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Know the PTE Score Requirement for Australia

Do you know that every kind of visa that you want to secure requires you to clear a test? This blog will guide you through the minimum scores of the PTE test, along with some commonly asked questions.

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. It is similar to IELTS and TOEFL, which test your English fluency. It is necessary to enter an English-speaking nation either for higher education or to gain experience. Also, it determines the ability of an individual to speak and understand English. But here's a twist: PTE is computer-based, unlike IELTS and TOEFL. To enter Australia, you must know the PTE score requirement for Australia. Scroll till the end to gain some valuable insights.

Name of the Exam Pearson Test of English (PTE)
Founded 2009
Headquarters London
Mode Online
Types General, Academic, Young Listeners Test
PTE Helpline 00080 0440 2020

It was endorsed by the body that conducts the GMAT, so it quickly gained recognition from many countries and 6,000 universities, a number that is increasing daily.

Understanding PTE Scores

After you take the PTE exam, you will receive a score report, shown here. Let's look at it and then understand the basics of the scores.

What are the various sections in PTE report card? | Gradding.com

It is a score report of PTE Academics. The two types of PTE Scoring are

  1. Overall Score:The badge in the top right corner reflects the candidate's overall English proficiency across the test. The minimum is 10, and the maximum is 90. It is based on the candidate's performance during the test.
  2. Communicative Skill Report:The next section reflects the scores in each section, which are speaking, writing, reading, and listening. The bar graph on the left side gives you a detailed overview of the language capabilities.

Let us take a look at the scores and what they mean.

PTE Score CEFR Level/Proficiency Level
10-29 A1/ Beginner
30-42 A2/ Elementary
43-58 B1/ Intermediate
59-75 B2/ Upper-Intermediate
76-84 C1/ Advanced
85-90 C2/ Expert

It provides the candidates with detailed feedback so that they can perform well next time. The PTE score is valid for two years. Also, the students can retake the exams as frequently as they want to achieve their desired scores.

PTE Scores for Study Visa

Once you have decided to study in Australia, you have to score a minimum mark on the English proficiency test. The Australian government determines proficiency with the PTE test.

The minimum PTE score requirement for Australia student visa is 42. Wondering, if is there another way too to get into Australia. Yes, you can participate in the 10 weeks of ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) with a PTE score of 36. Also, with a PTE score of 30 and 20 weeks of ELICOS, you are eligible for an Australian study visa.

The lower the PTE score, the more weeks of ELICOS.

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PTE Score for Australia PR

A minimum of 60 points are required to attain an Australian PR. However, as shown in the image below (Refer point 3: English), you can gain only up to 20 points from PTE. Moreover, to explore how to get the other 40 points, go through the image below. 

PTE Score for Australia PR | Gradding.com

Now you know from where you will get the required scores for Australian PR. Now let us see the PTE score required for work visa.

PTE Score for Australia Work Visa

You need to take the PTE Academic to travel to Australia, even for work. The government accepts PTE-A for all kinds of visas.

Let us know the minimum PTE score for Australia work visa. This table enlightens you about the least required scores to secure a work visa.

English Proficiency Level (Test Component) Minimum Scores
Functional English (Overall) 30
Vocational (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) 36
Competent (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) 50
Proficient For points-tested skilled visas 65
Superior For points-tested skilled visas 79

Table Caption:This data is only for informational purposes. Kindly visit the official website of the Australian Home Affairs Ministry for updated details.

Also, note that some professions might need higher scores. Confirm it with the employer to know the requirements.

Top 7 Australian Universities With Minimum PTE Score

This section mentions the top 7 Australia university PTE score requirement. Have a look and explore more.

University Minimum PTE Score
University of Melbourne 58
University of New South Wales 68
University of Sydney 61
Australian National University 64
Monash University 58
University of Queensland 64
University of Western Australia 64

The list is based on the QS World Rankings Report 2024. The minimum PTE score for Australia is also present. The score is the overall score reflected in the top right corner, but there is a minimum score for every section. So, be aware of the individual scores also.

List of Universities That Accept 48 PTE Score

Were you thinking about your low PTE score? Don't worry! A PTE score 48 accepted universities in Australia are here.

There is a high chance that your PTE score is not enough for your desired college. Here is a list of colleges that accept PTE scores of 48 and below. Let us have a closer look.

PTE score 48 accepted universities in Australia | Gradding.com

Till here all the crucial information about PTE was mentioned. Now the next section deals with the PTE exam preparation.

PTE Exam Preparation

Since you have made up your mind to go abroad, you have to clear an English proficiency exam. It can be PTE, IELTS, or TOEFL. In this section, you will get to know the PTE preparation tips from the experts. Also, you must fulfil the PTE score requirement for Australia. Be careful, plan everything accordingly and follow the advice.

How to prepare for PTE exam? | Gradding.com

The experts suggest you to be familiar with the test structure and format. This is the most crucial step when you start preparing for your test. Also, you must work thoroughly on your vocabulary and grammar skills. You must practice all four sections of the test regularly. You can use study materials and online resources. Moreover, if you do not find any suitable resource, you can opt for PTE coaching classes. The experts will help you from scratch to success.

You can take mock tests. They will help you identify areas for improvement. You should keep in mind the time limit of the test, so use it effectively to score well. The experts also state that you should not panic during the test, so stay calm and focused. Also, do not forget to review the answers before you finally submit them.

Additionally, you can take online or offline coaching classes according to your schedule. Gradding.com provides you with the flexibility to take classes that align with your needs. There are three kinds of packages available: beginner (4 weeks), advanced (2 weeks), and crash course (1 week). Choose these according to your test date and preparation.


Do you want to get the desired PTE score in one go?

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Summing Up

In this blog, you learn about the PTE score requirement for Australia. The various sections covered the minimum needs to secure a student visa, work visa and permanent residence (PR) in Australia. If you are an individual who has scored less than the desired score? Worry not! You got to know the universities that accept 48 PTE scores and even below. You must read the "PTE Exam Preparation" thoroughly so that you can score well and you don't have to compromise with your dream institute.

There are many more things required to secure the way to Australia, like a visa, LoR, passport, accommodation, and more. We have you covered in this. The team of experts will help you with each step if you feel lost. Feel free to get connected!

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Commonly Asked Questions

Q1. What is a passing score in PTE?

The minimum score is not marked in PTE. However, each individual is marked from 10 to 90. The minimum required score depends on the university you are admitted to.

Q2. How do I check my PTE score?

You can check your PTE score from your "myPTE" account by simply logging in. You will receive an email once your result is ready.

Q3. How do I send my PTE score report to University?

PTE is a computer-based test, and so will be your result. Once you get an online result, you can mail it to the university directly for free. It will be a smooth and paperless process.

Q4. Are there any exemptions in PTE for Australian PR?

Yes, there are two exemptions. General Skilled Migration Visa Holders and Permanent Employer Sponsor under Temporary Residence Transition Stream Visa Holders are exempted.

Q5. Is 85 points enough for an 189 visa?

Yes, 85 points are enough for 189 visas. However, only 65 points are required to get an invitation. You must make sure that other needs are also fulfilled.

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