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Know Average Cost of Living in Australia for a Student

Students who desire to go to Australia for higher overseas education should have knowledge of the cost of living in Australia for a successful future with the help of this blog written by experts.

Australia is known for the best universities and quality education. Many students dream of pursuing their higher degrees in the nation. It can be valuable for them to first learn about the cost of living in Australia. Doing this is essential for scholars who desire to study abroad at a top institution. It will help them prepare their funding per the city's average living expenses. In that case, aspirants who want to study in Australia should explore the living cost to prepare better. However, finding valuable and reliable information can be challenging.

For international students who prefer to study in Australia, knowing the living expenses in Australia can be valuable. If you are also one of the scholars who desire to go abroad for further higher degrees, this blog can be helpful for them to give their dream new heights. In order to understand all things, the first thing you can know from the upcoming section is the types of cost of living.

Types of Cost of Living Expenses in Australia

Wondering the cost of living in Australia for Indian students is something every scholar does before going. The excitement to go abroad is ordinary. However, they should do some research before going to the other nation. It can help them ease the journey and not face the issues overseas. However, many aspirants do not work like this and meet trouble upon arrival. In order to avoid that, students who desire to go abroad can get help from the mentioned sectors to understand the types of living expenses in Australia.

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The housing cost is the prime living expense students have to take care of while studying in Australia. It is because this depends on the accommodation type chosen by scholars. So, it becomes crucial for aspirants to look for a stay which matches their comfort and prices. Students can choose shared housing, the hall of residence, university PGs, and independent stays. Candidates can pick the suitable accommodation which suits their plans for living expenses in Australia.

Type of Accommodation

Average Cost of Accommodation


450 AUD - 1,200 AUD

Halls of residence

440 AUD - 1,100 AUD

University Apartment

750 AUD - 1,700 AUD

Shared apartment

650 AUD - 950 AUD

Daily Food and Groceries

Another necessary thing students have to know is about the daily food and grocery expenses. They should plan their monthly costs for the daily necessities as per their food requirement. Doing this helps them to ease the learning path abroad in Australia. It can be valuable for scholars to get these essential things to include in the monthly living cost in Australia for international students and plan effectively. Apart from this, students can rely on choosing to make their meals on their own. It can be an essential way for them to cut down the cost. The costs of the daily basic food items and groceries are mentioned below.



White Rice (1 kg)

2.64 AUD

A Dozen Eggs

5.36 AUD

White Fat Milk (1 L)

1.24 AUD

Fast Food Combo Meal

12 AUD

Apples (1 Kg)

4.32 AUD

500 gr Local Cheese


Tomatoes (1 kg)

5.08 AUD

Water (1.5 L)

2.20 AUD

Potatoes (1 kg)

3.35 AUD

Bread (for 2 people)

2.78 AUD

It is the list of the daily necessary items students have to know the prices to maintain the living expense in Australia.


Another crucial thing in the cost of living in Australia students must know is transportation. There are different types of commuting available in Australia scholars have to know. They can utilize public and private transport as per their comfort. However, it can be fruitful for scholars to choose public transport as this is well connected and easily available with cost effective prices. In order to commute, learners can travel by bus, train, and bicycle. Apart from this, aspirants can understand the living cost in Australia for international students of transport from the different types from the mentioned table.

Mode of Transport

Average Cost

One-way Local Transport Ticket

3-6 AUD

Taxi Tariff

3.60 AUD - 7 AUD

Gasoline (1 L)

1.19 AUD - 1.60 AUD

Taxi (1 km)

1.62 AUD - 3.20 AUD

Monthly Pass

90 AUD - 220.70 AUD

It is the transportation cost students can understand and quickly choose one as per their convenience. Doing this helps them to handle living expenses in Australia.


Another crucial thing in cost of living students has to know when pursuing a degree is different bills. This includes the bill for electricity, water, internet and shopping. Also, these are the basics that scholars have to pay as per their type of accommodation. It can be valuable for learners to cleverly consider to utilize the sources. Understanding the monthly living expenses in Australia for Indian students while paying the bills is crucial. When abroad, scholars can be amazed by the shopping options around them. But they should choose to buy things wisely to maintain their monthly living expenses. The mentioned below are average figures of the bills per month students have to pay.


Average Cost Per Month


70 AUD

Basic Utilities

200 AUD

Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local

0.10-1 AUD

These are the crucial bills that vary from candidateto candidate. They can create a plan for monthly living expenses in Australia for Indian students containing these figures.


Last but not least, there are some miscellaneous costs that students have to contain when making plans for monthly expenses. It can be valuable for them to do better planning for the month. The fees can include a wide range of things, including the study material and other essential items. So, students should know the miscellaneous costs that can come around while studying life in Australia. Thus, students should plan accordingly to maintain expenses to ease the abroad journey. Have a look at the misc things that most scholars have in Australia.

