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The Complete Guide: Students Visa for USA and Criteria

This blog by contains all the details on student visa for the USA and its aspects. Scholars can consider such info while planning their study abroad journey and apply for it timely.

The United States is the leading study-abroad destination worldwide. The main question among youngsters nowadays is how to get student visa for USA? Thousands of students move to this nation every year to pursue their higher studies. They do so because of its remarkable learning system and top-class institutes. This country offers a vast range of academic and cultural chances to scholars to help them excel in their chosen fields. Yet, candidates need to fulfil various requirements to achieve their goals. Thus, they need to consider applying for student visa for the USA on high priority. It is possible to study in the United States if students get this process done for their study abroad journey.

Getting a study visa to study in the USA is one of the major requirements for students. They need to fulfil many steps and consider many things while dealing with such procedures. Thus, scholars must acquaint themselves with the USA study visa process and its criteria. Candidates must pay utmost attention to such things to get the desired outcomes for their studies abroad. They should ensure that they carry out a vital plan to pursue education in the United States and make the best careers.

Through this blog, the learners can get complete information about the United States visa process for global scholars. Thus, they can know about all the vital details they need to know to start this procedure as soon as possible. Also, applicants should make sure to carry out the needs to encounter a successful learning abroad journey.

Types of Student Visa for the USA 

When it comes to applying for a US study visa, students need to learn about various details regarding its types. There are several types of student visa and scholars need to apply for the ones related to studies. Every institution in this nation requires this thing to accept the admission application of the applicants. Thus, they need to consider this process and fulfil its needs. Without completing this step, learners cannot pursue their studies in this country. So, they must know about all kinds of visas to start with their procedure as soon as possible.

Have a look at the four types of USA study visas listed below for international students:

1. F1 Student Visa

Candidates often wonder what is F1 visa in USA. International students who are enrolled in academic programs at a US college or university are granted it. Applicants must maintain a small number of courses to maintain full-time status. Scholars can stay in the country for up to 60 days after getting a degree in their chosen fields. Also, they can apply for an F1 visa USA for a long period and get permission to stay and work in the United States under the OPT Scheme.

Students applying to courses in the United States that require more than 18 hours of study per week must get this visa. This includes all undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the nation, such as an MBA or an M.S.

To apply for a US F1 visa check the below pointers:

  • CAS is required.
  • A letter of acceptance from the university is required.
  • English proficiency is required.
  • Medical certification is required.
  • There are no age restrictions.

2. F2 Visa (Children and Spouse)

An F-2 visa is a type of visa that allows F-1 student visa holders' dependents to relocate to the United States and stay with the students while they pursue their degrees at their chosen U.S. institutions. As international students, applicants may apply for both visas for their relatives. This way, they will be able to come with scholars to the United States for their studies. In addition, the F2 dependent(s) may apply independently and then join the candidates later.

Also, the family members of the scholars can travel to this country with the help of an F2 visa. Yet, students must know that their relatives will not be allowed to work in the United States under the scheme of this visa.

To apply for US F2 visa check the below pointers.

  • CAS is required.
  • A letter of acceptance from the university is required.
  • English proficiency might not be required.
  • Medical certification is required.
  • There are no age restrictions.

3. J1 Exchange Visitor Visa

The J-1 classification (exchange visitors) is granted to those who intend to participate in an approved program for teaching, instructing, lecturing, studying, conducting research, consulting, demonstrating special skills, receiving training, or receiving graduate education. J-1 immigrants are authorized by an exchange scheme approved by the US Department of State. Such initiatives aim to promote the transfer of people, knowledge, and skills in the domains of education, the arts, and science.

  • CAS is required.
  • A letter of approval from the university is required.
  • English proficiency might not be required.
  • Medical certification is not required.
  • There are no age restrictions.

4. M-1 Non-Academic Student/Vocational Visa

With an M-1 visa, individuals can visit the United States to attend a vocational school or other similar training course. They can get an associate degree or a comparable degree from that technical institution. Within the first six months of the scheme, transfer schools (to, say, join a similar vocational curriculum at a different school).

The M1 visa is similar to the F1 visa application process. However, M1 visas are marked upon admission, and learners cannot extend their stay.

  • CAS is required.
  • A letter of acceptance from the university is not required.
  • English proficiency might not be required.
  • Medical certification is not required.
  • There are no age restrictions.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for USA Study Visa

To obtain a USA study visa, students should meet various eligibility requirements. Scholars should ensure they match the criteria to be eligible to study at the top institutions of this nation. Each nation has its unique eligibility norms, and applicants are required to fulfil such needs to attain their goals. In addition, the visa process is much less hectic than in other countries and has fair policies for global students regarding this procedure. Thus, learners should carry out such steps attentively to apply for their visa as early as possible.

