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CGPA to GPA: How to Convert 10-point CGPA to 4-point GPA?

Have you ever looked at your transcripts and wondered how your academic success is calculated internationally? Universities' grading systems can differ widely, and converting CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) and GPA (Grade Point Average) can be confusing. This blog will serve as your comprehensive guide to understanding the CGPA to GPA conversion. We'll go over the details of each system, explain the conversion procedure, and answer any concerns you may have about correctly displaying your academic achievements.

What is CGPA?

The full form of CGPA is a Cumulative Grade Point Average and is measured on the scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest achievable grade and 0 being the lowest. It is commonly used to evaluate a student's overall academic achievement. The CGPA is computed by taking the mean of the GPA that a student scores each semester and dividing it by the total number of credits. 

How to Calculate CGPA?

Get a gist of how to calculate CGPA by

CGPA Formula: Average Grade Points of All Semesters / Total Number of Semesters

Let's understand this with the help of an example:

Example: Let's say that student A has completed 4 semesters with the following GPA scores.
Semester 1:  9, 8, 7, 8, 9 (Credits: 4, 3, 3, 3, 4) 
Semester 2: 9, 8, 7, 9, 10 (Credits: 4, 3, 3, 4, 3)
Semester 3: 10, 9, 8, 9, 10 (Credits: 4, 3, 3, 4, 3)
Semester 4: 8, 7, 9, 8, 9 (Credits: 4, 3, 3, 3, 4)

To calculate CGPA, we would use the formula: Average Grade Points of All Semesters / Total Number of Semesters.

So, first, we multiply the grade points by credits, add all of the values, and then divide the sum of the product values by the student's total amount of credits taken that semester. 

The CGPA of semester 1 is: (4*9 + 8*3 + 7*3 + 8*3 + 9*4) / (4+3+3+3+4) = 8.56

Now, take out the GPA score for all the semesters and add them. After adding, divide them by the total number of semesters. You'll get your CPGA score.

What is GPA?

GPA stands for Grade Point Average, which is a numerical measure of a student's performance during a semester or term. It is usually evaluated on a scale of A, B, C, D, and F, with A being the best achievement and F indicating a failing mark. 

American institutions frequently employ a 4-point GPA scale. To compute your GPA on this scale, use the following formula:

How to Calculate GPA?

Get a gist of How to calculate GPA by

GPA = Total Grade Points / Total Number of Classes

Let's understand this with the help of an example:

Example: Let's assume a student, Rahul, has scored the following grades in the below subjects:
Math: A
English: B
Science: A
History: A

Grades and Credit Structure of GPA

Subjects Grades and Credit
Math A (4 Credits)
English B (3 Credits)
Science A (4 Credits)
History A(4 Credits)

Now, to calculate GPA, we have to add all the grades, i.e., (4+3+4+4) = 15
GPA Formula: Total Grade Points / Total number of classes
Total Grades = 15 
Total Subjects = 4
So 15/4 = 3.75
GPA = 3.75

What is the Difference Between CGPA and GPA?

Both GPA and CGPA assess an individual's success in a course or subject, but there is some distinction between the two. The primary distinction is that CGPA assesses performance over the course, including all units and semesters, while GPA assesses the performance of a particular unit or semester.

Let's understand these differences with the help of the table below:

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average GPA stands for Grade Point Average
CGPA is calculated on the basis of the overall performance of an academic year GPA is calculated on the basis of your grades for a semester
CGPA is calculated by the average grade points of all semesters divided by the total number of semesters GPA is calculated by total grade points divided by the total number of subjects
CGPA is used to determine one’s overall academic performance and is used for graduation and post-graduation admissions GPA is used to know the academic excellence, eligibility, and progression to the next course

Importance of CGPA and GPA

The conversion of CGPA to GPA is important for students who want to further their studies or work overseas. The Indian CGPA to GPA calculator is an essential tool, especially in nations that use the GPA system. This conversion is significant for several reasons, including:

  1. Intake Requirement: Many overseas colleges require candidates to provide their GPA. Thus, students with CGPAs must convert their results to GPA equivalents.
  2. Scholarships Opportunities: Some scholarships have particular GPA criteria that involve converting CGPA to GPA for eligibility consideration.
  3. Job Opportunities: Employers in nations that use the GPA system may seek a GPA equivalent, particularly when academic qualifications are important in the recruiting process. 

