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Top Harvard University Scholarships for Indian Students 2024

Many aspiring students dream of pursuing their education at top-tier universities abroad. Undoubtedly, Harvard University stands among the top choices for many. However, gaining admission to Harvard is highly competitive, and financial constraints pose a significant challenge for many applicants, especially from India. In this article, we'll provide insights on securing Harvard University Scholarships for Indian Students. We'll cover top USA Scholarships for Indian students, their application procedures, essential dates, and eligibility criteria to help navigate this process effectively.

Why Study at Harvard as an Indian Student in 2024?

Most Indian students dream of studying overseas. This is because studying abroad provides a plethora of opportunities that are:

  • Numerous opportunities
  • Better job prospects
  • Greater accessibility to business techniques
  • A higher quality of life

Looking at this university in particular, the word "Harvard" carries a global reputation for academic and scientific success. It is one of the world's top-ranked institutions, offering over 3,700 courses and providing access to outstanding instructors, libraries, and resources.

Cultural diversity is one of Harvard University's hallmarks, as students from all origins join together. The institution focuses on building a lively community of belonging that fosters an inviting atmosphere for everyone to learn and take advantage of numerous possibilities. Furthermore, the university campus offers several opportunities to form networks with professionals and peers.

Now, let's understand what are the types of Harvard scholarship for Indian students.

Types of Harvard University Scholarship for Indian Students

While looking for the appropriate scholarship for Harvard University, you'll come across various programs. These are categorized according to the student's background and university requirements. Some of the Harvard scholarships offered are fully funded, while others are just partially funded. Your primary goal should be securing a fully funded scholarship before seeking a partially funded one.

Harvard University offers 3 types of scholarship programs for Indian and international students. They are:

Know the different types of Hravard scholarships

1) Need-Based Scholarships
2) Merit-Based Scholarships
3) Harvard College Financial Aid

Let's dive deep into these scholarships at Harvard University for better understanding.

1) Need-Based Scholarships

Having a lower-middle-class background should not prevent you from achieving your goals. Harvard management believes that no deserving student should be denied access to an exceptional education due to financial constraints. Harvard University's need-based grant is intended to assist all students who deserve to attend this prestigious institute.

2) Merit-Based Scholarships

If you have excellent academic records, you are eligible for a Harvard merit-based scholarship for Indian students. This is a way for the institution to recognize your ability and qualities, which will help you flourish in the future. This category of Harvard University scholarships for Indian students gives both financial assistance and appreciation.

3) Harvard College Financial Aid

This category includes all various types of scholarships granted by Harvard. It offers funded scholarships, fellowships, and work-study options. They are specifically developed to assist students with financial concerns. A balance is created to aid them with their tuition payments. This assures that a Harvard University scholarship is awarded without bias.

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How to Get into Harvard University?

Every year, thousands of Indian students apply to Harvard University, but only a few are admitted. It is one of the universities that accepts fewer than 5% of overseas applicants. The present number of Indian students at Harvard University is rising on a regular basis. In 2021, 213,062 students travelled to America to study abroad, with just 505 accepted to Harvard.

Once you examine the students' statistics on getting into this famous university, you'll realize why it's so difficult. The problem is not simply Harvard's tough admissions procedure but also a lack of research among Indian students. Before searching for "How to Get into Harvard from India?" you must first determine the other factors. For example, Scholarships are a key necessity for all semesters.


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Acceptance Rate in Harvard University of Indian Students

Here is the acceptance rate at Harvard University for Indian Students of past years:

Year Acceptance Rate
2019 4.5%
2020 4.9%
2021 4.6%
2022 3.19%
2023 3.41%

Cost of Studying at Harvard University for Indian Students

The standard tuition fee for the academic year 2022-2023 at Harvard University stands at $51,143 (₹41 Lakhs) without any financial aid. When factoring in accommodation and board, along with additional fees, the total cost amounts to a substantial $74,528 (₹55.32 Lakhs). However, Harvard reports that approximately 70% of its students, including international ones, receive some form of financial assistance. Notably, students whose parents earn less than $65,000 (₹48.25 Lakhs) annually are not expected to contribute any funds. Furthermore, 55% of Harvard students benefit from need-based scholarships, with the average grant amounting to around $53,000 (₹39.34 Lakhs). Thanks to such significant monetary aid packages, Harvard has become an attainable goal for many aspiring students.

