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What Is the Contrast Between Scholarship and Fellowship?

Students often feel confused about scholarship and fellowship. Lets start a journey to educate ourselves on the in-depth knowledge about it. Also let’s understand the major differences about that.

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Education is essential for students. Unfortunately, many individuals face financial hurdles that prevent them from pursuing their academic goals. Thus, many students have to give up on their dreams because of financial difficulties. We have created a blog dedicated to scholarships and fellowships to support you during this challenging time. Why fellowships? Well, if you're not interested in financial aid but instead seek recognition for your academic achievements, this is the blog you should read.

Imagine a student who is brilliant in studies and dreams to study abroad but eliminates it aims as he is financially low. It feels devastating, right? Yes, but this is not new. Every year, many students drop their idea to study abroad just because of financial constraints. We understand that education is expensive these days. Thus, we do have multiple options that can act as a supporter for the students who are extraordinary in academics. The two most common forms of financial aid are–scholarships and fellowships. But do we know the difference between a fellowship and a scholarship and how they work? No? So, let's quickly get into the distinction between them. 

All About Scholarships

Do you recall when you were in school, and some students were awarded scholarships as they were top in the class? Yes? Every kid wonders to stand on that podium and receive one. Thus, we always knew about scholarship but needed to understand it in-depth.

Investing in education is one of the most valuable contributions we can make to our society. A scholarship is a financial grant that recognizes and rewards academic excellence. It's a vote of confidence for students who have demonstrated outstanding performance, achieved excellent grades, and accomplished remarkable feats in their studies. Now, you must be thinking from where should we get these scholarships? So, scholarships are available in various educational institutions, including colleges, schools, and universities, both public and private. Thus, the eligibility criteria for scholarships vary from one institution to another, depending on the course of study and degree.

National and international schools, colleges, and universities offer scholarship programs that provide opportunities for students to unlock their full potential and achieve their academic dreams.

Scholarship programs offer a fantastic opportunity for individuals to pursue their education without worrying about financial constraints. The money approved through such programs is totally dependent on the eligibility and requirements of the applicant, making it an easy option that covers tuition fees, accommodation, travel, food, and other education-related expenses. These scholarships are available for school, college, and university-level education, and come in various types based on education, sports, and other quotas. The best part? With the help of scholarship programs, students from low-income backgrounds can now study abroad and gain international exposure. By empowering students with the necessary resources, scholarship programs are making education more equitable and accessible.

A scholarship does not come with repayment. It means that the students can pay back the amount without paying back. Depending upon the eligibility, a scholarship fund can cover either 100% of the educational expenses or a part of them. Excellence in academic and co-curricular activities is the only way to get a scholarship grant.

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Understand the Types of Scholarship

Multiple scholarships are available, but let's check out the top 3 scholarships students must know.

1. Test Scholarships

From years, we have heard our parents saying“Competition ki tayari karle, kaam Ayega.”Thus, indeed, it is a true statement.Several globally reputed tests play an instrumental role in getting students to earn admission into well-known institutions and study abroad. An extraordinary score on these tests can get you a scholarship. Some tests that offer scholarships are NET, GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS, and NMSQT/PSAT.

2. Need-based Scholarship

Some students are financially deficient, but they dream of studying abroad. Now you must be thinking, why do they not choose merit-based? This is because not all students are very good at studies. Thus, some are average also. So, for them need based scholarships are introduced. This scholarship helps to put wings on your dreams. If the students can show hardship in completing their studies, this kind of scholarship is granted.

3. Merit-based Scholarship

Some students are just" WOW" at studies but are not financially strong enough to purse further studies. So, for them, Merit-based scholarships are provided by keeping their good academic records. This kind of scholarship is the most common in schools, colleges, and universities worldwide. Thus, if you are extraordinary in your studies, congratulations, your dream to study abroad can be accomplished soon. 

What expenses are covered by a scholarship?