Miscellaneous Items

Average Costs

Household Items

80 AUD

Books & Stationery

10 AUD


11 AUD


50 AUD

It can be valuable for scholars to have knowledge of Australia living cost for students. Such things make the path easier for students while studying in the another nation. They can manage their living expense in Australia by following them and planning accordingly. From the below section, they can learn about the living expenses of the different universities.

Living Expenses in Australia According to Universities

The cost of living in Australia for Indian students varies on the type of university. It can be valuable for them to know the expense difference between private and public ones. It can also help them to understand the expenses and price difference. The government funds public institutions in Australia. On the other hand, students should know that private universities are financed by investors and require more student tuition fees.

It is the list of the universities that both public and private students must know of. It can be valuable for them to ease their journey by choosing one institution.

University Name

Type of University

Average Annual Fees

University of Melbourne


31,870 AUD

University of New South Wales


23,140 AUD

University of Sydney


44,500 AUD

The University of Queensland


34,960 AUD

Australian National University


31,628 AUD

Bond University


43,200 AUD

Carnegie Mellon University


58,000 AUD

Torrents University


34,480 AUD

Avolande University


34,736 AUD

So, students should plan their monthly living expenses in Australia by considering all the facts. It can be valuable for them to make a better plan and cut down the cost according to their in-hand amount. Now, it can be fruitful for scholars to understand the city wise cost of living for Indian students. In order to read about them, the following section is helpful.

City Wise Cost of Living in Australia for Students

These are the city wise Australia living cost for students that ismust know for them to create a better plan and choose a suitable city with a university. Understanding this can be valuable for scholars to ease the future journey and get better future options. Students can prefer the city as per the monthly living expenses from the mentioned table.


Average Cost of Living


AUD 2,800 to AUD 3,500


AUD 3,000 to AUD 4,500


AUD 2,500 to AUD 3,000


AUD 2,000 to AUD 3,500


AUD 2,500 to AUD 3,000


AUD 2,700 to AUD 3,500

Gold Coast

AUD 2,300 to AUD 3,000

It is the list average living cost in Australia of the top student cities that can be valuable for scholars. Students can choose one before going to the nation as per their requirements, desired college and budget. Doing this helps them to ease their journey to pursuing a degree without facing money issues.

Now, if you face issues managing the cost of living in Australia like most students, then the upcoming section will be helpful for the further journey by understanding the tips to reduce living expense in Australia.

Tips to Reduce Cost of Living in Australia for International Students

Many students who desire to go abroad and pursue their higher education from abroad often search for tips to reduce the average living cost in Australia. It is because they want to make their path easier and they do not have much knowledge of the living expenses in foreign. So, finding helpful tips can be valuable for scholars. In order to know that, they can read the advice given by the experts below to ease the journey.

Prepare a Budget

First, students must create a budget of monthly expenses in Australia as they have the funds in hand. It is most crucial for them to know the different areas where they have to pay. They can understand from the mentioned reasons, which cost the maximum amount of scholars from this blog. It can be valuable for them to make the budget planning for housing, food, daily travel, and other misc thing.

Save Electricity Costs

Students must know the monthly expenses in Australia for the different bills. It can be valuable for them to ease the path by cutting down the electricity bills. Australia is known for the most expensive power supply. So students have to effectively use the electricity and make a proper plan.

Convert More Money

Students need to convert money when living in a distinct place. However, changing the currency can cause some hidden changes. It can be valuable for to know the prices, compare between banks, and choose the cheaper one to cut costs for cost of living in Australia for Indian. Doing this can lead scholars to save money and plan their monthly budgets accordingly.

Part- Time Jobs

Students must know the saving tips when they go abroad. It is because doing this helps them to ease their journey abroad. Scholars can find part time jobs when they are in between a semester. Also, Australian universities allow students to work for some hours in a week. Also, It can be valuable for scholars to work full-time hours during semester breaks to handle cost of living in Australia.

Avail the Scholarships

One of the prime things students can do to cut down on costs is avail the scholarship. Doing this can be valuable to manage expenses and smoothly complete the degree. In such cases, they can take help from the study abroad consultants to ease the journey of availing of financial aid. Doing this can be valuable for scholars to ease the path to secure one scholarship without facing problems of application rejection.

These are some tips students can follow to manage the cost of living in Australia while pursuing a degree. It can be valuable for them to ease the journey abroad by understanding and following the steps to save money. Adhering to them can be fruitful for scholars to ease the journey to earning a degree abroad without facing problems.