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Why Study in India?

India is well-known for its top universities, quality education and ocean of courses to pursue. It has been a top choice for students due to its affordable prices for complete programs.

Premier Universities

Universities in India are a blend of cultural experiences with modern amenities, which make it the best.

High Quality Education

Students worldwide come here to benefit from high-quality education in top-ranked Indian universities.

Scholarship Opportunities

Indian universities offer some of the best study in India scholarship programs for students globally who lose the budget.

Affordable Living Cost

With affordable university fees in India, it is one of the most affordable countries for international students.

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Expand Knowledge About Study in India

Studying in India is a mix of traditional practices and modern education. Explore the cultural diversity, history and breathtaking views along with your education while you study in India.

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Universities & Colleges


Explore the Best Universities in India

Discovering the cultural diversities in a single country is what makes India the most preferred place to study overseas. With a perfect amalgamation of quality education and traditional ways, India is a hub for overseas education. From north to south and east to west, it amazes students at every mile.

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Find Top Courses in India

India has one of the largest higher education systems globally, with around 49,964 small and big institutes. Thus, a student from anywhere in the world has an ocean of courses to pursue in this beautiful country. These courses range from law, management, architecture, journalism, engineering, science, and technology. So, this opens the door for various career opportunities for a bright future. It is an essential factor for which India is becoming a top pick for higher studies for students worldwide. To explore the courses in detail, refer to the list below.

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Admission Intake Details for India

When selecting India for higher studies, knowing the admission process becomes crucial so you do not miss any golden opportunity. So, will ensure you never miss any chance to enhance your study experience in India. Moreover, unlike other countries, India only has one intake each year to get yourself enrolled in the premier university. You cannot miss this opportunity, so prepare all the necessary documents beforehand. However, if you are not sure about this, then, you can refer to this checklist prepared for you.

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Certified Academic Transcripts

Curriculum Vitae

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Statement of Purpose

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Recommendation Letters

Why Gradding Is Your Stepping Stone for a Bright Future?

While applying for higher Education in India, you need a guiding light. Thus, Gradding can be a trusted one. With a team of experts, we serve you amazing features that are difficult to resist and make your overseas education journey a piece of cake. These perks are the perfect answer to your query of why study in India for higher education.

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Admission Necessities for India

India is one of the most hassle-free countries in pursuing higher education. But, you must meet all the basic documentation requirements before enrolling in your dream university for higher Education in India. It might sound a bit hectic, but with clear guidance, it's easy. So, have all these below-listed requirements handy:

10+2 Education

Entrance Tests

Legal Documents

Verified Records


Popular Cities in India

India is an emerging hub for Education that attracts students from around the world. Each city here has something different and unique to offer to its students and adds value to their study abroad experience. India offers high-quality education and career growth opportunities and caters to amazing hospitality at affordable prices. Explore the aspects some cities have to serve their students.

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With India’s rich heritage and modern energy, Delhi is home to the biggest universities in the country with a plethora of courses to pursue. Also, it’s the most advanced.

Find Universities in Delhi


With memorising beaches, Mumbai is the city of dreams that never sleeps. This city offers the most renowned universities in the country to turn your dreams into reality.

Find Universities in Mumbai


It is the cultural capital of India, with a blend of old and new academic communities with historic roots. With great history, it also offers top-class education in India.

Find Universities in Pune


Hyderabad is known for its pearls, centre location and numerous IT companies, which makes it one of the most preferred southern cities for higher studies in the country.

Find Universities in Hyderabad


Bangalore is the Silicon Valley and the IT capital of India.This city has the best career and education opportunities, especially for students with fast-paced mindset.

Find Universities in Bangalore


Ahmedabad offers its students a liberal education focusing on research thinking with multi-disciplinary learning. Here, you can build a strong corporate network with others.

Find Universities in Ahmedabad


The three oldest engineering colleges are situated in this beautiful city of Kolkata, making it the first choice for those students who want to pursue engineering science.

Find Universities in Kolkata


Chennai is a hub of many research and educational institutes. It has many of the oldest and well-known universities, which is why it’s a top choice for higher education.

Find Universities in Chennai

Find Top Scholarships in UK

Several scholarship programmes are available for students who are worried about financial expenses when they study abroad in the UK.Below is a list of all the scholarships different universities in the UK have for students with different achievements and skills.

