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Gap Certificate: Requirements and Process

The COVID-19 Pandemic caused a significant disturbance in the lives of many students as they had to give up their dream of studying abroad. The 2-year duration of the pandemic caused a gap in their studies. Many students were forced to give up their dream of studying abroad. Once the situation became normal, many aspirants had to submit Gap certificate to foreign universities to justify the gap in their studies. But do you know what certificate is? You will get to know about the certificate in detail through the means of the blog.

What Is a Gap Certificate?

It is the most common question that arises in the minds of students. It includes students who have plans to study abroad. A gap certificate, or gap affidavit, is a self-declared certificate. It is made on non-judicial stamp paper to justify the break in your academic journey. The gap certificate for college is a legal document that a student has to submit to the college for admission. It states that the candidate was not involved in any criminal activity during the gap.

It is an essential requirement for students who wish to study abroad.

The document states all the necessary information for foreign colleges to know the exact reason for the academic gap. In addition to provisional certificates, a student must submit thedocumentto the university. For example, if a student fails to complete their course requirement within the given timeframe, they must submit the document stating the reason for the gap in studieswith the application.


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What Is the Use of Certificate?

The setback caused by the COVID-19 pandemic can be one of the significant reasons why students need a college gap certificate. There can be other reasons also like personal or family issues. The documentproves that the break in academics is because of genuine reasons. Some of the crucial considerations given in the certificate for study abroad are:

  • Personal or Health-Related Issues
  • Family Issues
  • Work or Business-Related Issues
  • Competitive Exam Preparation
  • Overseas Application
  • Pandemic

These are some of the many reasons for certificate application. Now let’s move ahead towards the details that are required on the document. Having prior knowledge about the same is beneficial for the students.

List of Details Needed on Certificate

The college gap year certificate usually requires students to submit multiple details. Some of the mandatory information includes:

Name and Current Residence Proof

It includes a copy of the valid identity card of students. The documents can be either the PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID or copy of their Driving License. It will help establish the identity of the candidate and prove their validity.

Name of the Institute Where You Last Studied

You must attest to the letter from the last educational institute you have attended. It will help identify the duration of the gap period. If a student has taken a break of one one year or more and are planning to study abroad, they must submit the document stating the reason of the study gap to the authorities of the institute.

Your Recent Academic Qualification

You must share a copy of the mark sheet of the last qualifying exam. It can include the degree you have obtained before the gap in the studies. It is necessary to share the mark sheet so that the institute has an idea about the beginning of the gap. Moreover, it help the authorities know whether you are eligible for the admission or not.

The Timeline of Your Gap (Starting and Ending Date)

The students must share authentic reason about the timeline of the gap in their studies. They should mention the starting and ending dates in the certificate. No matter what the reason is, they should communicate the same during the submission. It will help the foreign institution scrutinize and understand the reason for the gap duration.

Reason Behind the Gap

You must have a genuine reason to justify the gap between your studies. There are cases where students could not complete their courses on time, or their studies were affected by the pandemic. That is why they had to give up their dream of studying abroad. You must thoroughly mention all the details in the certificate. It will help the authorities understand your situation and act accordingly.

Name and Address of the Institution Where You Are Applying

Mentioning the name and address of the institute where you wish to apply is mandatory in the certificate. It will allow the lawyer preparing the certificate to design the same as per the university requirements. Moreover, it will allow the foreign college to verify the gap in your studies once you submit the certificate. It will help them learn whether the reason stated by you is genuine or not.

Your Exact Age As Per Your Passport or Birth Certificate

Students must mention their exact age in the certificate. It should match as per the age according to their DOB mentioned in their passport or birth certificate. You must provide legitimate details to ensure its validity. If you have provided any wrong information, there are high chances that they institute will reject your application.

The Date of Application

You must mention the date of application for the gap year certificate you are submitting to foreign institutes. It will help to get a fair idea about the duration of the gap in your studies. Moreover, the institutes will also get to know what was the actual reason behind the gap. You must keep a track of your application after submitting your documents.


