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Guaranteed Indian Scholarships to Study Abroad in 2024

This blog is all about scholarships given by the Indian government to students for overseas education. It covers all the details of all the options and has a guide on how to apply for them.

Are you one of those who wish to study overseas? Is money one of the biggest hurdles in your race to fulfill your dreams? Then this blog guides you on how one can ask the Indian government to pay for your studies abroad. There is a list of Indian scholarships to study abroad. It has other details like who can apply for these scholarships. In addition, you will also learn how you can avail of these awards.
Scholars are increasing the percentage of abroad applicants every year. You can become one of the students who got their application approved. Moreover, experts at study abroad consultancy services are always there for you! Read about scholarships for studying abroad by Indian government after graduation.

Scholarship Awards for Indian Students

Students all over India are willing to apply to study abroad. It, indeed, calls for an increase in applications for scholarship awards. Indians are famous for their zeal and skills for doing something out of the box. Apart from academics, they excel in extracurricular activities. Hence, they have scholarships to fulfill their dreams. Moreover, there is a scholarship to study abroad for Indian students. It works like wings for their strong wills.
Scholarship awards are monetary aid or relief that students get to study overseas. They are also specific to degree levels and other eligibilities. It is one of the most popular ways to fund one's education. There are many types of scholarships. You can read below to learn which scholarships are there for different degrees.

UG Scholarships

These are the awards that are usually based on merit. Anyone who has passed their 12th with a minimum of 80% can apply for a UG course abroad. Thus, there is an increase in the number of student applications. They can choose from various courses and even consult experts for the best options. There are many scholarships for Indian students to study abroad. Read the table to learn what UG scholarships offer.

Tata Cornell Scholarship
  • Medical and Healthcare awards
  • Fully funded
  • Only applicable at Cornell University
Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship for Academic Excellence
  • Annual income should be less than 8 lakh Rs.
  • 10,00,00 Lakh award
  • Age limit-35 years
  1. Tata Cornell Scholarship:

It is only available for Indians studying at the Cornell university. it is for UG aspirants. It has funds from the Tata trust of around 25 million $. It covers 8 semesters of the UG program at Cornell University. Till now, 7000 UG students have benefited from this scholarship.

2. Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship For Academic Excellence:

Total 200 students can obtain this scholarship every year for UG courses. If a student gets admission in to one of the top 25 colleges, they get grant upto Rs. 10,00,000/-. It funds students’ dreams to study in the world’s top 150 universities.

PG Scholarships

Secondly, some scholarships award students who wish to pursue their master's abroad. Scholars can apply for such fellowships online. They do not have to fill out the entire application form at once. They can resume after aspirants get the degree they were waiting for. However, students must check if the application has a deadline. There are masters scholarships for Indian students which are based on merit and need both. Check out the table below to learn more about such options.

Fullbright Nehru Master’s Fellowship
  • Covers tuition fees, cost of living, health, travel.
  • 55% needed in UG at least
  • 6.0 bands needed in IELTS
JN Tata Endowment for the Highest Edu. of Indians
  • Must be an Indian
  • 60% in previous degree
  • Award up to 10,00,000/-

1. Full Bright Nehru Master’s Fellowship:

Students can obtain this on the basis of merit. Students who have a work experience of 3 years and are eager to study further can apply. Scholars must also have done community service to be eligible. Scholars who want to become tomorrow’s leaders can avail of it.

2. JN Tata Endowment for the Highest Education of Indians:

The loan amount that students get from this can range from Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 10,00,000/-. It is for PG and post doctoral programs only. Students must have a UG degree with minimum 60% from a recognized university.

Looking forward to studying in the USA for your master's? If yes, check out the blog to get fully funded USA scholarships for better clarification.

PhD Scholarships

Thirdly, you may be a student who wishes to do research. You would want to study under the best faculty in the world. Such students are an asset to the nation, indeed. Don't worry, India takes good care of such scholars. There are government scholarships to study abroad. They get to have good scholarship rewards based on their merit and need. Look at the table below to learn more about these scholarships.


Fullbright Kalam Climate Fellowship

  • Covers monthly stipend, health, visa
  • Student has to show the thesis
  • Can do professional research.
Dr. Ambedkar Scheme of Interest Subsidy on Education Loan for Overseas Studies
  • Need offer Letter
  • Need income certificates
  • Covers interest subsidies that students pay while studying.

