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Proven and Effective IELTS Listening Tips for 2024

Are you ready to get a bird's view of the IELTS listening section? You will find the 10 best IELTS listening tips after a brief overview of what it is. Read more to learn some proven ways to ace IELTS listening. Moreover, this write up has a list of commonly asked questions in the end. You can refer to it to learn more about the IELTS exam. In addition to this, you will get references below to learn about all the aspects of the IELTS test. Before knowing how to improve listening in IELTS, let us start with an introduction to the IELTS listening section.

Introduction to IELTS Listening Section

The IELTS section is 40 minutes long. This includes 10 minutes for answering the questions and rechecking them. You get to attempt this section in 4 different parts. Furthermore, the listening section is divided into 40 questions. This section assesses the ability to understand the verbal English of the candidate. You can take practice tests to know where you stand.

Take a look at the list of skills assessed by the IELTS listening section:

List of Skills Assessed in IELTS Listening

  • If you can follow conversations or not
  • Your ability to perceive and understand monologues
  • If you are able to note facts and details
  • If you can come to accurate conclusions based on the information you gathered.

Let us now come to the IELTS listening tips. The section below will elaborate on the top 10 advice for the IELTS listening section.

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Tips to Improve IELTS Listening Section

Let us now take note of what the online guide has to say about clearing the IELTS listening section. Following are the listening tips for IELTS you can use to get 7 to 7.5 bands in the listening section of the IELTS exam:

  1. Do Regular Practice
  2. Increase Your Vocabulary
  3. Get Familiar With Different Accents
  4. Track Your Weaknesses
  5. Find Your Focal Point
  6. Listen to More English
  7. Learn to Search Keywords
  8. Solve Ample Amount of Samples
  9. Rely on Mock Tests
  10. Seek Study Groups

The above points on how to improve IELTS listening are explained below:

Do Regular Practice

Firstly, gather all the sources that can provide sample papers. Moreover, you can also practice using various methods. This practice will definitely improve listening in IELTS. However, sample papers can make you get used to the format of the IELTS listening section. Furthermore, you should also ensure that this becomes your routine and you are consistent.

Increase Your Vocabulary

Secondly, you are expected to increase your lexical resources. Thus, it is better to polish your English by learning some new words. Moreover, you should also focus on this as it will help you score better in other IELTS sections as well. Hence, try to use different words in the same sentence and learn their meanings by heart.

Get Familiar With Different Accents

Thirdly, you will definitely find many accents in the IELTS listening section tasks. You will hear British, North American, and Australian accents. Moreover, it also has the New Zealand accent which is very different from the one used in the UK or the US. You can watch the clips of the people of these countries and hear their daily life communication. It will help you get comfortable hearing and understanding these accents. Moreover, you can find these online very easily as they are crucial for improving listening in IELTS.

Track Your Weaknesses

Fourthly, you should keep track of your weak points and the places you are lacking. However, you can only identify these when you practice daily. Thus, it would be wise to tally your mistakes in regular practice sessions. In addition to this, you can also hire a study abroad consultant or an IELTS trainer to help you. A good trainer will give special attention to your weak areas. Moreover, they will also update you on your progress and ensure a regular practice session.

Find Your Focal Point

Fifthly, there is nothing that can change your mind about clearing the IELTS exam in one go. Until and unless, of course, you are distracted. Thus, it is wise to identify what takes away your attention and try to sit in a place where you can't access it while practicing. Moreover, to improve listening in IELTS, you should exercise or meditate if you can't be attentive for a long time. It will help you not only hear but understand the conversations you hear in the IELTS listening section. Besides, what you should note here is that you can only hear the audio once during the exam.

Listen to More English

Furthermore, you should consider listening to English outside of practice. It means you can watch shows or series that are English and use the same accents you have to take the test in. This will also help you increase your lexical resources. Yet, it is vital to get familiar with fluent English and an accent as it is a challenge for people of non English speaking nations.

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Learn to Search Keywords

You must also learn to know which words are important to note. Moreover, there are also key phrases that you need to take note of. You can use the IELTS listening practice test to get a gist of techniques to do so. Yet, another tough task is to identify these words and phrases while listening to the audio as there will be no next time. In addition to this, while writing the answers in the last 10 minutes, you will find these helpful.

Solve an Ample Amount of Samples

Practicing with sample papers can help you ace the IELTS exam in one go. Moreover, they make you used to the format of the IELTS exam. There are great benefits to doing the IELTS sample paper in the same format as the one you will get on your exam day. However, while solving the IELTS listening practice test, you will have to take care of how many times you hear the audio. Besides, the actual IELTS listening exam allows you to only hear the audio once.

Rely on Mock Tests

Among the famous listening tips and tricks, lies the importance of mock tests. There are paid mock tests that you can take online on several websites. Moreover, study abroad experts and online IELTS coaching like the one at Gradding also offer unlimited mock tests to the students. Therefore, you can either get IELTS training from professional trainers. However, there is another option for accessing paid practice tests online.

Seek Study Groups

Lastly, start networking and looking for study groups who are working on the same goal as you. There must be several such peer groups in the city you live in. It will help you have a support system and work on your weaknesses better. There is great potential for success in working in groups and assessing each other.

These are the top IELTS listening tips and tricks by mentors and trainers. Let us now move on to the next section. It will discuss the format of the IELTS speaking section.

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What is the IELTS Listening Test Format?

The listening section in the IELTS exam pattern has 4 parts and all of them are explained in the picture below:

IELTS listening test format

These are the various tasks you would need to complete in the IELTS listening section.

To sum up, the best way to clear the IELTS listening is to follow the IELTS listening tips from an online guide. Moreover, you can also rely on most of them for regular practice and IELTS mock tests. In addition to this, they ensure you get regular feedback on your progress. Therefore, it is a better idea to hire an IELTS trainer as no one would want to pay the amount of Rs. 17,000 all over again due to silly mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is a Simple Trick to Clear IELTS in One Go?

Being regular with listening, speaking, and reading English can improve many English language skills. For example, it will increase your vocabulary and polish your fluency as well.

Q2. What Are Some Tips While Taking the IELTS Exam?

While taking the IELTS exam, keep yourself calm and focused. It is vital for every section. Especially for IELTS listening. Thus, try to breathe and exhale out your anxiety. Moreover, give yourself time to think and prepare your answers. In addition to this, you can get some listening tips for IELTS from the experts at the training centers near you along with IELTS mock tests and feedback.

Q3. How to Improve IELTS Listening MCQ?

Start noting keywords and key phrases. It will help you find an answer faster. Moreover, also try to group the options that look similar. It will help you eradicate confusion. Take note of when you hear "but" or "however' as it can negate the possibility of an option being an answer. Your first guess might be wrong, hence, it would be wise to listen to the whole line and wait for a full stop before choosing an option.

Q4. How Many Times Can We Hear the Audio in IELTS Listening?

You can hear the audio only once. Thus, while practicing as well, you should stick to listening to the audio only once.

Q5. What Common Mistakes Can I Avoid in IELTS?

Avoid these 5 common mistakes in your IELTS exam:

  • Not sticking to the topic
  • Unable to manage time
  • Overusing cohesive devices
  • Using words incorrectly (flaunting the wrong use of vocabulary)
  • Missing clarity in work

Q6. Can I Clear IELTS in One Go?

Yes, anyone can clear the IELTS exam in one go. However, for that, you must be consistent with your English speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Moreover, it is vital to also practice with sample papers and mock tests. Besides, seek some tips for IELTS listening and reading on how to concentrate from a coach.

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