Till now, Gradding believes you would have understood enough about the scholarships. But wait, we are still going; there is more to know about. Let's get into the expenses that are covered under scholarships:-

Tuition Fee: 

You want to study abroad but worried about the tuition fees. Worry not! Scholarship programs are a great way for students to pursue their academic dreams without worrying about the high tuition fees that reputed institutions across the globe charge for technical courses like data science, engineering, aviation, and medicine. Every year, many students travel abroad to study under such programs. Students who score well in competitive exams such as IELTS or TOEFL or GMAT can also become eligible for scholarships, which can help them achieve their academic goals.


Students are often worried about high cost of accommodation. But we have got a solution of this as well. Pursuing higher education in abroad is a popular choice for many due to the rapidly growing education systems and abundance of job opportunities available there. Additionally, scholarships can alleviate financial stress by covering living expenses such as food, rent, and utilities for students who travel to study at their desired universities. So “Are you ready to fly little Higher”.


Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity for students to broaden their horizons and gain new experiences, but it can also be financially challenging. Visa fees and airfare are among the additional expenses that students have to bear. However, there are scholarship grants available that can help cover these costs. It is essential to explore all available options and carefully review the terms and conditions of each scholarship. Some scholarships may cover all expenses, while others only provide partial funding. Through thorough research, students can find the right scholarship that suits their needs and make their study abroad dreams a reality.

Books and Study Materials: 

Investing in higher education is a crucial step towards a brighter future. Technical books and study materials can be expensive, making it difficult for many students to pursue their dreams. Fortunately, scholarship programs exist to help brilliant students overcome financial obstacles and achieve their goals. Remember, books may be our best friends, so scholarships are helping you in getting closer to your best friend.

We understand that scholarships are the hope to make your dreams come true. Thus, above are the points that tell you about the expenses that are covered in the scholarships. We hope that after reading the points you can strategize your study abroad journey because ultimately we want to see you “GROW MORE AND MORE”.

Top Scholarships for Higher Education 

Now that all the particulars are covered, don't you want to know about the available scholarships? Yes? So, let's dive into the top scholarships for higher education that we have gathered by the in-depth research on scholarships.

  • Stuart Hall Scholarship
  • Skoll Scholarship
  • Ritchie Jennings Memorial Scholarship
  • QS Scholarship For Academic Excellence
  • National Overseas Scholarship
  • Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarships
  • Innovation in Education Scholarship
  • Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships
  • Hinrich Foundation Scholarship
  • Go Clean Scholarship
  • Generation Google Scholarship
  • FINCAD Women in Finance Scholarship
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarship
  • Chicago Booth MBA Scholarships
  • CCSE Graduate Scholarship
  • Brokerfish International Student Scholarship

Therefore, putting the above information together, scholarships are just like our buddy who helps us when we are financially low. Is this all that we have got in order to get support? Well, it is a big "NO," for the students who are into research and have good academics can go for another option. And it is "Fellowship." So, are you ready to dive deeper into the ocean of information.

What does the term "fellowship" mean?

Do you like to be respected? Well, you must be thinking, is this even a question? Who doesn't want to be respected; everybody does, right? Yes, we agree, but do you want to feel respected by putting "DR" in front of your name? If your answer is yes, then fellowship is an excellent choice for you. 

A fellowship is a grant awarded to students with exceptional academic records to fund their research and contribute to the development of the education system. It differs from a scholarship as it can be more about being a part of an academic institution with no salary or job. Usually granted after graduation, a fellowship can be a monetary award or provide the recipient with a specific status. Aspirants who contribute to the education system through advanced studies may receive this award. They may be rewarded with monetary funds, a status, or a workspace with a computer.

Students enrolled in Ph.D. courses are often part of fellowship programs, which allow them to take their research to the next level. Recognizing their contributions, the organization or government may provide financial support to help sustain their research work. However, sometimes, research fellows only receive the status of being affiliated with a reputed organization and do not receive financial assistance. It is important to note that this fellowship program applies only to research-based work after graduation and not to school-level or college-level courses. Additionally, students in the fellowship program can teach at their respective academic institutions, earning valuable work experience, status, and funds.

