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Best Courses in Demand Abroad 2024-25 | Your Handy Guide

Are you planning to start your dream journey in a foreign country? Many highly developed countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and Australia offer exceptional study experiences to both local and international students. Guess what? This blog contains all the details about the best courses in demand abroad in 2024 for aspirants like you. Hence, if you're waiting for a perfect opportunity to move abroad, remember this is the ideal time to pack your bags! Make 2024 filled with good times and achievements.

Which Stream to Choose After 10th for Studying Abroad?

Are you confused about which course to choose after the 10th grade? Well, it is necessary to pick a stream according to your interest. Also, are you aware that you can study abroad after the 10th standard? There are many renowned high schools in foreign countries for scholars. Thus, they will experience different cultures and get used to new learning styles early. It will prepare them to grow both personally and professionally. Now, let's discuss which stream is best after 10th for abroad studies!
1. Science Stream:

  • One of the popular streams after 10th grade is also an ideal study option for students who want to pursue a career in engineering, pure sciences, or medicine.
  • Also, the stream includes subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology.

2. Commerce Stream:

  • It is an ideal stream for those who want to start their career in finance, accounting, HR, marketing & sales, and business.
  • Further, there are two choices in this stream, i.e. Commerce with and without Maths.
  • Apart from that, you can choose from the following elective subjects in Commerce: 
    1. English
    2. Mathematics
    3. Psychology
    4. Home Science
    5. Physical Education
    6. Information Practice
    7. Fine Arts, etc.

3. Arts Stream:

  • This is an ideal stream for students who want to begin their career in literature, humanities, or other creative sides such as dance, music, or acting.
  • Further, the elective subjects include:
  1. History
  2. Geography
  3. Sociology
  4. Psychology
  5. Political Science, and more.

Thus, these are some of the most opted courses and subjects after 10th to study abroad. The following section will brief you about the best courses after the 12th grade!

Steps to Fly Abroad After 12th With

How Do I Study Abroad After the 12th Grade?

Studying abroad after 12th can be life-changing decision for the scholars. Since, it will provide them a world-class experience of studies from renowned universities. Next, the question is how to choose a best course after completing high school degree? Worry not, the following steps will help you pick a suitable course after the 12th to study abroad:

  • Identify Your Field of Study:

There should be proper planning before searching for a course to study abroad. Analyze your aptitude and skills to determine if the course suits your abilities. Hence, you should know about your interests, strengths, and goals.

  • Choose the Right Country:

Shortlisting a suitable country is one of the crucial steps of the application process. So, before beginning the process, ensure the course you're considering covers the areas you are interested in. Moreover, explore different career paths and learn about their future scopes, market trends, and growth in the particular country.

  • Shortlisting the University:

After choosing the destination, selecting the university that matches your career goals can be a great idea to begin the application process. Thus, research different colleges and check if they offer the course you want to learn. Besides, you can check the institute reviews and rankings to make sure they provide a quality education. Lastly, referring to trusted websites and consulting an experienced overseas education agency can make this process faster and easier.

  • Appear for the Exams:

Further, every university demands various competitive exam scores to get a successful enrollment. These exams are based on the country, college, and program you’re willing to study. Meanwhile, some tests include IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, etc.

  • Begin the Application Process:

The application part of the admission process is relatively difficult since it asks for every detail from your personal to other information. It involves your academic transcripts, standardized test scores, LORs, SOP, resume or CV, etc.

  • Apply for Study Visa:

After receiving the acceptance or offer letter from the university, you can start the visa documentation process as early as possible. Since the visa process usually takes months to come up with a response. So, the Department of Home Affairs recommends lodging the application 6-8 weeks before your course start date.

  • Apply for a Financial Aid:

Lastly, do you want to reduce your financial burden? Then, choose from the best financial aid options to continue studying abroad, such as education loans, scholarships, fellowships, grants, etc. Thus, do thorough research about these aids or take assistance from study abroad experts to make your aspirations come true.

Following these steps will make your study abroad journey much easier and sorted. Moving on the next section, let’s understand the top courses in demand abroad after the 12th.

What Are the Best Study Abroad Courses After the 12th Class?

After completing high school, students often wonder about selecting the right program that matches their skills. Hence, to ease, we've listed some popular study programs for aspirants to learn overseas. Scroll down and check the in demand courses in abroad after 12th grade!

Top 3 Courses for Science Students in Abroad

While there are many blends of courses available to pursue undergraduates abroad, given below are some of the top courses in demand in abroad for science students :

  • Bachelors in Computer Science and IT:

Every industry today uses digital technology. Computer Science focuses on programming and software, whereas Information Technology deals with maintaining systems and databases. Thus, this course will promise employment options as a data analyst, technical support officer, game developer, etc. 
Talking about the scope of CS & IT, the USA is considered a great place to study these subjects. The country has numerous prestigious universities that offer a variety of programs in this field. Hence, science can be the best course for job in abroad, especially in the US for international students. Also, the duration of these programs abroad may vary from 3.5-4 years with on-campus or online mode. Further, let's look at some of the best bachelor's courses for CS majors after the 12th.

