requirement and working hour practices effective from January 1, 2024.

However, there are also certain modifications to the related policies for international students. Here are the relevant changes that can demonstrate the purpose behind this step of the Canadian committee.

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Increase in Cost-of-Living Requirement in Canada:

The last financial requirement, which has been followed since the 2000s, was set to $10,000. It is now increased to $20,635, which will be annually adjusted to meet students' requirements for cost of living in Canada. This means the students must demonstrate financial capacity to meet this increased limit to apply for study permits.

Extension in Working Hours:

The Canadian Government extended the waiver on 20-hour-week work limit for international students until April 30, 2024. This extension applies only to students who are already in Canada. This is applicable only to students who submitted study permit applications by December 7, 2023. This offers more flexibility in employment opportunities for the students.

Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) Updates:

The Canadian government has announced that students starting their programs on September 1, 2024, can include online study time in post-graduation work permit applications. This will add more flexibility to their current learning landscape. Also, the government has emphasized that there will be no particular extensions beyond the current policy for PGWPs. This is applicable for applications for work permits that are expiring by December 31, 2023

Temporary Policies and Future Pilots:

Canada introduced a relaxation policy for post-graduation students with work permits expiring on December 31, 2023. They can apply for an additional 18-month work permit, which will not be extended beyond 2023. The government has targeted pilots to collaborate with partners to assist underrepresented groups of international students to assist them in pursuing their studies in Canada.

Adequate Support for Students:

The government is emphasizing improving the international student's learning experience in Canada. Thus, it is taking steps that cover overall assistance, including housing for international students. They have taken steps to limit Visas for institutions that cannot support the student populations. 

Summing Up:

Canada's Government has taken steps to enhance international students' experience of studying in the new country. It has changed the old policies and made recent amendments that focus on long-term sustainability and prepare the students for a better educational journey in the country.


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