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How to Get Scholarships for International Students in Canada?

This blog works as a guide for those who wish to learn about scholarships in Canada. Students often struggle to arrange funds for their abroad studies. Thus, this article gives all the options to them.

Canadian coastline is the longest in the world. So is the queue of international aspirants planning to study in the country. Canada is one of the world's most wanted destinations for foreign students. To study in Canada, many scholars seek ways to fund their overseas education. Getting a scholarship is one of them. There are several means to get scholarships for International Students in Canada. This blog states those ways and is also a guide to all the relevant scholarship programs in Canada. There are many types of award schemes that are based on needs and merit. Students have a lot of chances to avail themselves of financial aid. The Indian government, Canadian Government, and NGOs are only a few of the many sources.
This blog also states how to get scholarship in Canada. Check out the sections below for more details.

Types of Canadian Scholarships for International Students

Canadian authorities give a variety of financial awards. These help the students fund their overseas studies. Indian authorities and NGOs of both nations make sure to help every student they can. Brilliant students can expect monetary aid from them. Moreover, there are numerous types of scholarships which scholars can choose from. For instance, aspirants with various talents can also apply for various awards. There are schemes which aid economically weak students. Hence, below are the details of top scholarships that aspirants can get:

Government Scholarships:

You can get assistance from the government for your academic life in Canada. They offer financial aid to students who cannot afford the expenses. For example, there are students who struggle to pay the tuition fee of their chosen university. They can get a segment of the fees or even the whole fee excused. Check the table below to learn more about the names of scholarships:

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • for 2 years
  • 70,000 CAD / year
  • Social sciences and health research
IDRC Research Awards
  • up to 48,000 CAD
  • PG, PhD
  • Education, sciences governance
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute
  • PG, PhD
  • Partial funding
Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship
  • PhD
  • formal sciences, humanities
Vanier Canada Scholarship
  • for 3 years
  • PhD
  • 50,000 CAD/year

NGO Scholarships:

Secondly, apart from the government, NGOs have also decided to help scholars study in Canada. Students have multiple ways to fund their abroad dreams. One of these ways is applying for grants. These work like scholarships for students in need. However, the academic record of the student also matters in some cases. There are several sources to get a scholarship in Canada for international students and every scholarship awards a specific amount. They are also degree specific. Read the table below to learn more about such schemes and programs:

Trudeau Scholarship and Fellowships
  • 40,000 CAD/year
  • PhD
Canada Memorial Scholarship
  • Available to Canadians only
  • For UK universities
HEC Montréal Scholarships
  • 17,500 CAD/year
  • UG, PG, PhD

University Scholarships:

Lastly, the university you enrolled in might also offer awards to international students. They can cover up to 100% of your tuition fee. These, majorly, are those that fund students based on merit. They focus on scholars who can benefit their institute with their academic talent. University scholarships for international students in Canada are as follows:

UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award
  • need and merit-based
  • Covers tuition fee
  • Covers living costs

University of Calgary International Scholarships
  • up to 20,000 CAD
  • UG
  • merit-based

University of Waterloo

  • 10,000 CAD/year
  • UG
  • merit-based and need-based
Ontario Graduate Scholarship
  • up to 15000 CAD for 3 sessions
  • merit-based
  • partial funding
University of Maioba Graduate Fellowship
  • 14,000 CAD for PG
  • 18,000 CAD for PhD
  • 12 and 24 months respectively

These were the three sources where you can avail of a scholarship aid. All scholarships for international students in Canada target various groups of scholars. Hence, the next section is all about the scholarships awarded on the basis of degree.

Degree Level Scholarships in Canada

Some students wish to study overseas at entry level. Then some want to do master. There are also potential research scholars. For every level of education, Canada offers scholarships. Mostly, all scholarships are for a certain degree level. Hence, the amount they offer at every level differs. This section will cover the scope of fully funded scholarships. It also states some of the partially funded ones.
You can find detailed information on how to get a degree-level scholarship in Canada below:

1. PhD Scholarships in Canada:

A total of 98 universities in Canada offer PhD in various fields. This course can take up to 6 years to complete. Let's look at which scholarships can land you in your favourite university. Below is the table you can refer to. It mentions the universities that offer fully or partially funded scholarships.

