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Grab the Exciting Study Abroad Scholarships in the UK 2023

Attention Students! You can now save massive amounts and relish your stay in the UK. Here are some scholarships you can avail which can help you fund your tuition fees.

Receiving an offer letter from a prestigious university in the UK is a dream come true. But to accomplish any dream, efforts and cost are the two most crucial factors. The cost is not just limited to university fees; students have to pay at every step before reaching the final destination. The Universities also understand the students' dilemma of wanting to enrol but facing financial burdens. For this, they have introduced diverse scholarships in the UK 2023. Every student gets a fair and equal chance to avail and enjoy the benefits. But availing one needs tremendous hard work, consistency and effort.

Scholarships are meant to provide financial assistance to students, either in the form of tuition fees or living costs and sometimes both. Some scholarships are fully funded, while others provide partial help. A little help in finances is better than no help. Universities encourage students to work hard, apply and secure entrance as well as yearly scholarships. This helps them not only cover university fees but also plan their stay efficiently. Another benefit of university scholarships is that it helps you keep in line with the decided budget for abroad expenses.

Need help with how to secure a scholarship? Gradding has got you covered. We have a team of skilled professionals whose expertise can assist you not only with scholarships but also with other aspects related to finances. Now, let's explore the multiple study in the UK scholarships 2023 offered by universities.

Benefit from the Several UK Scholarship Opportunities 2023

Students studying in UK universities get a golden opportunity to save massive amounts spent on their university expenses. Qualifying and availing of scholarships will help the students during their employment. As sponsoring your education with scholarships is quite impressive. Various scholarships offered by universities give students a sense of relief in terms of expenses. Some of them include: 

Chevening Scholarship 

The most critical skill and factor the Chevening scholarship focuses on is leadership quality. This is a fully-funded scholarship offered to candidates with stunning academic scores and leadership experience. The Chevening scholarships are among the most popular in the UK 2023, availed by students pursuing master's degrees. They provide financial help, which covers not only the tuition fees but also the living cost as well as the flight tickets. Several requirements to be eligible for Chevening scholarships includes: 

  • Must have citizenship from Chevening-eligible countries such as India, Australia, Canada etc.
  • The citizens must provide evidence and agree to return to their home country immediately after completion of the scholarship.

Almost 1500 Chevening scholarships are provided to students every year. The applications for 2023 were closed on 28th April 2023. But students can apply for the 2024-25 session from August 2023.

Commonwealth Scholarship

These scholarships in the UK 2023 are awarded to students belonging to commonwealth countries. These students are given the opportunity of scholarships who could not afford to pursue their choice of master's or PhD degrees. They require funding sources that can help them pursue the course and attain knowledge. The Commonwealth scholarships are won by talented students having solid academic background. They always have the aim to work towards better for the country as well as the society. As student must pass the eligibility criteria to win the scholarship.

  • Being a permanent resident of a commonwealth country is mandatory
  • If you want to pursue PhD, a master's degree is a must 
  • You must prove that you cannot afford education in the UK without a scholarship or funding

Once eligible, students can win and pursue the postgraduate courses of their choice. The dates to apply for Commonwealth scholarships for session 2024-25 will reopen in August 2023. The commonwealth scholarship offers several awards for students to take benefit which includes:

  • Commonwealth PhD Scholarships 
  • Commonwealth Master's Scholarships 
  • Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships 
  • Commonwealth Professional Fellowships 
  • Commonwealth Split-Site Scholarships 
  • Commonwealth Shared Scholarships 

GREAT Scholarship

A GREAT scholarship is a helpful option amongst the postgraduate scholarships in the UK 2023. This is for students who wish to pursue a PG or a master's course. It includes 99 PG scholarships provided by 36 prestigious universities in the UK. The GREAT scholarship is popular amongst students as it provides a one-year tuition fee waiver in the form of an award amounting to £10 000.

The program of GREAT scholarships is a joint venture and is sponsored by the Government's GREAT Britain Campaign and the British Council along with the involved universities in the UK. Students must fulfil the following requirements to be eligible for the GREAT scholarships in the UK 2023.

  • Qualified countries include India, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Turkey.
  • Students looking to avail of the scholarships must be from these countries and must have completed under graduation from their native country.
  • Must fulfil the English proficiency requirements (IELTS or TOEFL, whichever is necessary).
  • Students who wish to pursue a master's or a PG course must have relevant work experience with solid academic background.

The applications for the GREAT scholarships for the year 2023-24 have been closed for mostly all universities. A total of 200 scholarships have been provided by 49 universities across the UK. Students now have the option to apply for these scholarships when the applications for 2024-25 open.

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT)

This scholarship fund was started by Charles Wallace India Trust and is one of the most important scholarships for Indian students. The British Council has joined hands with CWIT for the last 40 years and has provided assistance to working Indians. These scholarships in the UK 2023 provide Indian students residing in India mainly in the mid or early stages. They are either studying or working to promote heritage and conservation in the country. Several types of waiver available in the scholarship includes: 

  • Awards for PhD or doctoral courses (£500-£600)
  • Grants related to research (£1500)
  • CWIT Long-Term awards (fully funded)

But how can a student know if they can apply for the CWIT scholarships? Here are some of the eligibility pointers for every student looking for CWIT scholarship to consider:

  • Students must have Indian citizenship and reside in India 
  • The age limit is between 28-38 years
  • The student must not have received the benefits of a CWIT scholarship in the last five years.

The applications for long as well as short-term grants have been closed for the year 2023. Students can apply for the 2024-25 session before 23rd February 2024.

Scotland Saltire Scholarships

This is the perfect postgraduate scholarships in the UK 2023 for any student who wishes to pursue it at any Scottish institution. This program is started by the Scottish Government in partnership with several Scottish universities. The scholarships benefit the students who are pursuing education or PG courses in Technology, Science, Creative Industries, Healthcare and Medicines, Renewable and Clean Energy etc.

Students have the opportunity to seize and benefit from fifty grants, each amounting to £8000. By availing of this, students can get a fee waiver on their tuition as well as first-year program fees. To be eligible to qualify for the Scotland Saltire Scholarships, students must fulfil the following: 

  • A conditional offer in hand provided by Scottish University (unconditional offer might also work) 
  • The PG or master course must be pursued in the above mentioned areas
  • Residency of countries eligible for the scholarship. (Indian students can apply)
  • Evidence stating that you can manage the living cost 
  • Certificates proving your English Proficiency as required 
  • Students must not have pursued an education in Scotland and not availed of this scholarship.

The closing date when students can apply for this session is 12th June 2023. The application will close at midnight as per the GMT time zone.

Financial Savings with Impressive Scholarships in the UK 2023

Overall, we can say that students can definitely save massive amounts and totally eliminate their tuition fees by securing scholarships. Universities go way beyond to help students and not be the cause of any hurdle that can stop them from fulfilling their dream. There are numerous UK scholarship opportunities 2023 for every student, which can benefit them immensely. These can help help students not only save money but also learn how to be dedicated enough to gain scholarships on the entrance. Furthermore, the amount of money saved will help students manage their living expenses as well as enjoy their stay abroad in a relaxed manner.

If you are struggling to locate the scholarship that is appropriate for you, then we can help. You can navigate to, where the professional team of experts are waiting to help you in every way possible. You can get any assistance related to your dream of pursuing education abroad. You can book a call or schedule trail sessions at any time and solve your queries. The specialists at help you shortlist the scholarships in the UK 2023 that best fits your requirements. They additionally help you with accumulating funds via various sources.

So why wait? Schedule personalized training sessions and avail yourself of the scholarships to save considerable amounts in your budget.


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