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Best Universities in Ireland: A Detailed Overview

Do you dream of pursuing further studies in foreign institutes? The first that comes to your mind as a study abroad aspirant is choosing the best colleges and nation for your further studies. Among the masses of available options, Ireland is the emerging top destination for multiple candidates. Several universities in Ireland offer the best programs that offer options for you to choose from. In this blog, you will learn about the list of top universities to study in Ireland for a better future. 

Why Study in Ireland?

Before we directly jump to the list of the best universities, let us first analyze the advantages associated with studying in Ireland to have a fair idea about the benefits of studying at the best universities in Ireland. Some of the related perks are: 

  1. It is affordable for aspirants for study purposes. 
  2. It is the only English-speaking country in the entire Euro Area. 
  3. Ireland is home to the headquarters of top companies across the globe. 
  4. Students can apply for residentship after two years of stay. 
  5. You can avail of part-time opportunities. Plus, you will also receive two years of post-study work permit.
  6. You will gain easy access to the job market after completing your studies. It is worth noting that Ireland has a special critical employment list. You can land a job immediately after completing your studies if you belong to any of these working sectors. 

Let us proceed with our discussion regarding exploring the top colleges in Ireland from where you can pursue your studies and secure your future.


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QS Top Universities in Ireland 2024

The team of professionals at have compiled the list of top Ireland Universities for the aspirants according to the QS World University Rankings.

University QS World University Rankings 2024
Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin 81
University College Dublin 171
University of Galway 289
University College Cork 292
University of Limerick 426
Dublin City University 436
Maynooth University 801-850
Technological University Dublin 851-900

Student Population in Top Ireland Universities

You can find the enrollment statistics of the top universities in Irelandin the graph below:

Study in top university in Ireland with

This highlights that many aspirants prefer to seek admission in     top Ireland Universities. 

Tuition Fees of Top Irish Universities

The following table shows the average annual fees that international students have to pay for admission to the best university in Ireland.

 Avail scholarships and grant facilities with

The following table will give you a brief idea about the fee     structure of the universities so that you can plan your expenses     accordingly. 

University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork, University of Galway, and University of Limerick are some of the most reputed universities of Ireland that provide students with exceptional studies in different fields.

Best Public Ireland Universities

Let us browse the Ireland University list to learn more about the courses, duration, and acceptance rate.

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is every aspirant’s first choice for further studies in Ireland. Situated in the heart of Dublin, the college consists of a massive historic library and cobblestone pathways. Since its establishment in 1952, the college has been famous for its liberal environment and cultural diversity. The institute is among the top universities in Ireland because the faculty there values independence of thought, along with the state-of-the-art infrastructure and world-class faculties for the assistance of students. The notable Alumni of the institution are:

  • Oscar Wilde
  • Samuel Beckett
  • William Rowan Hamilton (Former President of Ireland)
  • Mary Robinson (UNCHR)
Type of University Public
Location College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland
Trinity World College Ranking 81
Tuition Fees Varies between €9,000-€20,000 (INR 8,10,500-18,00,000) per year
Popular Programs Offered
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc Finance
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MSc Neuroscience
  • LLM
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering: 1 year full-time and 2-3 years part-time.
  • MSc Finance: 1 year full-time.
  • MSc Computer Science: 4 years full-time.
  • MSc Neuroscience: 1 year full-time.
Acceptance Rate 34% of international students are eligible for admission.

University College Dublin

University College of Dublin is your destination if you aspire to pursue your master’s from the best institute. The reason is it is one of the largest universities of Ireland and has been one of the research-intensive colleges for 160 years. The institute has played a vital role in shaping modern Ireland by providing quality education in the business, culture, economy, people language, and creative arts domain. The faculty comprises world-class professors, researchers and innovators. Moreover, they also actively engage in international research contributions and collaborations in various fields.

