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A Guide to Canada PhD: How to Apply? University & Courses

Education in Canada is one of the top most checklist item of a student. Here, you will get to clear all your questions regarding PhD in Canada.

PhD and research are two different words having the same meaning. Students who are fond of discovering and finding out things excel in PhD. But, to have a career and learning that is meaningful, it is vital to choose a suitable university or a course. Above all, it is essential to pick the perfect and most appropriate country if you are a study abroad students. One of the reason why students prefer PhD in Canada is because of its evolving research industry and upliftment to the PhD education system.

Why Study PhD in Canada?

One of the best destinations in the world to study is Canada. It provides wonderful opportunity to achieve your academic objectives, discover different cultures, and lead a high-quality living. You will place equal emphasis on research and innovation as well as practical experience as a student in Canada. The University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of British Columbia are a few of best universities to study PhD in Canada for Indian Students. Numerous thousands of students from around the world come to study in this open-minded, cosmopolitan environment. Here are some powerful reasons to study PhD in Canada:

1. Excellent Research Opportunities

In Canada, students get to explore several research opportunities at some of the top institutes. These colleges and universities have some of the best system and faculty to help students get the best learning.

2. Low-Cost Education

Canada have some of the lowest tuition PhD in Canada fees colleges and universities in the world. Also, it offers students with the most suitable scholarship programs so they don’t have to pay much. For any students who wishes to have an affordable academic life.

3. Education of High Quality

When it comes to excellent education opportunities Canadian universities offers many diverse field of learning. Also, in terms of job opportunities, PhD graduated have better scope then bachelor’s and master’s degree.

4. Encouraged Learning Environment

Universities in Canada are very supportive when it comes to education environment for students. The system there is designed to make the learning process easy and encourage students for better scores.

5. Professional Career Options

As mentioned above, PhD students get better career chances in Canada them other aspirants. There is amazing scope in this country for the researchers and inventors. Majority of job sector is covered by the Canada PhD graduate.

6. Better Life Quality 

Living in another country and studying abroad is a life changing experience in itself. Canada is know for affordable housing, excellent healthcare and amazing outdoor vibe. If want to have a good life quality abroad, then Canada should be on top of your list.

7. Cultural Diversity

More like India, Canada is also a country with diverse culture, lifestyle and language. Having some of the most reputed universities from the World, it offers place to more cultures to settle.

These are some of the most prominent features of studying PhD in Canada that makes it a better place for students. If you are planning to pursue PhD abroad, this will be the most suitable country for you to begin with.

In the coming section, you will get to know more about the Universities in Canada for PhD. However, once you are firm with your country decision, its time to pick the most suitable university for PhD in Canada.

List of Top Universities in Canada for PhD?

Before you start your study abroad journey, you must know all about the types of university and their facts and figures to make a rational decision. Below are top 10 universities in Canada for PhD and some details on them that will help you to pick the right choice for yourself:

S No.

University Name

THE 2023 Ranking

QS 2023 Ranking


University of Toronto




University of British Columbia




McGill University




McMaster University




University of Montreal




University of Alberta




University of Ottawa




University of Calgary




University of Waterloo




Western University



These universities surly gives student an experience of a life time. For those who wishes to do PhD, they prefer being a students at one of these top 10 Canada university for PhD. The key reason behind is that these universities have some of the most suitable courses for students to pick. If you want to know more about these PhD programs in Canada, refer to the next section.

Best PhD Courses in Canada for Students

Pursuing a PhD degree in Canada is life learning about dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. It will get you the best expedience with a lot less struggle for the things that matters. Canada is one of the best place where you will be guaranteed to get the best research and PhD education.

Another aspects that is vital to ensure a productive PhD course is to pick a course that aligns with your interest and time. Below in this section you will get to learn about 10 most popular areas in which students travel from across the world to pursue PhD in Canada:

  • Business
  • Economics
  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Biological sciences
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Political sciences
  • Anthropology
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Geography
  • Entomology
  • Statistics

Any PhD courses in Canada lasts for approximately 4 - 6 years. This time duration is more than other countries because the process of learning and stages of degree varies. Canada provides students with much in-depth studies and education in PhD. This is the key reason why the duration is more here.

However, before you dream of studying PhD in Canada for international students, you must also know that it has a very specific eligibility criteria. You need to cross a certain mark of being a valuable students to get admission in Canada university for PhD.

Eligibility Criteria and Document Requirement to Study PhD in Canada

All the countries you wish to study abroad, have their own set criteria for PhD students to get admission. Likewise, Canada being a hub of PhD aspirant in the world, have more specific guidelines that you must follow before applying. Below we have given you an idea about the stages you must clear to apply for PhD from Canada:

Post Graduate Degree 

One of the most important element that will get application through the process, is your PG Degree. You must have completed post graduation or masters from a renowned board of education which is acceptable in Canadian universities.

High-Ranking Bachelor’s Degree 

Having a very high scoring bachelor’s report card is like a substitute for post graduate degree. If you want to pursue PhD just after completing your bachelor’s then it is possible only if you have extra ordinary scores.

LOR and a Research Proposal 

Letter of Recommendation is a general requirement for every stream or course you want to study abroad. Research proposal is another document that will help in making your position as a good researcher strong. Both of these are drafted by a faculty you have in current degree course.

English Language Proficiency Exam 

This is another aspect that make your application stringer to study PhD in Canada. One basic requirement from any students who is traveling from abroad is to clear IELTS and TOEFL exams with the minimum score. Only then he/she will be acceptable for the PhD program.

