Australia’s New Migration Rules:

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Navigating Australia's New Migration Rules: A Guide for Confident Students

11 December 2023 holds a special place in history as the Australian Authority introduced its new migration strategy. The strategy focuses on fixing the broken migration system of the nation. The good thing about the strategy is that it will not impact Indian students living in Australia. These changes apply only to genuine students in the country. Indian students will be eligible for a Temporary Graduate Visa for two years for a bachelor's degree, three years for a  master's degree, and four years for a PhD.

What Is ECTA and How It Will Impact Indian Students?

ECTA is the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement. The commitments were agreed between India and Australia under the ECTA's new migration rules. It states that Indian students are given post-study work visas. Students enrolled in a diploma course can apply for a visa valid for up to 18 months after completing their studies. Similarly, students pursuing a bachelor's degree can now apply for a work visa for up to two years after graduation, and students pursuing a master's or doctoral degree can now apply for a visa for up to four years. It means they can work in Australia for up to four years. Under the agreement, more than 1 million Indian students will receive post-study work visas over the next one to four years.

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English Language Requirements for Visa Students

The new migration strategy will tighten its rules for students taking the International English Language Testing(IELTS) System exam. In the upcoming months, they are looking to enforce higher English language requirements for international graduates. Those applying for a temporary work visa will need to get a 6.5 band score instead of a 6.0 existing band score. Moreover, student visa applicants will need a 6.0 instead of a 5.5 band score for IELTS. This will lead to more rejections in the future.

Will It Impact Upcoming Students?

Indian students need not worry about the new measures announced by the Australian government. The rules will be implemented in upcoming months for non genuine students. The new measures will exert pressure on the students making it more difficult for them. This strategy is aimed at curbing current levels of immigration

How to Go Through the Admission Process?

The best way to approach admission is to go through the Migration Agents Registration Authority(MARA). Registered immigration agents, lawyers, and exempt persons only can legally provide immigration assistance in Australia. The Immigration Act of 1958 requires immigration agents to be authorized by the MARA to provide immigration assistance in Australia.

Summing Up:

The Australian government has enforced a new migration strategy to fix the previous broken migration system of the country. They have announced a new policy and have tightened the rules for non-genuine students living in Australia. It is aimed to rebuild the system to help build the skill base of students and improve living standards

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Viha Rajput

I am a study abroad aspirant and I did not have the full information about the rules and regulations. After reading this I have a clear idea. 

Neha Sharma

If you are someone who is planning to study abroad and wants to know about the application process read this blog.

Tavisha Singh

I was confused about the new rules of migration. After reading this I have clear information about the same.


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