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Felix Scholarships

Course Stream :Business, Engineering, Science

Type :Merit Based

Final Deadline :31st Dec 2023

No. of Awardees :5 limited seats

scholarship amount

₹ 3,00,000

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Felix Scholarships

Course Stream :Business, Engineering, Science

Type :Merit Based

Final Deadline :31st Dec 2023

No. of Awardees :5 limited seats

scholarship amount

₹ 3,00,000

Check Eligibility

Felix Scholarships

Course Stream :Business, Engineering, Science

Type :Merit Based

Final Deadline :31st Dec 2023

No. of Awardees :5 limited seats

scholarship amount

₹ 3,00,000

Check Eligibility

Felix Scholarships

Course Stream :Business, Engineering, Science

Type :Merit Based

Final Deadline :31st Dec 2023

No. of Awardees :5 limited seats

scholarship amount

₹ 3,00,000

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Cost of Living in India

Despite being culturally rich and a heritage country globally, the cost of living in India is inexpensive compared to the rest of the world. Here, you have an opportunity to save your money and invest somewhere else.

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Average Monthly Expenses of Staying in India


5000 INR


1,000 INR


3000 INR

Personal Items

2000 INR


300 INR



Mobile Usage

225 INR

Social Activities

2500 INR

Visa-Related Information for India

Students who want to pursue their higher studies in the golden bird, that is, India, must apply for the S-Visa, that is, the student visa, for a maximum of five years. This visa can be applied at the Indian embassy in the hometown. Students with academic scores of level A and B+ are eligible to study in India. Other requirements are listed below:

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Provisional Visa for StudentsCost- 8,563.99 INR to 19,738.04 INR

When an applicant does not have an admission letter from the university, they apply for an S-8 visa. It has an initial validity of six months. Jurisdictional FRRO/FRO can extend this visa for another six months.

Minimum Admission scores required

Adequate Finances (approx. 15 lacks)

Valid Passport at least 6 Months

Unconditional Offer by the University

A Student Visa (S-8)Cost- 8,563.99 INR to 19,738.04 INR

TS-8 is issued to foreigners seeking theological studies at some specific Universities/Institutions. This comes with a duration of either the length of the course or one year, whichever is shorter.

Minimum Admission Scores Required

Valid Passport at least 6 Months

Unconditional Offer by a Specific University

A Student Visa (S-6)Cost- 8,563.99 INR to 19,738.04 INR

S-6 is issued for training up to one year, depending on the course. It's for trainees under schemes: Colombo Plan, government scholarships, international organisation sponsorships, joint US programs, and internships.

Minimum Admission Scores Required

Valid Passport at least 6 Months

Unconditional Offer by the University

Private Passport Holders Are Required to Register for Visas Over 180 Days.

A Student Visa (S-7)Cost- 7,338.09 INR to 9,005.94 INR

Students of South Asian University and Nalanda University get an S-7. In case of emergencies, additional entries need prior permission from SAU/Nalanda University, which is granted by FRRO/FRO.

Minimum Admission Scores Required

Valid Passport at least 6 Months

Unconditional Offer by the University

Register with FRRO/FRO Within 14 days of Arrival

Thinking of Studying in a Different Country?

Do not miss the chance to study abroad in any country you want. Discover the options here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can work along with your studies in India. You can work part-time and manage your expenses by yourself without burdening your parents. Moreover, you only need to manage your time effectively to maintain a work-life balance. 


Yes, of course. India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with affordable living costs around the world. Here, you will witness a perfect blend of culturally rich universities that keep up with modern traditions and technological updates

The cost of living in India varies according to several factors such as city, personal choices, university and more. But as per some general considerations, the expenses are listed below:

  • Rent:- 5,000 INR/month
  • Transport:-1,000 INR/month
  • Food:-3,000 INR/month
  • Mobile Usage: 225 INR to 600 INR/month
  • Internet/WiFi: 300 INR/month
  • Social Activities:- 2500 INR/month
  • Personal Items:- 2000 INR/month
  • Books:- 200-500/book


Pursuing your higher degree in India brings along an ocean of perks along with it. It includes global universities, leading career options, and rich cultural activities are few to list. Other pros are enlisted:

  • Language Skills
  • Heritage Sites
  • Career Growth
  • Diver Courses
  • Top-Quality Education

At Gradding, you will get guidance from steps one to a hundred without struggling alone. The experts here are well-informed about the processes, updates, and other details needed to pursue your dream of studying abroad without many hurdles.