The signature of the candidate and relevant authority is necessary in the certificate. It will help ensure the authenticity of the document. It will confirm to the college administration that the certificate you are submitting is genuine. The lawyer’s signature or the person attesting the certificate will act as proof for the same.

These details are mandatory for the legalityof the document to be submitted to foreign institutes. Once you know all the details, it is necessary to have knowledge of the format of the document. Each university has its own guidelines. We have curated the most common format for you below.

Reason for the Gap Certificate

There can be several benefits of gap certificate to justify the gap in your studies. Some of the reasons are:

  • Health concerns
  • Reappearing for the examination
  • Preparing for the competitive exams
  • Starting your own business

These are some reasons, now moving ahead to explore the format of the same in the upcoming section.

Format of the Certificate

You can gain a basic understanding of the format of the certificate through the image below.

Connect with professionals of to understand the gap certificate format.

You can alter the format of the certificate you will submit at your convenience. Now let’s have a look at how the certificate looks like.

Sample of the Certificate

You must remember to adhere to the format prescribed by the foreign institute. Keep checking the official website of the university to have knowledge about the required format. It will help you know the exact format of the certificate required by the university.

: professionals will help you get the valid gap certificate.

Now that you know how does a sample look like, it is necessary to know what documents are to be attached while submitting the application.

Document Required to Be Submitted for Gap Application

Students planning to study abroad must submit a list of necessary documents before applying for a recognized certificate to their dream university. You might have to attach copies of these certificates with your application form.

Some of the crucial documents that are required are:

  1. ID Proof (It can be either Aadhar Card or Pan Card or Passport or your driving license or your Voter ID Card)
  2. Transfer Certificate of the institute where you studied last
  3. Authentication declaration shared by the authorities of the previous institute
  4. Proof of residence
  5. Proof of citizenship
  6. Marksheet of the last qualified exam
  7. Documents that support the reason for the gap

Submitting these documents is necessary to prove the validity of the certificate. If any one document is missing, your application might be put on hold. Along with these documents, attaching the character certificate is a must. All these certificates play an important role in validating your certificate.

Character Certificate for GAP Year Students

Character certificate plays a pivotal role in examining the relevance of your document. It reflects your personal qualities and moral ethics. The foreign universities will accept the character certificate you have obtained from your last institute even if you have taken a gap of one year.

The certificate must include:

  • The name of the students
  • Photograph
  • The date of the issuance of the certificate
  • Signature of the authority who has issued it

Final Thoughts

As we conclude, it is time to revise some of the facts. A student must have an authentic gap certificate if they are willing to resume their studies after a break. Submitting the certificate to the foreign institute of your choice can help you gain admission and continue your studies without interruption. If you are facing any concerns related to the certification, you can connect with the professionals of We will guide you through the university application process and help you prepare the required documents. So, prepare to resume your studies and fulfil your dream of studying abroad.


Q.1 What Is a Gap Certificate?

It is a judicial document stating that you have taken a break from your studies. It is a declaration given on a non-judicial stamp paper and includes details like the reason and duration of the gap.

Q.2 What is the Use of a Gap Certificate?

The certificate helps ensure that student are willing to take a break in their studies due to some reasons. You might need the assistance of a lawyer in preparing the document. It will be easier for you to pursue your studies if you have the document.

Q.3 What is the Validity of the Gap Certificate?

The certificate usually has indefinite validity. However, students must provide the most recent and relevant information. It is necessary if the student requests a certificate after a passage of time.

Q.4 What Documents Are Required to Make a Gap Certificate?

The documents required to submit may vary according to the institution’s guidelines. The most common documents are:

  1. An application form
  2. ID proof
  3. Employment proof (if you have taken a break for the job purposes)
  4. Academic mark sheets
  5. Character Certificate

Q.5 Who Can Apply for the Gap Certificate?

Students having breaks in their academic career can apply for the certificate. The need for the document might arise when the students wish to resume their studies again or for visa application to study abroad.

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