1. Fullbright Kalam Climate Fellowship:

This scholarship is sponsored by UNICEFfor research and doctoral programs. It covers health and visa fee. Scholars get it on the basis of their need.

2. Dr. Ambedkar Scheme of Interest Subsidy on Education Loan for Overseas Studies:

This is available to students from EBC and OBC backgrounds. They can avail top notch education with the best classroom full of geniuses like them. This award is only for doctrate and post doctrate pursuers.

This section was all about degree level Indian scholarships to study abroad. Read below to understand the different eligibility criteria for these awards.

Who Is Eligible to Apply for a Scholarship to Study Abroad?

Every scholarship opportunity has a passing criteria. Furthermore, a student must pass that to avail of the benefits of the awards. They may get it on merit or need. Scholars must check and fulfill the eligibility criteria. It should take place before applying for the scholarship. There are two types of scholarship awards. Look at the two sections below to know more in detail.

Based on Merit

Students who excel in academics get to apply for these types of scholarships. It is available for those who are good at sports or extracurricular activities. There are many more scholarships for studying abroad by Indian government. Aspirants need to have enough proof to verify their abilities. These include scholar’s academic records or winning certificates. Students must also have government IDs to prove that they are citizens of India.

Fullbright Nehru Doctor’s Fellowships
  • PhD Thesis needed
  • Teaching experience of 3 yrs
  • Duration: up to 6 yrs
Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship
  • Minimum 60% in master’s
  • Duration: 1 to 2 yrs
Tata Scholarships
  • varies for every program
Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree
  • Language skills
  • Duration: 1 to 2 yrs

1. Fullbright Nehru Doctor’s Fellowships:

This is awarded to scholars who want to contribute in research at a university in the USA. The government grants it for 6-9 months at the college to Indian students.

2. Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship:

Candidates with a stable record with 60% in PG and PhD and has a spcialization in History, Economics or Political Science can apply for it. They also need a teaching experience of minimum three years.

3. Tata Scholarships:

The Tata trust provides a wide range of scholarships for every group of the society. They award on the basis of merit and need. Scholars from very degree level can avail of these scholarhips. This blog further give you details on the major scholarships by Tata Trust

4. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree:

It covers the students’ travel, visa and living expenses. They can either get a joint degree or multiple degrees. They must gave a Bachelor’s degree.

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Based on Need

Many Indian scholars might be unable to fund their dream of studying overseas. However, the Indian government has some schemes to support such students. Some schemes help financially weaker households. They give scholarships to at most two members of such families. These aspirants, indeed, will shape the future of India. Most of these are PhD scholarships for Indian students to study abroad. Check out the table below to learn more about such scholarships.

National Overseas Scholarship
  • Family income shouldn’t exceed 6 lakh
  • Good English skill test scores
  • Duration: up to 4 yrs
Dr. Ambedkar Scheme of Interest Subsidy
  • Students must have applied for loans
  • Duration: repayment of the loan should be in maximum 10 years
Fullbright Nehru Master’s Fellowship
  • At least 3 yrs of work experience
  • Community service
  • Duration: 1 to 2 yrs
University of Lincoln India Scholarship
  • Have atleast 50% in UG
  • Duration: Non-renewable

1. National Overseas Scholarship:

This scholarship is awarded to those who belong to the nomadic or semi-nomadic communities. Students from SC/ST background can also avail of these benefits.

2. Dr. Ambedkar Scheme of Interest Subsidy:

This benefit is given to the scholars OBCs and EBCs(economically backward Classes). This works as a subside on the educational loans taken by students.

3. Fullbright Nehru Master’s Fellowship:

Students can obtain this on the basis of merit. Students who have a work experience of 3 years and are eager to study further can apply. Scholars must also have done community service to be eligible. Scholars who want to become tomorrow’s leaders can avail of it.

4. University of Lincoln India Scholarship:

The university of Lincoln has initiated this scholarship only for Indian students. Applications for the same are taken in the month of February and September. It covers the tuition fee of the aspirant.
If you wish to know more about such scholarships to study in the UK,

click here: A Complete Guide: Ph.D. Scholarships for Indian students in the UK

There is a bonus row with international scholarships for Indian students. Check if you pass the criteria before applying for the awards. Read below to learn about scholarships that you can get based on need. Now, you are aware of what all scholarships you can apply for. But, how? Read below to learn how you can apply for Indian scholarships.

How to Apply for a Scholarship to Study Abroad?