Type of Study Fees
Full-time Study Rs. 38.54 lakhs/Year
Part-time Study Rs. 19.27 lakhs/Year
Advanced Doctoral Rs. 1.92 lakhs/Semester
Health Insurance Rs. 3.92 lakhs/Year
Bachelors of Arts Rs. 42.97 lakhs
Bachelors of Science Rs. 42.97 lakhs
MBA Rs. 59.93 lakhs
MS Rs. 48.93 lakhs
MA Rs. 43.59 lakhs
LLM Rs. 57.47 lakhs
MM Rs. 17.35 – 45.71 lakhs

List of Scholarships at Harvard University for Indian Students

Here is the list of some of the most popular scholarship programs that offer suitable financial aid to Indian students:

Best Scholarship at Harvard University | Gradding.com

1) Horace W. Goldsmith Award
2) The Robert S. Kaplan Life Science Scholarship
3) Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship
4) Need-Based Fellowships
5) John H. Coatsworth Latin American History Fellowship

Now, let's understand these scholarships in detail, along with their eligibility criteria.

1) Horace W. Goldsmith Award

Once you have enrolled in the institution and picked a program of study, you will be automatically considered for the scholarship. This is one of Harvard University's undergraduate scholarships for Indian students. To be enrolled in a program, you must have an undergraduate degree, an IELTS score of 7.5, and a TOEFL score of 109. Furthermore, many programs, such as an MBA, may require prior job experience.

Name of Scholarship Horace W. Goldsmith Award
Scholarship Provider Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation and Richard L Menschel
Type of Scholarship Merit
Eligibility Criteria
  • Candidate must have an undergraduate degree
  • The minimum IELTS score should be 7.5
  • A minimum TOEFL score should be 109 or above
  • A PTE score should be 75
  • Candidate must have prior work experience
  • The candidate must have held full-time leadership positions in a non-profit organization.

2) The Robert S. Kaplan Life Science Scholarship

If you match the minimum eligibility requirement, you will be immediately evaluated for the Harvard University Scholarships for Indian Students. To be eligible, you must be admitted to a university-taught program. As a result, you must qualify for the program to be considered for this award.

Name of Scholarship The Robert S. Kaplan Life Science Scholarship
Scholarship Provider Robert S. Kaplan
Type of Scholarship Merit
Eligibility Criteria
  • Applicant must have a Bachelor's degree
  • The minimum IELTS score should be 7.5
  • A minimum TOEFL score should be 109
  • A minimum PTE score of 75 is required
  • Preference is given to candidates who are willing to make their career in science-related businesses

3) Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship

The Boustany Foundation provides this scholarship, which can be sought between January and May of each academic year. It is for Indian students who have been admitted into an MBA scholarship in USA curriculum. Scholarships will be offered to qualifying students based on conversations.

Name of Scholarship Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship
Scholarship Provider Boustany Foundation
Type of Scholarship Merit
Eligibility Criteria
  • Candidate must have an excellent academic background
  • Candidates can opt for this scholarship only after successfully enrolling in an MBA course at Harvard
  • Shortlisted candidates have to give an interview
  • Financial aid of 75% of the tuition fees

4) Need-Based Fellowships

As the name indicates, it is granted to students who need financial help to continue their studies at Harvard. Applicants must submit an application, which will be reviewed based on a background check conducted by the institution.

Name of Scholarship Need-Based Fellowship
Scholarship Provider Harvard Business School
Type of Scholarship Need-based
Eligibility Criteria
  • Candidate must have an excellent academic background
  • The minimum IELTS score should be 7.5
  • A minimum TOEFL score should be 109
  • A minimum PTE score of 75 is required
  • Candidate must have prior work experience
  • Shortlisted candidates have to give an interview

5) John H. Coatsworth Latin American History Fellowship

The John H. Coatsworth Latin American History Fellowship, offered by Harvard University, provides financial support to graduate students conducting research in Latin American history. Named after esteemed scholar John H. Coatsworth, the fellowship assists candidates with expenses related to their academic pursuits, including travel, archival visits, and conference attendance. It aims to encourage and advance the study of Latin American history among graduate students, fostering excellence in the field.

