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Ultimate Guide for 10 Best Scholarships in Canada

This blog is written with the purpose to give information about the top 10 scholarships in Canada to the study abroad enthusiasts. is the best platform where you can get all information related to scholarships and studying abroad.

In the world of students following mob mentality, you can chase your dreams of studying abroad. As a student, if you have the ambition to study abroad, especially in Canada, please read this whole blog of In this blog, we will tell you about the top ten scholarships in Canada and the application process. We know it is a challenging process, but if you take the help of experienced study abroad experts on our platform, we can make it possible. But, before knowing the types of Canadian scholarships, you should know why Canada is the best choice for studying abroad. Well, we provided this answer in the below-mentioned point.

Why Canada Is the Best Country for Studying Abroad?

Canada has the best standard of living. The same rules and rights that safeguard all Canadians' respect for human rights, equality, diversity, and a stable, peaceful society also benefit international students. Canada is renowned for providing chances for research and high-quality education at every level of study, from elementary to post-secondary. You can find better career opportunities or scholarships in Canada to help you. To gain practical experience while you study, many programmes also provide co-op job placements or internships. Most overseas students can work while studying and obtain a Post-Graduation Work Permit after their education.

Now that you know the importance of studying in Canada, let's check out the top ten Canadian scholarships.

Top 10 Scholarships Offered in Canada

Although many scholarships are offered in this country for national and international students, these are some of the top scholarships provided in Canada for scholars.

1. President's Scholarship For World Leaders

The University of Winnipeg is offering the scholarship. Selected candidates may be awarded a $5,000 Canadian scholarship.

Who can apply: International students who want to attend the University of Winnipeg and have an admission average of at least 80% (the average of their grades in the top six Class 12 subjects).

Selection Procedure: Students should have the necessary score for selection. Additionally, their application form, personal statement, references, and curriculum vitae will be evaluated. Additionally, students must exhibit leadership traits, which they can do by displaying them on their certificates.

Apply at: if you're interested.

2. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

International students can receive a highly competitive fellowship for three years of doctoral study. They are qualified to apply for the scholarship of $50,000. Depending on the available funding, up to 166 scholarships may be given each year.

Who can apply: Students who desire to pursue study in the social sciences, humanities, or natural sciences and engineering are eligible for the award. Candidates seeking their first doctoral degree, including those enrolled in combined programs such as an MD/PhD or MBA/PhD, are eligible to apply. Candidates must have their institute nominate them.

Selection procedure: Applicants got selected based on their academic standing, potential for future research, and leadership abilities.

Where to apply: Interested students should visit

3. Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Under the Ontario graduate scholarship programme, students are given $5,000 per session by the University of Toronto and the Province of Ontario. It pays for a third of the total prize that the students get. Depending on the course, each scholarship is for a year, which could be divided into two or three sessions. For master's students and doctoral students, the funds may last up to two years and four years, respectively.

Who can apply: Canadian citizens and international students can apply for the scholarship. The applicant must be enrolled full-time in a graduate degree programme at the University of Toronto.

Selection Procedure: The selection process will shortlist candidates based on their profiles, including their application form, academic transcripts, prior honours, published research, study plan, and two academic references.

Where to apply: Applicants should visit the Ontario Graduate Scholarship's official website at

4. Merit Scholarships From Quebec Government

The Quebec government provides scholarships to international students pursuing technical and vocational training at college and university levels. The scholarship will exclude students from paying differential tuition fees and health and hospital insurance. The scholarship is worth $CAN 25,000 for doctorate students for up to three years, $CAN 35,000 for postdoctoral students, and $CAN 3,000 per month for up to four months for short-term research and professional development.

Who can apply: Québec University candidates wanting to enrol in doctorate, postdoctoral, or brief professional courses may apply. Students must have completed a college-level technical training programme.

Selection procedure: The universities will first choose the students' applications before submitting them to the authorities.

Apply here:

5. Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship

Students from outside Canada may also apply for a Banting postdoctoral scholarship. The deadline for this year ends on September 20. For two years, the scholarship will be worth $70,000. Banting postdoctoral scholars can travel and engage in fieldwork but must remain based at their host institution.

Who can apply: The applicants must be enthusiastic about conducting research in various fields, such as medicine, engineering, social sciences, and humanities.

Selection Procedure: The selection method is based on the strength of the applicant's proposed research programme, the candidate's institutional commitment, and the candidate's research and leadership abilities in their field of study.

Visit to apply.

6. Dick Martin Scholarship Award

The Dick Martin Scholarship is funded by CCOHS (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety) every year. The grant offers students taking courses in health and safety $3,000. Each academic institution where the winning students attend will get a prize worth $500.