A scholarship is one of the best ways to aid your study abroad dream. Are you aware of how you can apply for a scholarship overseas? It is an easy process if you have all the documents to prove your merit or need. There is a list of paperwork that you would need before applying for a scholarship abroad.
Even for Indian scholarships, documentation is a crucial process. Moreover, in India, the number of applicants increases every year. Hence, it would be wise to prepare the records in advance. Read about how to get scholarship to study abroad. Below is the process of applying for a scholarship in steps:
1. Firstly, you must start by checking the eligibility criteria on the official website. You must verify that you pass it via records. There are many criteria like academics, family income, etc.

2. Secondly, you must know what you have to fill out in the application. Check what they are asking you for. Is it a report card, a specific field of study, or work experience?

3. Thirdly, gather all the documents that they want you to show and fill out the form. Remember to properly attach the documents and re-check before submitting the form.
It would be great to apply for the right scholarships and not give time to the wrong ones. There are different scholarships for various students. Experts can help you get a free scholarship to study abroad. Some of them vary in age limit, some have distinct eligibility criteria. Therefore, not every award will suit your needs. Hence, landing on the correct website can take time. Thus, you should consult an expert to learn more about options and their apt details. Check out the tata scholarships for Indian students below.

Tata Scholarships for Study Abroad

The Tata group has been offering various scholarships for almost every section of the society. Moreover, there are a lot of them for aspirants who wish to study abroad. In brief, if you are a scholar who wants to go overseas, look out for suitable scholarships on their official website. Below is a list of tata scholarship for study abroad. Verify the eligibility criteria before applying.

The Jamsetjee Nusserwanjee Tata Endowment for Higher Education of Indians.
  • Must have a UG degree or must be in the last year of UG.
  • Amount: up to 10 Lakh
Lady Meherbai D Tata Education Trust Scholarship
  • Must be an Indian women
  • Must have at least 2 yrs of experience
  • Must have applied to Universities of UK, Europe, USA
  • Must clear the interview round held in Mumbai.
  • Amount: 6,95,481
Scholarship for Civil Aviation
  • Clear in person interview.
  • Covers Indian and overseas education.
  • Amount: depends on the interview.
Tata Scholarship at Cornell University
  • For UG programs
  • Covers 4 years
  • Only Indians enrolled in Cornell University can avail

1. The Jamsetjee Nusserwanjee Tata Endowment for Higher Education of Indians:

There are more than 5,600 students who got benefitted from this scholarship. Since 1892, this scheme has helped students acheive their study abroad dreams.

2. Lady Meherbai D Tata Education Trust Scholarship:

This program is only for the women of India. The soul motive of this scholarship is to empower the very existence of women by helping them get quality education abroad.

3. Scholarship for Civil Aviation:

Do you wish to own a commercial pilot license and fly high with your dreams? This aid will help you get trained and achieve your type rating cerifications.

4. Tata Scholarship at Cornell University:

This empowers brilliant minds of India and help them learn their UG degree at Cornell University, USA. This award is absolutely based on need. Hence, students must have enough proof for their annual income, economic need etc.

These are the tata scholarships that students of different groups can avail of.
To sum up, this blog has covered every detail of many Indian scholarships to study abroad. Scholars can choose the right course, college, and country with the help of experts at It also gives them a chance to explore more scholarships to study overseas. Mentors also guide the student on which award suits them the best. In addition, advisors offer customized services to the students. Moreover, you can go to their website and book a free session now! All the best for your study abroad dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. How to Study With 100% Scholarship?

Yes, it is possible to get a fully paid Indian scholarships to study abroad.

  • Learn to research well. Look for the official websites for credible information.
  • Secondly, verify eligibility criteria. Check if you are a suitable candidate.
  • Thirdly, try to stand out from the crowd of other applicants.
  • Lastly, prepare well with documents and apply for the right one.

Q2. How Can a Student Financially Aid Their Education?

There are many ways to fund your education abroad:

  1. Scholarships
  2. Assistantships
  3. Student Loans
  4. Fellowships
  5. Grants and Bursary
  6. Part-Time Jobs
  7. University Aid
  8. Exchange Programs

Q3. Can I Go Abroad After the 12th With Scholarship?

Yes! There are many International scholarships for Indian students after 12th:

  1. QS Undergraduate Scholarship
  2. Jonah Engler Scholarship - Live Scholarship
  3. young Women in Public Affairs Awards
  4. Zolve Global Scholarship
  5. Cornell University Tata Scholarship
  6. University Scholarships
  7. NextGen Scholarship
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