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The Ultimate Guide on How to Secure the UK Student Visa

Worried about your Visa approval? In this blog, you will learn how choosing us can assure you of Visa acceptance in one go. Know all the factors that can get your visa rejected.

Students often dream of studying abroad but sometimes forget they need a visa. Obtaining a visa is the most challenging part of fulfilling the dream. There are various obstacles students face in getting a UK student visa

The process is challenging because of the series of processes, documents and interviews. The officers have to keep and follow the rigid process as if they approve visas without the process, and it will be their responsibility if that citizen does anything in the UK. Moreover, it is better to check the identity and background check before moving the application forward. This is done for the citizen's security and the countries, i.e., India and the UK. As we all know, getting a visa is a lengthy and hefty process. But why is it required for every citizen moving outside the country? Let’s explore!

What Is Student Visa in UK & Why Is It Necessary?

Every student who aspires to study in the UK requires a student visa. A student visa, approved by Government, is a mandatory permit for students to stay and study in the UK. If you do not have a visa, your entry will be denied. And in case your visa is expired during the duration, you will face problems from UK officers every day. Therefore, it is better to have a valid visa depending on your stay or course. 

A student visa acts as a family member who stays the whole time with you and helps you in travelling to different parts of the UK. Therefore, students must focus on their UK student visa once they have chosen to pursue their study abroad dream. 

Types of Visa Available to Students Going to the UK?

Students looking to shape their career with the UK universities have few options. The two main types of visas that they can go for include: 

Student or Tier 4 Visa

This is ideal for students aged 16 years or older who have planned a more than six months study tenure. Students can easily manage their stay with this visa as it allows them the extra four months if their course is completed. Additionally, if a citizen possesses a student visa, he/she can grab part-time or full-time job opportunities with their courses. You can also apply for a graduate visa, which has a duration of up to 2 years. After this, you can decide whether to stay and work in the UK.

Short-Term Study Visa

Students pursuing courses over six months but less than 11 months can choose a short-term study visa. But with this visa, students are not allowed to work during their stay in the UK. Also, you do not have the option to apply for a visa extension. Students must apply for this visa at least three weeks before the decided date to travel to the UK. 

Generally, the standard decision time for the UK student visa is three weeks. Therefore, students must apply before time to avoid rejection or disappointment. 

Step-by-Step UK Visa Process for Students

Once you have finalized your university and chosen a course to pursue in the UK, you must apply for a student visa. It might seem difficult to apply for a visa. Sticking to the simplified step-by-step process to get your visa application accepted is always a good idea. If the students follow the correct steps of the UK study visa process and start on time, it can be pretty seamless and easy. Have a look at the steps below and prepare accordingly.

Prepare Proof of Funds

The first step to applying for a visa is financial proof. You must be able to provide the officers with the bank statements and cards that act as evidence that you can pay for the fees. If you do not have enough money, our experts at Gradding can help you avail of education loans at affordable interest rates. You must have the required funds in your account for at least a month. The accumulated money must prove that:

  • Students can pay their first-year tuition fees

  • You can afford the accommodation expenses of at least nine months 

  • Extra expenses in case your relatives are going with you. This proves you can care for their survival and health in the UK.

Check Student Visa Requirements

Starting the process of checking and filling out the visa forms is always beneficial. This is time-consuming; therefore, having a clear vision of what is needed and what you have is better. There are various documents, including your degrees, qualification, English test certificates etc. Every country has different visa requirements. You must check if the UK expects you to carry some additional documents. And in case it is needed, make a list and start preparing those papers on time.

Accept and Pay the Program Fees

Before you can apply for a UK student visa, accepting the offer and paying the course fees from your preferred institute is necessary. This is done to receive the CAS number that is to be provided by the university. Some universities demand a small deposit apart from your course fees. This is then deducted from the final amount once you join the university. It is a kind of security deposit that the institute takes. Remember that this does not include the UK student visa application fees, and this must be paid separately. 

Examine and Validate Your CAS Letter

The universities issue Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies or a CAS letter. This is finalized once the university has accepted your enrollment offer and you have paid to secure your seat. Students must check that the correct details are entered in the CAS. These may include your personal and course details, which have the tuition fees and other deposit information. Cross-check your English test scores to avoid any problems during the visa application. 