Standardized Test Scores 

Having cleared ability-testing exams is also vital for certain specific university to study PhD in Canada. These tests are GRE/GMAT, which may very depending upon the nature of your course. This exam requirement is not mandatory for every university, but only fir some.

Academic Background 

Before you apply for admission in Canada university for PhD, you must gather all your academic transcripts. These set of documents needed are previous degree, portfolio of past research work, CV, SoP, etc.

Once you find yourself eligible as per the above stated list, you can apply for PhD in Canada. The percentage of you getting into your dream university is much higher now in comparison to the time when you were just dream with out any plan in-hand.

While we talk about the PhD requirements in Canada for international students being in-hand, another factor that will ensure you have a great time learning in your PhD program is scholarship. Well, applying for one is as critical as it is to apply for admission.

Top 10 Scholarships for PhD in Canada

Before you get closer to your journey of pursuing PhD in Canada, you must also secure yourself a scholarship to fund your education. PhD programs in Canada require a lot of spending for field visit, equipments, procedure and other factors to make your thesis a success. To ensure you are able to complete this critical process, a scholarship is a must.

Here is the list of top 10 universities that you can pick from based on your needs and course specifications:

S No.

Scholarship Name



Ontario Trillium Scholarship

40,000 CAD a year


Ontario Graduate Scholarship

15,000 CAD


Robert Hartog Graduate Scholarship

5,000 CAD


UAlberta Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship

45,000 CAD


The University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship

18,000 CAD per year


UBC four-year Doctoral Scholarship

18,200 CAD per year


Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship

40,000 CAD


Ontario Graduate Fellowship

12,000 CAD


Hira and Renu Ahuja International Graduate Scholarship

20,000 CAD


Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

50,000 per year

Having a scholarship in your hand cam make your learning process during the PhD course much more sweet. Canada is know for its affordability, so imagine the comfort you will have. However, before all this, the first and the foremost requirement is to apply for university admission. In the upcoming section, you will learn about the same from the experts point of view as per their experience of helping several students get through.

Secure Your PhD in Canada with a Perfect Scholarship Program

Experienced counsellors at are here to help you with the application, interview, and documentation process for your scholarship in Canada. Schedule a Call Today!

How to Apply for PhD In Canada?

Applying for PhD is as hectic and overwhelming as other application process to study abroad. Any students who wishes to pursue overseas education, must prepare themselves for a lot of application processes and documents. However, this application process starts with applying for university Intake. For PhD, this varies a little. Below is the step-wish answer to your question, “How to apply PhD in Canada?”that you must follow:

Look for a Study Abroad Consultant

If you want your overseas PhD in Canada to be fruitful, its best to find a consultant to help you. They will guide you with some of the best advice to pick your suitable university and course. Also they will be a good support in giving your right training for Visa and much more.

Pick University and Course

The next step in the process is for you to make a choice about the university and course you want to study. It might sound like a tough task, but if you are clear with your interested you won’t face any issue coming with the best choice.

Find Out the Eligibility Criteria

Every course you are interested in or university you wish to apply to, there is a set criteria that has to be fulfilled. Find out the same so you are able to match and then apply. In the concept of overseas education, every aspect of journey has its own eligibility criteria. So, make sure you know the same and are able to fulfill it.

Fill the Application Form

Apply online to the university of your choice, pay the application fees, and submit the relevant documentation. When applying for PhD programmes, universities may request the following documents:

  • SOP
  • Academic Transcripts
  • IELTS/TOEFL language test results
  • Two to three letters of recommendation
  • CV or Portfolios

Prepare and Give the Interview

Once your application is selected, you will be asked to appear for the interview process. Some universities have this compulsion for selected candidates. However, not every one of them have an interview stages for you to clear.

Apply for Visa and Scholarships

Once your application is selected and your have cleared your interview process, now you can start planning for your overseas education journey. Apply for Visa and get yourself a funded scholarship. These are very necessary for you to have your PhD completion smoothly.

Scholarships are one of the major requirement for any students who is going abroad for studies and, PhD makes it even more necessary. It will help you get your tuition fees and education Phd in Canada fees reduced while studying in Canada.

What Is the Cost of Studying PhD in Canada?

Canada is an affordable place to study in comparison to other destinations. However, for any students it is as vital to have a scholarship program in hand to provide funding and financial help. The cost of studying PhD in Canada is given below to help you understand the need of scholarships:

S No.

University Name

Per Year Expenses


University of Toronto

4733.51 - 8735 CAD


University of British Columbia

3000 - 13500 CAD


McGill University

16122 CAD


McMaster University

2102.40 CAD


University of Montreal

747,211.10 CAD


University of Alberta

8700 CAD


University of Ottawa

2122 - 2353 CAD


University of Calgary

8081.04 CAD


University of Waterloo

7396 - 7474 CAD


Western University

9660 CAD

These are the average cost that one has to bare when they go out to study PhD in Canada. So when you are planning your education funds, make sure you have planned accordingly. Every information which is mentioned in this blog is to help with the reliable support that you have been looking for.


To conclude, if you are a someone who has always wished to study abroad and is looking reliable assistance, then this blog is for you. You can now rest assure that your dream to study PhD in Canada will be fulfilled. This opportunity is coming your way so its better to take support of an expert if you wish to increase your chances to study abroad.


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