Why Convert CGPA to GPA? Know the Facts

You may be thinking why we even need to convert CGPA to GPA. The solution lies in the specifications of various institutions or job opportunities. While some ask for your CGPA, others expressly ask for your GPA. To confirm that your information is correct, convert your CGPA to GPA using a recognized conversion procedure.

This allows you to convey your educational accomplishments in a format that is appropriate for the needs of the institution or organization to which you apply. In such circumstances, if you have your CGPA available, you can convert it to GPA using a common conversion method. This conversion ensures that you are on the same page as people utilizing the GPA system.


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How to Convert CGPA to GPA? 10.0 CGPA TO 4.0 GPA

Now, you have a clear idea of the definitions of CGPA and GPA and their importance. Moving ahead, we'll learn how to convert GPA to CPGA and vice versa. To convert a 10.0 Indian CGPA to a 4.0 US GPA, just divide it by 10 and multiply by 4. This will result in a comparable US GPA on a 4.0 scale. As previously said, the university will not ask you to convert your CGPA to GPA; this procedure is normally handled by a third party or the institution itself, but you should be aware of it for future reference.

CGPA to GPA Conversion Table

As there is no standard process for converting CGPA to GPA, it is strongly advised that you provide the results as they appear on your transcript. Considering that institutions would not ask you to do this CGPA to GPA converter work yourself, you should delegate it to them. If they want you to convert CGPA, consult a third party and have an expert do it for you, as the given chart is merely for reference and approximate calculation as a CGPA to GPA converter. This CGPA to GPA conversion chart provides an average estimate for the CGPA calculator.

10 Point CGPA 4 Point GPA USA Grade
10.0 4.0 A
9.9 3.97 A
9.8 3.94 A
9.7 3.90 A
9.6 3.87 A
9.5 3.84 A
9.4 3.81 A
9.3 3.78 A
9.2 3.74 A
9.1 3.71 A
9.0 3.68 A
8.9 3.65 A
8.8 3.62 A
8.7 3.58 A
8.6 3.55 A
8.5 3.52 A
8.4 3.49 A
8.3 3.46 A
8.2 3.42 A
8.1 3.39 A
8.0 3.36 A
7.9 3.33 A
7.8 3.30 A
7.7 3.26 A
7.6 3.23 A
7.5 3.20 A
7.4 3.17 A
7.3 3.14 A
7.2 3.10 A
7.1 3.07 A
7.0 3.04 A
6.9 3.00 B
6.8 2.95 B
6.7 2.90 B
6.6 2.85 B
6.5 2.80 B
6.4 2.75 B
6.3 2.70 B
6.2 2.65 B
6.1 2.60 B
6.0 2.55 B
5.9 2.50 B
5.8 2.45 B
5.7 2.40 B
5.6 2.35 B
5.5 2.30 B
5.4 2.25 B
5.3 2.20 B
5.2 2.15 B
5.1 2.10 B
5.0 2.05 B
4.9 2.00 C
4.8 1.94 C
4.7 1.88 C
4.6 1.82 C
4.5 1.76 C
4.4 1.71 C
4.3 1.65 C
4.2 1.59 C
4.1 1.53 C
4.0 1.47 C
3.9 1.41 C
3.8 1.35 C
3.7 1.24 C
3.6 1.29 C
3.5 1.18 C
3.4 1.12 C
3.3 1.06 C
3.2 1.00 F
3.1 0.97 F
3.0 0.94 F
2.9 0.91 F
2.8 0.88 F
2.7 0.84 F
2.6 0.81 F
2.5 0.78 F
2.4 0.75 F
2.3 0.72 F
2.2 0.69 F
2.1 0.66 F
2.0 0.63 F
1.9 0.59 F
1.8 0.56 F
1.7 0.53 F
1.6 0.50 F
1.5 0.47 F
1.4 0.44 F
1.3 0.41 F
1.2 0.38 F
1.1 0.34 F
1.0 0.31 F

Tips to Score Good CGPA or GPA

Now that applicants know how to convert CGPA to GPA, they should learn how to achieve a high GPA. A high GPA benefits not only your entrance but also your self-esteem. With a high GPA, you are assured that you are on the right track toward reaching your career goals. Now, we'll discuss a few pointers to help you improve your semester test scores.