Type of University Public
Location University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland
UC Dublin World Ranking 2024 171
Tuition Fees €10,000-€26,000 (INR 9,00,000-23,42,000) per year
Popular Programs Offered
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MBA
  • MA Management
  • MSc Computer Science: 4 years for full-time. 6 years for part-time.
  • MBA: 1 year for full-time and 2 years for part-time.
  • MA Management: 1 year part-time.
Acceptance Rate 20% of international students are eligible for admission.

University of Galway

The University of Galway is one the best Ireland University for employability. Founded in 1845, the university is located in the hamlet of Galway and has emerged as the top college in Ireland. The institute finds a prominent place in the QS and World University Rankings. The college boasts around 94% of MS Graduates working in Ireland are Alumni of their institute. The management has created a centre for Theatre, Drama and Performance, in addition to a student centre and a building for the Biology department. Therefore, the UIG is an automatic choice among aspirants who wish to pursue their masters in Ireland.

Type of University Public
Location University Rd, Galway, Ireland
UIG World Ranking 2024 289
Tuition Fees € 13,000 - € 25,000 (INR 11,70,000 - 22,52,000) per year
Popular Programs Offered
  • MSc Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence
  • Master Data Analytics
  • MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • MSc Biotechnology
  • MSc Clinical Research
  • MSc Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence: 1 year full-time.
  • Master Data Analytics: 1 year full-time.
  • MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering: 5 years for full-time (4+1)
  • MSc Biotechnology: 1 year full-time.
Acceptance Rate 80-86% of international students are eligible for admission.

University of College Cork

The University of College Cork is one of the best colleges in Ireland, providing a diverse range of academic programs. It includes 129 undergraduate programs and 161 graduate programs. The Sunday Times has named the UCC as the University of the Year, that too five times! The UCC bagged the crown in 2003, 2005, 2011, 2016, 2017. UCC is the first university to achieve the ISO 50001 standard in energy management in the year 2011. You will gain access to quality education along with the multicultural experience. That’s why at least 3000 international students take admission to the UCC, and the aspirants who have plans to study abroad prepare hard to seek admission to the university for their master’s.

Type of University Public
Location College Rd, University College, Cork, Ireland
UCC World Ranking 2024 292
Tuition Fees € 15,000-€ 45,000 (INR 8,08,000-41,00,000) per year
Popular Programs Offered
  • MA Business Economics
  • MSc Data Science and Analytics
  • MSc Analytical Chemistry
  • MSc Biotechnology
  • MSc in Finance (Banking & Risk Management)
  • MA Business Economics: 1 year for full-time and 2 years for part-time.
  • MSc Data Science and Analytics: 1 year full-time.
  • MSc Analytical Chemistry: 1 year for full-time and 2 years for part-time.
  • MSc Biotechnology: 1 year full-time.
  • MSc in Finance (Banking & Risk Management): 1 year for full-time and 2 years for part-time.
Acceptance Rate 41% of international students are eligible for admission.

University of Limerick

The University of Limerick is one of the newer universities founded in 1972 and boasts of a student satisfaction rate of 85%. In a recently conducted survey, it was voted the most popular Ireland University. Most international aspirants prefer to seek admission to the institute because of the exceptional state-of-the-art facilities, along with the well-equipped gym, outdoor playing fields, and an Olympic-sized pool.

Type of University Public
Location Limerick, V94 T9PX, Ireland
UL World Ranking 2024 531-540
Tuition Fees € 11,000 - € 24,000 (INR 9,90,000 - 21,62,000) per year
Popular Programs Offered
  • MSc Software Engineering
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • MSc in Financial Services
  • MSc in Aeronautical Engineering
  • MA Applied Linguistics (International)
  • MSc Software Engineering: 1 year.
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning; 1 year full-time.
  • MSc in Financial Services: 1 year.
  • MSc in Aeronautical Engineering: 1 year
  • MA Applied Linguistics (International): 1 year.
Acceptance Rate 45% of international students are eligible for admission.

