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Harvard University Scholarship: Eligibility, Types, & Process

Getting into Harvard is difficult, but grabbing a perfect scholarship is even harder. If you want to get past this dilemma, read this blog crafted based on the experience of our students and secure yourself a Harvard Scholarship today!

Are you a study abroad aspirant? If yes, then Harvard University must be at the top of your list of dream universities. We know why! Because it is one of the best educational institutes in the world, that makes it admiring to every student. Excellent education, top-class faculty and a learning system which is nowhere to be found are the reasons this university has the place it does. However, this is not it; Harvard University scholarship programs are another reason for its popularity. It does not only help them learn but also support them financially. Being on the top of the chart every year, this is a rare quality.

As amazing as this university is, getting admission is even harder. If we talk about Indian students, Harvard seems so far away. Why is that true in the current time? It's probably because it's hard to find a reliable platform that ensures you get a seat in your dream university. In the market, there are more goats in wolf skin than actual wolves who can guarantee the results. However, is the one place which has proven to be effective. We have a 98% success rate and have sent several students to Harvard University over the past few years.

How to Get Into Harvard from India? | Dream Education

Every year, thousands of Indian students apply to Harvard University, but only a few are accepted. It is one of the universities with an acceptance rate of less than 5% for international applications. If we talk about the current number of Indian students in Harvard University, the pool is increasing yearly. In 2020, 213,062 students went to America to study abroad, and only 505 were accepted to Harvard.

Once you understand the students' data getting into this prestigious university, you will know why it's hard to get in. The issue lies not only in Harvard's strict admission process but also in the lack of research Indian students do. Before searching for "How to Get into Harvard from India?" you must also find the other aspects. These include scholarships, one of the most important requirements for all semesters. 

Types of Harvard Scholarships for International Students

While researching for the perfectscholarship, you will come across different types of programs. These are divided based on a student's background and university requirements. From the list of several Harvard scholarships offered, some are fully and some partially funded. Your main focus should be to grab the fully funded one and then reach for a partially funded scholarship. 

There are 3 major categories of scholarship programs offered by Harvard University for Indian or International students. These are:

  •  Need-Based Scholarships

Having a lower middle-class background should not be a reason to suppress your bright future. Management at Harvard believes that no brilliant student should be denied an excellent education because of financial issues. The need-based scholarship for Harvard University is to help all students who deserve to be a part of this prestigious institute.

  • Merit-Based Scholarships

If you have great academic scores, then you can also apply for a merit-based Harvard scholarship for Indian Students. This is a way for this university to recognise your talent and qualities that will help you shine in future. This category of Harvard University scholarships for Indian Students provides financial aid and appreciation.

  • Harvard College Financial Aid

Any other type of scholarship offered by Harvard comes under this category. It includes funded scholarships, grants, and work-study opportunities. They are specially designed to help students with financial issues. A balance is made to help them with the tuition fees. This ensures thata Harvard University scholarship is granted without any biases.

A scholarship is an effective way for students who want to study at Harvard but don't have enough funds. However, applying for one is not that easy. A scholarship application requires a lot of paperwork and approvals. Also, there is a significant eligibility criterion that you will have to fulfil. 

Eligibility Criteria of Scholarship for Harvard University

If you ask a study abroad aspirant, "What is the toughest thing in the world?" they would say getting into Harvard. Yes, that is true. Securing a seat in this university is a challenge in itself, and over that, dreaming of a Harvard Scholarship for Indian students is like an impossible task. However, trusting can bring your dream onto the table:

The first and foremost thing to ensure is that you are eligible for the scholarship programs. In the next section, you will learn about the same better:

1. Average GPA

Maintaining a high GPA throughout your academic career is one of the most vital aspects of getting a good scholarship. The average GPA accepted at Harvard is around 4.18. If you cannot keep that track, high SAT and ACT scores are advised.

2. English Language Proficiency Test

Exams which are required by students applying for Harvard scholarships are:

  • IELTS Score
  • TOEFL Score
  • SAT Score
  • ACT Score
  • Duolingo Test Score

3. Personal Statement/Essays

If you want to know, "How to get scholarship in Harvard?", you must know about the most important eligibility criteria, i.e., personal statement and essay. It is a piece of content that helps you compel the faculty to approve your admission application.

4. Extracurricular Activities

Being active is good, but being proactive is necessary to enter a university like Harvard. Participating in extracurricular activities can help you impress the management and grab a scholarship for yourself.

5. Necessary Documents

You need a set of documents to get your Harvard Scholarships for international students approved. These are like proof of your grades and other academic background checks. These are:

  • Letters of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Resume/Portfolio
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Valid Student Visa
  • Birth Certificate
  • Duly-Filled Harvard Application Form

These are the essential parameters based on which your Harvard scholarship application is approved or rejected. Even the experts advise that you consult with an experienced counsellor for this process, and unaware students often miss out on one or the other element of the application and get it rejected.

