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Post Study Work Visa Australia: Type, Requirement & Process

Students can understand about how to get a post study work visa Australia with the help of this blog written by experts and ease the journey of overseas education smoothly.

Numerous students desire to study in Australia as this country offers different career options. Currently, the nation's demand for a skilled workforce is too high. Thus, they offer international scholars the ease of post study work visa Australia. With this permit, students have the option to work after the completion of their studies. The years for the work visa vary according to the program selected by learners. However, scholars do not have any idea about this and scroll on the Internet to understand the requirements and process.

If you are also looking for the details of Australia post study work visa, then this blog must be helpful to know the essential details. It can be valuable for scholars to learn the types, requirements, and application methods to avail post study visa for work.

Types of Post Study Work Visa in Australia

First, we will talk about the kinds of post study visas for work in Australia. It can be valuable for scholars to understand the kinds in order to choose which sort they have to apply for. The Department of Home Affairs of the Australian government offers different types of work permit after study in Australia. Students can choose suitable ones from the options to fulfil their dreams of building a rewarding career.

Temporary Graduate Visa for Graduate WorkStream (Subclass 485):

This Visa is ideal for foreign students who have completed their graduation with skills from a reputed Australian institute. Apart from this, scholars must have skills and qualifications related to the occupation, which requires acquiring a job in the medium to long-term Australian job market. The duration of this Visa permit is up to 18 months. Also, students can bring their family with them during this period. Apart from this, students have to apply for work visa for Australia from India within 6 months of the program completion.

Temporary Graduate Visa for Post Study WorkStream (Subclass 485):

This is the most popular post study Visa among students who desire to work after the course completion. It is ideal for international scholars who completed their graduation with an eligible qualification related to their field. Apart from this, the post study visa program duration in Australia is between two to four years. Also, scholars can bring their family by acquiring this Visa. In addition, students have to apply for this Visa within 6 months of course completion. The long time duration leads learners to prefer this work permit in Australia over other types.

Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa (Subclass 476):

Skilled recognized graduate Visa is applicable for engineering students who completed such qualification from the specified educational institutions in the last two years. Students who have this visa can bring their family to Australia for a stay for a duration of up to 18 months. It can be valuable for engineering field scholars to prefer this Visa program to clear this process smoothly for post study work Visa Australia.

Apart from all of these visa types, the Australian government introduced an additional post study work program for foreign students in 2021. International scholars who are studying at diverse locations except Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne will get an extension for another one-two year on their current Visa program. The aim of this additional extension program is to encourage more foreign scholars to study in Australia. Also, a prime reason is the education sector of Australia is the prime part of their economy that is 4th largest.

After understanding the types of Australia work visa for Indians, the next step is to understand the latest updates in this program from the following section.

Current Updates for Work Permit after Study in Australia

The Australian government introduced a temporary subclass 408 Visa for international students to increase the growth in the employment rate. It is a crucial way to increase skilled employees in vital sectors of Australia. With this Visa, students can work for more than 40 hours before and during the course. Apart from this, the Australian government announce the extra two year post study work rights from 1 July 2023.

These are some current changes for work permit Australia from India to ease the journey of scholars. It also attracts more International students to the new rules. But what are the other requirements for post study Visa in Australia? Most learners think about such questions due to a lack of knowledge. Thus, the following section provides information on that.

Post Study Visa Requirement in Australia

There are various requirements set by the Australian government for those scholars who want to acquire post study work Visa Australia. International students must meet each need for the precise post study visa for work. Read the below section to learn about the specific types of Visa requirements.

Temporary Graduate Visa for Graduate WorkStream (Subclass 485):

The requirement to acquire a temporary graduate visa for international students is mentioned below.

