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A Quick Guide for Indian Students About Campus Life in the UK

Read this blog to know about campus life in the UK. It also provides valuable insights and guidance to Indian students on how they can open the doors of UK universities for themselves.

If you want to explore campus life in the UK, there are many who want the same. Yes, many Indian students want to experience the campus life of UK universities. Every year, thousands of Indian students enrol in UK universities for higher education. In 2022, around 1 lakh students were attracted to this destination. So, if you are also ambitious and want to get admitted to the finest universities in the UK, then you need to clear so many obstacles that come your way. It includes university or course selection, documentation, the UK student visa process, finance management, accommodation, etc. There are so many other things that you need to fulfil to get admission to UK universities successfully. Confused? What to do? No worries! You are not alone, as to support you in such situations, is the best option. But before proceeding further, you must know why the United Kingdom is the best destination for Indian students.

Why Is the UK Best for Indian Students?

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular destinations for students. UK universities welcome Indian students who are looking to study abroad. So, if you are also planning to go to the UK for further studies, then you must know that there are so many benefits to studying there instead of in India, which are as follows:

  • Quality Education
  • Internationally Accredited Universities
  • Flexible Course Duration
  • Work Opportunities
  • Better Scholarships
  • Unique UK Student Culture

There are many more reasons why Indian students prefer the UK as a study destination. Besides this, if you want to grow your career here, then cultural adaptation is necessary for all Indian students. To know why, read the upcoming section.

Why Cultural Adaptation in the UK Is a Must for Indian Students?

As an International student, cultural adaptation is a must if you are looking for big career opportunities. This allows you to face the challenges and come up with better outcomes. But most of the students get confused with the term cultural adaptation. They think they have to change their culture and values because they reside there for further studies. But this is not true; instead, cultural adaptation in the UK means understanding how to respect other people if you want the same from them. Therefore, enjoy the new life and culture to the fullest without creating boundaries. Be free and gain the best experience by studying at UK universities.

Moving ahead to the next section, which tells you the multiple reasons why Indian students love UK college life.

5 Reasons Indian Students Will Love Campus Life in the UK

Experiencing a new country and its culture gives you a fantastic feeling, especially when you are moving there for further education. It's like a dream come true for most of the students. So, if you are one of those who have wanted to be a part of the UK education system for so long, Also if you want to explore campus life at UK universities, here are the reasons why you will love being there:

Top-Notch Education

Students always want top-notch education, which is why they prefer to study abroad in the UK. The reason is that the United Kingdom is the hub of the world's best universities. It is the best place to explore if any student wants excellence in learning and research. You can be admitted into undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programmes and courses for growth and development.

Eminent UK University Degrees

Indian students in the UK always dream of earning a degree from the best university. The reason is that if you are a degree holder from any prestigious UK university, then there is a high chance that you will impress employers around the globe. This will open the doors to job opportunities for you worldwide.

Learning Environment

The professors of UK universities know the diversified ways of teaching. This will help students improve not only their theoretical knowledge but also their practical learning. So, studying in the UK is valuable because you will get customised study material from the professor. Also, they will conduct doubt-clearing sessions for all the students to enhance their knowledge. British professors never get biased towards any student and provide equal opportunities to all.

High Standard of Living

The quality of life in the UK is the best. There are so many things that you can enjoy along with your studies. The vibrant culture of the UK attracts so many international students, and the leisure and entertainment options are amazing. Also, there are so many options for social activities for Indian students in the UK. Thus, if you want to experience a high standard of living, then the UK is the best place.

Countless Career Opportunities

After graduation, students have immense career opportunities. It is because, as UK university students, they have the contacts of all the international recruiters. So, whenever they search for a job, they can avail of support services for international students in the UK. Moreover, Indian students get to work for any company for a certain period after graduation. This will help them gain experience and open huge career opportunities around the globe.

So, we can say that the UK gives multiple reasons for students to love them. There are a lot more amazing benefits that students can acquire while planning for higher education in the UK. And if you want to stay there for the long term, here is a list of cities where you can live comfortably. The reason is that most of the Indian people are living there, so you will get more love and affection there among your people.


