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Top UK Universities for Masters for International Students

You can know all things about UK universities for masters including a list of top universities, eligibility criteria, tips and benefits by Gradding experts.

The dream of students to study abroad for higher education is common nowadays. After completing the undergraduate course, most scholars want to pursue further learning from top institutes. However, the number of students who choose UK universities for masters is higher than others. Also, the United Kingdom become the educational hub for global students. In addition, there are various reasons why scholars choose the UK for higher education, which includes world-class infrastructure, top faculty, and great future opportunity. All of these attract worldwide students to get learning from the vibrant campus. 

Students should prepare before getting admission to universities in UK for masters. It is because having knowledge about the eligibility, cost of studying and top institutes can be valuable for scholars. Although, it can not possible for all to know about these things. To make things easier for such students, this blog of provide information on all these things.

Eligibility for Studying in Universities in UK for Masters

It is crucial for students to know the eligibility criteria. When they think to pursue education from the top universities in UK for masters, this thing is a must to understand. Studying at the United Kingdom's best institutes is the dream of many scholars. So the first thing such scholars have to know is the eligibility mentioned to pursue MS courses from the UK.

  • Students have a bachelor's degree with a minimum of 60% to 75% (2.1/2/2) to be eligible for the desired course and university in UK for masters.
  • Scholars have to achieve the qualifying marks in the GMAT, GRE, IELTS or TOEFL, which depends on the university they are applying to. 
  • Professionals and work experience of the scholars are also beneficial to pursue the degree as per interest.

These are the top three eligibility criteria to secure admission to the desired top university in UK. It can be valuable for scholars to first decide on the university and get qualifying marks to get entry to the institute. After knowing the eligibility, the next thing students can understand is the cost of studying from the below section. It can be fruitful for scholars to prepare a list of the most suitable colleges in UK for masters and decide on the one.


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Fees/ Cost of Studying in Top Universities in UK for Masters

After students know whether they are eligible for university, the next thing is the cost of studying at UK universities. It is beneficial for scholars to have knowledge about this to make a budget estimation. However, the rough amount for top universities in UK for masters varies from 15 to 35 lakhs. There are various scholarship programs available for students to handle the expenses. Although, courses fee can vary according to the different degrees. However, the amount of accommodation and daily living can be the same as per the comfort of students.

So students should check the cost of studying before getting admission to the desired UK universities for masters. It can be valuable to entry for the most suitable institute to achieve the dreams. After understanding the eligibility and cost of studying information, the below section will be helpful to know the benefits of studying in the UK. 

Benefits of Studying in UK Universities for Masters

The dream of students to study abroad comes with different edges. More and more scholars prefer to do higher studies from the best institutes. However, the number of learners is higher who prefer to study at a top university in UK. Although, the question is, “Why do students choose to study in the United States over others?" Read the below pointers to know the things which make the UK different.

Best Student City

The United Kingdom is the home to the best student city. In the QS ranking for best student city, there are seven institutes that come in the top 50. Also, there are the top leading universities in UK including the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. So, the United Kingdom is best for students to pursue further education. 

Affordable Cost of Living

Another benefit students can get by choosing the UK for a master's is the affordable cost of living. Studying here is budget not too much costly for domestic and International scholars. There are various student destinations of the UK universities for masters, which is more affordable than others. So choosing this place is beneficial for scholars for higher education. 

Access to the Numerous Programs

Students can attract to the UK as there are various programs available. Also, scholars can pursue job oriented courses which can be valuable to get better future prospects. It is beneficial for learners to pursue a degree from the most suitable university in UK for masters

Top Known Universities

Another common benefit of studying in the UK is the chance to learn in the top known universities. It can be valuable for scholars to get knowledge from the best tutors. Also, doing this leads learners to open various career opportunities. In addition, it is why most scholars prefer the universities in UK for masters.

Short Course Available

Students choose the UK for their higher education as various short term courses are available. It gives a chance to achieve better future possibilities by enhancing skills and abilities. Scholars can select the programs over others as the chances of job options.

Quality of Education

Another benefit students can get is there are the best educators to provide practical and theoretical learning. It can be valuable for scholars to choose a university in UK for masters to avail quality education. Also, they can achieve a better career with this approach which leads to getting better career prospects. 

Better Future Possibilities

Last but not least, students' success rates after learning here is higher than in other nation. It is because scholars choose the UK for further education to achieve numerous future prospects. Opting to study at UK universities for masters can be fruitful for learners to achieve their dream jobs and a number of new options. 

These are some benefits why students prefer to learn from UK universities. It can be valuable for scholars to achieve better career options for their success. Now, learners can read the below section to get learning from the top universities in the UK for higher education.

List of Top 25 Universities in UK for Masters

There are a number of students who search for the list of universities in UK for masters. It can be valuable for scholars to pursue the courses from these institutes to achieve a better future. Also, they can enhance the options by learning from the best and top known institutes. To know the top universities read the below list.

UK Universities

QS World Ranking

Name of University



University of Cambridge



University of Oxford



Imperial College London



UCL (University College London)



The University of Edinburgh



University of Manchester



King's College London, University of London



London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London



University of Bristol



University of Warwick



University of Southampton



University of Glasgow



University of Leeds



University of Birmingham



Durham University



University of Sheffield and University of St Andrews



University of Nottingham



Newcastle University



Queen Mary University of London



Lancaster University



University of York



University of Exeter



Cardiff University



University of Bath



University of Liverpool



University of Aberdeen

It is the list of universities in UK for masters students can choose as per their interest. So it can be valuable for scholars to select the most suited institute, which is suitable for them. Although, learners get confused due to the number of colleges. However, they can take help from the below section to know the tips for choosing the best and leading universities in UK.

Tips to Choose the Best University Is UK for Masters

The decision to choose an institute is crucial but challenging for scholars. It is because they do not have the knowledge about how to consider a college. In this case, most aspirants prefer to take help from study abroad consultants. The experts ease the journey of UK universities for masters selection for scholars. To understand how we assist students, read the below pointers for better knowledge. 

  • First, students should choose the field in which they want to follow their profession. Also, they can make notes of their interest and future goals. It can be fruitful for learners to pursue the best career and get various options in future. 
  • After deciding on the field, the second step is to finalize the universities. Students can make a list of universities in UK for mastersto select the best one. 
  • Students can shortlist the programs as per their interest and filter the universities for the same. They can compare the degree fees for different institutes and the cost of studying at the destination to make a better decision.
  • Scholars should not forget to check the eligibility and other requirements of the chosen universities in UK for mastersnot to face issues at the time of admission.
  • Students should also see the job opportunities and success rates when choosing a specific university. It can be valuable for scholars to get admission to the top institute, which will be helpful to secure various prospects in the future.

These are some tips which can be valuable for students to select the top universities in UK for masters and achieve a better future. 

If you are still unsure about choosing an institute, taking help from our consultants can be fruitful. Also, you can understand from the below section how mentors can assist scholars in securing admission.

How Gradding Consultants Help to Secure Admission in UK Universities for Masters?

Studying at the top UK universities for masters is the dream of numerous scholars. There are various reasons involving the quality of education and job prospects. It can be valuable for learners to know the eligibility criteria, cost of studying and list of UK institutes before choosing one. Following this is not possible for every student. In this case, they can take help from consultants to ease the selection of universities in UK for masters. Also, we help scholars throughout the journey apart from the most suitable course and college selection. So it can be a wise decision for such students who struggling to pick a better institute with our help and ease the journey.


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