Courses in CS / IT Universities & Tuition Fee Per Year
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Stanford University
  • Tuition Fee: $55,473
Machine Learning (ML)
  • Princeton University
  • Tuition Fee: $62,400
Data Science
  • Yale University
  • Tuition Fee: $64,700
Software Engineering
  • Columbia University
  • Tuition Fee: $65,524
Cyber security
  • University of California
  • Tuition Fee: $ 47,024
Information Systems
  • Cornell University
  • Tuition Fee: $65,204
  • Harvard University
  • Tuition Fee: $51,143
  • Bachelors in Medicine:>

As you know, medicine is a need for the current and future years. For every health or medical problem, you would seek a doctor's advice. Also, if you want to become one, there are some of the best courses to study abroad in the medical field. These will grant you work opportunities in the state, private hospitals, and clinics after graduation. Meanwhile, again the USA ranked top in the world to study medicine abroad. Besides, the program duration in USA colleges varies from 3-4 years in on-campus mode. To provide an outline of popular medical courses, here are some examples:

Courses in Medicine Universities & Tuition Fee Per Year
Medicine & Dentistry
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Tuition Fee:USD 62,840
  • University of Arizona
  • Tuition Fee:USD 37,181
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Tuition Fee:USD 52,254
Bio-medical Science
  • Long Island University
  • Tuition Fee:USD 38,665
Health Sciences
  • Pace University
  • Tuition Fee: USD 49,550
  • Bachelors in Civil Engineering and Construction:

With the increase in immigrants and the rise of housing and industrial facilities, there is a high demand for civil engineers and construction in foreign countries. So, you can enrol for these undergraduate courses to get a job as a civil engineer, design engineer, or more abroad. Further, top countries for pursuing civil engineering are the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. Besides, the course length may vary from 3-4 years with on-campus mode.

Courses in Civil Engineering Universities & Tuition Fee Per Year
Structural Engineering
  • Imperial College London
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 37,900
Architectural Engineering
  • University College London
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 37,500
Transportation Engineering
  • University College London
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 37,500
Geo-technical Engineering
  • Aston University, Birmingham
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 20,224
Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
  • RMIT University, Australia
  • Tuition Fee: AUD 43,200

Whatever program you select, remember these courses will promise you a good career and job prospects ahead. Let's move on to the next section and get detailed information on courses in demand abroad in the commerce stream.

Do You Want Details About Courses in Demand Abroad?

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Top 3 Courses for Commerce Students in Abroad

Commerce is considered one of the popular study field that offers multiple subjects options to choose from. These include accounting, finance, business administration, economics, and more. Don't let these options confuse you, so keep reading this blog to get all the details about top courses in demand in abroad for commerce students. Let's get started!

  • Bachelors in Business and Management:

This program helps students to grow their leadership skills for the corporate world. With this course knowledge, they can begin a career as an accountant, tax consultant, finance analyst or even start their own business. With over 390 universities and 50,000+ programs at all levels, the UK is the top choice among international students to pursue a Business degree abroad. Also, the duration may vary from 2.5-4 years depending on the on-campus part-time or full-time mode. Below are a few top courses after 12th Commerce:

Courses in Business & Management Universities & Tuition Fee Per Year
Business Management
  • King’s College London
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 33,450
Business Analytics
  • University of Exeter
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 23,700
Economics and Management
  • University of Warwick, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 29,830
Accounting & Finance
  • University of Warwick, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 29,830
Marketing & Management
  • Durham University, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 27,600
International Management and Modern Languages
  • University of Bath, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 25,700
  • Bachelors in Finance & Accounting:

A degree in Finance and Accounting aims to provide knowledge to individuals who aspire to become professionals in the field. The main career paths in this area are investment analysis, banking, consulting, auditing, and financial management. Moreover, countries like Australia, the US, and UK are categorized as the top countries for their finance programs and specializations. Meanwhile, the course length can be 3-4 years with on-campus, online or combined modes. In addition, the core study programs offered by foreign colleges in this field are:

Courses in Finance & Accounting Universities & Tuition Fee Per Year
  • University of Warwick, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 31,620
Financial Mathematics and Statistics
  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 27,192
Mathematics with Data Science
  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 27,192
Mathematics & Statistics
  • University of Warwick, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 31,620
Accounting and Management
  • University of Bath, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 25,700
Accounting and Statistics
  • University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 21,600
  • Bachelors in Marketing:

This specialization trains students in managing and planning various marketing activities to run a business firm. Thus, you will open doors to many career paths, such as project management, data analysis, etc. Furthermore, count US, and the UK to pursue a marketing course abroad. The course length is 3-4 years, depending on the institute and mode of program. Further, these are core marketing courses to study after the 12th abroad:

Courses in Marketing Universities & Tuition Fee Per Year
Marketing with Study Abroad in a Modern Language
  • University of Bristol
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 26,400
Marketing and Design
  • Lancaster University, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 24,113
Marketing with Psychology
  • Lancaster University, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 24,475
Management with Marketing
  • University of Bath, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 12,850
International Marketing
  • Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 14,500
International Business
  • University of Leeds, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 26,500

Thus, a bachelor's in marketing abroad can be a great stage of progress for students. When your skills merge with the best institutes abroad and with the knowledge you will gain, everything takes a positive turn for a better future. With this, let's proceed to the next section!