Dublin City University

DCU is one of the best public Ireland University due to its strong emphasis on fostering an accessible and student friendly environment. The best thing is that the students can form bonds and seek 1:1 support from their professors. The campus has various societies and club sports teams covering the interests of students like Dragons to Jazz and Harry Potter and Dungeons and DJing.

Type of University Public
Location Dublin City University, Collins Ave Ext, Whitehall, Dublin 9, Ireland.
UL World Ranking 2024 436
Tuition Fees € 15,000 - € 23,000 (INR 13,50,000 - 20,71,000) per year.
Popular Programs Offered
  • MSc Computing
  • MSc Digital Marketing
  • MSc Finance
  • MSc Management
  • MEng Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • MSc Computing: 1 year for full-time and 2 years for part-time.
  • MSc Digital Marketing: 1 year full-time.
  • MSc Finance: 1 year full-time.
  • MSc Management: 1 year full-time.
  • MEng Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering: 1 year for full-time, 2 years for part-time and a maximum of 4 years are granted to students to complete the course.
Acceptance Rate 20% of international students are eligible for admission.

Maynooth University

Maynooth University is your ideal destination if you are searching for the typical college town experience. Despite the traditional ways of studying, what makes it stand out is the role of management in encouraging leadership and student initiatives. Plus, 100 clubs support the students.

Type of University Public
Location Mariavilla, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland
Maynooth University World Ranking 2024 801-850
Tuition Fees € 7500 - € 15,000 ( INR 6,75,000 - 13,50,000) per year
Popular Programs Offered
  • MSc in Computer Science
  • MSc Data Science and Analytics
  • MSc Business Management
  • MSc Immunology & Global Health
  • MSc Marketing
  • MSc in Computer Science: 2 years full-time.
  • MSc Data Science and Analytics: 1 year full-time.
  • MSc Business Management: 1 year for full-time and 2 years for part-time.
  • MSc Immunology & Global Health: 1 year full-time.
  • MSc Marketing: Digital Marketing- 1 year for full-time, 2 years for part-time, Strategic Marketing- 1 year full-time.
Acceptance Rate 73% of international students are eligible for admission.

Technological University Dublin

Popularly known as TU Dublin, the Technological University Dublin is the first technological university inaugurated in Ireland. At TU Dublin, international students get future-ready as the professors develop innovative thinking and skilful application among the aspirants.

Type of University Public
Location Park House, 191 N Circular Rd, Cabra East, Grangegorman, Co. Dublin, D07 EWV4, Ireland
TU Dublin World Ranking 2024 851-900
Tuition Fees € 7500 - € 13,500 (INR 6,75,000 - 12,16,000) per year
Popular Programs Offered
  • MSc in Applied Cyber Security
  • MSc in Computer Science (Advanced Software Development)
  • MSc in Digital Marketing
  • MSc in Energy Management
  • MSc in Applied Cyber Security: 1 year for full-time and 2 years for part-time.
  • MSc in Computer Science (Advanced Software Development): 1.5 years for full-time and 2 years for part-time.
  • MSc in Digital Marketing: 1 year full-time.
  • MSc in Energy Management: 1 year full-time.
Acceptance Rate 46% of international students are eligible for admission.

Application Process for Institutes in Ireland

The aspirants can apply for any courses at any of the Universities in Ireland by submitting an online application. You can apply to the Central Applications Office or directly to the university admission office. The steps involved are:

  • Research about the universities and the courses they offer.
  • Check the entry requirements and gather the supporting documents for admission.
  • Fill out the application form and submit the fees online.
  • Submit the application form to the university.
  • Accept the offer letter from the university and apply for the visa if you are comfortable with the terms and conditions of the university.
  • Start planning for the accommodation for your further studies.

Scores Required By Ireland Universities for Admission 

Aspirants planning to pursue further studies in Ireland must clear the following exams and have the demanded score so that the universities can accept their applications.

