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Know All About Study Abroad Packing List

Are you all set to land in your dream destination to pursue higher studies? Or Are you stuck somewhere? Have you started packing, or are you still confused about what to take? Gradding brings you the study abroad packing list to sort out your mind and the luggage you will carry. This blog mentions everything from packing essentials to things not to carry. Give it a read and sort your dreams.

What One Must Pack for Studying Abroad?

You should be prepared for the tough times just like you are excited for your dream journey. Everything should be kept in mind, and the study abroad packing list must be prepared with utmost care and priority. Gradding has listed a few of the things to carry while travelling abroad from India. Have a look at the study abroad checklist prepared by us to soothe your journey.

tudy Abroad Checklist |

Basic First Aid

One of the vital things that one must carry is the basic first aid. Although, no one wants to be in a situation of any unexpected mishap, you should be prepared with the basic things. Your first aid kit may vary as per your dream destination depending on the costs of material in the host nation. A few common items are mentioned below:

  • Bandages in different sizes, including a bigger one which you can cut into the size you need
  • Wound dressings in a variety of sizes
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Cotton swabs and cotton wool
  • Medical tape
  • Tweezers
  • In addition to these, you can consider packing over-the-counter medications like pain killers, antibiotics, and anti-diarrheal tablets.

Local Currency

The best way to gain access to foreign funds is through the international debit or credit card these days. But still, you should carry some foreign currency as per the nation, just in case you need it at the local market or the places where international cards are not accepted. Although you can use the kiosk at the airport or visit the local bank for currency exchange, keeping some cash in your wallet is always advisable.

Essential Toiletries

While preparing the study abroad packing list, you must keep the essential toiletries. Those must be easily accessible so that you can use them whenever you want to. Here is a list of must-haves in your study abroad packing list.  

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body wash/soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Hairbrush/comb
  • Sanitary items (for women)
  • Deodorant

We encourage you to use environmentally friendly items instead of buying small packings of one-time travel size. A few of the sustainable items are:

  • Shampoo bars instead of travel shampoo bottles
  • Soap bars instead of travel body gels
  • Bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic, disposable toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste tablets
  • Reusable menstrual cups
  • Deodorant bar or refillable deodorant tubes
  • Reusable makeup remover pads
  • Bamboo cotton buds or reusable silicone cotton swabs
  • Reusable tissue

Power Adapter & Converter

You will need a few chargers while you are en route to the study abroad destination to charge devices like phones, laptops or e-readers. To serve this purpose, you will need a converter or an adapter.
 Every country's electric voltage differs, so there are very low chances that you will get the same size of plug and socket as in your origin country. The different sizes and voltages can even short out devices. You must carry converters or adapters to avoid any inconvenience. Moreover, you can carry solar chargers. They will be helpful in blackout situations.

Basic College Supplies

It is usually seen that aspirants while making their study abroad packing list, overlook the need for college supplies like stationery items. Moreover, you must be sure about your syllabus and any particular thing that is required immediately.

Important Documents

A few documents are really important for a study abroad aspirant to carry while migrating to their dream nation. Refer to the image below to know the crucial document to be included in your study abroad packing list.

This image depicts the Document checklist for studying abroad I

You can note down all important documents. Few legal papers are country-specific. Moreover, you should carry a photocopy of these or upload them to the cloud storage. You can also keep a few copies in your luggage but make sure they are kept nicely and neatly. So, conduct thorough research to know what applies to your dream nation.

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How to Pack Clothes for Study Abroad?

There are many things that you need to consider while you pack your life in two suitcases to migrate for higher studies. A few of them are as follows.

Consider the Season

The first thing is to analyze your study destination very carefully. The weather and climate you will be staying in will be the reasons for the type of clothes you will be opting for. For instance, If the nation has a hot climate, the aspirants must pick light and breathable fabrics. It will help you to stay cool and comfortable in the host country.
 However, packing light things in winter is a bit difficult as compared to packing for a warmer destination. It is because you will need extra layers to keep you protected. Also, you must buy jackets that are light in weight but warm in nature. It is advised to invest in merino wool or technical textiles to add warmth to your wardrobe while packing for study abroad. You should pack odour-resistant socks so that you can wear them a few times before washing them.
Also, you can go for gloves that have touch screen fingertips so that you can use your phone without freezing.
Lastly, be sure to pack waterproof shoes with anti-slip footbeds to avoid wet feet or rough falls. These things will ruin your day irrespective of the country’s climate.

Pack Lightweight Clothes

While packing for studying abroad, you must try to pack light clothes. Opt for attire suitable for every kind of weather condition and activity. Also, imagine walking in waterproof shoes for city strolls or wearing lightweight jackets in freezing winters. Thus, pack light and right to soothe your study abroad journey in any conditions without unwanted baggage.

Pack Clothes you can mix and match

The most disheartening thing for a study abroad aspirant will be realizing you didn’t even use half of the packed clothes. It is advisable to pack versatile clothes that you can match and interchange. For instance, clothes with limited patterns can be a good addition that you can wear often.

Respect the Local Culture

It is okay if you are not familiar with the cultural norms of the country you are migrating to. But you must know that ignorance can lead to disrespectful behaviour, such as inappropriate clothing. Your way of dressing can result in unintentional conflicts that will leave a lifelong impact on your life.
 While students consider many things while packing for study abroad, they must also consider local customs and dress culture to avoid any future inconvenience. Conduct research or ask the university coordinator about the modesty and acceptability of dresses in the area where you will live. This will help you avoid culture shock while pursuing your dreams.


