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Empowering Indian Students: One-Year Master's Programs through the USA State Department

If you are a scholar who wants to pursue master’s from USA, here is great news for you! US recently designed one year master’s course for the Indian students with new education policy. Get the whole information through this news on our platform.

If you are a student who wishes to study abroad, you must desire to go to the US to pursue your higher studies. Well, most students like you choose America to pursue their master's course, and we all know that getting a student visa for the USA is complicated. Also, pursuing a master's course in the USA was two years. It will be hard for you to get a work visa after completing your master's due to the tenure of the visa complications. By understanding this complexity, especially for Indian students, the US designed a one-year educational programme for Indian students. Are you feeling excited? If yes, brings you the complete information in the below-mentioned points. 

Us Designs One-Year Master’s Educational Programme

The United States Department has recently designed a new educational programme per India's NEP (New Education Policy). This new course will allow Indian scholars to turn their dreams into reality in a short period. Yes, you read it right! Now, Indian students can get a professional one-year master's degree in the top universities of the USA with industrial specialisation. 

This new educational programme is a win-win situation for the commerce and state departments of the United States of America. This newly developed course will enhance the soft power, deepen the people linkage or lead to revenue generation. The primary revenue source will be generated when Indian students land on US campuses. 

It is also appropriate to say that the legendary minds dedicated to studying abroad will avail this golden opportunity and pursue this one-year master's program from the best US universities. As a result, Indian students will also contribute to the Indian and American economies in the straightway. 

Know the Man Behind This Revolutionary Idea

We know that after reading this news, Indian students will get excited. But how can we forget to give credit to the man who executed this revolutionary idea and executed it into action? Well, this educational programme was developed by Mr. Akhilesh Lakhtakia. He is a Jefferson Science fellow at SCA ( State Department South and Central Asia). He is a professor of mechanics and engineering science at Penn State University. He planned to launch a new course according to India's new education policy. His department wanted to make a programme that could be helpful for the scholars or that could also build good relations between India and USA. 

This course is limited to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) disciplines. This educational programme will start in the fall semester of 2024. It will include some specialised topics like artificial intelligence, wireless technology, 7G or 5G system, quantum engineering and much more are currently being offered. You would love to know that over 25 Indian and 20 American universities are taking the initiative in this discussion, while the State Department of the US will act as a facilitator. 

What Are the Perks of This Newly Designed Programme?

Initially, we know that it is an excellent piece of news for you. But also wants to tell you about the perks of admission to this one-year master's programme offered by US universities. So without wasting the moment, let's know about some major perks of this trending future programme. 

Firstly, once students pursue them, they are eligible to stay up to three years in the United States of America, according to the current visa norms and rules. This master's course will also allow them to get work experience in the US industry. It will also help them repay their student loans in a shorter period. 

This course is student-oriented, multidisciplinary, flexible, and futuristic and can provide high-paying opportunities in the future. If this course gets implemented smoothly, then this will bring revolution in the study abroad industry. It will also lead to the economic growth of both countries. Mr. Lakhtakia also mentioned that his objective while making this course was to bring a win-win situation, but in his mind, his client was the Indian students.

How Can Gradding Help You to Enrol in This Programme?

We hope you liked the news we brought you about the above mentioned things. But now, the primary concern is how to enrol for this fascinating course. Well, you do not need to worry because got your back if this course is implemented. Apart from that, if you have any other study abroad queries, you can reach us on our platform. 

It will be a golden opportunity for Indian students who desire to pursue their master’s from US universities. In such cases, you can get visa assistance, counselling sessions, international test preparation, and scholarship aid from our study abroad experts. 

Final Word

Lastly, thank you for reading the complete news patiently. If you are also a study abroad aspirant and wish to get the latest updates and news related to studying abroad, you can join our platform. We hope you will make your dreams come true, and if this course gets implemented perfectly, remember to give us a chance to provide you with the best study abroad services.