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List of Useful Online Resources for IELTS Preparation

This blog sheds light on a list of useful resources to prepare for the IELTS exam that help you ease your work. In addition, it will also help you explore the role of online resources.

The IELTS was introduced in the 1980s to evaluate an individual's fluency in the English language. The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is an English language competency exam created and administered by the British Council in collaboration with Cambridge Assessment English and IDP Education.

The IELTS system is widely recognized as the world's most popular English language competency test for higher education and international migration. IELTS can help you study, advance your job, or settle in an English-speaking nation. So, before you prepare for IELTS, refer to this blog to gain insight into the useful online resources for IELTS preparation. But first, let’s begin with a basic understanding of what IELTS exam is all about. 

A Brief Overview of the IELTS Exam by the Experts

Some of the top language experts across the globe created IELTS to measure the entire range of skills required to work or study successfully in an English-speaking nation. While appearing or doing IELTS preparation online, you will be assessed on the following skills.


The IELTS exam evaluates your reading skills to gauge your ability to comprehend the author's opinions and discern the main ideas. This section assesses your proficiency in understanding written content, identifying key points, and effectively interpreting the author's viewpoints.


The writing component of IELTS is designed to evaluate your ability to organize ideas, employ diverse grammar structures, and craft coherent responses. It focuses on assessing your written communication skills, including your capacity to articulate thoughts logically and appropriately use a wide range of grammatical structures.


The listening skill in IELTS aims to assess your capability to recognize opinions, comprehend ideas, and follow the progression of a spoken discourse. This section tests your auditory comprehension, requiring you to extract information accurately from various audio sources, such as lectures and conversations.


The speaking module of IELTS evaluates how effectively you can communicate information and express opinions on shared experiences and everyday topics. It focuses on your oral communication skills, including pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary usage, and the ability to engage in a conversation.

These are some skills you need to hone when preparing for the IELTS exam online. So, this is what IELTS is all about. Now, let's move to the primary concern, i.e., the resources for IELTS preparation. Choosing the best resource holds importance in a student's life that you will discover while reading the succeeding section. 

Role of Online Resources in IELTS Exam Preparation

Exam preparation is no longer limited to dusty texts and traditional classroom sessions. A new era of interactive and accessible learning has begun with the rise of the digital age, with emerging online resources. IELTS practice tests online allow students to identify flaws, assess their talents, and improve their overall performance. So, before you wonder 'How to prepare for IELTS?' you must know the resources to use for the same.

Talking about these sources, online ones have become a huge help for applicants in their IELTS preparation. Let's examine some of the main benefits of using online practice exams to prepare for your exams.

Accessibility 24/7

Online resources provide round-the-clock accessibility, allowing candidates to study at their convenience and in the comfort of their environment, facilitating flexible and personalized learning schedules.

Simulation of Exam Conditions

Numerous websites offer IELTS practice tests replicating real exam conditions, helping candidates familiarize themselves with the format, timings, and types of questions, thereby reducing anxiety and improving performance on the test day.

Immediate Feedback

Online resources offer instant feedback on practice tests, enabling candidates to identify strengths and weaknesses promptly. This feature aids in efficient self-evaluation, allowing for targeted improvement in specific areas of concern.

Interactive Study Materials

Online platforms provide interactive study materials such as quizzes, videos, and exercises, engaging candidates in a dynamic learning process. These materials enhance comprehension and retention, making the learning experience more effective and enjoyable.

Language Improvement Tools

Online resources include thesauruses, dictionaries, and grammar tools that assist candidates in enhancing their language skills and developing a robust vocabulary, crucial for success in the various sections of the IELTS exam.

Global Connectivity through Discussion

Participation in online discussion groups and social media platforms connects IELTS candidates worldwide. This global network facilitated the exchange of tips, experiences, and strategies, creating a supportive community for collaborative learning and shared insights.

Regular Updates on Test Format

Online resources consistently update information on the IELTS test format, ensuring that candidates stay informed about any changes or modifications. It allows aspirants to adapt their preparation strategies accordingly, staying current and well-prepared for the exam.

In summary, online resources like the IELTS practice test online are integral to exam preparation. It offers a flexible approach for candidates to improve their language skills and succeed in the IELTS test. Now that you have understood the importance, let’s unlock the list of the best resources for IELTS exam.

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List of Useful Resources to Prepare for IELTS Exam

For IELTS, multiple online resources are available, including the IELTS study material. You can use these sources to learn how to boost your grammar, vocabulary, and writing style for the IELTS writing part.

Let's have a look at some of the online resources for IELTS writing-

Online Practice Tests 

The IELTS online practice test series, such as the Gradding practice tests could be a game-changer for aspiring students regarding IELTS exam preparation. Let's explore a few benefits of using online practice tests in IELTS exam preparation:

  • Practicing with time constraints helps to allocate time efficiently and improves time management skills.
  • These practice tests examine your proficiency in all four languages – reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Instant feedback on every task or question allows for improved areas and quick self-evaluation.
  • It helps with IELTS performance with some interactive sessions. Practice is essential.

Online Resources (Websites, Guidelines)

You can visit general online websites like ‘’ and ‘British Council's official IELTS website’ that provide guidelines for IELTS writing tests. They can help you learn the writing style, time, mark allocation, and cut-offs in preparation for the IELTS writing section. It will help in better preparation for IELTS Tests.

Test Preparation Books

Cambridge IELTS series and other reputable publishers, such as "The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS," offer the best IELTS preparation books with practice tests, tips, and strategies for each exam section. Studying through such resources, including "Barron's IELTS," will help you prepare for the IELTS exam while resolving all your queries in just a snap of your fingers.

Mobile Apps

There are several mobile apps designed specifically for IELTS preparation. Such applications often include practice questions, vocabulary exercises, and useful IELTS preparation tips. For instance, there are a lot popular mobile applications for the IELTS practice test online free with score that are helping students with IELTS preparation. Also, Gradding is soon launching its mobile app in the coming time to help students with IELTS preparation. 

Online Grammar Tutorials

Online grammar seminars and activities are important to prepare for IELTS. They provide a thorough platform for talent and skills development. Listening to in-depth tutorials improves your awareness of grammar rules. You can take interactive sessions and get immediate feedback to highlight improvement areas.

Online Communities

Explore platforms like Quora and other dedicated IELTS preparation communities where candidates share insights, experiences, and tips. Additionally, communities on platforms like Reddit and Facebook provide valuable discussions and resources for comprehensive IELTS preparation.By referring to these online resources, you can optimize your IELTS exam preparation and increase your chances of success.

Summing Up!       

The IELTS exam is an English-language proficiency test. People prepare for IELTS to attend university in abroad or get a job in an English-speaking country. You'll likely appear in the IELTS if you move to the UK, Canada, or Australia. So, do the best preparation for IELTS exam the easiest way; after that, no one can stop you from achieving your dreams.

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Rohan Gupta

Wow, this list covers everything from practice tests to grammar tutorials. Super helpful for anyone prepping for the IELTS. Big thanks to Gradding!

Amit Sharma

This is exactly what I needed! With so many online resources out there, it's hard to know where to start. Thanks for making it easier for us aspiring test-takers!

Neha Patel

Thanks for compiling this list! As someone gearing up for the IELTS, having a centralized resource like this is a lifesaver. Much appreciated!


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