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Canada's New Student Visa Program: What You Need to Know

Have you heard of Canada's new student visa program for the year 2024? The IRCC, or Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada, has decided to transform its old visa system to the new framework. This will help students make valuable decisions about their studies. That's how they can ease their journey and plan their studies in Canada according to the new rules. To ease up, we've curated this blog to help aspirants like you on a successful path towards Canada.

Canada is planning to revamp their student Visa program for 2024. The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) plans to make new changes to its Visa system with the new framework. This new way is part of the aim to make the International Student Program (ISP) more modern. Thus, it can be more valuable for scholars who desire to complete their higher studies in Canada to know about the new changes. It can be valuable for scholars to ease the journey and planning according to the new rules. The upcoming section is fruitful to help the aspirants for the further path. 

Canada’s New Student Visa Program| What’s Changing?

The new changes made by the IRCC by the name of “Trusted Institution Framework”. it is a set of rules that will select the colleges and universities in Canada that can give admission to international students. However, the specific information details are limited at this stage. But, the report says the central idea revolves around the higher education institution that will decide the reliability of universities. Thus, the new process will enhance safety and security with an enriching experience for International students. 

Currently, the Canadian universities that give admission to students are approved by the Designated Learning Institution (DLI). To know more about why this matters read the next section for better knowledge. 


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Why This Matters? Problem and Solutions

If you think about why the new framework was implemented, it is to enhance the experience for International students. Before this change, any Canadian institute had to take special approval to give admission to the International scholars. Such a process becomes a bit hassle for everyone who is involved in this. So the IRCC implemented the changes to give an enriching experience for the aspirants. 

The reason for making this change is to provide a solution for the problem which is faced by International students. The “Trusted Institution Framework” will give the identity to the colleges as the “Trusted Institution”. Thus, it will become a two tier system for scholars. This decision surely impacts students and makes their path easier. 

This new framework emerged as a result of the "Strategic Immigration Review" and examined by ISP. Also, it will help scholars of greater diversity among the international students. To know the new criteria after the changes, read the following section. 

How Will New Framework Decide Criteria?

Aspirants who desire to study at Canadian universities must know the basics of the new framework. It is because the criteria may change after this evaluation. Now, to become a trusted institute, colleges and universities should prove they are reliable and credible to get certification. Thus, they must show the ability to handle the right international students. Also, they have to ensure that every student will be safe and provide reports of what is happening. Apart from this, the IRCC hints that “Trusted Institutions” may get specific perks involving the quick process of student applications.

So it can become a better experience for the desired students who want to go abroad after the changes to the “Student Visa” system. To know more about this, read the below section for background information. 

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Background Information of Canada’s New Visa System

The prime idea for the new change of the Trusted Institution Framework is to resolve the issues faced by students. Apart from this, another reason scholars face is too many applications coming for admission. Both reasons lead IRCC to make this change to the student visa program. After knowing this, the next thing is to understand the type of data, that will use by this framework from the below section. 

Types of Data Use by New Framework

The new framework will use two types of data to give admission to students. Also, the data come from the government record, such as where students come from and what they are doing after study completion. However, the institutions have to share their own records which are given below:


Institutions must share information such as the number of international students who get admission and how many completed their studies on time. Apart from this, the money colleges have charged from students is also necessary to disclose with the new framework. 

Time frame

IRCC talked already about this with some institutions about the new framework for a new student visa for 2024. After that, they are planning to make it official for International students who want to take admission for 2024. Before that, they are expecting to talk with other colleges to get their opinions to make implementation. From the fall of the year 2023, all universities have to share their data. Indeed, they will take a decision for the “Trusted Institutions” for the further process by spring 2024. 

In brief, Canada has change rapidly the rules for International students. It is because they want to ensure the quality provided by them will be globally beneficial for scholars. In this process, they are taking a step ahead by doing the implementation of “New Student Visa” program by 2024. So, it can be valuable for the aspirants who want to study in Canada to keep a look at the changes made by the IRCC and Canadian government for the further process. 

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