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Know Complete Info about after Jobs and MBA Salary in USA

This blog is published to give insights about after-MBA jobs and salaries in the USA for students planning to study there.

If you are a study abroad aspirant and planning to get an overseas education, you must read this blog. There is no doubt in the statement that the USA is the best country where you can get top-notch education from experienced professors. To pursue a Master's degree in the US, you must consider an MBA. It is not wrong to say this master's degree unlocks the door of thousands of opportunities for a better future ahead.

In this blog of We will cover topics like MBA salary in USA, after MBA jobs in the USA, tips to find these jobs and other significant issues. This is why we request you to read the complete blog to know this detailed information. In this guide, you will get the report and the data to help you gain additional knowledge.

MBA programmes in the United States are among the most popular options for international students worldwide. An MBA degree opens the door to a profession with limitless opportunities. According to the USA Bureau of Labour Statistics, managerial occupations will increase by 9% between 2020 and 2030, creating around 906,800 new positions. Aside from the high MBA salary in the United States, an MBA degree provides students with management and leadership abilities to help them advance in their careers.

What Is Average MBA Salary in USA?

According to research, the average MBA salary in USA offered by US recruiters is 115,000 USD per year. In addition, the annual average wage of a Stanford graduate is expected to be 255,000 USD. In addition, the average pay of an MBA in the United States is 65,000 USD per year, with the salary of an MBA in the United States per month varied correspondingly.

Not to mention that the MBA pay in the United States is determined by various factors, such as the B-school from which you graduated, the specialism in which you graduated, and the employer you chose, among others.

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Top Jobs and Salary after MBA in USA

The average MBA salary per month in the United States is heavily influenced by the specialism you choose. We have explored five prominent MBA specializations in the United States, as well as potential work chances, in this article:

1. Investment Banking

Investment banking offers some of the highest-paying MBA positions in the United States. This specialism investigates an organization's aims and needs while attempting to raise cash through investment, generally through a retainer. With full access to the company's financial information, one can develop strategies and plans for the company's advantage. The average pay following an MBA salary in USA in the investment banking is 65,000 USD annually.

The following are the job roles and average salaries for MBAs in investment banking in the United States:

Job Title

Average Salary in the USA (Per Year)

Financial Analyst

48,000 - 87,000 or 40,00,000 INR

Investment Banking Analyst

53,000 - 87,000 or 60,00,000 INR

Executive Assistant

51,000 - 96,000 or 60,00,000 INR

2. Information Technology

The averageMBA graduate salary in USA with a speciality in Information Technology in the United States is 89,063 USD annually. The IT department's primary responsibility is to oversee the company's computer infrastructure and manage network technologies, IT security, and software platforms. It also entails monitoring the use of data by other employees and the protection of client information.

The following are the employment roles and average salaries for MBAs in information technology in the United States:

Job Title

Average Salary in the USA (Per Year)

System Administrator

46,000 - 92,000 or 60,00,000 INR

Senior Software Engineer

85,000 - 157,000 or 80,00,000 INR

IT Manager

57,000 - 125,000 or 80,00,000 INR

3. Human Resources

An MBA in Human Resources opens the door to a lucrative career. The human resources department ensures that all human resource activities are in accordance with local, state, and federal legislation. They must also supervise employee benefit and initiative programmes. The average yearly MBA salary in USA in the human resource industry is $65,000 USD.

The following are the job roles and estimated salaries for MBAs in Human Resources in the United States:

Job Title

Average Salary in USA (Per Year)

Human Resources Coordinator

38,000 - 63,000 or 35,00,000 INR

Human Resources Specialist

40,000 - 75,000 or 50,00,000 INR

Human Resources Manager

50,000 - 96,000 or 70,00,000 INR

4. Finance

Finance is another industry that pays well salary of MBA in USA per month in the United States. The finance department is in charge of reviewing all financial requirements and goals, as well as developing an investment strategy that is beneficial to the business. All large enterprises and corporations seek financial experts to manage and track their money. The average MBA pay in the United States for the finance manager is 95,515 USD per year.

The following are the employment roles and estimated salaries for MBA in Finance in the United States:

Job Title

Average Salary in USA (Per Year)

Financial Controller

64,000 - 133,000 or 80,00,000 INR

Financial Analyst

51,000 - 88,000 or 50,00,000 INR

Senior Financial Analyst

67,000 - 108,000 or 75,00,000 INR

5. Business Analytics

Business Analytics is currently the highest-paying MBA speciality. A Business Analytics MBA focuses on the methodical study of data to obtain valid conclusions and judgements. Leading data-driven analysis, developing analytic models, assisting and developing business strategies, and so on are some roles that business analysts are supposed to handle.

The following are MBA jobs in Business Analytics in the United States, together with their approximate income packages:

Job Title

Average Salary in USA (Per Year)

Business Strategist Analyst

50,000 - 96,000 or 60,00,000 INR

Business and Data Analyst

40,000 - 90,000 or 60,00,000 INR

Business Application Analyst

70,000 - 100,000 or 70,00,000 INR

Now that we've covered MBA jobs in the United States with salaries and MBA salaries in the United States let's have a look at the top recruiters for the same:

Best Recruiters in USA after MBA

Graduates from the best MBA programmes in the United States are in high demand by recruiters worldwide and they can get good salary after MBA in USA. According to a GMAC poll, the percentage of recruiters hiring MBA graduates in the United States has improved dramatically from 56% to 96%. Other countries, like Europe, have comparable findings. Some of the top recruiters in the United States who offer a much higher MBA wage include:


Average Salary P.A. (in USD)


161,096 or 1,28,00,000 INR

Bain & Co.

156,062 or 1,20,00,000 INR

Mckinsey & Co.

156,062 or 1,20,00,000 INR


237,869 or 1,83,00,000 INR


152,286 or 1,20,00,000 INR

JP Morgan

142,218 or 1,10,00,000 INR


96,000 or 75,85,000 INR

Goldmann & Sachs

123,906 or 95,80,000 INR

Tips to Find Jobs in the USA After MBA

If you want to stay in the United States after completing your MBA programme, you must begin planning early. Here are some helpful tips for landing a job after an MBA in the United States:

Personal Networking: You will meet students worldwide while studying for an MBA in the United States. Contacting them and engaging in fruitful discussions about job and careers is the best approach to getting information and suggestions. You can also form close bonds with your teachers for the same purpose. Their knowledge and experience will undoubtedly benefit your life and career.

Academic Excellence: A stellar academic record will propel you further. Having high marks and broad knowledge opens the door to the jobs of your dreams. Your grades are frequently the first thing that recruiters notice.

MBA Internships: Internships are essential in programmes such as MBA, where practical experience is valuable. Internships are the best opportunities to learn about a specific industry and how to become a part of it. MBA internships in the United States improve your networking, knowledge, and expertise.

Career Profiles: Job sites are a modern platform for browsing, networking, and gathering information about various recruiters and career roles. Create an eye-catching employment profile and keep an eye out for the latest vacancies and job openings till you find one.

Winding Up 

Lastly, it is better to say that you can get a good MBA salary in US, after completing your master's. There is no doubt in the statement that the United States of America is the best place where you can get the best career opportunities in the future. This destination is the right choice if you want to do an MBA. No matter what people think, you must focus on your journey if you desire to study abroad. We hope that you liked this information blog. If you feel like getting expert help in your overseas education, you can ask for support from our professionals. If you want to read knowledgeable blogs like this, you must pin this site,, to read informational blogs like this. Ultimately, we hope you get admission to the top MBA colleges worldwide to fulfil your study abroad dreams.


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