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Consider Your Access to Laundry

Access to a washer or dryer in your living space will greatly impact the number of clothes you can include in the luggage you are taking along with you. So, if you have access to a washing machine, use the amenity instead of taking more clothes with you. On the contrary, if you don’t have access to laundry or it is difficult, you can take some detergent in reusable containers.
 Always carry extra lingerie and socks along with you, irrespective of the access to these amenities. Sometimes, you can be super busy with assignments or maybe juggling between work and study, so these extra pairs will save you from discomfort and poor hygiene.

Pack Your Shoes Wisely

You’ll need three essential pairs. They are flip-flops used in communal showers as they are breathable and avoid fungal infections; comfortable walking shoes and nicer shoe pairs to wear for dinners. Also, you must try to fight the urge to pack more pairs than required.

It is suggested that you should buy versatile footwear. Also, buy ruff and tuff footwear so that they don’t wear out easily. Moreover, you should carry travel shoe bag to keep your belongings neat and clean. You wouldn’t want to put your muddy sneakers together with your lightweight layers and expensive clothes.

Try to Prioritize Comfort Over Fashion

Getting distracted by an itchy sweater or developing a blister after a long city walk is almost equal to a nightmare. This is why comfort should be looked over fashion. Wear loose clothes and comfortable footwear to look sassy and be comfy. Also, tight and revealing clothes must be far away from your suitcase especially if you are planning to study in a conservative nation. So, the aspirant must research a lot before packing as their experience will alter with the chosen country.

Extra Things You May Consider

The above sections have a list of the items that must be carried while travelling abroad. So, in this section, you will find the things you may carry if there is space. Look below to know those things.

  • Camera with Cords
  • E-reader like Kindle
  • MP3 Player
  • Sleep Sack
  • Small Padlock 
  • Journal
  • Reusable Water Bottle

These are things that you can consider. Here is now some packing hacks that you can follow to carry more items with you.

  • Use packing cubes and organizers to arrange the clothes, electronics, documents and toiletries neatly and separately .
  • You should roll your clothes instead of folding them so that more clothes can be arranged in less space. Also, wrinkling is prevented.
  • You can stuff the smaller items in shoes like socks and belt. It will help in two ways: the shape of shoes will be retained and space will be free in luggage.
  • Wrap shower caps around your shoes to help them stay together and protect your clothes from getting dirty. 
  • Use binder clip with chargers and documents. With this, the charger will not be tangled and the papers are kept arranged.
  • Wear bulky items like heavy jackets instead of packing them.

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Things Not to Carry While Traveling for Study Abroad

As soon as you start packing for your dreams, there are many things that you want to take with you, but space isn’t enough. Here is a list of a few things that you must not carry to save space for the necessary items. 

What I should Not Pack for abroad studies? |

Lots of Food or Snacks:

It is always exciting when you have something unique among your new friends in terms of the local cuisine from the area you belong to. It is recommended that you don’t stuff your grocery store into your bag. Additionally, replacing your favourite snacks and food with local things can be adventurous and can give you new treats that you will love.

Heavy Liquids:

To avoid wastage of space, you should bring in a reusable travel-size bottle. You can also consider buying from the study destination. 


If you’re a bookworm, it will be painful to leave behind your books in your native place. However, they can take up much space and weight. You can consider alternatives like e-books or visiting the local library in your locality or university.

Tons of Electronics or Electronic Appliances: 

One of the top targets of theft is electronic items. Although smartphones and tablets are crucial for your abroad studies you should analyze what is important besides these.


Everyone loves their comfort right from their pillow but it is suggested to buy bedding after you arrive in your dream destination. As we know every inch of space counts and it can take up a huge chunk of the space.

Valuables & Luxury Items: 

Instead of carrying the items of your favourite brand, you can buy affordable and functional versions of them. This will help you to avoid any emotional baggage caused due to the loss.

Anything Culturally Inappropriate: 

With a very thin line difference between cultural appreciation and appropriation, the latter causes more harm. In simple words, you should not carry the items that hurts the sentiments (religiously or emotionally) of the natives. Also, the cultural origins must not be harmed. Always remember, you will be representation your home country in the foreign land, thrive the best version of yourself there.

 In this blog, you got to know about the essential things that a study abroad aspirant must carry. Also, the packing hacks mentioned will help you a lot in knowing the right way to pack the maximum clothes in minimum spaces. Moreover, everyone wonders about the things that they should not carry. This blog even has a list of things that must not be packed into your life of two suitcases. Wishing you luck in your abroad journey.

Commonly Asked Questions

When Should I Start Packing for Study Abroad?

The time when you start packing will depend on the things you want to carry with you. It is advisable to start collecting the items you have to carry as soon as you book your tickets.

How Many Kg Can Students Carry in Flight?

You're allowed to carry 23 kg. One additional bag can be carried, but it must not exceed the mentioned weight. 

Can I Take 2 Bags as Hand Luggage?

No, you can not carry 2 bags as the space provided in the overhead bin is the same. However, some airlines will allow you if they fit under your seat.

How Many Shoes to Pack for Studying Abroad?

A study abroad aspirant must carry at least 3 pairs of shoes with them. It includes one comfortable, one fancy and one extra pair of shoes.

What if My Luggage is 4 Kg Overweight?

If your luggage is overweight by 4 kgs, you have to pay the extra amount as per the airline's policy.

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