Applying for the scholarship program is as critical as another part of studying abroad. You must first decode the right procedure and then proceed to clear it in a single go.

How to Apply for Harvard University Scholarship?

The moment a student gets admission at Harvard, a question arises in their mind, "Does Harvard give scholarships?" "If it does, what is the application process?" "How early do I have to apply?" If you have these questions in your mind, then in the coming part of the blog, you will get all of them answered:

1. Collect Information

The first step to apply for a scholarship for Harvard University is to gather reliable information about the scholarship. Make sure to access the official website to find the correct details.

2. Online Application

Next, complete the online financial assistance application form, providing all necessary information about your financial situation and any external awards or changes to your financial circumstances.

3. Provide Necessary Details

Give complete details regarding your financial condition, any outside rewards, or any changes to your financial situation. This will enable you to get the most appropriate scholarship for Harvard University.

4. Submit Documents

Attach any required documents, such as tax returns, to support your application during the background check. These documents will help you during the background check and help you get the scholarship.

5. Application Review

Harvard's financial assistance staff will review your application, considering factors such as family income and unexpected costs. This is the formal procedure followed by all the applicants applying for a scholarship for Harvard University.

6. Determination of Aid

Based on your financial need, you may be granted a scholarship that is appropriate for you. According to your needs and situation, a scholarship will be granted.

7. Notification of Result

Once your application has been assessed, you will be notified of the financial aid package offered to you. This is done in a set format, one by one every student deserving of the scholarship for Harvard University.

8. Acceptance

If approved, you can accept the scholarship offer and continue your academic career at Harvard University. If you decide not to accept the scholarship, you have the option to reject it. You even have a choice to reject if you do not want the Harvard scholarship anymore.

This is the basic application process for any student wanting to get a Harvard scholarship. If you are one of them, follow the steps carefully and grab a perfect program for yourself. 

Now that you are perfectly aware of the application process for Harvard, you must know about the top scholarship programs it offers. In the blog's next section, you will learn about the Harvard Scholarship for Indian students.


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List of Harvard Scholarships for International Students

Some of the most popular scholarship programs that offer suitable financial aid to Indian students are:




Boustany MBA Harvard scholarship

  •  Great academic background.
  • Only for students who have been admitted for MBA courses.
  • Clearance of the interview.
  • For two two-year MBA programs.
  • 75% of the financial aid is given.
  • Covers the living and travel costs of the student.

The Robert S Kaplan Life Sciences Fellowship

  •  Completed bachelor’s degree in MBA
  •  109+ TOEFL score
  •  7.5+ IELTS score
  •  75+ PTE score
  •  GMAT/ GRE scores
  •  Relevant work experience
  •  $20,000 ($10,000 per year) is awarded to 10 incoming MBA students.

Horace W. Goldsmith Fellowship

  • Bachelor’s degree completed.
  • 109+ TOEFL score
  • 7.5+ IELTS score
  •  75+ PTE score
  • GMAT/ GRE scores
  •  Full-time work experience
  •  Clearance of the interview
  •  $10,000 awarded to 7-10 1st year students doing MBA from Harvard University.

Aga Khan Scholarship

  •  Completed bachelor’s degree.
  • Outstanding academic performance.
  • Only for students pursuing PG courses from Harvard.
  •  Excellent leadership qualities.
  •  50% Grant and 50% loan-based scholarship.
  •  Master's students get it for the entire duration.
  •  PhD students get it for the first two years.

Need-Based Fellowships

  •  Bachelor’s degree completed
  •  109+ TOEFL score
  • 7.5+ IELTS score
  •  75+ PTE score
  • GMAT/ GRE scores
  • Relevant work experience
  • Fellowship provides annual awards of $10,000 to MBA students who participated in SVMP.

Those mentioned above are the top 5 Harvard scholarships that Indian students can apply for if they fulfil the eligibility criteria. Every scholarship has its benefits and features. To help you better understand the scholarship program's benefits, we have crafted the next section of this blog.


Harvard is one of the most popular universities in the world. There is hardly any student across the globe who wants to avoid getting a chance to study at this university. But as dreamy as this place looks, getting admission and a scholarship is as complex.

Top students in India are constantly competing to secure perfect Harvard University scholarships for Indian students. However, if you fulfil all the scholarship program requirements, no one can keep you from grabbing one for yourself. Ensure your documents are authentically eligible and follow the correct application process. In short, remember everything mentioned in this blog, and your Harvard scholarship is secure.


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