Name of Scholarship John H. Coatsworth Latin American History Fellowship
Scholarship Provider David Rockfeller Center for Latin American Studies
Type of Scholarship Need-based
Eligibility Criteria
  • Candidate must have completed one year of graduate study
  • Candidate must have an excellent academic background
  • It is available to candidates whose research is based on topics such as Latin American History
  • This scholarship is open for PhD and doctoral students

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Important Dates to Remember for Harvard University Scholarships

Scholarship Name Application Period
Horace W. Goldsmith Award January to March
The Robert S. Kaplan Life Science Scholarship January to March
Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship January to May
Need-Based Fellowships January to March
John H. Coatsworth Latin American History Fellowship January to March

Eligibility Criteria of Scholarship for Harvard University

If you ask a study abroad student, "What is the most difficult challenge in the world?" they will respond getting into Harvard. Yes, it is correct. Securing a spot at this university is difficult enough, and dreaming of a Harvard Scholarship for Indian students is nearly unachievable.

However, trusting Gradding.com can bring your dream to the table.
First and foremost, make sure you are eligible for the scholarship programs. In the next section, you will learn more about this:

1) Average GPA
Maintaining a high GPA throughout your academic career is one of the most important factors in obtaining a decent scholarship. The average GPA accepted at Harvard is around 4.18. If you are unable to stay on track, high SAT and ACT scores are recommended.

2) English Language Proficiency Test
Exams which are required by students applying for Harvard scholarships are:

  • IELTS Score
  • TOEFL Score
  • SAT Score
  • ACT Score
  • Duolingo Test Score

3) Personal Statement/Essays
If you want to know "How to Get a Scholarship at Harvard?" you must first understand the most significant qualifying requirements, which are the personal statement and essay. It is a piece of content that allows you to convince the faculty to approve your entrance application.

4) Extracurricular Activities
Being active is good, but being proactive is required to attend a university like Harvard. Participating in extracurricular activities can help you impress management and get a scholarship.

5) Necessary Documents
You need a set of documents to get your Harvard Scholarships for international students approved. These are like proof of your grades and other academic background checks. These are:

  • Letters of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Resume/Portfolio
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Valid Student Visa
  • Birth Certificate
  • Duly-Filled Harvard Application Form

These are the essential parameters based on which your Harvard scholarship application is approved or rejected. Even the experts advise that you consult with an experienced counsellor for this process, as unaware students often miss out on one or the other element of the application and get it rejected.

Applying for the scholarship program is as critical as any other part of studying abroad. You must first decode the right procedure and then proceed to clear it in a single go.

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How to Apply for the Harvard University Scholarship?

When a student is admitted to Harvard, a question arises: "Does Harvard give scholarships?" "If it does, what is the application process?" "How early do I have to apply?" If you have any of these queries, you will find the answers in the next section of the blog.

1) Collect Information
The first step in applying for a Harvard University scholarship is gathering reliable scholarship information. Make sure you visit the official website to get the right information.

2) Online Application
Next, complete the online financial assistance application form, providing all necessary information about your financial situation and any external awards or changes to your financial circumstances.

3) Provide Necessary Details
Give complete details regarding your financial condition, any outside rewards, or any changes to your financial situation. This will enable you to get the most appropriate scholarship for Harvard University.

4) Submit Required Documents
Attach any required documents, such as tax returns, to support your application during the background check. These documents will help you during the background check and help you get the scholarship.

5) Application Review
Harvard's financial assistance staff will review your application, considering factors such as family income and unexpected costs. This is the formal procedure followed by all applicants for a Harvard University scholarship.

6) Determination of Aid
The financial help scholarship is awarded based on demonstrable financial need, making it available to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

7) Notification of Result
Once your application has been assessed, you will be notified of the financial aid package offered to you. This is done in a set format, one by one, for every student deserving of the Harvard University scholarship.

8) Acceptance
If approved, you can accept the scholarship offer and continue your academic career at Harvard University. If you decide not to accept the scholarship, you have the option to reject it.

This is the basic application process for any student wanting to get a Harvard scholarship. If you are one of them, follow the steps carefully and grab a perfect program for yourself.

The Final Takeaway!
If you are willing to study in USA, Harvard is one of the most popular universities in the world. There are hardly any students across the globe who want to avoid getting a chance to study at this university. But as dreamy as this place looks, getting admission and a scholarship is as complex.
Top students in India are constantly competing to secure perfect Harvard University scholarships for Indian students. However, if you fulfil all the scholarship program requirements, no one can keep you from grabbing one for yourself. Ensure your documents are authentically eligible and follow the correct application process. In short, remember everything mentioned in this blog, and your Harvard scholarship is secure.

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Can Indian students apply for scholarships directly through Harvard University?


Yes, Indian students can apply for scholarships directly through Harvard University.

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This blog is  for Indian students seeking financial support to pursue their academic dreams at Harvard


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