  • The international students must be below 50 years old, and a freshly graduated for this Australia post study work Visa.
  • The qualifications and skills of the applicant should be relevant to the skilled occupation list.
  • The candidate must have an Australian study Visa, and such scholars must complete the degree with the mode of English.
  • Aspirants must have a valid English proficiency test score to prove their English skills.
  • The candidate must apply for the Visa for the duration of 6 months.
  • Candidate must not be the holder of the other Australian work visa program such as subclass 476 or subclass 485.
  • Candidate should meet all the medical and character certification needs required by the Australian government.
  • Those candidates can not apply for this visa, whose applications have been rejected in the past.

Students who successfully achieve the Visa can stay and work for up to 18 months of duration.

Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) for Post Study WorkStream:

This work permit after study in Australia program is ideal for graduate applicants from specified Australian universities and colleges. Read the below pointers to know the eligibility criteria for acquiring the Visa.

  • The aspiring candidate must be below 50 years old.
  • International students should hold a graduate degree that is registered in a CRICOS.
  • Candidates must hold a valid student visa, and they must apply after completion of the degree duration of 6 months.
  • International students must complete a graduate degree from the following:
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Honours with a Bachelor degree
  • Masters degree by subject/coursework
  • Masters degree (extended)
  • Master of Research Degree
  • Doctoral Degree
  • International students who have diplomas and other trade qualifications can not apply for this work visa.
  • Students have to provide their English proficiency by showing the accepted exam scores.
  • Candidates must meet all the required medical and character criteria.

International students who successfully acquire this work visa for Australia from India can work and stay for 2 to four years. Also, they get a permit to bring the family with them for this duration. So it becomes ideal for most students to prefer this Visa.

Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa (Subclass 476):

A skilled recognized graduate student visa is ideal for engineering graduates. The requirements international scholars have to fulfil to acquire this work permit in Australia Visa are mentioned below:

  • International students must be below the age of 31 years.
  • Candidates must have an engineering degree from a reputed educational institute in the past two years/ 24 months.
  • The applicant must not apply for the other type of Visa.
  • Candidates must show their English proficiency by providing the Valid scores of such accepted exams.
  • Aspirants must meet the health and character requirements required by the department.
  • The skilled recognized graduate Visa for Engineering students. Also, it permits scholars to get employment for up to 18 months.

These are the requirements for the different types of post study work visa Australia. It can be valuable for scholars to ease the journey by applying for the most suitable Visa program. Now, after understanding the requirements, the next section is about the required documents and the costs for the same.

Document Required for Post Study Work Permits in Australia

Students who desire to work after the study completion have to fulfil Australia work visa requirements. It can be valuable for them to know the necessary documents to ease the process. The following section gives details about the required papers scholars have to submit to get a work permit Australia.

  • Identity Required Documents
  • All Crucial Educational Certificates
  • Certificate of Health insurance
  • Character Certification
  • The documents of your partner, If your partner accompanies you.
  • Essential documents for any dependents below the age of 18.
  • Necessary documents for any dependents above the age of 18.

These are the necessary documents to acquire an Australia work visa for Indians. Students can prefer to take the help of study abroad experts if they face a struggle to choose one suitable work permit. Apart from this, the following section talks about the cost of post study visas.

What Are the Costs for Australia Post Study Work Visas?

The desire of students to get a work permit Australia from India comes with a cost that they have to pay. It can be fruitful for scholars to know the processing fee and time to get the Visa timely. Read the below section to understand the cost of the work permit.

Temporary Graduate Visa for Graduate

The cost of the temporary graduate visa program for graduate students is AUD 1650. Also, the processing time for this work Visa Australia varies from 90 days to four months.

Temporary Graduate Visa for Post Study

The cost of the post study work visa is AUD 1650 same as the graduate one. Also, the processing time for this program varies from 70 to 90 days.

Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa

The cost of the skilled recognized graduate visa is AUD 405. This Australian work visa is specially for engineering students. Such scholars can acquire this within the processing time of 8 to 11 months.