Delving Into Types of Fellowship

Now that students must have understood about fellowships, let's check out two major types of fellowship that students can avail of:-

1. Doctoral and Post-doctoral Fellowships:

Research scholars who demonstrate merit in their field of study are awarded doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships to research a specific subject. Their contributions to the education system are invaluable and highly appreciated. These scholars are rewarded with a stipend in the form of a PhD. fellowship, temporary employment as lecturers, and opportunities for better career prospects. Pursuing a PhD. also bestows a sense of prestige and accomplishment in an academic institution where the scholar is conducting research.

2. Medical Fellowship:

If you're a medical professional who has completed your general medicine course and wants to specialize in a particular field, you may find a medical fellowship program to be an excellent option. These programs are specifically designed for various medical niches, providing you with a clear road-map to become an expert in your field of interest. Numerous medical colleges and universities offer these fellowships, providing you with the chance to practice medicine and contribute to research. In return for your hard work, you'll receive financial support to continue your research and development.

Difference Between Scholarship and Fellowship

If you're a student passionate about your field of study, some fantastic opportunities are available to you in the form of scholarships and fellowships. While they have some differences, each represents a unique chance to receive support and achieve your academic goals. To help you gain a better understanding of these opportunities, we've prepared a table outlining the critical distinctions between scholarships and fellowships.



Scholarships are an excellent opportunity for students who have shown exceptional academic performance. They provide financial assistance to cover the cost of pursuing a specific course, including tuition fees, books, and other necessary materials. By offering scholarships, educational institutions can motivate students to achieve academic excellence and help them achieve their educational goals without worrying about financial constraints.

A fellowship is a prestigious award given to exceptional scholars and researchers in recognition of their outstanding contributions to a specific educational field. It offers not only financial support for further research but also the distinction of being affiliated with a particular academic institution's research program. The award serves as a recognition of the recipient's hard work and dedication towards their research and academic pursuits.

Scholarships are not limited to higher education, as they are also available for primary and secondary education. Private schools and universities offer many scholarship programs, making it possible for every student to access financial aid and confidently pursue their educational goals.

If you are considering furthering your education with post-graduate, doctoral, or post-doctoral research and development courses, keep in mind that a fellowship opportunity might be available to you. However, it's important to note that this type of funding does not apply to undergraduate degrees.

Investing in your education can be challenging, especially when finances become a barrier. That's why scholarships help motivated individuals like you achieve their academic goals, regardless of their financial situation. Scholarship program is designed to assist those experiencing a financial crisis so that they can focus on their education with peace of mind.

The allocation of fellowships is determined by the scholar's research scope and merit. It is a testament to their dedication to their field of study and their hard work. With a fellowship, scholars can enhance their research capabilities and advance their careers.

The scholarship is a valuable opportunity for financial assistance. By receiving this scholarship, you can alleviate the financial burden of pursuing your education. Please note that the scholarship solely provides monetary assistance and does not offer any additional benefits such as employment, status, or other opportunities.

Fellowship is not just about money. It's about recognizing the hard work and dedication of research fellows. Providing them with recognition, status, and employment opportunities is just as important in fostering education and research. Even a simple desk and computer can go a long way in supporting these individuals and their contributions to the field.

Final Words

We are humans, and we do love appreciation. Right? So, to get you appreciated, we have gathered all the required information above. For years, we have observed that numerous excellent students are eager to study abroad, but financial restrictions often stop them from achieving their goals. 

Financial aid enables aspiring students to pursue higher education without any financial burden. It supports students to complete their education and achieve their career goals. For those who are looking for financial support, employment opportunities, and status, the fellowship program is the best option. It is essential to understand the difference between scholarship and fellowship to make an informed decision. Contact one of the mentors at Gradding to get guidance on scholarship and fellowship programs available worldwide.

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