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • 70,000 CAD
  • Fully Funded
Ontario Trillium Scholarship
  • 40,000 CAD
  • Partially Funded
IDRC Research Award
  • 20,000 CAD
  • Partially Funded
University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship
  • 18,000 CAD
  • Partially Funded
University of Calgary
  • 35,000 CAD
  • Partially Funded

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2. PG Scholarships in Canada:

Scholars have a lot of reasons for doing a master's degree in Canada. Firstly, it is the home to 7 out of 150 top universities in the world. Secondly, the quality of life there has always caught international students' attention. Refer to the table below for PG Scholarships in Canada that fund your master's degree in Canada. The list also states the amount of the award:

Ontario Graduate Scholarship
  • 10,000 CAD
  • Partially Funded
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
  • 50,000 CAD
  • Fully funded
Humber International Entrance Scholarship
  • 2000 CAD
  • Partially Funded

3. UG Scholarships in Canada:

India has dreamers who aspire to fly overseas just after their 12th. Canada is one of their top choices for studying abroad. This country offers quality education with several ways to fund this dream. Check the list below to learn more about UG scholarships in Canada:

President’s Scholarship
  • 10,000 CAD
  • Partially Funded
University of Waterloo
  • 10,000 CAD
  • Partially Funded
Douglas College International Student Scholarship
  • 7000 CAD
  • Partially Funded
Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program
  • Fully Funded

Now, you are aware of how degree level scholarships work. Further in the blog, you will learn more about the eligibility criteria of these scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria for Scholarships in Canada!

What Are The Eligibility Criteria to Apply For Scholarships?

Every scholarship opportunity targets a group of students. There is a possibility for a scholar to not qualify for a scholarship but gets approval for another, Check below the general passing criteria to get a Canadian scholarship:

  • If a student aspires to study in Canada then, good grades are a must. A good academic record can land you your favorite university. However, it is not enough.
  • Indeed, Canadian government scholarships for international students are of a big help for learners. But, to avail of it, you must have a good score on an English skill test. There are TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, PTE, and SAT exams that confirm your proficiency.
  • Thirdly, for merit-based awards, you can showcase your talents. If your academic reports are fine but you have a better creativity score, the ticket to Canada can be yours!
  • Lastly, Canadian universities expect you to have the necessary documents. These will help them verify your identity, talents, and scores. How to get scholarship in Canada? Simple! Collect the following documents:

1. Academic Report Cards
2. Bank Account Details
3. Medical Reports
4. National ID - Adhaar Card.
5.Domicile Certificate
6. LOR - Letter of Recommendation
7. SOP - Statement of Purpose
8. Passport Copy
9. Resume

These pointers describe the requirements which an international student must have. However, the specific criteria of eligibility might differ for every award. The next section of this blog will discuss the application process of these scholarships.

How to Apply for a Scholarship in Canada?

Do you know how to enter the application process to avail of these scholarships? This section answers this question in steps. Moreover, It is advisable to start from the official government or university websites to proceed with the application form. Here’s how you can apply for a scholarship that suits you.

1. Firstly, research well before deciding. There are many options to apply for. You can apply for more than one scholarship. There are many types of awards, you must know which type you need.

2. Secondly, the scholarship you want to apply for must have a passing criteria. Make sure you meet that! The application process for scholarship can't move forward if you don't pass it.

3. Thirdly, try to apply the earliest. There is a lot of competition among capable students. So, the first come first serve rule applies.

4. Fourthly, apply for the scholarship with all the relevant documents. Do not forget to fill in any vital details on the form.

5. Furthermore, keep track of your application status. Keep mailing and calling regularly, but don't overthink. It is good to check every week or two.

These were the steps to apply for scholarships in Canada. These apply to all UG, PhD, and PG scholarships. Canada is a popular choice for studying abroad. Be prepared to apply for winter intake,

Check the process for the same here: How to Prepare for Winter Intake in Canada in 2024?

Lastly, we hope now you know what applying for a scholarship in Canada looks like. It is a long process, indeed. However, it is not a good enough reason to hold back. Scholarships play a great role in fulfilling the dreams of many students. Thus, you must apply for one with sincerity. Therefore, is here to guide you which scholarship is the best for you. It requires research and expert experience. So, scholarships for international students in Canada are just a call away! Book your free session on now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How Can I Get a Full Scholarship in Canada?

Follow these steps to get a 100% funded scholarship:
1. Improve your academic record.
2. Gain relevant experience.
3. Enhance extracurricular talents.

Q2. Who is Eligible For The Scholarship in Canada?

Below is the general passing criteria to get a scholarship:

  • They have to be a resident of a recognized country.
  • They have enough resources to fund their education.
  • They have a good score on one of the English skill tests.
  • They have relevant documents for the application process for scholarship. Experts advise students to arrange them beforehand.

Q3. What Percentage Do I Need For Scholarships in Canada?

You would need a percentage above 80. Canadian universities generally offer merit-based awards for international students.

Q4. How Much IELTS Score Do I Need For The Scholarship?

6.5 bands are the minimum requirement to get a scholarship for Canada university. Most universities do give benefits to those who have more than this.

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Swati Desai

Great tips for maximizing scholarship opportunities for international study in Canada.

Siddharth Mehta

Thanks for providing actionable steps to pursue scholarships for international education in Canada.

Deepika Gupta

Can international students apply for scholarships directly through Canadian universities?


Yes, international students can often apply for scholarships directly through Canadian universities.

Aditya Singhania

Helpful resource for international students seeking financial aid for Canadian education.

Aisha Khan

Can international students apply for government-funded scholarships or grants in Canada?


Yes, international students can apply for certain government-funded scholarships or grants in Canada


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