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Know the Cheapest City in Canada for International Students

Students who desire to study in Canada can know about the cheapest city in Canada for International students to ease the journey.

When students think of studying abroad, the most number of students choose Canada as their top choice. It is because the nation provides high quality education and better culture for them. Also, it stands out among foreign scholars. However, the decision to choose the city and university is something that makes them into confusion. In such a case, it can be valuable for learners to have knowledge of the cheapest city in Canada for International students to ease in the path related to finances. Knowing this can support scholars in choosing a suitable place in Canada as well as matches their interest.

With a world-class infrastructure, top universities with globally known degrees make the obvious choice for students. However, aspiring ones do not know the ways to choose a better college. In this case, they get into a tunnel of challenges, which makes them pick the cheapest place to live in Canada with college. Thus, they can take the below section help to do so without taking tension.

Top Cheapest Cities in Canada for International Students

For aspiring students, it can be valuable to have information about the cheapest cities in Canada. The reason for that is the higher expensive that is a must for international scholars to know. Such things support them in preparation for the further journey. Although, getting this data can seem complicated to students. This section will be helpful to get rid of the tension to ease their path.

Moncton ( New Brunswick)

Moncton is the smallest city in Canada, but it is the largest one in New Brunswick. Also, this is one of the cheapest places in this nation. In addition, the cost of living is around 6% below the country's average. It is the cheapest accommodation in Canada for international students. Aspirants can get a housing option for around 800 CAD monthly. So it can be valuable for them to choose this nation for their further journey.

Abbotsford ( British Columbia)

British Columbia is generally considered an expensive nation region. However, Abbotsford is a budget-friendly option for students. Also, this has various universities that aspirants can choose from. Also, it is one of the largest city with the area in British Columbia. It has an affordable cost of living, which is below the nation's average by 3.6%. Even, this has the most diverse population in Canada.

Laval (Quebec)

Laval can be a good choice for students who are seeking the cheapest place to live in Canada. Also, it is one of the areas which has the most inferior schooling fees when compared to the other locations. Apart from this, it is a great option for scholars who want to learn French. However, the cost of living can be slightly higher but is less than in many other places.

Ottawa (Ontario)

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and home to many top-known universities. Students can decide to get admission to the famous University of Ottawa and Carleton University. Also, it is a vibrant and beautiful city that aspirants can choose for their further studies. It can be valuable for them to find an apartment around CAD 1200. So, it can be a cheaper option for them to consider this place for the option of the cheapest and best university in Canada.

Sherbrooke (Quebec)

Sherbrooke is another affordable and cheapest place for students to study in Canada. Also, it has the largest number of aspirants spread across top universities in Quebec. The cost of living in Sherbrooke is below more than 15% when compared to the average of the nation. Also, students can find good apartments for less than CAD 800.

St. Catharines (Ontario)

It can be valuable to pick St. Catharines when deciding on the cheapest city in Canada for International students. The place's average cost of living is 0.5% below in comparison with the country. However, aspirants can rent an apartment for around CAD 1200. Also, it is known as the "Garden City" due to the numerous gardens and parks. Apart from this, it is just 20 minutes away from the world famous Niagara Falls.

Montreal (Quebec)

This is another one on the list from the Quebec province, and aspirants especially can find this place when searching for the cheapest accommodation in Canada for international students. Also, this place is known for its cultural scene. Apart from this, it has the famous Montreal University, which makes this the institute town. The monthly rent for better apartments is around 1200 CAD. So it can be valuable for those who want to go here can surely choose this place.

Calgary (Alberta)

It is the largest city in Alberta which has some of the best and known colleges in Canada. Also, this is famous as a skiing destination among the tourists. Apart from this, the place has the youngest population among the other Canadian cities. Aspirants can find their mates here and can easily rent apartments ranging from around CAD 800. So choosing this can be valuable for them to achieve better opportunities smoothly.

Kingston (Ontario)

Kingston is known for its famous universities, including Queen University, St. Lawrence University, and Royal Military College of Canada. It also has a great student vibe due to the hub of many international scholars. This city offers various options for housing with comfort to modern life. Apart from this, the cost of living in Kingston is lower than in many places in Canada. Students can rent an apartment for around 1200 CAD.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Last but not least, Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba. Also, this is known as the economic centre of Canada. Apart from this, it is the epicentre of the manufacturing and hospital industries. Furthermore, this is the home of various universities and colleges, including the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg. Rather than all of this, the place has a vibrant student culture offering various job options for local as well as international students.

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This is the list of the cheapest city in Canada for International students. It can be valuable for them to have such knowledge to pick a suitable and best accommodation place. Apart from this, they should have information on the best and cheapest universities in Canada. For that, they can read from the below section to gather data to make a precise decision.

List of Best Cheapest Universities in Canada for Students

When students are searching for a better university, it can be a plus point for them to have knowledge of the best and cheapest universities. The reason behind that is to avoid the challenges which they face due to the tight budget. So, knowing the cheapest universities in Canada can help them handle the pressure and ease the journey to admission to the top-known institutes in Canada. Have a look at the below list of the best and cheapest universities in Canada.

  • University of Calgary
  • University of Guelph
  • Bow Valley College
  • Humber College
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Algonquin College
  • Northern Lights College
  • Conestoga College

These are the top 10 universities students can pursue their higher education in Canada. Also, it can be valuable for scholars to choose one cheapest and best university in Canada according to their budget and one that matches their course's interests. Now, aspiring one can read about the average accommodation in Canada from the below section.

Average Accommodation in Canada for International Students

For students who desire to pursue their higher education in Canada, it is beneficial for them to have knowledge of the average accommodation. Such things help aspiring scholars to choose a place which can not break their finance budgeting plans. Also, it helps them to consider a better one that also supports them to secure better future opportunities. Regarding expenses, international students' average cost of living ranges from CAD 15000 to CAD 20000 yearly. This cost does not include the tuition fees and includes food, travel, accommodation, insurance, and other such things. Read the table to know the average cost for each aspect.


Average Yearly Expenditure


On-Campus: 3,000 CAD- 8,000 CAD

Off-Campus: 9,000 CAD- 25,000 CAD


2200 CAD- 3,500 CAD


1500 CAD- 3000 CAD

Health Insurance

500 CAD- 1000 CAD


7,000 CAD- 8,500 CAD

It is the list of the average yearly cost of living for international students. Such knowledge can support in managing financial expenses efficiently and plan accordingly. Also, finding out the cheapest accommodation in Canada for international students can be valuable with this write-up.


For students who want to study abroad, Canada can be one of the best options. The nation offers various options for international scholars in terms of jobs, courses, top colleges and affordable stays. So, it can be valuable for aspiring students to choose this country for overseas education. However, having knowledge of the cheapest city in Canada for international students can be valuable for these scholars. The easy visa process and a chance to study at reputed universities allow aspirants to get better opportunities.


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