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Scoring High in IELTS made easy with Newly Announced Guidelines

In this blog, you will come across the latest update from a Canadian university for IELTS. Now students don’t have to pass in all 5 bands to accomplish their dream of studying abroad.

For every student going abroad, passing IELTS is one of the primary challenges. It is the most essential exam to pass if you are going abroad for education or a job. This is necessary as most countries abroad follow English as their native language. It also covers generic topics based on everyday situations and tests the English proficiency level of a student. IELTS basically evaluates four criteria: listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

Students struggle with the IELTS preparation as well as the cutoff scores. Sometimes, students face a year gap due to fewer grades achieved than required. But there is good news for students who wish to pursue education in Canada. Let’s delve into and explore the news in detail.

Modifications in IELTS Band Score Requirement 

IELTS was all about passing the four sections individually and attaining a final passing score. This was quite challenging. The students can now relax as this is no more the criterion. Students must attain an overall band score of 6.0 and not focus on the individual sections. But this does not mean that they don’t focus and do not even attain minimum scores. This applies to students who have applied for IELTS via SDS (Student Direct Stream). Considering the lengthy and hefty visa process, the Canadian government introduced the concept of SDS.

What is SDS? 

SDS, or Student Direct Stream, is an easy process to attain a visa for Canada. Generally, if a student applies for a visa, it takes around 2-3 months, but with SDS, students can get a visa in just 4-6 weeks. The most attractive benefit of applying through SDS is less paperwork and quick results. Apart from the benefits, it is pretty difficult to be eligible to apply for a visa via SDS. But once eligible, the visa process becomes smooth as ever.

The essential eligibility criteria to be able to apply for a visa through SDS are: 

  • You must own an acceptance letter from DLI (Designated Learning Institution) 
  • Must have a GIC or Guaranteed Investment Certificate amounting to CAD 10,000
  • Proof of tuition fee paid for the first year of the course

Benefits to Students Who Apply through SDS

IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) has launched the SDS programme to provide visa help to international students. Here are some of the advantages that students enjoy: 

  • The process has streamlined the made the visa process easier
  • Visa through SDS can only be applied online, thus making the process faster 
  • It has a quick processing time, which enables students to focus on other essential things 
  • The visa acceptance rate through SDS is around 75-85%
  • Fewer documents are demanded, which is a relief for students
  • It has replaced the SPP program that was followed earlier 
  • The SDS program has given students an elaborate choice of colleges and universities to choose from
  • It has defined the proper visa process for universities coming under SDS 

One Skill Retake (OSR) 

Another beneficial announcement that has attracted students is the OSR. One Skill Retake or OSR is leverage offered to students who wish to retake any one section in IELTS. It has been launched in Australia and will be rolled out in other countries, including India.

Students can retake the following tests: Listening, Reading, Writing or Speaking. This helps them improve their individual performance and overall IELTS score. But how to book OSR? Let’s have a look.

  • You are eligible only if you have completed the computer test and have an IELTS score in hand.
  • You must book the One Skill Retake within 60 days from your exam date.

A student can take as many retakes as he/she wishes to. But every time you have to pay an amount for it. This amount may vary according to region, but as of now, it is rupees 16,250. Students are required to pay the complete fees every time they for a retake. On the other hand, the revaluation fee is rupees 8,475. Students must fill out an Enquiry on Results Form or EOR for this. You can pay the fees by DD (Demand Draft) or debit or credit card.

The revaluation can be done for a single section or the complete test. This entirely depends on whether the student wants to go for a revaluation or one skill retake.

Advantages of Taking OSR

Going for an OSR is not necessary, but it allows students to improve their performance. Some of the significant benefits of opting for OSR include: 

  • This helps save time as you do not have to give the other IELTS exams 
  • It provides students with an opportunity to improve their score and be eligible for visas and universities 
  • The format and timings of the One Skill Retake are the same as that of the IELTS. Therefore, this does not disturb the preparation of students. Following a new pattern and preparing from scratch is difficult, but this is not the case when taking OSR
  • Once you have attempted the OSR, you will receive a new test report form (TRF). This will have your old as well as new IELTS score. It depends on the student which score he/she wishes to use
  • For example, if you opt for an OSR in the Reading test, your scores on other IELTS tests will not be changed. This is done so that the student can improve and can confidently step into the universities and interviews.

Scoring in IELTS Made Simple

Achieving scores keeping in mind the IELTS cutoffs, was pretty tricky. But leverage has been provided to students looking to expand their careers in Canada. This has opened several doors of opportunities and lightened the burden of achieving a particular score. Now students can easily prepare for IELTS exams and focus on the overall score required to achieve. Once qualified, students are also given the benefit of One Skill Retake, which gives them another opportunity to improve their IELTS scores and not give the whole test again.

Preparing for IELTS is not easy, and every student struggles through it. Therefore, we at Gradding have developed a platform where our experienced experts will provide all the assistance. They will not help you give guidance on IELTS preparation but also give you regular updates. The professionals work with a common motive to get students to achieve their dream of studying in Canada.

So why wait? Let our experts handle your queries and help you get impressive IELTS grades.

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Sneha Suri

I've been studying for the IELTS for a few months now, and I'm really glad that I found this blog post. It's packed with helpful information and tips.


This is a great resource for anyone who is taking the IELTS. The newly announced guidelines are very helpful and make it easier to understand what is required to score high.