These are the costs for the different visa types aspirants must know to select the most suitable one. Doing this can help to save much time and ease the journey to secure a job and Visa. However, most scholars do not know the way and search “How to get Australia work visa from India?” Such learners can read the below section to know the steps to acquire the permit.

How to Get an Australia Work Visa from India?

International students who desire to pursue a work Visa after completion of their studies have to fill out an online application or an offline form. Aspirants have to apply by visiting the website of the Government of Australia's Home Affairs Department. It can be valuable for aspirants to know the steps of "How to get work Visa for Australia?” Apart from this, students have to apply for the same within the course completion. Take a look at the below listed pointers to make it easier to fill out the form.

Step 1: Organize all the necessary documents required before starting the process on the website.

Step 2: After that, aspirants have to go on the official website of the Home Affairs Department to apply for the post-study work Visa Australia.

Step 3: Click on create a new account or if you already have a registered account, just keep logging in.

Step 4: Now, students have to fill out the essential details and attach the asking documents.

Step 5: After that, aspirants have to provide the details of the member who will accompany them.

Step 6: The last step to acquire an Australia work permit visa is students have to make an online payment of the application charges through the desired option.

Step 7: Wait for the processing time taken by the specific Visa program.

These are the pointers students have to follow to apply for and acquire a work permit. It can be valuable for those scholars who search on the Internet about how to get Australia work Visa. Such learners can follow the steps to ease the journey to get a permit.

Most of you wondering why most students prefer Australia for their education and post study work permit. The below section can be valuable for scholars to know the reasons for this.

Why Do International Students Prefer Australia for Higher Education?

The desire of International students prefers Australia for their higher education because this nation has ranked in the third position for overseas education. Also, they welcome work visa for Australia from foreign learners. The numerous options after completing the study are one of the reasons why students prefer this nation. Scholars can read the other aspects from the below pointers to ease the journey.

Vibrant Culture

International students prefer Australia due to its vibrant culture. Australia is the home of multiple famous places. Also, scholars can roam around the nation to get a better understanding of culture. Thus, most learners rely on the Australia post study work visa to live there.

Top Known Universities

Another common reason students prefer Australia for their higher education is the home of the top known institutes. Thus, most scholars opt for this nation for their overseas education. Also, it gives them a chance to learn from the popular tutors and give them a chance to avail work permit after study in Australia.

Best Quality Education

Students prefer Australia because this nation is known for providing the best quality education. The nation provides globally known tutors and specific courses. Scholars can pursue the programs as per their needs. It can be valuable for learners to enhance their skills and abilities from the courses of more than 22,000. Thus, scholars prefer to apply for work visa for Australia from India.

Simple Visa Process

One most crucial reasons why students prefer Australia is the smooth Visa process. It welcomes international scholars to pursue their careers easily and achieve what they want. The aspirants only have to show the details that are necessary to avail Visa. However, students who ask, “How many years of work permit in Australia after study?” They can know the answer from the above mentioned pointers.

Multiple Job Options

Students who move to Australia for higher education are attracted due to the multiple job options available. The chance to stay longer tempts them to find a career. The nation welcomes different sectors of people from the latest technologies to the medical field. It attracts students to find the Australia post study work visa. Thus, it can be valuable for them to get a permit smoothly for a better career.

These are some of the crucial reasons why students prefer to study in Australia. It can be valuable for them to get post study work Visas smoothly without facing troubles in comparison with others.

If you are still confused about the work permit after study in Australia, read the following section to know how the consultants can help.

How Gradding Consultants Help for Post Study Visa in Australia?

When it comes to studying abroad, many students choose Australia for their overseas education. It is because of the options provided by the nation and cultural diversity. Apart from this, there are various reasons scholars prefer this country, which is mentioned above on this page. Although, the journey of learners can not be completed without facing some complications. Thus, we help scholars to get the post study work Visa Australia smoothly. It is because our study abroad experts are known to provide guidance throughout the journey and lead scholars to acquire work permits without facing issues.


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