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Which UK Cities Are Best for Indian Students to Live in?

Taking admission to any UK university is like a dream come true. But living in the UK as a student is equally important. You need to think about the best place to move to where Indian families are living. Also, it must be affordable and diversified, and there should be availability of part-time jobs for students in the UK. So, considering your requirements, we have shortlisted the five best cities to live in for Indian students studying in the UK.


London is one of the most famous cities in the UK, and it is a preferred destination for Indians. So, if you plan to be admitted to UK universities, you can apply to the universities in London. This city is the best regarding education, employment opportunities, and lifestyle. Also, the student experience in the UK is amazing.


For a long time, there has been a sizable Indian community in Edinburgh. So, if you are considering studying abroad to get top-notch education and career opportunities, you can also prefer this place.


It is one of the most famous cities in the UK because it is affordable and full of fun. So, if you are planning to be admitted to the University of Manchester and searching for "UK student accommodation" online, Manchester is best for Indian students.


The next on the list is Glasgow, which is one of the favourite cities for Indians. So, if you are planning for higher education in the UK, you can opt for universities in or nearby Glasgow City.


This city is also among the top cities in the UK for Indian families. Considering this location to get UK higher education for Indian students is a good idea. There are many universities available in Coventry that you can select as per your preferences.

Student experience in UK differs, so always choose the university and location wisely. This will help you gain the best experiences while living in the UK. So, don't miss the chance, and if you are confused about how to find UK universities with a high percentage of Indian students, then you can read the next section to get more clarity.

Students can grab uncountable opportunities after completing their graduation, post-graduation, and higher studies at reputable UK universities. Life as an Indian student in the UK is best as you will get an opportunity to think outside the box on any topic because the professor's teaching styles are very different there. This is why picking the best university that helps you upgrade your learning is important. But being an Indian student, you also consider that there must already be students from India at the university where you are planning to take admission. So, here is the list of the top universities where Indian students in the UK majorly enrol to achieve academic excellence.

Coventry University: Every year, around 2500+ Indian students join this university.

The University of West London: During this academic year, around 1000+ Indian students were admitted to this university.

The University of Hertfordshire: In this institution, approximately 4500+ Indian students get enrolled.

De Montfort University: During this academic year, 1300+ Indian students prefer to be admitted to this university.

London Business School, University of London: 200+ students from India get enrolled in this UK university.

Leeds Beckett University: Approximately 900+ Indian students are enrolled in this university in the UK.

The University of Bedfordshire: This institution is preferred by most Indian students, and around 3000+ students are admitted into this university.

The University of Warwick : In this institution around 750+ Indian students takes admission every year.

The University of Edinburgh: This institution has around 2000+ Indian students this academic year.

Nottingham Trent University (NTU): Approximately 1000+ Indian students are enrolled at NTU for the academic year 2021-2022.

These are the top UK universities for Indian students. So, if you are also dreaming of entering the UK education system, then you can also select any one university as per your requirements. Moreover, if it is difficult for you, you can take help from the study abroad consultants online in India. They are the best at providing academic support for Indian students in the UK. So, take a step ahead and live your study abroad dream by hiring professional consultants.

Convert Your Study Abroad Dream Into Reality with the Help of Our Experts

So, if you want to be a part of top-rated universities and want to enjoy campus life in the UK, then you can take the help of our experts. They will make your journey smooth and ease your process. Our consultants have years of experience and can provide personalised assistance so that you can achieve your dreams. So, if you want to enjoy our hassle-free process and want to go abroad for further studies, hire our professionals. Moreover, if you want to know other student experiences in the UK, then contact our customer care support team. Moving ahead, our services are not only affordable, but you will enjoy countless benefits with them, which are as follows:

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So, these are the advantages you can avail of if you hire our study abroad consultants. They will help you select the top-notch universities so that you can enjoy student clubs and societies in the UK along with your studies. Also, provide guidance and support throughout your academic journey so that you can achieve excellence in your career.