Top 3 Courses for Arts Students in Abroad

It is a 3-4 years degree course that is popular among many foreign countries, including the USA and the UK. Below are a few top courses in demand in abroad for arts students. Scroll down for more detailed information!

  • Bachelors in English:

This course is ideal for candidates with a strong interest in English literature. It focuses on critical thinking and literature analysis with a perfect command of communication skills, thus motivating students for public speaking and related activities. While the most obvious choice among international students is to study English in the UK. In addition, the course length can be 3-4 years with on-campus, online or blended mode. Scroll down and learn about different curriculum to study in this program:

Courses in English Universities & Tuition Fee Per Year
English Language and Linguistics
  • Cardiff University, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 22,700
Creative Writing and English Language
  • University of Chester, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 13,950
English and Sports Science
  • Cardiff University, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 22,000
English Language and Literature
  • Loughborough University, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 22,700
Classical Studies and English
  • University of Exeter, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 23,700
English and Creative and Professional Writing
  • University of Derby, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 14,045
  • Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication:

Students interested in public speaking can opt for this after 12th with an arts background. After course completion, they can work for different agencies, such as media houses, radio, newspapers, and more. Moreover, students planning to study media related courses may opt for UK, as there are many research-oriented media programs offered by UK universities. Besides, the program duration varies from 3-4 years. Now, let's learn about the popular courses in the field to study in the UK:

Courses in Journalism and Mass Communication Universities & Tuition Fee Per Year
Journalism and Communications
  • Cardiff University
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 22,700
Media and Creative Industries
  • University of Warwick
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 24,800
Media Production
  • University of Sunderland
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 16,000
Media and Communication
  • Loughborough University
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 23,000
Film and Television
  • University of Bristol
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 29,300
Creative Media Production
  • Staffordshire University
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 16,750
Digital Media and Communication
  • Teesside University
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 17,000
  • Bachelor in Fashion Designing:

It is a perfect study option for students who desire to create unique designs for footwear, clothes, jewellery, etc. It is a high-paying industry with many job options in countries such as the USA and UK. Besides, the program length is 3-4 years, depending on the colleges and their study modes. Some of the popular courses in fashion design are:

Courses in Fashion Designing Universities & Tuition Fee Per Year
Fashion Design & Technology
  • Loughborough University, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 23,000
Graphic Design
  • University of Wales, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 13,500
Fashion Design
  • University of South Wales, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 14,950
Silversmithing and Jewellery
  • University of Plymouth, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 17,100
Fashion Textiles
  • University of the West of England
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 15,850
Fashion Journalism
  • University of Sunderland, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 14,000
Jewellery and Metalwork
  • Sheffield Hallam University, UK
  • Tuition Fee: GBP 15,860

One positive fact about studying arts from foreign institutes is that countries such as the USA, UK, and Australia have great scope in this field. They offer numerous job benefits for the students because of the renowned media and design companies and art venues. Thus, for better scope in the future, go ahead with these places and explore the perfect opportunities out there! Moving on to the next section, learn about the career prospects after completing studies from abroad institutes.

Career Prospects After Graduation in Abroad

Wondering which course is best for abroad jobs? Here you can find top-paying jobs with their average salary in foreign countries!

Job Profile Average Salary (Annual)
Computer Systems Analyst USD 91,000
Nursing Assistant USD 59,000
Industrial Production Manager USD 46,000
Business Development Manager USD 90,000
Financial Manager USD 93,000
Digital Marketer USD 120,000
Copywriter USD 50,000
News Anchor USD 72,000
Fashion Designer USD 76,000

So, these are the jobs that pay great after completing a degree in their respective fields. Hopefully, you got an overview of courses in demand in abroad 2024-25 with good job prospects in the future!

In conclusion, pursuing these courses in foreign requires a lot of dedication and good grades from your previous studies. But always remember, studying abroad can be a rewarding experience both personally and professionally. Hence, it is necessary to research about the course and college. Ensure they will align with your interests and goals. Moreover, students who opt for courses in demand abroad can gain valuable skills that will help them achieve a desirable career path. Thus, with the right course, you have a bright future! 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What Are the Top 3 Courses in Demand Abroad for Students?


The top 3 popular courses with great career opportunities and high-paying jobs are:

  • Computer Science & Technology
  • Business and Management
  • Medicine

Q2. Why You Should Study Abroad in 2024?


  • Begin your career at globally-ranked universities.
  • Availability of courses in every field.
  • Quality education even at affordable prices
  • Enhance interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Build global networks in one place.

Q3. What Are the Top Countries to Study Abroad for Indian Students?


The USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand are categorized as the most preferred destinations for overseas education. Since these are known for diverse study options with good employment scales.

from 3.5-4 years with on-campus or online mode. Further, let's look at some of the best bachelor's courses for CS majors after the 12th.


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