  1. Practice Regularly: Practice makes a man perfect. This statement perfectly suits here. Regular practice will help you avoid last-minute stress and anxiety. Regular studies offer you confidence and the ability to delve deeply into your curriculum. Having more is never a bad thing!
  2. Clear your Doubts: Make a list of your questions and quickly resolve them by contacting tutors or using internet resources. For more help, you can connect with Gradding experts as they are well-versed and have deep knowledge about it.
  3. Set your Goal: Set the target score you aim to achieve and make strategies to reach that goal.
  4. Attempt all Questions: Don't leave any question blank. Make sure to answer all questions, as sometimes a guess could prove to be right.
  5. Take Additional Help: If there are any topics in which you struggle, get additional help from study abroad consultants to ensure an excellent overall performance.

Tips to Convert CGPA to GPA

Know the Grading System: Every country has a different grading system, so it's important to understand the grading system of the country you are converting your CGPA to GPA. For instance, the US education system uses a 4.0 grading system, while India uses a 10.0 grading system. 

Collect all the Required Information: Before converting GPA to CGPA or vice versa, you should gather all the required information, such as the total number of semesters, number of credits and GPA for every academic period.   

Use the Correct Formula: Different colleges or universities use different formulas to convert GPA to CGPA. It's essential to know the formula that the specific university is using for the conversion, or you can take professional aid to ensure that your calculation formula is accurate.

Double-check your Conversion: When converting your CGPA to GPA, you must double-check your calculations to verify that there are no mistakes. Even minor computation errors can have a huge impact on your GPA, so be diligent and exact. 

Extra Tip!

How to Convert CGPA to Percentage?
Sometimes, students need to submit their percentages for university entrance. In such instances, students can use the CGPA to percentage calculator. To convert CGPA to percentage, use the formula shown below:

CGPA to Percentage Convertor Formula

Percentage = (Total CGPA Scale/CGPA​)×100

Let's understand with the help of an example:

If a student has a CGPA of 8.5 on a scale of 10.0, the conversion to percentage would be calculated as follows:

Percentage = (8.5/10)×100
Percentage = 85

So, a CGPA of 8.5 on a scale of 10.0 would be equivalent to 85% in terms of percentage.

The Final Takeaway! 
To summarize, understanding the difference between GPA (Grade Point Average) and CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) is critical for both students and educators since these metrics play an important part in academic evaluation and employment opportunities. Now that you have mastered the process of converting CGPA to GPA, there are various CGPA to GPA converters available online. However, the level of accuracy you'll receive when you do the calculation yourself will never be matched. But if you still don't want to take a risk, you can connect with study abroad consultants in Kerala, Kochi, and Trivandrum. They will guide and brief you on converting a CGPA to a GPA. 

Happy conversion!

Frequently Asked Questions!

How to Calculate Percentage to CGPA?

To convert CGPA to a percentage, you need to multiply your CGPA by 9.5.

Percentage = CGPA x 9.5

How can I convert my Indian CGPA to US GPA system when applying for further studies in the United States?

To convert an Indian CGPA to a US GPA, multiply by 9.5 and deduct 7.5. This will result in the equivalent US GPA on a scale of 4.0. It's important to remember that institutions may use different conversion techniques, so it's always a good idea to verify with the university or get expert advice to ensure the conversion is correct.

Can the CGPA to GPA converter impact my admission prospects to overseas universities?

International colleges sometimes request CGPA to GPA conversion when evaluating candidates' admission. Admissions committees use converted GPAs to evaluate students' academic achievement and qualities.

What is the CGPA Grading System?

The CGPA Grading System, or Cumulative Grade Point Average Grading System, is a method of evaluating students' academic performance over multiple semesters or academic years. It assigns grade points to individual courses based on the student's performance and calculates a cumulative average to assess overall academic achievement.

How to calculate GPA from CGPA?

To convert CGPA to GPA, use this formula:
GPA = (CGPA / Maximum CGPA) * Maximum GPA
CGPA is your Cumulative Grade Point Average.
Maximum CGPA is the highest possible CGPA achievable in your institution.
Maximum GPA is the highest possible GPA achievable in your institution (usually 4.0).

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