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What Is the Cost of Living in UK? Know from Expert

Learn about UK living expenses before you become an international student. This article will explain every cost students need to incur in the UK so that they can plan their budget accordingly.

The United Kingdom has become a dream country for international students. It is because they want to pursue their education in prestigious institutions like the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and etc. Moreover, it has an excellent economy and multiple employment opportunities for students. The country welcomes around 2.80 to 2.90 million students every year in cities like London, Dublin, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, etc. These cities have top-notch facilities for students and embrace great culture and architecture. Yet many students give up on their dream of pursuing their degrees in the UK, Why? It is because of the uncertainties of UK living expenses. No doubt that the costs are much higher than in your native country but they aren’t impossible to meet. Therefore, our Gradding experts will give you a clear idea of the total costs that occurred. So, you can use the information and prepare a budget accordingly.

Tuition Fees in the UK Based on Academic Course

The tuition fees of UK colleges are based on the academic discipline, selected university, its reputation and location. The cost of pursuing a medical degree is much higher than other courses because of the academic demand and reputation of the subject.

Our Experts have classified the tuition fees into two categories for a clear understanding. They are as follows:

1. Undergraduate Bachelor Program:

The following tables list the annual tuition fees for UG courses.

Academic Course

Average Fees (Rupees)


16 - 23 lakhs

Humanities, Law and Other Diplomas

10 - 15 Lakhs

Medicine and Dentistry

30 - 40 Lakhs

Nursing and Other Related Disciplines

15 - 18 Lakhs

2. Post Graduate Master’s Program

The cost of a Master’s degree is higher than normal graduation as the course demands subject expertise and quality resources. Let’s know about the tuition fees in the table below.

Academic Course

Average Fees (Rupees)


14 - 20 Lakhs


12 - 18 Lakhs

MBA and Management

10 - 40 Lakhs

Medicine and Dentistry

20 - 30 Lakhs


13 - 35 Lakhs

The most significant portion of the cost of living in UK is the tuition fees. It depends on the college and university you opt. For instance, if you opt for Oxford University then the annual tuition fees can lead up to 50 Lakhs. Apart from this, students need to pay an application fee price which can be 50 to 150£ ( 5000-15000 Rupees). To learn about other elements that comprise the cost read further and know about the accommodation expenses.

An Accommodation Costs UK for International Students

The accommodation costs depend upon the location and the types of residence you choose. Living expenses are usually higher in London and Birmingham as compared to other cities. In this section our experts will provide information on the types of accommodation available for students and their pros and cons. Also, our experts will provide information about the costs and rent prices in the UK.

1. Halls of Residence

On-campus accommodations the safest option and is managed by the University itself. University dorms are commonly knowns as halls of residence or student halls.

Pro’s Con’s


  • In-expensive
  • Single Rooms
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Shared Kitchen / Bathroom
  • Limited Number of Seats
  • Less Privacy
  • 200-250£ in London
  • 50-200£ in Other Cities

2. Private Student Halls

Private halls are just like university dorm rooms. But, these are managed by student organisations across the country. You can access both single and shared rooms and other common facilities.

Pro’s Con’s Cost
  • Studio and Cinemas Rooms Available
  • Modern Design and Architecture
  • Shared Bathroom /kitchen
  • More Costly
  • 250-300£ in London
  • £200+ in Other Cities

3. Rental Apartments

Students pursuing post-graduation mostly prefer to stay in rented apartments. It’s expensive, as the rental and living costs in major UK cities are higher. But, brings advantages as you can share the space with your friends and peers.

Pro’s Con’s Cost
  • Freedom in Choice of Residence
  • More Privacy
  • Less Affordable
  • Safety Issues
  • Independent Management (Cleaning Yourself,etc.)
  • 700-1000£ in London
  • 500-800£ in Other Cities

We have covered the prime elements of education costs in the UK. Let’s read further to learn about the expenses of food, groceries, and daily necessities.

Living and Utility Costs in the UK

Your standard of living determines your daily cost. The prices seem small, but they cut out a large portion of your monthly budget. Some visa professionals recommend students have a budget of £1200–1500 per month. It's calculated on the basis of the total amount that you need to show for your visa. But the table created below will help in deciding the exact living and grocery expenses in the UK.