Complete the Student Visa Application

You can move ahead with the visa application form if you have your documents and CAS letter ready. The UK student visa application fees is £363 for a single person.

You must also pay an IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge), which is around £470 annually. Students who want to pursue courses for a short duration must pay £97 (6-month program tenure) and £186 (11-month program tenure). 

Students must try to fill out their application forms on time, as filling out the form takes time, and visa decisions also take around three weeks. This can extend if your documents are not apt and need more verification. 

Get Your Documents and Biometrics Finalised

For any application, you have to prove your identity. And here you are going outside your home country; therefore, identification becomes necessary. Our professionals working round the clock at Gradding can help prepare you for interviews and draft attractive SOPs and LORs that are required. You must give the officer your biometric information, including passport-size photographs and fingerprints. 

You may also be invited to pass the credibility interview, which is just a five-minute interaction. It is conducted to ensure that you are a genuine student going for career growth in the UK.

Collect Your Entrance Vignette

You will receive the visa decision letter after three weeks. And once your application has been successfully submitted and processed, you will get your decision letter and passport, which you have provided with the form. Along with these, a vignette will also be provided. This gives you a window of 30-90 days to enter the United Kingdom. This period is before your course start date so that you have enough time to prepare and settle. 

Obtain Your Biometric Residence Permit

A biometric Residence Permit or BRP is an essential immigration document and is required by each student. You can collect your BRP after ten days of your arrival in the UK. To receive BRP, you must have a passport, vignette for entry, and UK student visa decision letter with you. Students must show the Biometric Residence Permit proving their right to work in the UK. But from 1st January 2025, students are not required to show BRP, and everything will be done online. UKVI will update students regarding this during the early months of 2024.

Checklist of Documents Required to Present

Several UK student visa documents are required for students pursuing education in the UK. A list of documents is mentioned below: 

    • A valid passport 
    • CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) 
    • Proof of funds
    • English language qualifying certificates
    • ATAS (Academic Technology Approval Scheme Certificate) for pg students
    • Consent letter from government sponsor (if applicable) 
    • Relationship proof of parents/guardian (if applicable)
    • Letter from parents/guardian regarding funds sponsor (if applicable) 
    • Proof of parental/legal guardian in cases of under 18 students
    • Tuberculosis test reports (if applicable) 

Few Tips for Students to Avoid Visa Rejection

Visas are not always accepted, and there are high chances that students might have to face visa rejection. To avoid student visa rejection reasons, you must keep in mind and follow the tips below. 

    • Apply to the visa application on time to increase the chances of your visa acceptance. 
    • Ensure that you provide all the needed documents.
    • Take help from our experts to draft impressive SOPs, as here, most of the students fail and face rejection. 
    • Face the visa interview confidently and let the officers know how passionate you are about pursuing education in the UK. 
    • Make sure to provide proper proof of your English proficiency. 
    • Cross-check the documents you have provided with the UK student visa documents.
    • Provide adequate proof of funds to avoid any scope of visa rejection. 
    • Ensure that all the things and numbers you state match the documents you have provided. 
    • Be honest and straightforward on why you chose a specific university in the UK to pursue your education. 
    • Attend the interviews in professional attire as impression counts. 

Ready to Fly and Shape Your Career

Do you want to bypass the student visa rejection and get your UK student visa approved? Many students face the same dilemma but get stuck in the visa process. Our comprehensive platform of Gradding works with a common motive to help students by holding their hands from university selection till they settle in the UK. 

We provide all the help a student needs, especially regarding visas. We help students in preparing documents like SOPs, LOR etc. Apart from this, visa interview preparation is our focus. As most of the students are passionate, but they get nervous when it comes to facing interactions with immigration officers. Taking help from our experts at Gradding can help you take your flight to the UK in a few months and enrol in the university you always have thought of. 

Don’t wait. Begin your passionate journey and experience career growth from the leading universities in the UK with Gradding. 


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05 Jul, 2023

Clear and concise tips. This guide simplifies the complexities of obtaining a UK student visa. A great resource!


12 Jul, 2023

This blog is a lifesaver for international students.

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