 Language score requirement for the admission in top Ireland Universities-

Once you clear the exams and achieve the desired scores, you will  be able to land in your dream university for the further studies. 

What Documents Are Required to Be Submitted?

Students need to submit a set of documents for admission purposes to any of the universities. The documents are:

  • Copy of passport/visa (if available)
  • Academic Records
  • Certificate of Graduation
  • Certificate of English – IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Test/Other
  • Personal statement
  • Reference letters
  • CV (if applicable)

What is the Cost of Studying in Ireland?

Studying abroad in Ireland can be an overwhelming experience for the aspirants, as they will explore new horizons and carve a name for themselves. But, it is still necessary to understand the costs associated with studying at a university in Ireland. Tuition fees can vary for the aspirants. So, before applying for admission, the students must know about the same. The significant factors that contribute are:

  • The university the student is seeking admission
  • The program in which they wish to enrol
  • The level of study.

The average tuition fee that an aspirant needs to submit for admission is as follows:

  • Undergraduate direct enrollment: $11,000 to $28,000 per year
  • Graduate school: $11,000 to $39,000 per year

How to Select the Best University in Ireland?

Answering the question can prove difficult for some students as they have no idea how to arrive at a decision. Choosing the perfect Universities in Ireland depends on your career goals, academic interests, and the environment you desire. The factors that contribute to the decision are:

  • Does the university offer the desired major or course of your choice? Are there any university professors whose works match your interests?
  • You must check the entry requirements for the program of your choice. Plus, you must ensure that you meet the language and academic proficiency standards.
  • What is your choice- A scenic rural setting or a bustling city life? You must consider the location of the university and the type of life the students live on the campus.
  • You must explore the living expenses, tuition fees, and financial aid options or scholarships to make a uniform decision.

What Are The Monthly Costs to Live in Ireland?

Apart from tuition fees, students must also consider living costs while planning for studies in Ireland. Reflecting over the monthly living cost can help you decide which university you need to seek admission. Some of the monthly costs you may encounter as a student are:

  1. Rent for a room in a shared apartment: $700-$1100
  2. Utilities: $30-$55
  3. Groceries: $280-$400
  4. Cell phone plan: $20-$30
  5. Transportation pass: $70-$95

Scholarships to Study in Ireland Universities

If you are finding it difficult to pursue your dream, you can avail the scholarships and financial aid programs provided by Universities in Ireland. By utilizing the scholarship, you can reduce the financial burden of the tuition fees. Some of the scholarships provided by the renowned universities are:

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, choosing the university of your choice depends on the ideal location, field of study, and university of your choice when you decide to study abroad for further studies. The above-discussed universities provide options to students ranging from big-city living to small-town environments. Even though there are some minor differences between the universities, be assured that you will have companions from all across the globe apart from your Irish classmates. No matter which university you choose to pursue your studies in Ireland, you will learn and engage with experienced professors who will impart the knowledge and skills you require to succeed. It's time to broaden your network, make new friends, and travel the beautiful nation when you decide to study in Ireland.


Q.1 What is the No. 1 university in Ireland?

Ans. Trinity College, Dublin, holds the position of no.1 university in Ireland. The QS Ranking of the Trinity College is 81.

Q.2. Is it necessary to clear IELTS and TOEFL for admission?

Studying English is mandatory for all international students. That’s why clearing either IELTS or TOEFL is crucial. The required scores are:

  • IELTS: 6.5+
  • TOEFL: 90+

Q.3. What is the range of tuition fees in the universities of Ireland?

The annual tuition fee ranges between 11,364 EUR to 21,750 EUR (10.31 lakhs to 19.73 lakhs INR). Q.4. Can students study for free at any University in Ireland? The students can avail of scholarships or financial aid provide.

Q.4. Can students study for free at any University in Ireland? 

The students can avail of scholarships or financial aid provided by the universities. But studying in Ireland is not entirely free. 

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