Monthly Charges

Food and Groceries


Gas and electricity


Internet and Mobile Charges




Stationery Prices




Utility and Other Bills


If you cook at home, your food expenses would be £80–100, and if you order or eat outside on a daily basis, the cost can lead up to £250. Therefore, we will advise students to choose the former option and save money. Moreover, the utility bills in the UK include electricity, water, cooling, heating, and garbage collection prices. These charges vary depending on your location.

Travel and Transportation Expenses in the UK

The country provides several discounts to students to make travelling affordable. The subway, commonly referred to as the tubes, is the cheapest mode of travel and has a vast network across the country. Students can avail themselves of a monthly pass, which is more affordable. This section will help students learn about the public transportation options in the UK.



Taxi Per Kilometer


One-way Ticket (Local Transport- Bus/ Train)

2.50 £

Monthly Pass (Bus, Train and Subway)


Ownership/ Buying a Car

10000£ - 28000£

Monthly Car Insurance and Expenses

200 - 220£

Gasoline Per Litre


If you live in private rooms or rented apartments, your commuting expenses in the UK will be comparatively higher. Moreover, to save money, use public transport instead of buying your own vehicle. The last element in your UK education budget is calculating the price of healthcare and other facilities. Do not worry! Our experts have already summed up an average amount through their practical research methods.

Healthcare, Entertainment and Tax Costs in the UK

These costs do not occur on a daily basis, nor do they take up a huge portion of money from the budget. But, it is essential to set aside an amount for safety purposes. Read further to learn about each of them.

1. Healthcare Costs in the UK

UK provides NHS (National Health Services), but it depends on the academic course and its duration. Apart from this, you can pay £470 per year to avail of the services of IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge).

2. Insurance and Taxes in the UK

All international students work part-time to meet their expenses in the UK. The country allows students to work 20 hours a week along with their academic sessions. During vacations like Christmas and spring break, students can work full-time. However, if you work, you are liable to pay the taxes set by the government.

  • Students who earn more than 166 Pounds per week must pay National insurance.
  • If you earn more than 1042 Pounds in 7 days, you are liable to pay income tax.

3. Entertainment Costs in the UK

There are plenty of entertainment options in the UK, like inter-city tourism, dine-out in a fancy cafe, etc. Moreover, you can visit St.James Park, Stockeld Park, the Snow Centre, the Pinnacle climbing centre and much more.

  • Social activities like fun and recreation cost around 50-300£ per month.
  • The dine-out expenses in the UK are around 10-15£ per person.

Thus, using the above tips, students can prepare a full-fledged budget to pursue their education in the UK. This blog primarily focuses on determining college fees and other UK lifestyle expenses. Besides, there are other costs you need to incur, for instance, the visa procedure and IELTS, TOEFL, and GMAT examination fees. To get detailed information, you can take a free consultation from our Gradding experts. Our team of professionals will help you to select colleges, plan living expenses, etc. Also, read further to learn some saving tips for living in the UK.

Budgeting and General Tips from Gradding Experts

  • Try to complete 20 hours of work in your part-time.
  • Rent vehicles like two-wheelers and cycles instead of buying them.
  • You can seek help from our experts to get academic scholarships.
  • Our professionals provide accommodation support to students so they can avail affordable facilities in the UK.
  • Avoid eating outside and in fancy restaurants, as dining out expenses in the UK are higher.
  • It is better to buy second-hand equipment and furniture if you live in a rented apartment. Sometimes you will find them in perfect condition and at cheaper prices.
  • UK provides freebies and discounts to students, like travel coupons, offers and more. Thus, do not miss out on these and save your money.
  • Moreover, you should seek financial advice from expert consultants or friends who live abroad. These professionals will teach you budgeting for living in the UK and assist you in saving money.
  • Lastly, if you need help with the entry process, such as interview preparation, visa counselling, profile creation and visa application, you can take guidance from our platform!

Thus, with the help of our experts, you can easily determine the cost of living in UK and plan your study-abroad budget. If you face any issues regarding the living expenses, you can reach out to our experts for detailed information. Our customer executives are available 24 hours a day to assist you!


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Bhumit Chhipawat

27 Jun, 2023

Insightful post! Understanding the UK's cost of living is crucial for anyone planning to move there.

Rupal Sen

30 Jun, 2023

Thanks for breaking down the cost of living in the UK. Your expertise really shines through!

Nisha singh

12 Jul, 2023

Great article! Your expert analysis on the UK's living expenses is incredibly valuable for both locals and expats.

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