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Outstanding Entrepreneurs Shaping the Business Landscape

The success of Mamta Shekhawat, Founder of Gradding.com has changed the dreams into reality for the students who were planning to study abroad with an understanding of their concerns and distress.

In recent years, India has witnessed a remarkable growth of businesses and the appearance of Exemplary Entrepreneurs. With a large population, India offers a vast market for entrepreneurs to establish and cater to develop consumer demands. As a result, India has seen the rise of several entrepreneurs who are making a significant impact on the global stage for business and innovation. 

How Business Helps in Economic Growth? 

Business contributes significantly to the prosperity of a nation by producing and selling services, leading to increased income, employment, and improving living standards. Innovation is at the heart of successful businesses. They continuously develop new products and services, driving technological advancements that benefit society. Innovation fosters efficiency and an improved quality of life. 

The role of business in society is to fulfill the needs and wants of consumers by producing a vast array of goods and services. Successful businesses contribute to the development of communities. They participate in social causes, making a positive impact on society’s well being. 

Gradding Is a Key to Success

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Know About Mamta Shekhawat, Founder of Gradding

The founder of Gradding.com Mamta Shekhawat is an insightful person with a background in the education industry and human resources. Since 2012, her passion and vision like a businesswoman inspiring students to study abroad. Her academic excellence, hands-on HR experience, and entrepreneurial sharpness positioned her as a trusted authority in the education industry. With a deep understanding of student’s concerns and commitment to bridging the gap between aspirations and reality, she is dedicated to making the study abroad experience accessible and stress-free for aspiring scholars. 

Abplive.com covered her outstanding contributions in her field and towards a balanced life who makes her a true exceptional in the world of education and entrepreneurship. 


Gradding. Com is a platform which changes students dreams into reality by getting enrolled in abroad of their chosen destinations. The impact of Gradding is undeniable and trans-formative. The adaptability is crucial in a rapidly changing business landscape were staying abroad require constant learning and skill development. Moreover, Gradding contributes to the democratization of knowledge, breaking down barriers for students and makes their entry in abroad simple and fast.


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