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Beware Mumbai Scams: Safeguard Study Abroad

3 Mumbai students lost Rs 3.5 lakh to a travel agent who promised overseas flights. A 21-year-old's dream of studying in Toronto was shattered. Police investigate the scam and highlight the need to approach a reliable study abroad platform.

In the heart of Mumbai, a distressing tale unfolds, highlighting the critical need for reliable study-abroad platforms such as This narrative revolves around a cunning travel agent now entangled in a legal web. Her alleged crime? Cheating three hopeful students out of a collective sum of Rs 3.5 lakh. These students, driven by their dreams of pursuing higher education overseas, approached this agent to secure their flight tickets, only to be left in the lurch.

One of the victims, a 21-year-old graduate from Borivli, had received the golden ticket of admission to a prestigious University in Toronto for his post-graduation studies. However, this ticket came at a hefty cost, with college fees, visa charges, application fees, and accommodation expenses tallying to a staggering Rs 20 lakh.

Turn of Reliability to False Promises

This ambitious student was all set to embark on his educational journey, with the scheduled start date being September 5. Acting on the recommendation of a trusted friend, he reached out to a travel agent in Borivli. He confided in her about his imminent need to travel to Canada before his course commenced.

The travel agent reassured the student, promising to secure a ticket for him on an Air France flight with a brief layover in Paris. In addition, she offered to handle foreign exchange transactions and book the flight ticket, all contingent on the student paying her upfront. In May, the student began making payments in instalments, amounting to Rs 1.33 lakh.

However, when July arrived, the travel agent delivered shocking news—the Air France ticket had been cancelled. She then assured the student that she would secure a ticket for him on an Emirates flight. To his dismay, she soon informed him that there were no available seats on Emirates. As a last-minute substitute, she provided a ticket for a KLM flight.

Suspicion began to creep in when the student, armed with his booking details, scoured the airline's website for confirmation, only to find that no such booking existed. It was a heart-wrenching realization that he had fallen victim to a well-orchestrated scam.

Discovering More Victims in the Growing Conspiracy

The student's distress was compounded when he learned that two other students had encountered similar misfortunes at the hands of this unscrupulous travel agent. These fellow victims had neither received a valid ticket nor seen a dime of their hard-earned money returned. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the Borivli police intervened, officially registering an FIR against the fraudulent agent on August 18. Their investigation is now in full swing.

Trust Your Study Abroad Companion

In times of adversity, platforms like shine as a beacon of reliability and transparency in the realm of study abroad assistance. can navigate the complex journey of studying abroad, offering invaluable services such as university selection, visa application support, and meticulous travel arrangements.

With, you can be confident that a reputable platform will nurture and guide your dreams of studying abroad, ensuring a seamless and legitimate transition to international education.'s commitment to its users is a testament to its dedication to preventing unfortunate situations like these students face.

From Dreams to Reality

In summary, the unfortunate case of the fraudulent travel agent in Mumbai is a stark reminder of the necessity for dependable study-abroad platforms like These platforms offer comprehensive support and safeguard students from potential scams, ensuring that their academic aspirations take flight without any unwanted turbulence along the way.