  • Students should be at least 18 years old to apply for the visa.
  • International scholars are permitted to work on-campus for up to 20 hours per week during academic terms and full-time during college vacation times, including the summer.
  • Off-campus job demands some kind of written or recorded authorization from the USCIS or OISS.
  • To be eligible for off-campus employment, students must be in legal status and have been enrolled as an applicant on an F-1 student visa in the United States for at least one academic year.

The above pointers are the eligibility norms for the US study visa. Students should ensure they match all such needs to be permitted to complete their studies in this nation. It is a crucial part of their journey. Thus, candidates should know such details properly.

What Are the Requirements for USA Student Visa?

Many students who choose to study in the United States need to know certain needs to attain their goals. Scholars should learn about the USA study visa requirements and fulfil them to get their application approved by the institutions of this nation. They must prepare all the documents and gather all means to apply for their study visa before the deadline. Thus, applicants should check the pointers below to get detailed information on the various needs of this process.

  • Valid Passport for Travel to the USA: Valid Passport for Travel to the United States: A passport valid for at least six months beyond the term of stay in the United States.
  • Non-immigrant Visa Application: Copy of Form DS-160 Confirmation.
  • USA Form I-20:Students must present an I-20 document signed by themselves and school officials. Individual I-20 forms can also be obtained by the applicant's spouse and children.
  • Receipt for Application Fee Payment: For students who must pay costs of 160 USD before the interview.
  • SEVIS price: In addition to the student visa application price, students must pay a Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS Fee). SEVIS is an automated system used to track exchange visits and students in the United States.
  • Photo: When completing the application form, applicants should provide a photo of themselves. If the photo upload fails, scholars may bring their printed ones in the directed format.
  • English Proficiency Test: Applicants must get the required scores in the following tests.
  • IELTS- 6.5
  • TOEFL- 90
  • PTE- 50+
  • Academic Transcripts: Scholars must provide their academic records, transcripts, and certifications from the schools they have attended.

The aforementioned pointers are the America study visa requirements, and applicants must consider them to prepare everything in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles. It is vital to gather such details to ensure a successful visa application.

How to Apply for Student Visa for the USA?

One of the main steps of the whole process is to apply for a visa. This is a crucial part, and applicants must carry out this enrollment properly. After fulfilling all the USA study visa requirements and gathering all the vital means, scholars need to submit their applications. They should understand the form guidelines and fill it out accordingly.

The procedure starts when candidates receive Form I-20 from their university. Then, they have to pay the SEVIS fee at the time of enrollment. It is advised that applicants pay the SEVIS I-901 fee before submitting their application.

1. Step-1:

Students must apply for the DS-160 visa form. It is an online application, so candidates can visit the official website and fill it out there.

2. Step-2:

Applicants should get a printed copy of their application form confirmation page and bring it to their visa interview.

3. Step-3:

Next, the students should pay student visa USA cost, that is 160 USD, through NEFT or another suggested payment method.

4. Step-4:

Schedule appointments for visa interview and Biometric Session.

5. Step-5:

Candidates need to collect all the vital documents for the visa interview and present them at the time of the meeting to the officials.

6. Step-6:

Appear in the interview, and after getting the visa approved, students can leave for their study journey to the United States.

Students need to apply for the visa using the above steps and ensure they follow these instructions. Also, candidates must ensure they do not miss out on any details and submit their application before the issues deadline by the US embassy. Considering all such aspects helps learners get a better idea of the steps and methods involved in this process and get it done timely to ensure success for their study plan.

Approach and Get the Best Services Regarding Your USA Study Visa

In an era of global education, pursuing abroad education has become a trend among youngsters. is a trustworthy and inclusive platform offering the best support with USA study visas to students. This platform stands out as an extraordinary partner that helps scholars attain their academic goals with a variety of services provided by the experts here. The consultants here help at every step of this process, including giving info on how to apply for US student visa and its needs and criteria. Thus, learners can get all the services and mean to complete this procedure and fulfill their dream of studying in the United States.

At, students can get the best guidance for their study abroad journey. They can get all the things done according to their needs. The experts here work with the candidates and ensure their application contains all the vital data. Thus, these mentors promise scholars a better chance of success. Also, this platform is a one-stop shop for students who want to get a US study visa for their studies abroad.

Also,’s experts provide info on USA student visa fees and scholarship and loan options to help students get into their desired institutions in the United States. Thus, based on all such aspects, it is the best platform scholars can go for to encounter a successful journey abroad.


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