Who Can Apply: Students who are enrolled in occupational health and safety (OHS) and associated courses at universities in Canada are eligible to apply for the scholarship. This applies to degree, diploma, and certificate programmes in mining safety, industrial, workplace, and safety management.

Selection process: The application form, cover letter, and essay determine the chosen candidates. Candidates must write essays on technical issues and prevention. Every year on January 31, the essays must be turned in. Intellectual content will account for 50% of the evaluation of essays, followed by practical value (20%), theory value (20%), and presentation (10%).

Candidates can submit their applications at

7. Research Award

Candidates who wish to conduct research in the areas of climate-resilient food systems, democratic and inclusive governance, education and science, ethics in development research, global health, policy and evaluation, and sustainable, inclusive economies are eligible for scholarships from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). Award recipients in Ottawa will be regarded as full-time, non-union IDRC workers. The pay scale is from $42,033 to $48,659. The recipient in Nairobi is seen as a temporary worker. The pay scale is between 2,032,072 and 3,204,520 KES.

Students from low- or middle-income nations, including India, who have a work visa valid for full-time employment in Canada are eligible to apply. The applicant must have earned a master's degree from a Canadian university or be enrolled in one.

The applicant must be interested in conducting research in pertinent courses with up to three months of fieldwork. Academic credentials and the calibre of the study will be used to select candidates. Holders of master's degrees will be given preference.

Applications can be submitted at:

8. Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

The very selective award takes into account both Canadian and foreign pupils. It has a three-year tenure and is accessible to researchers. Selected candidates receive up to $CAD 40,000 annually for three years to cover tuition and reasonable living costs; up to $CAD 20,000 annually for three years to cover language learning expenses, travel, and lodging for the foundation's leadership programme; and research, networking, or travel related to their doctoral research.

Who can apply: International applicants accepted into full-time programmes at Canadian universities are eligible to apply. Candidates must present impressive academic records.

The application of candidates will be shortlisted first in the selection process. The chosen candidates must then participate in a group activity and participate in individual interviews in the official languages of English and French. Depending on the candidates' skills, the language might be chosen.

Where to apply: Interested parties may do so through the Trudeau Foundation website.

9. Queen Elizabeth Scholarship

Queen Elizabeth Scholarships are available to students for research and study in Canada through a partnership between Canadian universities and the Rideau Hall Foundation. A financing of $1,600,000 is offered under this. The most you can spend on a project proposal is $30,000. On July 21, the current year's deadline expired.

Who can apply: Students interested in undertaking research in pertinent fields while studying in Canada are eligible to apply. Additionally, it is accessible to Canadian students who want to study abroad.

Procedure for Selection: Candidates will be chosen based on their academic standing and the calibre of their submitted proposals. Additionally, applicants must submit a letter of recommendation from their Canadian university.

Students can submit their applications at

10. Other Scholarships

NSERC's Indigenous Student Ambassadors, the Ontario Trillium Scholarship, Partnership Grants of Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and the Canada-ASEAN SEED are just a few other scholarships.

Additionally, the Canadian government offers provincial scholarships to support students pursuing their education in provinces including Ontario, Quebec, the Atlantic, and Western Canada. Although a few of these scholarships have been listed, students can also visit official websites to learn more. Graduate Student Scholarships, Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarships, Manitoba Arts Council Scholarship, Nurses Association of New Brunswick Scholarship, IEEE Scholarships, Graduate Student Scholarships, Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarships, Manitoba Arts Council Scholarship, Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Scholarships, and Atlantic Canada Credit Unions Bursary Programme.

How Gradding Can Help You to Study in Canada?

Lastly, when you learn about the best ten scholarships in Canada, there are also some other aspects you need to fulfil. If you are stuck with your ambitions and want to be admitted to top-notch universities in Canada, you must contact us. There is no doubt in the statement that is the best study abroad platform that can help you with many things related to studying abroad. We provide the best visa assistance, guidance for scholarships and funds for financial support, accommodation details, handpicked courses, career counselling and much more. The prime objective of our platform is to turn your dreams into reality so that you can enjoy life on your dream campus in Canada.

Winding Up

Finally, it is better to say that studying abroad is not a dream anymore. If you are also a study abroad aspirant and wish to get admission to top Canadian universities, you can easily benefit from the above mentioned scholarships. If you have any doubts or queries, contact us for better results. If you think getting admission to your dream college can be challenging, it must be corrected because is there to help you constantly. We hope you read the whole blog and loved the information we provided on the top ten scholarships in Canada. We wish you all the best for your academic growth and success.


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